Reno/Carson City Area

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Kit Kat Ranch 50 Kit Kat Drive, Moundhouse. (775) 246-9975
Love Ranch 95 Kit Kat Drive, Moundhouse. 1 (888) MS-KITTY
Moonlite Bunny Ranch 69 Moonlight Road, Moundhouse. 1 (888) BUN-NYRA
Mustang Ranch 1011 Wild Horse Canyon Road, Patrick. (775) 343-1424
Old Bridge Ranch 4756 Peri Ranch Rd, Sparks. (775) 342-0223
Playmate Ranch 3 mi. south on US 95, Mina. (775) 573 2425
Sagebrush Ranch 51 Kit Kat Drive, Moundhouse. (775) 246-LOVE
Salt Wells Villa 12500 Austin Hwy, Fallon. (775) 423-3005
Wild Horse Adult Resort 1000 Wild Horse Canyon Road, Patrick. (775) 343-1224
WildKat Ranch 3 mi. south on US 95, Mina. (775) 573-2555

The Old Bridge Ranch is closed until further notice. Owner David Burgess was convicted in Cheyenne, Wyoming of possession and distribution of child pornography, a crime that carries a maximum of five to 30 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. As felons are forbidden to hold brothel licenses per Nevada law, the brothel license was suspended on May 9.

Carson City
The Bunny Ranch 2 has been renamed the Love Ranch. Perhaps this is to capitalize on a movie of the same name, scheduled to be released next year. The movie is about a couple who opens the first legal brothel in Nevada. It stars Joe Pesci and Hellen Mirren, and is based on true events.

Burn, Baby, Burn
Building Formerly Known as “Mustang Ranch II” is in Ashes

The last Nevada brothel fire of note happened in 1999, when the Sagebrush II burned to the ground. That was an accident. The Mustang Ranch II fire, which took place days ago, is more like the end of an era.

The last remaining piece of real estate from the infamous Mustang Ranch compound was destroyed on purpose, as a training exercise for Storey County firefighters. Owner Dennis Hof, of the Bunny Ranch, originally wanted to turn it into a museum but found the prospect too expensive, so he donated it to the county.

The original Mustang Ranch building was purchased by Lance Gelman and is operating under the original name.

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JANUARY 7, 2006

Old Bridge (Mustang) Ranch. About six women in the line up tonight. The lady I selected got really aggressive during negotiations when I told her that my friend and I wanted to check prices and look around before making a commitment to party. She kept pressuring me to book. I was afraid that she would not let me out of the room. (Would I be the first customer to have to call for security to come rescue me?)

She also got really snarky: “What are you going to look around at? The parking lot?” she snapped, before finally setting me free.

Five minutes later, while I was sitting at the bar finishing my drink, she came around again. “Have you checked out the parking lot yet?” she sneered. I guess it never occurred to her that there were two more brothels within five miles.

The mood was not festive at the Old Bridge that night. Desperation was in the air. We did not stay long.

Wild Horse Adult Ranch and Spa. Atmosphere was casual. A bored looking dancer gyrated in a golden cage. Six to eight women were available in the bar area, most of whom made the rounds to speak to the guys seated at and around the bar. They were the nicest-looking group of ladies I’d ever seen in the Wild Horse. Most were young and attractive, and they didn’t seem to pressure anybody. Two women came over and introduced themselves, sat and briefly chatted with us, encouraged us to look for them if we had questions, and then left. A very different feel from the immediate line up, hard-sell negotiation at the Old Bridge.

World Famous Ranch. We visited for the first time since the ranch opened. When we pressed the buzzer on the gate, the hostess answered over the intercom, asking us if we wanted a lineup. Nice touch. We said we did.

Inside, about eight women made the lineup. I took a tour with one lady, who led me straight into one of the seven separate negotiation rooms. Her first words: “How many hundreds of thousands of dollars were you planning to spend?” Negotiations went downhill from there. Needless to say, I did not book a party. In fact, I saw that same lady get walked on by four guys during the hour we were there. Guess her come-on line wasn’t too succesful. Didn’t seem to bother her much, though.

Before we left, “Peaches” offered to show us around. The interior looked really nice, reminiscent of an Italian villa. Peaches led us to the three VIP rooms, each with a Jacuzzi filled by an overhead shower.

We left right after the VIP tour. We noticed that all three places seemed dead for a Saturday night. Definitely no standing-room only crowds, like the ones seen during the heyday of the old Mustang, in which guys would often wait in line for the same gal. Tonight, no one seemed in a hurry to party, at any place.

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