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I have lived in Durban for the past couple of years and I can provide some information on the street hookers. The main areas are all near the Beachfront -South Beach, Esplanade, Smith Street and West Street. Most of the hookers are black, Indian or colored. Most of the white hookers work privately or join “escort agencies”. Most people discourage picking up street whores because of the danger however if you remain in control it is a great way of getting sex very cheap. Never go back to their place or park off somewhere where they choose. Best is to take them back to your hotel/flat or park off somewhere of your choice. Try Addington Beach area – very safe. Generally whores are cheap in Durban especially if you are a tourist with dollars or other foreign currency. The South Africa Rand sucks so you can get a lot for $30-$50. Try out your fantasies – get 2 whores and fuck them both or get them to do a lesbian show and join in. However if you are looking for some good pussy try Winder Street near the corner of Point Road. I picked up a good-looking white whore (about 7-8 out of 10). She quoted R100 ($13) for sex and a blowjob – dirt-cheap. If you are willing to pay more you can get almost anything you want. I told her I wanted to spend the 3-4 hours with her at my flat. I told her I would give her R300 ($40) but she would have to do everything I told her to do. Now $40 is a lot of money for these whores from 1 guy so they are not going to pass this up in a hurry. I told her nothing too wild but that I wanted a good blow job with no condom and she must be willing to swallow. Sex in multiple positions and including anal sex. She easily agreed with this. I also asked if she was clean-shaven but she wasn’t but she said I could shave her. Back at the flat I got her something to drink and put on a Porn flick. She stroked my cock through my trousers making my very hard. I then ask her to remove her clothes and then stand up so I cold see her. She had about 34B chest, a great ass but a hairy pussy which I would take care of later. She pulled out my cock and gave me some good head. I came in her mouth – she wanted to pull away but I held her head in place and she swallowed. I got out the shaving cream and shaved her clean – she washed her cunt before I ate her pussy. I think she really enjoyed it. I got my tongue in really deep and used my fingers as well. We then had sex in a couple of positions before I came. We had shower and relaxed for about an hour before I was ready again. I put a glove on and lubricated the fingers and slowly inserted 2 fingers in her anus. She squealed a bit but then relaxed. I slipped on a condom and then ass fucked her. She was shouting a lot at first but then began to enjoy and she said faster, deeper which made me hornier. I came within a few minutes. After washing up we did a sixty-nine for while after which I got out this big black dildo and fucked her cunt while fingering her ass. At the end of the evening she was exhausted. She asked to stay the night for an extra R200 ($25) but I was tired. I dropped her back at Winder Street but while we drove back I made her suck me again in the car. My cock was quite sore by now. What an evening – all for $40 !!! Her name was Samantha, about 5’5″, blonde, slim and a great fuck.

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Hi all – I am a web designer by trade and have been involved in the adult entertainment industry for some time. I have seen all that Durban’s adult industry has to offer. My advice to you is to stay away from the street hookers, times have changed and you have a good chance of getting mugged or even killed. The private houses are best, wonderful woman -who are willing to satisfy.

Escort agencies in the city are ok, but they will charge high rates if you are a tourist. I say you should do this, view the escorts on the site above, see who you like and email the webmaster of the site for info or you can contact the escort or private house directly with the contact numbers provided. These places advertised on the website are safe and well know areas in Durban, most of them up market residential areas. I hope you enjoy your stay in South Africa. Email me if you require any info, assistance or details about escorts.

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