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Zimbabwe is going through tremendous difficulties at the moment. This has resulted in a parallel market for foreign exchange and has created some fantastic sex bargains. The main sex scenes can be had in the avenues of the capital. The women seen walking during the night are usually prostitutes that can be had for some $500. The lodges also offer young girls 18-21 for $300-700. The cost of living in Zimbabwe has outstripped local earnings and has resulted in the opportunities of some delightful experiences with University students not possible in many other countries all for under $1000. The Shearton disco for the younger traveller also has workers but these usually overcharge for the same quality as in the avenues. I have had some lovely experiences. I had anal sex with two friends and had it video taped for $800. The opportunities for sex in Zimbabwe are tremendous, It is the must destination for the black loving, sex tourist. I recommend a visit Harrare

The zimbabwe dollar is currently trading at 57 per USD. That would make 1000 zimbabwe dollars equal to about 18 USD. Not a bad deal . Currency converter at www.oanda.com

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