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The Dream
Gummath Rao Bldg, Gr. Floor, 2nd Navalkar Lane, Near Harikesh Hospital, V.P. Road, Parthana Samaj, Mumbai 400 004. Rates: 600 Rp for 30 to 45 minutes and 1100 Rp for 90 minutes.

Crown Anchor
At Merewheather Road, Colaba, behind Taj Mahal Hotel, open from 6:30 till after midnight. 1 hour 1200 Rupees, 210 Rupees for the room, 100 for the taxi to the one hotel they will permit you to use.

Happy Night
Near the V.T. Rail station. Most cab drivers know where it is.
200 girls
200 Rp entry, 1000 Rp hour, 3000 Rp all night

Topaz Restaurant & Bar
416, Grant Road, Near Novelty Cinema, Mumbai-400 007, Phone No 308 6762 or 307 7644 or 307 6546) is an expensive (soft drinks 180 Rupees, whisky 200 Rupees), luxuriously decorated establishment with finely dressed girls

Try the massage services found in the local papers. The best way actually would be to tip the bellhops at the hotel who are expert at providing the info you need.

Colabra district, about one block from the President Hotel, next door to the “Rest Officers Home” signpost marked with number 7. Short time 1/2 hour Rp 2,000, one hour Rp 4,000 (USD 90), and two hours Rp 8,000, also, take away for all night is also Rp 8,000.

On advice from an Indian friend, I avoided all the downtown hotels and stayed in one near the domestic airport of Bombay. There are several such small hotels around the airport. Reasonable, clean and comfortable.

Normally, if you stand outside the hotel after dark, some guy will approach you. If not ask the security guard outside. Give him your room number and wait. Very soon (about 30 minutes) a guy will come in. Ask him what you want. He will then get three or four girls for you to choose. The rates quoted would be around $200-250. But you could beat him down to about $150 for the night.

I struck a better deal. Got two real cute girls for $200. You could order drinks and food from the hotel room service, but it is better to carry your own liquor. Had a wonderful time.

First watched them play with each other and then get down to me. It was a freak-out night where no one slept too much. It is not necessary to tip the girls, although you may if you have had good fun. And it is quite safe, since the hotels seem to have some arrangement with the police. No one disturbs you. The only thing is that they charge you for double occupancy.

I was in Bombay last week for some work–staying in Shivaji Park. I had an interesting experience one evening — I visited the Coffee Day at night, just prior to heading out to a meeting. A beautiful woman caught my eye, and perhaps I stared a bit too long — but she actually approached me, and offered herself for the night, 3000Rs. (The price seemed a bit steep, but I was surprised to have been so directly accosted). Anyone know about this area? I hadn’t thought of it as a place to meet women.

Here’s a tip for Cochin: Look at the classifieds in the English newspaper, the Indian Express. Look for ads with the normal clues: “special ayurvedic massage.” I had a very nice experience several months back with a decent looking, but totally uninhibited and attentive woman.

Shardanand Marg, also called by its old British name G.B. Road actually it used to be “Gun Baction Road” in the old days Delhi’s most notorious prostitution street. It starts at Ajmeri Gate, two-three kilometers from Connaught Place, right east of New Delhi Railway Station.

Look up from first floor level and upwards the buildings have the appearance a slum of wooden sheds and corrugated iron. On balconies and in windows groups of women wearing brightly colored saris and dramatic ornaments and crimson lipstick gesticulate and beckon you to come up to them. It is difficult to see their faces due to the distance. In fact you have a better view at them from the other side of the street. The greatest number of women are in the part of Shardanand Road which is closest to Ajmeri Gate, a historical ruin. But you will find them at intervals all the way down to the high water tower, very visible at the far end of the road.
Go there around five in the afternoon, see the women and where they are in the last light of day. Then return after dark when the lights are on inside the staircase, giving you a clear view of whom to choose.

Thing about GB road is that it is a den of disease.
Anyone know of a massage parlour in Delhi, or alternatively, a good place to pick up a woman? I’ve tried the Defence Colony to Moolchand stretch, but there seems to be little going on. I’ve also tried the ads in the papers–I ended up paying way too much for a very mediocre experience. I’d love some feedback from other readers of this site.

I’ve heard that Ansal Plaza can be an interesting place to meet women after dark. I have yet to visit in the evening: anyone have any experiences there?

On Pedder Road, there is a building Pleasant Park, just opposite Vama. Flat No. 602- MODY – Gujarati fellow – Good Girls. Rates around Rs. 1500 for 1 hr. Very Cooperative. Try Sujata. Gives excellent BJ. If you pay she allows to fuck. But only if you pay. Dont forget to tip the watchman on entry, otherwise they wont allow you to go up. Really enjoyable.

On Pedder Road, there is also BRUT parlour. Newly opened. Address- Kiran Villa, next to Sterling Apts. If any one knows about services and experiences, please inform.

hello guys – i have had nice times around and in the region of colaba. I know one place.. Ram Mansion, very cute girls to ladies. but i assure the region to be full of good places, yes in the surroundings!

As many will agree once again with me, find yourself a cab, be amicale with the driver, a little Rupees will be most welcomed by the latter and in reward your questions answered and you will 100% like your sejour in mumbai! remember, the city has many people from many regions attracted here, with one motto, find a decent living, within many is “services offered”, which is here your pleasing satisfaction.

India is a safe country. I have been there many times, and have the chance to discover new places all times.

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