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Acacia Massage
New Ichiban 649-5253
Ginza Massage 472-2340
Icho Riki Massage 477-0985
Mei Sho Massage
Okinawa Massage
Osaka Massage 649-0222
Star Light Massage 472-9790
Utamaro Massage 649-4246
Rose Massage
Sushino Massage
World Massage Parlor 646-6746

I recently found myself working on the island of Guam (the westernmost US territory). I have travelled all over the US , and it is my opinion that Guam is the best place to get a great Asian piece of ass at a low low price. The sex industry is very much not bothered by the police. There are very provocative strip clubs on almost every corner in the tourist district. These places are rowdy , and a man could be scammed here very easily. If you like to spend $20 for a mediocre girl to touch you, this is your place. But if you want real action ,you might as well go right to the massage parlors. It’s real simple and these places are all over the city. Pay $50 and you get a half an hour (basically a lay). I suggest buying an hour. If you buy an hour, you don’t have to take the first ugly bitch that they give you. Make sure that you look at all the girls available and demand the one that you want. If you demand what you want, they will cave in, otherwise they will stick you with some horse-face girl that you can’t get it up for. You are brought into a room where you meet your girl and you strip down, then she strips down. She then puts a rubber on you and sucks you off for about 5-10- minutes(they are very good at sucking cock). She will then in invite you to mount her and you can basically go to town until you come as long as you don’t go over the time limit. In my experience, the two times I went to Memories massage , I was able to get both chicks into doggie style (although one of them gave me quite an argument). What is nice about the massage parlors in Guam is that after you come they are not pushing you out the door. Once she comes inside you she stays naked, climbs on your back, and gives you a hell of an oriental massage. It’s worth every penny, and you will feel totally LAID if you go to Memories in Guam


Yes Yes Hair Salon
In Compadres Mall in Dededo Guam 2-5 girls good massage with hand job $60

Yellow Rose Club
Marine Drive, 1/2 mile south of K-Mart on same side of the street. 5-10 ladies $20 lady drinks. Oral For $100-200 in private rooms. Hand release $75 Chinese and Korean staff. Beer $3 and mix drinks $5

New Japan Massage
Oriental, white and local girls

Memories Massage
Local, Chinese and Korean
Service is good here

Lucky Massage
Near Club Texas in Anigua
Korean and local girls

Ichi Ban Massage
Oral w/condom $120 Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese, two for extra 60$

Hong Kong Massage
Tammuning area
$50 30 minutes
$100 one hour
2 girls $210 for 1 hour
30 girls
Korean, Chinese, Korean and Hawaiian line up
Across Marine drive from Alupang Beach Tower. Without question the largest. Rooms include shower and hand basin.

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