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Check out the Old City Center or (Historical Centre) close to the old Harbor or “Porto Antico”.
$25-$50 for service. Women are in windows and waiting on the streets. Take a walk in the area to see what’s available. Different prices at different hours. Start from Piazza Caricamento (100m from Aquarius)go through Via Pontereale to Piazza Panchi in Piazza Banchi turn left to Via San Luca, the 1st lane on right – girls start here turn left to Vico Mele right to Vico Spinola left to Via Posta Vecchia right to Via Della Maddalena and explore. Pay attention to the last 3 on the left before the end of the street. From there turn right to Vico Rosa then right in Via Macelli di Soziglia (straight to Via Orefici and Piazza Banchi again.

In the old city on small streets between “Principe Station” and the port area you’ll find working girls. Usually they have apartments nearby to work from. Rates are reasonable 30-50 euros per hour. Another downside to this part of town is it can be little bit dangerous at nighttime especially if you are alone so be care and think smart.
On the East Side of the town, near Bargepole Station and the Exhibition Center you find girls on the street. They usually are here after 11pm. Until 3-4am. Rate averages 30 Euro dollars for a car date or 100 Euro dollars for 2 hours in a hotel.
In the Sampierdarena area located about 15 minutes by taxi from the city center you can find a bar called San Francisco. After 11pm this bar will have between 10 to 20 working girls looking for clients.
If you dislike the street and bar club scene get a copy of the local newspapers you will find many ads for girls here.



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