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“Because to do this, you gotta be crazy!”
During which your intrepid explorers endeavor to visit as many brothels as possible within 36 hours

My original plans for Memorial Day weekend had fallen through, so when Louis contacted me to suggest we make a Nevada brothel run, I leapt at the opportunity to hang out for the weekend, see some of Mother Nature’s finest handiwork, and, who knows, maybe even get laid once or twice.

However, there was an obstacle: Louis absolutely, positively had to be back in Los Angeles by noon on Sunday. This left us with only Friday night and all of Saturday to cover as much ground as possible. A difficult proposition, yes, but we wouldn’t be Your Intrepid Explorers if we weren’t up to the challenge.

So, we took possession of our rental car at 8:30 PM on Friday evening, and plunged deep into holiday traffic toward the state line and whatever adventures awaited us beyond it.

Our Itinerary:
The Chicken Ranch, Pahrump
Sheri’s Ranch, Pahrump
Angel’s Ladies, Beatty

After making several diversions to avoid the heavy traffic northbound on I-15, we arrived at the Chicken Ranch shortly after 1:00 AM. The place looked dead for a holiday weekend. In fact, we were the only customers at that hour. Only five ladies made our lineup, none of whom struck either of us as particularly appealing. I eventually selected JADE, a tall, slender, dark-haired gal whom Louis and I agreed was the class of that particular lineup. Louis declined a tour and asked to wait in the bar next door, instead.

“Have you been here before?” Jade asked me as I followed her to her room.

“Yes, a couple of years ago,” I replied.

This, gentle readers, was a lie. I had never been there before, but I also didn’t want the Menu Treatment, a fate that befalls many a Pahrump brothel rookie, especially those of Asian or Middle Eastern descent. Put simply, the Menu Treatment consists of the lady handing you a printed menu listing the house specialties. Next to each specialty is a hand-written price, which will be, to put it kindly, outrageous. I’ve heard tell of ladies trying to charge two grand for straight sex and $850 for a blow job in this manner.

So, I offered Jade $150 for a basic half-and-half. Jade stood fast for $200, which she claimed was the new house minimum. I declined, thanked her for her time, and had her escort me back to the parlor. The Madame appeared shortly thereafter, confirmed Jade’s report that the house minimum was indeed now $200, and let me out. I met Louis in the bar, where we each had a small glass of soda, and then we left for Sheri’s Ranch.

I’d never been to Sheri’s before, either, but from reading previous accounts, I could see that the owners had enlarged the parlor; added a sports bar off to the left; installed black hard wood floors; and scattered opulent couches, chairs, coffee tables, and marble statues throughout.

Louis and I took a seat across from one of the coffee tables, upon which stood a conspicuous sign: “Absolutely No Refunds.” A bad omen, and a not-so-ideal choice of location. It’s kind of off-putting for a prospective client to have to see that sign even before he sees the ladies. That sign is better suited for inside a lady’s room.

The very friendly Madame, an older, well-dressed blonde woman, called for a lineup, and minutes later, ten ladies entered from opposite sides. Louis selected a slender, tanned brunette, while I chose DALLAS, a trim blonde dressed in black lingerie and rimless spectacles. As we made the long walk down the corridor from the parlor to her room, Dallas showed me some of the new amenities, such as two jacuzzi rooms and a torture chamber. She also explained others that were in the works, like an 18-hole golf course, a 50-room bed-and-breakfast establishment, a gym for the ladies, and an on-site makeup and hair expert.

As I listened to her, I wondered why the owners would sink so much money into improvements that wouldn’t directly affect the brothel clientele, particularly when business was down for all the brothels. I mean, who goes to a brothel to play golf or get a facial and a hot pack? Maybe the owners are preparing for the perhaps not-too-distant day when the “moral and righteous” citizens of Pahrump finally decide Enough Is Enough, and rise up to shut the place down for good, as they attempted to do in 2000. The owners could then convert the place into an exclusive resort for Ma and Pa Kettle down from Iowa to visit and tell all their friends back home that they slept in a notorious ex-brothel.

We finally reached Dallas’s room. She curled up against her headboard and began the negotiation. “Do you have any fantasies?” she asked.

“No, I’m pretty basic when it comes to sex,” I replied.

“One cum or two?” she countered.

I hate that question. More on that later. “One,” I replied.

Dallas suggested an involved, multi-activity party that would cost me $800. “That all sounds very nice, but that’s a bit out of my price range,” I admitted.

“Well, how much were you expecting to spend?” she asked. When I told her, Dallas paused, and then said, “For that, I can give you a hand job.”

Now, if I wanted to spend $150 for a hand job, I’d rent a porn video for three bucks, put the other $147 in the bank, and give myself a hand job. I certainly wouldn’t fight traffic to drive all the way out to a brothel.

Dallas then offered a blow job for $200. I declined, and thanked Dallas politely for her time. “No problem, Darlin’, that’s what we’re here for,” she said, not unpleasantly.

She escorted me back to the parlor, where Louis was waiting. Turns out that his selection also trotted out the $800 party as an opener, “graciously” discounted it to $600, and then offered to introduce him to other ladies that would accommodate him for the price he was prepared to pay. No sale.

We signaled to the Madame that we were ready to leave. She buzzed us out, told us to drive carefully, and wished us a pleasant evening. Louis made a point of telling her that she was the nicest Madame he had ever met in all his visits to Sheri’s.

Now, back to the infamous “one cum or two” question. Would you enjoy yourself when you have this imposed line of demarcation on your mind? I sure wouldn’t.

Let’s say I had a momentary lapse of judgement and actually committed to that high-dollar party Dallas suggested. Now, suppose further that I shot my wad somewhere between the appetizer and the first course. Do you think Dallas would say, “Don’t worry about that, Darlin,’ you also paid for A, B, and C, so I’m going to see to it that you get them?” No, she sure wouldn’t. All she would see to it that I get is dressed and out of there ASAP.

This reminds me of one of the many things I like about pursuing the hobby in the German FKK clubs. There, whatever happens in the room, happens. No paint-by-the-numbers stuff to kill the mood. If you get a little too excited and finish early, you can afford to book the lady again after you’ve had time to relax. You’re not going to be hustled out of there and left to regret your decision. Sure, Dallas was a nice-looking lady, and who knows, she may have been a lot of fun, but the price she wanted was 16 times the amount I’d pay in an FKK club. Was she 16 times more attractive than the ladies working in the FKKs, or would she have provided an experience that was 16 times better? The answer to both questions, gentle readers, is an emphatic “No.”

Besides, I’ve learned the hard way that you often do not get what you pay for in Nevada. A more expensive party does not always mean a better time. In fact, the opposite is frequently true. Remember this the next time you’re being pressured to spend top dollar in a Nevada brothel.

It was past 4:00 AM when we arrived at Angel’s Ladies, just outside of Beatty along the I-95. Nothing much had changed since my last visit a few years prior, except for the presence of a large yellow sign affixed to the outside wall to the right of the front door explaining all the benefits awaiting customers, including an invitation to lunch or dinner should one choose to party at that time.

We rang the buzzer, and MIMI, a small, blonde woman dressed in a white bathrobe, soon opened the screen door and peeked her head out. “At this hour, you’ll need to spend a minimum of $100. Is that a problem?” she asked. Louis and I told her it wasn’t. Mimi let us in, and several minutes later, five ladies made the lineup, which was a couple of notches below what we had seen at Sheri’s. I recognized a few from the Angel’s web site, such as DIZYER and SHELLY, a tall red-head dressed in black lingerie and a patterned silk wrap over the hips. I had read a number of good reports about Shelly, so I opted for a tour.

Shelly led me to her room and had me sit on the edge of her bed. She then asked me what I wanted, and how much I was planning to spend. When I answered both queries, she countered with a very fair offer of both time and activities, with no “one cum or two” questions and no attempts to script the party. Now, we’re getting somewhere!

I wanted to close the deal with Shelly, because I liked her personality and attitude, especially at 4:00 AM, but a sudden wave of exhaustion overtook me. All I wanted to do was sleep. Shelly told me she understood, and walked me back to the parlor, where Louis and Dizyer were waiting.

There, friendly Dizyer encouraged me to talk to her in her room as well, and I finally did so after politely declining, but I was too tired to be of any use to her. Mimi let us out, we apologized for calling at such a late hour, and then we headed back towards town to secure lodging at the Stagecoach Hotel and Casino, a slightly shabby establishment that was a notch or two below your typical Motel 6 in terms of quality. We had a quick meal in the hotel’s coffee shop before retiring for a few hours’ sleep.

Our Itinerary:

Angel’s Ladies, Beatty
Stardust Ranch, Ely
Donna’s Ranch, Wells
Bella’s Hacienda Ranch, Wells
CharDon’s Club, Elko
Mona’s, Elko
Sue’s Fantasy Ranch, Elko
Inez’s D & D, Elko
Dovetail Ranch, Carlin
Donna’s, Battle Mountain
The Pussycat Saloon, Winnemucca
My Place, Winnemucca
Cozy Corner, Winnemucca
Villa Joy, Winnemucca

We began the second day of our journey by returning to Angel’s Ladies, arriving shortly after 10 AM, as I wanted to resume where I left off with Shelly. MIA, the Madame that day, let us in. She informed us that Shelly was busy, but asked if we wanted a lineup. We agreed, and minutes later, the same lineup hit the floor, with the addition of KATHRYN, an attractive blonde with a hint of a Southern accent, and Mimi, the hostess from a few hours prior. Louis had a slight attraction to Kathryn, but decided to decline, and I still wanted to wait for Shelly.

So, we sat on the couches and continued to wait. Louis situated himself across from the doorway leading into the kitchen, so he could see what was going on behind the scenes. Occasionally, some of the ladies came out to offer us something to drink, or to needle us gently to try to change our minds about partying. “You boys don’t know what you’re miss-sin’,” Kathryn sang to us at one point as she walked through the parlor and into the kitchen.

Finally, some thirty minutes later, Shelly came out, dressed in the same ensemble. Once in her room, I asked if we could continue where we left off. She quickly agreed, did the obligatory DC, and then left to book the party.

She returned a few minutes later, put on the red light, undressed, and went to work, providing me with one of the best times I’d ever had in Nevada. Never once did I hear the words “you never paid for this” or “we never agreed on that.” Never once did she push my hands away, or try to keep me at a distance. Never once did she give the impression that she was just going through the motions. Instead, what I got was a genuine, honest-to-goodness brothel experience from a very friendly lady who seems to enjoy seeing her clients walk away happy. Either that, or she’s a very good actress.

No matter, because this, gentle readers, is what it’s all about. Your intrepid explorers are not impressed with platinum-priced parties, marble statues, or sports bars. Your intrepid explorers are impressed with friendly, willing-to-please attitudes and fair prices. Indeed, it seems that Angel’s Ladies has stopped trying to emulate the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s when it comes to setting prices, and has instead chosen to oblige customers other than the one-shot tourists and those with more money than brains. A wise move on their part, I must say.

Louis agrees. He feels that, overall, Angel’s Ladies is the best house in the area. In the car, he told me that, even though he’s never partied there, he always makes it a point to visit because the people are so nice.

Moving north on the I-95, we passed by the Shady Lady, known for its set pricing and smaller lineups. Maybe I’ll visit someday. We continued through Tonopah, where we took pictures of Bobbie’s Buckeye Bar, now closed, and then headed west on Hwy 6 towards Ely and the Stardust Ranch, arriving in the late afternoon. I later found out that the woman who owns the Stardust Ranch also owns the Big 4 brothel across the street. She has it all refurbished and ready to go, but in these tough economic times she can’t afford to staff both places.

At the Stardust, there were three ladies on call: busty JASMINE, from St. Louis; and KIM and JENNY, both from Minnesota. Louis chose Jasmine, while I went on a tour with both Kim and Jenny. They explained the prices, which were set at $100 for 15 minutes, $200 for a half-hour, and $400 for one hour. A jacuzzi room was available for 45 minutes at $300. which included the lady, but no sex. After the tours, I stayed to chat at the bar with friendly Jenny while I waited for Louis to finish up with Jasmine (they had booked a 15-minute party).

Louis soon appeared, having had a decent time with Jasmine, and then we hit the trail again. Moving north along Hwy 93 towards the brothels along the I-80 corridor, we passed through the small town of Currie, which is for sale. Here’s your chance to own an authentic piece of the Wild West.

We arrived in Wells around dinnertime, both very hungry. Fortunately, Donna’s Ranch, our first stop, was serving a free Memorial Day barbecue. We sat at the bar along with a group of rodeo cowboys and received plates full of ribs, bread, coleslaw, and potato salad. As we ate, one of the barmaids gave us mini-calendars, pens, and business cards.

Once we finished eating, we asked for a lineup, which consisted of five ladies. Louis stayed put, but I took a tour with CHANTEL, a slim, petite blonde. Her prices were $150 for 30 minutes and $300 for one hour. I declined, and then Louis and I walked across the parking lot to Bella’s Hacienda, where free food was also available, as well as a lineup of eight ladies. We both passed, but AMY, an older Oriental gal who did not appeal to me, wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. I tried to get rid of her by telling her we’d try Donna’s first and then come back, but she spotted the Donna’s paraphernalia in my shirt pocket. Whoops! A slight faux pas on my part.

As both penance for my dishonesty and an obligation to gather information for you, gentle readers, I accepted the tour with Amy. She showed me the brothel’s new wing and then took me to her room, where she explained her prices as follows: $120 for 15 minutes, $200 for a half-hour, $250 for 45 minutes, and $280 for one hour. No sale.

On to Elko, and a whirlwind tour of the four brothels currently open: CharDon’s, four ladies available but no sale; Mona’s, two ladies available but no sale; Sue’s, two ladies available but no sale; and Inez’s, with three ladies available, including attractive DIONE. I took a tour with her, but didn’t feel a spark, so I declined. Time to hit the road again. The hour was growing late, and we had much more ground to cover.

Arriving in Battle Mountain at around 10 PM, we stopped in at the new and improved Donna’s Battle Mountain Ranch, formerly the Calico Club, where four or five ladies were on staff (none caught our eye). One of the barmaids served us free soda in large glasses before joining forces with the Madame and another barmaid to remove a hostile lad from the premises, an activity which they all seemed to enjoy very much.

Next, Carlin and the new Dovetail Ranch, which is a sprawling log cabin located down the road and across the street from Sharon’s. The bar staff there were also very friendly, serving us free soda and seeming very pleased about our visit. The Dovetail Ranch looks to be very popular with the locals, at least for socializing and not necessarily for bedroom sports. All the barstools were full, and there was much laughing, smoking, and drinking going on, but there was only one lady on call to entertain in private. Her name was COCO, and she did not appeal to me at all, but I took a tour with her anyway to see what the rest of the facilities were like and to get an idea of the prices. CoCo dimmed the lights, put on a Luther Vandross CD, and gave me her price list: $80 minimum, $100 for a half-and-half. When I asked her if she had a time limit, she replied that she’d remove the condom and jerk me off if I appeared to be having trouble. But, I’d better not spew anywhere above the chest area, or else I’d “lose a nut.” O-kay. I think I should be going now.

It was closing in on midnight when we reached Winnemucca and the infamous Line. I’d never been there, but I’d learned from others that the Line is usually hit or miss with no variation: either you find a hidden gem or you can’t find anyone that’s even remotely appealing. Sadly, the latter situation was upon your intrepid explorers on this particular evening. Indeed, the selection at all the Winnemucca establishments was particularly unfavorable, with only CHEYANNA from the Villa Joy managing to stand out.

We spent our last moments at the Line drinking sodas at the My Place bar while the ladies there entertained us with ribald jokes, and then Louis and I began the long drive home, taking turns behind the wheel while the other slept. At 4:30 AM, Louis woke me to show me the new Playmates Ranch, formerly Billie’s Day and Night, outside Mina. I’ve heard good things about the place; maybe someday I’ll visit. We arrived in Los Angeles in time for Louis to make his appointment, bringing the 2002 Mad Man tour to a welcome close, after 1,700 miles, 36 hours, and 16 brothels, but only two sessions between us. The quality was not impressive on this tour, gentle readers, but if things should improve, then we will certainly inform you. In the meantime, drive carefully out there and beware of those ROBs!

Your intrepid explorers,
Louis and Clark

Some things to consider

For the first time brothel or ranch visitor, arriving without knowledge of how things work can come at a cost. The following suggestions may help on your first visit and also save you some money.

Bargaining and Negotiations
Almost all the brothels have a house minimum, which you can find out by asking the bartender, the Madame, or one of the ladies. (Some ladies may not want you to know the house minimum, because it gives you a bargaining tool.)

However, knowing the house minimum may not help you, as some ladies won’t agree to do much of anything for that price.

Over the past few years I’ve noticed that LPIN has slowed to a crawl and many ranches have changed hands, gone under, closed or were forced to close. Several ranches are owned by the same parties which can be a good and bad thing. All these changes have had an effect on things.

Ranches closer to large cities usually will demand higher rates. It’s obvious with the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch being located just outside of Las Vegas that pricing is meant for high rollers, conventions and travelers passing through, while the more remote ranches farther away depend mainly on truckers, locals and those in transit.

Many ladies working in the resort brothels near Reno, Carson City, and Vegas often start negotiations by handing you a printed menu. This menu will list the services that the lady is willing to perform and the cost of those services. Depending on how desirable the lady feels she is and how fancy her place of employment is, the prices can run into the thousands of dollars for common activities with fancy names.

Acting desperate, as if you haven’t had sex in years, or unsure of what you want will increase your chances of getting the menu treatment. She’s hoping you’ll agree to those prices because you look like you don’t know your way around. Or, she’s got an ego problem and needs men to pay her ultra-high prices.

The menu is not for you. Look at it when she hands it to you and try not to laugh or scream in horror. Then, put it aside and politely ask her to start at the bottom of the pricing scale, rather than at the top.

Paying menu prices is like going into a car dealership and paying sticker price. You’ll get all the bells and whistles, like rust proofing and undercoating, that are usually things you pay for that aren’t worth the price. If you’re visiting a LPIN for company and not sex, then you might not mind paying more for non-sexual favors. However, if you’re interested in FS or Oral, ask for the house minimum and work your way up.

Be prepared to settle for less time or fewer activities if the lady won’t meet your price. Don’t allow yourself to be talked into paying more if you’re not prepared to pay it. When the little head thinks for the big head, you’re more likely to agree to something you shouldn’t.

Finally, being polite, sober, and clean can do wonders for your negotiating strategy. Guests who bring attitude or hygiene problems into the brothels get charged more. Period.

My hat is off to ranches like the Shady Lady Ranch where prices are actually fair and posted, which is a first for Nevada. Prices range from $60 for a basic (oral or half-and-half) 15-minute party up to $2K for an overnight party. Shady Lady Ranch and Angel’s Ladies Ranch stand out as BEST BUYS in Nevada. While you may not find some of the younger, stunning women available in the higher priced ranches, you’ll get more for your hard-earned dollars. Both brothels are husband and wife owned and operated, which gives their businesses more of a homey feel.

Another helpful tip is to review the line-ups posted on the Shady Lady’s and Angel’s websites. Be sure to call ahead and ask who is available before you arrive.

When darker is not better
On my latest trip to Nevada I made a point to take as many tours as possible and one thing was really apparent: Some ranches hold their line-ups in very dark environments while others are well-lit. This makes your selection even more difficult and can be some cause for alarm, as things can look very different in the dark. Mabel’s, for instance, had the darkest line up of all the ranches. The hallways to the rooms were even darker, and in the room I visited it was so dark you could barely tell whom you were looking at. Had a session taken place here, it would all be based on feel rather than a whole package which adds the visual end.

Brothel Art Museum
Real or just a way to get your attention?
Over the past 20 years of visiting the ranches in Nevada and the dozens of visits I’ve made to the ranch in Crystal Springs (oddly just a stone’s throw from a brothel) I’ve never seen the Museum actually open. It appears to be just another way the ranch owner advertises his ranch. It’s been said that the brothels or ranches in Nevada are forbidden by state laws to advertise. Although it appears, the state does not hold the ranches to the written rule. Ranches such as Madam Butterfly’s and Cherry Patch have used several mediums to get customers to visit.

Closest Ranch to Las Vegas
Some of these schemes are far from the truth.
Madam Butterfly’s and Cherry Patch often state “the closest ranch to Las Vegas”. In fact, it’s 80 Miles from center Las Vegas to Crystal Springs (Madam Butterfly’s). While it’s only 65 miles to Sheri’s or the Chicken Ranch in Parhump. Anyone can check this by looking at a map. I guess the point is to get guys to think it’s closer than it actually is.

How many ranches are there?
Well, if you read some of the pamphlets they pass out you’d think twice as many as there really are.
Mable’s Whore House, Madam Butterfly’s, Cherry Patch I, Cherry Patch II. That’s four ranches, but in reality there are only two. Cherry Patch II is and has always been located on the 95.
Mable’s Whore House and Madam Butterflies are in the same building and have never been two separate places. Cherry Patch I is located next to the Brothel Museum and has been closed over the past 20 years that I’ve been driving by these places. So when you read all these names, know that there are only 2.

Massage Parlor, Adult toys and Strip Clubs
Oddly, the owner of Mable’s, Madam Butterfly’s and Cherry Patch are the same. Note they seem to always list all the ranches in the same ads. For some reason, they feel they need to attract the attention of those who are going the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch by putting up billboards to the Museum at or on the way to Sheri’s and the Chicken Ranch. They also put an Adult store, a massage parlor and now a Strip club at the corner where you turn off the main road to head down “Homestead Road” to the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s.
I guess the point was to drive traffic to them. In fact, I’ve gone into the message parlor or adult store (whatever was open) only to note they’re not interested in selling a massage or adult toys, but rather to convince you to take the 35-mile drive north to the Crystal Springs ranch area.

Venus Bath and Massage Salon CLOSED

Suggestions for Brothel, Ranch or Bordello visitors
This appears to be written by a woman, I thought it would be interesting reading to write a bit about the man’s point of view, who, by the way, is the one who is paying.

BEHAVE LIKE A GENTLEMAN WHEN YOU ENTER ANY OF THE LEGAL BROTHELS IN NEVADA This, by far, is the number one rule. Don’t be a jerk. And check your attitude at the door. Treat the Ladies and the House the way you want to be treated. If you act like a jerk, you’ll be treated like a jerk and, more than likely, be shown the door. On a recent visit, a group of jerks from a bachelor party walked in. They were introduced to the Ladies with a lineup, then asked if they wanted a tour. The leader of the idiot group shouted out loud, “I don’t like her.”

I don’t think he’s going to get very far in the House with that kind of attitude. Be polite and courteous towards the Ladies. If you are sitting at the bar having a drink and a Lady introduces herself to you, be polite even if she doesn’t strike your fancy. She could possibly introduce you to another Lady that could be your fantasy Lady. Also, offer to light her cigarette, even if you don’t smoke.

Interesting, but this happens to work both ways, as all too often I’ve entered a Nevada Brothel and had the women make remarks when there were no women to my liking. Some women working these establishments have the opinion that men don’t care as long as it’s close to looking like a female. Well, when prices can go as high as $500 plus for service, men have the right to be very picky as there is money at stake. This same advice applies to the women who work at Nevada Brothels, Bordellos and Ranches. Be nice, polite and shut your trap, a guy may still pick you, pressuring him or lecturing him most always ends in scaring the guy away. No attitude is a must, be nice.

CONTROL YOUR ALCOHOL does have an effect on your libido. If your alcohol does get out of hand, you will be asked to leave. Besides, if you leave drunk and behind the wheel, you’re taking a chance getting pulled over by the police. Common knowledge that you don’t mix drugs or alcohol, and this goes for the women who work at the club also

TIP THE BARTENDERS Like any other service, gratuities do go a long way in good service.
Although this is the proper thing to do (T: to I: insure P: prompt S: Service) It’s highly doubtful that your tip to the bar tender will help you at the club. In fact, I once asked a bar tender (I tipped) at the older Mustang Ranch about the ladies and their performance and got a quick reply “I’m not allowed to talk about that”. So, besides being polite and hoping for better service, spending money at a Brothel for anything other than sex (alcohol, expensive Dixie cup soda, coffee) is worthless. Occasionally, the smaller brothels bartenders will offer more info and then a tip is in order. Some brothels also offer free coffee, and giving a tip for something free is a good idea since they are giving you a service that does not include a profit.

WHEN ASKED, GIVE THE LADIES A DOLLAR FOR THE JUKEBOX Most of the legal brothels have a jukebox. If a Lady approaches you for a dollar for the jukebox, be polite and give her a dollar or two for parlor music. She may not select the music you like, but for Pete’s sake, it’s a dollar!
Yes, as stated, “for Pete’s sake it’s only a dollar” and since these girls are often making $50 an hour they should either pay it themselves or tell the boss to install a free music source and not hassle the customers over a feeble amount when in the room they often hand you a menu with options for $1000’s of dollars. Now who is being cheap here, the girl that expects high dollar payment or the guy who most often goes home broke?
I’ve never seen this stupid custom done anywhere else in the world. It’s just not done. You want an attitude like stated above, watch one of these women get one when you tell her “NO” when she begs for a feeble dollar. It’s a bad idea to bother the customers with this, is, has been, and will always be. You’ll note the classy women don’t ask, so it’s a sign.

DRESS NEATLY, This doesn’t mean dressing for success with an Armani suit or a tuxedo. Casual is okay but looking nice creates a good first impression with the Ladies and good hygiene on your part goes a long way to a good time. I’ve heard stories from Ladies themselves about customers who show up with a body odor stench that could peel the paint off the walls. However, some of the rural Houses do offer showers before your party, and it doesn’t hurt to take one. If you feel you need to take a shower, many of the Ladies will kindly oblige. Take a shower if you need one while she books the party with the cashier, and it doesn’t come off your time with her. I can agree with this, dressing the part is interesting. Have you ever entered a club like “Cherry Patch” where an old lady about 60 is wearing lingerie? Some women just don’t fit in these places, so what is the purpose of showing something you don’t have to show?

NO CELLULAR PHONES, CAMERAS, KNIVES-MULTI TOOLS Who wants to be interrupted when you are having your fantasy fulfilled and your stupid cell phone rings? Leave it in the car. No cameras, video equipment, knives and/or multi-tools is a House rule.}
I find this odd, as from my experiences, most women in this business have cell phones, after all they need to on call at times. Thus, I’ve been in a session with a woman and “Her” cell phone rang, and she answered it. The problem is that the person paying should have the right to do what they wish. Thus, if they are expecting a call, it’s not the person who is getting paid that should have a say.
So I found it odd for this to be discussed and then on top of that, the women who do this, answer the call, and it’s on YOUR time.

A CONDOM DURING SEXUAL ACTIVITY IN THE HOUSE IS LAW, Don’t try to bargain your way out of it. And don’t cop an attitude if the Lady says no. Yes, I agree, just go to other places of paid sex where it’s not a problem, and I’ve yet to hear of any problems. One can be overcareful too.

IF YOU GET WALKED, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY If you and the Lady of your choice don’t come to some kind of financial agreement, don’t take it personally. Just say, “Thank You” and move on. On many occasions, the Lady may refer you to someone who meets your financial needs. If not, return to the bar and keep looking. You’ll find something! RELAX AND HAVE A GOOD TIME. If this is your first time in a legal brothel, you may be nervous. Relax and soak it all in. Act as if you belong there. This goes for the ladies who offer a ridiculous price for service, and you walk on her, for some reason, when a guy thinks that the price is too high (and the guy’s not desperate) that when he walks her, she should get an attitude or become angry. Hey, everyone’s time is valuable, the man and the women are equal. I hear this “take a tour, there is no obligation” all the time, and for some reason some women don’t take it that way.

Some common questions and answers that appear to be written by a woman at a Brothel

How much does it cost to visit a Legal Brothel In Nevada?
Absolutely nothing. Most of the facilities are secured and in most places, you have to be “buzzed” in to enter. Once you step into the “parlor”, you’ll be greeted by a lineup of Ladies available for your choosing. In most cases, you can respectfully and politely decline in choosing a Lady. However, if one of the Ladies catches your eye and your heart, certainly, pick her before another client chooses her. It costs an arm and a leg if you’re not careful, certainly don’t pay with a credit card as that means you’ll get jacked for even more money. Houses have minimums which are the least a woman should accept for service. This does not mean they won’t go lower than that either, as it’s a very fluid business. However, it appears not to be built on volume, but rather as much as you can get at some brothels. Where the first thing a newcomer is given is a Menu with sky-high prices for fancy – named parties, which are all basically the same. Most brothels are secure in they have a security gate or door, you ring a doorbell or buzzer and via closed-circuit camera you are let in. This is also sometimes done to keep you in, to ensure you pay, too. By all means, use your gut reaction to get a feel for a lady as some have a Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hide side which means they are super nice and sweet UNTIL you hand over the money and then the REAL woman comes out, and you might not like what you get. These one – shot con artists are usually found near the larger cities such as Vegas and Reno and depend on the bigger volume of customers. Not repeat customers, as customers often consist of truckers, drive bys and sometimes convention visitors as well as high rollers. Many can be considered one time customers who don’t return often.

How much do the Ladies charge for their “services”?
That all depends on the Lady you choose. Ladies in the Legal Brothels in Nevada work as independent contractors and charge the going rate for their time and what you desire. Rates do vary from Lady to Lady, “house” to “house” as well as geographically. Independent is only part of the truth as the fact is the price you pay is split usually 50/50, except at places like the “Shady Lady” where there is a 60/40 split in the ladies favor. Some women charge by the act, some charge by the time, while others use a combination of the two to take advantage of you. For example, when you visit a Brothel and don’t agree to an “Act” and “Time” what ever is in the ladies favor is most likely to apply AFTER funds change hands. Lets say you walk into the “Kit Kat Brothel” in Mound House (Carson City Area) and take a tour to the room. You ask the girl for “oral” for $100. Unless you agree to time, most likely that will mean you have 15 Minutes, whether you finish or not. Time did apply as you did not mention it, nor does she have to, but the house will automatically set the deal this way. Does not sound like a way to start a good business transaction for a long term business life. Just think car dealership, as this is the closest thing I can think of that resembles the way most Brothels work. Close the deal for the maximum dollar. Now you can get a bad deal dealing in time also as most women will stop when the act is complete. For example, if you agree on a 1-hour session, and you pop your load in 10 minutes, she most likely won’t let you help which post time and act info up front. Just visit their website to see for yourself. Don’t listen to a Brothel girl who’ll tell you all sorts of untruths as to why you need to do all the negotiations in the room. Then beware of the gal who starts the clock before she gets to the room, while you shower, undress, yes anything pop again. So what does it cost, while the rest of the world charges about $50 for 30 minutes or so, well, Nevada does not like to talk about prices. Well, some reputable Brothels like the Shady Lady Brothel posted prices to eat up your time. Now this does not mean there are no GOOD Brothels, Ranches or Bordellos in Nevada, it is a mess. So what does it cost, weans that you need to know the ropes as to not become one of the many men who are taken on a daily ball. Most houses have a house minimum, ask the madame, bar tender or manager (not the ladies as most will make up their own). This is the minimum they should accept. Remember, half goes to the girl. Look to pay $100-$200 for 30 minutes and $200-$300 for an hour. Expect some women to ask for $500 an hour or even 30 minutes. Remember talk about what you’ll do, as some women sell hand jobs for big bucks too. Like at the car dealer, read the fine print and know your costs, their costs too. Start by asking anyone except the working lady’s of the house minimum. Agree to how much time, the acts, positions, does she do oral? Kissing? well, that is rare in Nevada, so don’t count on it.

What happens if there isn’t a Lady that catches my attention, or what happens if I choose one, and I don’t have the money to pay her?
If none of the Ladies catch your attention, have a seat at the bar, have a drink, relax a bit and soak in the atmosphere. Maybe later, one will show up that will catch your attention. Some of the “houses” do accept major credit cards (your credit statement will not indicate the name of the legal brothel) and in some cases, you can pay for your time with both cash and credit card. If what you have is all you brought with you, some kind of deal for the amount of money you have, the act and her time will be negotiated. If you still come up short, you will be declined, or “walked” and escorted back into the parlor. Please, don’t take offense to this and getting upset with the Lady or the “house” will put you into some trouble, and you will be asked to leave. Sounds so odd to keep referring to men to not be upset for asking for a fair amount for sex. How much is fair, do these women hate what they do, well, you might be asking yourself that when a lady refuses your $100 offer for 30 minutes of oral plus 3 positions. She looks at it as $50 and then taxes removed, plus her room and board, which is another business the brothel makes money off the women. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, legal prostitution in the US. Brothel owners sometimes appear to be cold-hearted pimps rather than businessmen or women. There are horror stories on the internet of guys using their credit cards to pay $5000 for a couple of hours of average to poor sex. Take care, walk HER when in doubt and hit the door as there are almost 30 other brothels to choose from.

Is a Legal Brothel safe?
Legal Brothels in Nevada operate under county laws, every precaution in security is taken for the safety of the clients and the Ladies. Don’t expect a pimp to bust into a room and rob you. The Lady’s room also features a panic button that alerts security if a client gets out of hand or if an emergency situation arises.
They need a button for the client to push when the girl does not do what she promises or attempts to jack the man for ridiculous prices. You can be sure a pimp won’t bust in to rob you, the girl will do her best to do that herself as the “pimp”, brothel owner gets his 50% regardless. In fact, there is so much trust between the brothel owner and the girl and many rooms are wired for sound (yes a microphone) to record you and the girl to ensure the price you, and she agreed on includes the house. Now since this is technically illegal, it’s never used for you, in other words, if you don’t get what she told you, it won’t be replayed to prove she ripped you off. In fact, learning to offer money via a handwritten note, or finger signs has helped some guys get a better deal. See, the women know the brothel is listening. So why don’t they put up signs, stating the rooms are being listened in on? Sounds kinda creepy. so you may understand why it’s kept secret. In some brothels, a knock comes on the door when your time is up, some have an intercom, so that tells you the rooms are most likely wired both ways. Time is most often set on a kitchen timer, you know that twist the known type, now so accurate and often twisted way before the action starts. SO set your stop watch and complain, that last thing the brothel wants is a scene and the police visiting. You have rights too…

Are Legal Brothels clinically safe?
Every Lady working in the house is subject to a weekly medical inspection by a licensed medical practitioner and is licensed by the county in which she conducts her business. Each Lady is fingerprinted, and a thorough background check is conducted by the County Sheriff’s office. Every client that participates with a Lady must wear a condom as required by law. We remind you that this is for the safety of you and the Lady. Don’t cop an attitude about it, and don’t try to buy your way into it. You’ll be politely declined. According to the Center For Disease Control in Atlanta, since prostitution was legalized in Nevada, there has never been a reported case of either a client or Lady contracting HIV in any of the Legal Brothels.
There have been cases, but the brothel gets involved and things are covered up, you can find evidence about this on the website. In fact, on another brothels’ website, they talk about this happening within a year or so. They are not fail-safe, it’s a human business and women do work without condoms. Although it is not common, things happen and unless you check a woman after each trick, there is a chance that the next person gets what the one before him had. While this is not the norm, it’s better known than thought that Nevada Brothels are without fault and the perfect paid sex system. The rest of the world has been at this much longer, and there are better systems to be found. If the sheriff’s office runs a check it’s by no means run through FBI or CIA, it’s most likely local and basic at most

If I find a Lady I like, can I schedule an appointment? Can I also spend my time with her outside the Legal Brothel?
You certainly can schedule an appointment with the Lady of your desire. Spending time with the Lady outside the Legal Brothel is called an out date. Some houses that do permit out dates have strict guidelines and once again, every precaution is taken for the Lady’s safety and yours. As for seeing the Lady outside the Legal Brothel when she is off-shift is taboo.The idea is to keep the lady from taking 100% rather than only getting her 50%. Also note that out dates outside the county permitting prostitution is illegal. There are othe r laws that must be followed as Brothels and Bordellos can’t be located just anywhere and out dates usually fall under the same laws. It’s not that uncommon for women who build a working relationship with a client to dump the house and pass on the savings. Much of the talk and legal garbage is scare tactics to keep the brothel from losing it’s share.

When is the best time to visit a Legal Brothel in Nevada?
Legal Brothels in Nevada are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. From experience, weekends and evenings tend to be busy, mornings a bit slow and in some cases, certain Holidays can be very slow while other Holidays have the houses gearing up for more business.
As in any business, when you have numerous customers you can be choosy, thus visit when there are fewer customers and the women are more desperate, which means avoiding weekends, evenings, conventions and other peak times. Some houses have only one shift of working ladies, so coming anytime before the late afternoon, and most are asleep. Midday, weekdays, early morning most often better rates can be had. So think about this, if the brothel is busy and guys are waiting for women, most likely the women won’t deal as much.

Is Legal Prostitution legal in all of Nevada?
Legal Prostitution is only legal in certain counties across the state of Nevada. It is illegal in such cities as Reno (Washoe County) and Las Vegas (Clark County). Don’t take chances with fate. Legal Brothels, however, are situated in neighboring counties and usually a short drive away. If you must take a taxi, most of the drivers know how to get there, and they will bring you back refreshed from your Legal Brothel adventure. 1st, never take a taxi, if he decides to wait for you, then he’ll be getting a commission, most likely 20% of whatever you spend. This means she’ll pass that cost on to you at 20% higher rates. Some brothels are within the city, such as Battlemountain, Elko, Wells and Ely while others are as far as 65 miles outside of Las Vegas. Check the Brothel Directory on this site for maps and distances.

What happens if someone recognizes me, such as my boss or co-worker at a Legal Brothel?
I’d say that you have something in common! All kidding aside, your presence at a Legal Brothel in Nevada is discrete and confidential among management and the Ladies. Unless, of course, you boast among your friends that you visited a Legal Brothel. Then, of course, you will have to provide some kind of proof that you have been there. Some of the Legal Brothels do have free souvenirs such as matchbooks and pleasure menus, along with other souvenirs you can purchase.
Not much to argue here

Is it okay to bring gifts to a Lady?
It certainly is. Flowers, candy, their favorite soft drink, stuffed animals (and they love stuffed animals!), perfume are among some of the favorite items brought by gentleman clients. You are only limited by your imagination. However, there can be a dark side to gifts. There have been reports that a gift given to a Lady by her client in some Legal Brothels is considered revenue, and a percentage of that gift is taken out of her cut by the house. In some other cases, there has been jealousy among the Ladies when others have been showered with gifts. Use discretion on this one. There are positives and negatives to doing this, the golden rule is when the money stops changing hands, the relationship changes. Girlfriends are not hookers, and even the girlfriend who is a hooker by trade will feel wrong charging her boyfriend. Should this not be the case, there are all sorts of excuses to rationalize her to still charging you, but the proof is in the pudding as they say

What it takes to be a Legal Courtesan
You must see a Licensed Nevada M.D. or Clinic and be cleared of all STDs which can be faxed to the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department by the clinic or doctor. You must be licensed through the County Sheriff’s Department,  This is a one-day process; if you arrive between Monday through Thursday. You could start working the following day!

Should Nevada Brothels Pay Taxes?
Last month, one proposal to impose the tax failed to come to a vote in an Assembly committee; another was gutted in a Senate committee. A spokesman for Republican Gov. Kenny Guinn said the idea was “not something the governor is going to waste any time on.”

“The governor just thinks it’s a local government issue and not part of his agenda,” spokesman Greg Bortolin said. “He thinks, as well, that he would be affirming the industry if he came out in support of the bill.”

Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal. But the state keeps the industry at arm’s length. It does not levy a business tax on houses of ill repute, it bars them from advertising, and it doesn’t allow them in the state’s biggest urban area, Las Vegas.

In fact, the decision of whether to allow prostitution is made on a county-by-county basis, with state law largely silent on the matter.

“We’re the only industry in the state that in one move of the Legislature or the governor can be swept away entirely,” said Nevada Brothel Association lobbyist George Flint. “If more people move to this state with Nebraska or Iowa or California license plates, the old Nevada mentality that always tolerated us is going to be diluted.”

So Flint came up with a solution: “Look, if we contribute and do nice things for the state, maybe the state will like us better.”

Two years ago during a budget shortage, the brothels came close to getting their wish, but last-minute negotiations inadvertently exempted them from a tax on live entertainment.

This year, they had an unlikely ally in an anti-prostitution lawmaker who sponsored a measure proposing a tax of about $2 per customer. It was expected to bring some $3.2 million to the state over the next two fiscal years.

“I don’t believe in legal prostitution, but I’m not a zealot about it, either,” said the sponsor, Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, a Democrat from Reno. “They’re a legal business, they should contribute like every other legal business, and I’m willing to make that happen.”

Brothels are legal in 10 of Nevada’s 17 counties, which charge a quarterly business fee ranging from $100 to $20,000 and a work permit fee of $50 per prostitute.

Some counties get as much as 25 percent of their business fees from brothels. Lyon County, home to the famous Moonlite Bunnyranch, will collect $316,000 in brothel business fees and $25,000 in permit fees next year.

But many brothel owners are willing to pay more. The state’s 28 bordellos make $20 million to $50 million annually, said Geoff Arnold, president of the Nevada Brothel Association.

Many think paying a tax will ultimately help them lift the ban on advertising. They want to be able to use billboards or fliers, or at least advertise openly in the phone book. (Brothels are now listed under “massage” in the Yellow Pages.)

Bobbi Davis, owner of the Shady Lady Ranch, a brothel about 120 miles outside Las Vegas, said paying taxes is the way to go.

“There’s a price, sometimes, for legitimacy,” he said.

Precious, a prostitute at the Shady Lady Ranch, said that even if the owners pass the tax on to the girls, it won’t be a problem.

“What’s a couple extra dollars off? I can waste that on lip gloss or new eyeliner,” she said. “That’s chump change for what some of the girls make here.”

Prostitutes at Shady Lady Ranch make up to $1,000 daily during peak tourist season, she said. (Brothels and prostitutes are subject to federal income tax on their overall earnings, but Nevada has no state income tax.)

Dennis Hof, owner of the BunnyRanch, is against the idea. He said brothels already pay their fair share and should not have to “pay for legitimacy.”

Flint said the tax offer stands, should future legislatures want to take him up on it. In the meantime, he said, “I bow to the wisdom of the Legislature.”

Brothel Etiquette Guide
Behave Like A Gentleman In a Legal Brothel. This by far, is the number one rule. Don’t be a jerk. And check your attitude at the door. Treat the Ladies and the House the way you wanted to be treated. If you act like a jerk, you’ll be treated like a jerk and more than likely, be shown the door. On a recent visit, a group of jerks from a bachelor party walked in. They were introduced to the Ladies with a lineup, then asked if they wanted a tour. The leader of the idiot group shouted out loud, “I don’t like her.”

I don’t think he’s going to get very far in the House with that kind of attitude. Be polite and courteous towards the Ladies. If you are sitting at the bar having a drink and a Lady introduces herself to you, be polite even if she doesn’t strike your fancy. She could possibly introduce you to another Lady that could be your fantasy Lady. Also, offer to light her cigarette, even if you don’t smoke.

Control Your Alcohol. Yes, you are there for a good time but that doesn’t mean getting plastered calls for a good time. It’s a fact. Alcohol does have an affect on your libido. If your alcohol does get out of hand, you will be asked to leave. Besides, if you leave drunk and behind the wheel, you are taking a chance getting pulled over by the police.

Tip The Bartenders. Like any other service, gratuities do go a long way in good service.

When Asked, Give The Ladies A Dollar For The Jukebox. Most of the legal brothels we visited had a juke box. If a Lady approaches you for a dollar for the jukebox, be polite and give her a dollar or two for parlor music. She may not select the music you like, but for Pete’s sake, it’s a dollar!

Dress Neatly. This doesn’t mean dressing for success with an Armani suit or a tuxedo. Casual is okay but looking nice creates a good first impression with the Ladies. And good hygiene on your part goes a long way for a good time. I’ve heard the stories from the Ladies themselves about customers who show up with a body odor stench that could peel the paint off the walls. However, some of the rural Houses do offer showers prior to your party and it doesn’t hurt to take one. If you feel you need to take a shower, many of the Ladies will kindly oblige. Take a shower if you need one while she books the party with the cashier and it doesn’t come off your time with her.

No Cellular Phones, Cameras, Knifes, Guns Or Weapons Of Any Kind . Who wants to be interrupted when you are having your fantasy fulfilled and your stupid cell phone rings? Leave it in the car. No cameras, video equipment, knives and/or multi-tools is a House rule.

Condom During Sexual Activity In All Legal Houses In Nevada Is The Law. Don’t try to bargain your way out of it. And don’t cop an attitude if the Lady says no.

If You Get Walked, Don’t Take It Personally. If you and the Lady of your choice don’t come to some kind of financial agreement, don’t take it personally. Just say, “Thank You” and move on. On many occasions, the Lady may refer you to someone who meets your financial needs. If not, return to the bar and keep looking. You’ll find something!
Relax And Have A Good Time. If this is your first time in a legal brothel, you may be nervous. Relax and soak it all in. Act as if you belong there.

We all knew that the brothels in Nevada have bugged their rooms and listen to the negotiation. Are they legal to do so?

I think what is illegal is that they don’t tell you they are doing it. They need to have a sign in clear view that its done. I would hardly consider a hookers room to be public. Recording you without your knowledge or consent is against the law.

This also goes to show you one more thing that the ranches don’t even trust their own employee’s or workers.

If prices WERE in fact standard there would be NO need to listen in on the conversations. They would charge for the time.

Its common practice at the ranches in Mound House and Reno. You also find it done at the Vegas ranches.

So remember guys BIG BROTHER is listening in on your negotiation and maybe the party. The girls will openly admit that this is done. Another strange thing that is only done in these few ranches and apparently no where else in the world.

One has to wonder why Nevada has these odd practices.

An Ex-Working Girl Gives Her Opinion

I was reading some of the topics of conversation here on this board. It seems that there is a community that shares the same idea about Nevada brothels. As a Nevada brothel worker, I wish to change that idea. I work at the Mustang Ranch. Our house minimum is 100$’s up to the lady whether she wants to do a half and half for 15 minutes and alot of the ladies do…and there are ALOT of 15 minute dates!! Some of our top bookers do a TON of 100$ dates all night!….I really don’t like those kinds of nights (they wear me out physically) and it seems that I don’t do many of those parties any more. My customers usually pay 200 and up, depending on what we negotiated. I like to interest my customers into spending at least 200 so they can enjoy themselves more than they would with 100-150. But then again, a 100$ party with a 50$ tip is appropriate for a “quickie”. RedRanger partied with me and had a great party for 200$…what Iam trying to say is that there are alot of good working women at the Mustang Ranch. I would love to sit at my place back home and escort but I run the risk of getting hurt. The price we pay to be LEGAL is steep so, what do you do??? Tipping the girl or making sure the LADY gets more than the house. (I did not say this) Listen, I know alot of beautiful ladies that would love to party with you for 200..just know HOW to present it!!! Give her some money and then give her a tip ..BUT DON”T SAY IT LOUD SO THE HOUSE HEARS IT. Be cool. And if you get an hour great, more power to you. You may get a wonderful body rub and a half and half and the entire time was 36 minutes, but it was the best 36 minutes you have had in 20 years!!! I don’t like to advertise prices for all the ladies so I will say that it’s up to you to negotiate AND pick an appropriate lady, if you don’t ask me And if you notice a girl being standoffish when you meet her..don’t party with her. A good hooker should put a huge smile on her face when you approach her and take your hand and make you believe you are HER man for the hour….right? Or at least smile big and walk in front of you so you can watch her ass switch back and forth….. Give us try. my e-mail address is I will be happy to assist you or offer my recommendations!!!
The Mustang Ranch philosophies are based on the influences of one man, Joe Conforte. He kept the house minimums low so that ALL men could enjoy the delights at the Mustang Ranch. That was 20 years ago and that idea still holds true for a great deal of the people that work at the Mustang. We like the big spenders but we also like the regular guys!!! We need all of you!! The Mustang caters to EVERYONE, not just a select few. We have great, beautiful ladies!! You’ll want to spend more than 200 after you start having fun!!! Trust me …write me and I will steer you in the right direction!!!

EDITOR’S NOTE (January 2004): “Tia” no longer works in the business and the original Mustang Ranch has been closed for years. However, much of what “Tia” had to say still has value.

Tia (or whoever you are),

A few problems:

1. Your post looked like advertisement to me. It is against the law.
2. A rule is a rule. If you don’t like the 50% that the house make, don’t work there! No body force you to work there! But once you agree to work there, it is unethical to rip off the house.
3. You have the choice NOT to accept 15 minute $100 party in which you only get $50 (that work out to an hourly wage of $200!). Yes, there is some minor wear and tear on your body. But please note that there is also wear and tear on a $20 per hour plumber and those Amsterdam girls who get $25 in 20 minutes for a straight lay. I never heard them complaining about wear and tear and low price.
4. The real problem is not low price. It is the greed that a lot of Nevada girls want to make fast money. But the fact that they raise price scare away a lot of customers. It is that simple.

With all due respect to Tia’s post…Joe C., did keep the price at Mustang to about 8 times the minimum wage….in 1967 the minimum wage was about $1.35 an hour and a half-and-half could be had at Mustang for 10 dollars, a straight lay for as little as 5 dollars… I was lucky, ’cause I worked at the cannery in ’67 and made $2.50 an hour…but today the minimum wage is about 5 bucks an hour…which translates to 40 bucks per half-and-half at Mustang…

To Chisel…
Sorry if I sounded like an “infomercial”…I just merely wanted to let you all know that there are ladies at the Mustang that I know of who “don’t mind doing cheaper parties..” As for being “unethical” by “ripping off the house”…some of you already said you boycott Nevada houses because the “house” charges so much..then why in the world would anyone object to the lady getting an extra 25 or 50 dollars?? Chisel, I understand your beef in all of this…I guess I would be pretty upet if someone got me for the bundle you were got for…but, remember this, YOU need to forget that •••• and start fresh…stop blaming ALL hookers because one hooker got the best of you…thats for real!!! All women that do sex work do not try to get ALL THEY CAN from their customers..thats a fact!!!! I do not post on GP’s page anymore..they do not like their because I post honestly and they do not like my ways…one person even went as far to tell me that “the internet was not my medium”…anyway, I don’t agree. I was a nobody as far as they were concerned and I made it all the way to the silly Courtesan of the Year finals…anyway, my sister Pam told me, “any posts about the Mustang, good or bad, is good for our business”….I am just trying to clear the air. Also, to the guy who complained that the ladies of Holland only charge 25$ for 15 minutes…go ahead and give your money to the ladies over seas…don’t buy American pussy if you don’t want to…BUT, we( at least I do) pay our American taxes and you can’t blame the ladies for charging what they do…the house minimum is 100$..we get 50$….those parties are quoted as being 15 minutes but most of the ladies I know do not rush a man right out…the sex part only lasts about 5-10 minutes with these TYPE of men who like that “quickie” party…so, since it’s only been 10 minutes, we clean the guy up..let him relax a bit..(usually the men want to get up anyway)..100$ parties are hard to come by at most houses so if a lady is willing to give you a party for that price, respect her. Many of her peers are “walking” dates like that…some girls get a little bit of the “cheap whore” syndrome, but quickly get over it after she counts her money…many times, the man tips because the girl has been “so nice” for a house minimum party…AND Chisel would have us all turn in our tips…what an ass-hole???Tips are not required, they are given for good service. And we are being decietful because we keep a tip and don’t turn it in…Chisel, you are not a nice man. I have a feeling you USED to be…I feel sorry for you. TiaMmmGood@AOL.COM

One more thing….I don’t make 200 an hour when I do house minimum dates all night. I usually have the guy in my room for 20 minutes and then I walk him out and then I go BACK to my room to clean up and freshen myself up…I don’t like to bring another man to my room until I have made my room look like it hasn’t been used…I do this with all my dates. I average about 3-8 dates an evening…some weeks are better than others…I am not rich either. I am an honest, hard working hooker. I am really sorry that you were taken by a working girl. Those kinds of things give us ALL a bad name. I don’t care who loves her or how much she makes or anything else….someone THINKS they were taken and thats enough to make other men weary and on guard, and thats bad for me because I wouldn’t and couldn’t treat anyone like that…even if you are a trick. (and I hate that word)…Chisel, I told you once before, COUGH IT UP TO THE GAME!! Thats all it is….and then learn from it. Stop being so bitter…it’s SO unattractive.
Also, I wasn’t “cmplaining” about the wear and tear..I was just commenting…and how the hell would you know about any kind of wear and tear on a vagina????? or my back or my neck or my legs????????????? You do not know what you are talking about..sometimes, I get paid 40$ to suck and •••• a man in a cab with a 100$ date..if I have to break luck (pay rom and board) with that date, I get a wopping 9$!!! MIND YOU, I am not complaining, it’s all in a days work, but can’t you see where a woman in MY shoes, who’s been working at the Mustang for 3 years, should be getting more money for her parties??? I am a better working girl than I used to be.. by the way, we don’t get RAISES..we have to give them to ourselves, isn’t it only fair that working girls get raises for a job well done?….we can’t go work in foreign countries, either . And personally, if the ladies aren’t paying taxes, I don’t think they should be allowed to work here in the US…believe me, it angers me a litlle to know that I am one of the few independant contractors that actually pays her taxes, but thats not my concern and I tell myself that alot.

I think that was a very informative post from Tia about brothels from the girls perspective.

Anyone who has any sense knows that by giving a girl $50 or so “off the books” can buy you alot of goodwill and usually extra time.

IMHO NOBODY has done more to hurt Nevada than Katherine Leigh, Dominique, Tamara Lynn, Cindyspice and their type.(Except for maybe Marvin and Dennis Hoff) How many men can (1) even pay $1000 for 60 minutes of a womens company or (2) think it is even worth it to spend that for one hour even if they have it?

Did you notice that Cindyspice has cancelled her usual time at Sagebrush this month? She was supposed to be there the last two weeks of May like usual but instead is doing a tour of Florida. That ought to tell you alot about how many people are willing to come into Sagebrush and pay those ridiculous prices there. I’m suprised they didn’t delete it on when she posted it there. Cindyspice is willing to cancel her usual time at Sagebrush and deal with the consequences of making clients angry who had set appointments with her there to go to Florida and do an “illegal” tour. Maybe it’s because her price outside the house is half of what it is inside the house.

Dear Ranger Red,

The answer that you have given happens to be woefully insufficient. In fact, that’s really no answer at all. I or anyone else would like to see some SPECIFIC facts to back up your assertion. Otherwise, you’re just engaging in rampant speculation and nothing more than that.

Now as far as being ‘naive’ concerning paying Katherine’s prices, all I have to say here is what makes you think that I was being ‘naive’ to begin with?

At the time I partied with Katherine, how was I supposed to know ALL the facts and circumstances at that moment in time? After all, I had no intention of poisoning the atmosphere between us and it proved to be a memorable party despite what I found out afterwards concerning her questionable pricing methods.

Even if what you say is true, isn’t it better to learn something from the experience than to go on making the same mistake?

Dear Tia, you are quite right about Mia charging me substantially more than $200 for an hour. In fact, it was $440 with tip, the single most expensive party I have ever had by a long shot (no pun intended). I guess it came down to being in the right place at the right time. She was willing to approach me, with a smile, while everyone else just sat there and ignored a potential customer. I would probably not pay that much again to anyone and I mean no disrespect to Mia as it was an outstanding experience in many ways that have never been duplicated. She brought a “show” to the event that almost took away from the actual sexual happening. In some ways that was a negative but I was willing to go with it and see where it took me. I went in to get laid and found someone who had obviously spent some serious time analyzing a lot of aspects of human nature with the goal of maximizing her income while providing the customer with a memorable time. With all the crap that is out there it is really nice to run into someone that creates a win-win situation. Like I said, quality is always preferable to quantity.
If you’re still here Tia, I emphasize with your feelings about this whole pricing issue. It sucks big and too often becomes the sole manner in which a lady and her profession are judged. Still, it can’t be denied that most people cannot afford a big $$$ party on a regular basis while a $120 party in TJ (one hour with room) is not so difficult. I guess it is all relative to one’s priorities and ability to attain then. Have a good one.

Uncle Bob is not naive….he’s just a very nice man that had a slight “crush” on the superwhore(s) of the Sage…now when that lady told him the information about her prices, Uncle Bob, being the nice man he is, believed her because he THOUGHT she was to be trusted. Hell, the entire GP board supposedly trusts her, why should he question her…as for her prices, and what he paid, he liked K and therefore, paid her price…she was wrong to do that to Uncle Bob, in my opinion.

Dearest Tia,

Right on honey. Right on. 🙂

First of all for the record, I will ALWAYS value my time spent with Katherine Leigh. In fact, today marks the one year anniversary of my very first party with this legend of all legends.

The memories of that evening spent with her will never die; for it had demonstrated to me the crowning point of my LPIN sojourns.

Yes, I did initially place all of my trust in her when we consummated the negotiations. Therefore, I really had no serious reservations at that moment in time in giving her the amount that she requested, which was a full grand in cash.

Despite that fact I found out later the cold hard reality of her pricing scheme, I will NEVER, NEVER forget the wonderful experience she gave me.

Quite honestly to my dying day, until literally my very last breath, I will always cherish in a very fond manner my time spent with her.

Thank you Tia for offering your insights regarding this matter — for I have always valued your knowledgeable and outspoken P.O.V. concerning the Nevada scene.

Hopefully soon, I’ll finally get to party with you. No question about it, you are an absolute doll!!!
Take care sweetie,

So how much do Nevada girls make?

This is a bit of a lowball estimate, if anyone has any other estimates please add them.

If a girl does an average of 5 parties a day at $300 (avg) she makes $750 for her days work. If she works two weeks a month thats $10,500 for her months work. (2 weeks) For a year that’s $126,000 for the year. AND that is not including all the guys she may see outside the house for off the books dates.

Those Nevada whores are laughing all the way to the bank-or all the way to their pimps and boyfrinds…

I think that what a woman asks for is her right. What is reasonable is another point. Lets see, they have no investment in college, basic skills are she is on her back. I must say I’ve had more hookers in Nevada that had no sex skills then those with good ones. So many are just a rented hole to relase in, putting it bluntly. Just about every hooker will tell you she is great in bed, its the mans opinion how the sex was. After all he’s paying for it. TJ is a perfect example of women that don’t complain, offer a fare price and don’t charge an arm and a leg. I think race, color or college degrees has nothing to do with what you can charge.

If a doctor and lawyer charge between $100-$300 an hour or say a plumber or electrician $20-$75 an hour. Even a maid who does far more disgusting work “like cleaning toilets” gets less and besides Nevada hookers suck you threw plastic so what’s so dirty about that? I think $50 an hour is fair, $25 an hour if she’s not into sex and $75 an hour if she loves sex.


Regardless of what you look like (by the way she is very good looking) just from reading your post at the top one can easily see that inside you are a true find. I think your one post has done more to help you and Nevada then GP’s board or the posts by other women. You are clear and precise, not to mention that you are very fair and don’t give off the image of pushing up prices. I find it refreshing to find a women giving great advice on the Nevada scene and the in’s and outs.

Personally my experience in Nevada was to party for short time. Usually 20-30 minutes is plenty of time for me. I had a few women I did at the Sagebrush and the Mustang that I did on a regular basis. I finally took them up on the offer to spend more time and pay $200. What I found was that I did the same thng for 20 minutes and then spent the rest of the time sitting and talking. I actually wanted to extend the whole act and time to climax but the gal was on here own clock. SO my conclusion was that the extra $100 was a waste. Lets face it, I really don’t visit Nevada for $100 conversation. However your statement above really entices me to gove you a try and spend my $200. Actually I would prefer to pay $150 and give you a $50 tip.

As far as price and what is far, competition plus what a women wants to charge should be the guide. The problem is that the house takes so much of rht money that we are giving over half to the house and government. Its kinda like gasoline, the stations are burdened with high taxes on each gallon thus the higher prices.

I think I read somewhere here that the man should pay for the basic party and see if he meshes with a gal and then meet outside the brothel there after. I understand there is a safety factor involved but with some common sense and the mass hotels with security in Reno I don’t see a problem.

I have a local gal I do in Los Angeles who is married and still really into her work. She charges $140 for and hour that you would not believe. She is very careful and has her ways of enforcing safety into her work.

Its ashamed that the change in ownership of the borthel in Ely di dnot work out. I had read that a former girl working out of Moonlight rance had taken over the main brothel there. You would think that a working girl with the mentality of “Tia” could have made that place into a goldmine. At one time in my life I would have spent the time and money to go out of my way for a good women and deal. Lately they are far and between and not very common. TJ has made enormous steps into taking over and drawing much of the Nevada crowd. This is mainly a result of the Nevada brothel owners feeling they have a good thing and a monoply on the market. There are still a huge amount of men wanting sex, at one time they visited Nevada and today they visit Tj. Don’t they notice the decline in attendance? With the internet getting bigger and bigger info spreads faster. There is no more pulling the sheets over our eyes.

Tia, keep posting you are that bright shinning star that makes us men that have stopped visiting Nevada think about visiting once again.

Paul W., here are a few comments on your post. I know Tia, and she is a very good party girl. You can read my review on the GP web site.
As you and many others have noticed, Tia does not fit the mold of the “normal” brothel worker, as least based upon the relatively few I know and the many things I have read, mostly on web sites.
There are problems with Tiajuana that keep many American men away. The risk of disease is greater, and crime is much greater. Safety is a factor concerning all guys. Check out the redsnake web site for a current list of incidences experienced by men who enter the red zone.
I have read recently that the prevalence now of Viagra has caused an increase in business at brothels in Nevada and in other countries. Of course, there are no facts or figures to back this up, only some reports that are probably believable.
There is a brothel in Wells, NV (not a very popular spot, but closest to Salt Lake and Twin Falls, ID, that has recently changed ownership The new man has put a considerable amount of money, at least for Wells, into the place. It is Donna’s. And he has been able to attract better workers and better/more clientele. It seems that Wells is experiencing some amount of growth and not all is going to TJ.
I expect that if TJ’s business is increasing, it is probably impacting the brothels in southern Nev. rather than those in the Reno area. Nearly all of TJ’s business comes out of So. Cal.
I have not read or heard of prices being effected by a downturn in business. It would be interesting to know if anyone has. My last few visits have been as pricey as ever.
And Paul, if you do decide to visit Nevada again, I recommend Tia. I just hope we are not there at the same time! I am looking forward to my next visit with her in a couple of months.


TJ can be more dangerous both health wise and crime wise but only if you don’t follow the simple rules. Wear a condom and take a cab to and from the clubs. If you follow those rules then its as safe as Nevada. I have been going to Tj on a regular basis for about 3 years and NEVER had any problems. I have also been robbed right outside the Mustang ranch a year ago. I also suspect that there is drug use by the girls equally in Mexico as in the US. I will also say that drugs envolving needles are more common in the US as the needles are harder to come by in Mexico.

I also visited Donna’s several months back and noticed the changes. Geoff Arnold is the new owner, a past client and truck driver as I understand. My hat is off to his changes. The selection was not better, most of the girls had come over from the Hacienda next door. Cherry Rose was working there, she’s about as good as I’ve seen in Wells.

The main point that I would like to make here is that Mexican women and American women may only be different in looks. I’ve had just as good parties in Mexico as in Nevada. The last 2 years the GOOD parties have become more expensive and far apart in Nevada.

You might also note that ALL the brothels were shut down in Ely, rumor is DRUGS. Mel who once was the prize of Ely now works in Elko. Last I saw her she was a washed out drug addict. That itself speaks volumes.

As far as mainly men from So Cal visiting TJ, that is also not true. I’ve met men in TJ on just about every night of the week from SF, northen Cal and most everywhere else. I’ve even met MANY from Reno. When I asked those from Reno why they were in TJ, they responded:” Its getting too expensive, they want too much money”. I know enough guys to know that there is a problem in Nevada.

Tia is one of a few, lets hope she is just the beginning of a new era. As I miss the days when Nevada was king. Please post your report here I’d love to read it and it would problably bring new business to Tia. I hate wasting any time at the GP site as there is too much hype and bull to get past.

You guys all bring up extremely valid points. But what I don’t understand is why don’t you just use escorts? You see my ad? I charge a basic flat, non negotiable fee of 300 dollars…and I agree with Tia…there are many girls who, for various reasons, rip off customers and even if this is a questionable profession, it’s also a business. If you want repeat business, for both parties, you treat them respectfully and fairly SO THEY WILL RETURN. Everyone here brings up valid points. I truly believe a woman’s attitude towards her customers is a reflection of herself, how she feels about what she does, and WHY she’s doing it. Many friends I have had who ripped off guys or weren’t very nice or just took off immediately before their time was up are doing this because they really, really need the money. For these girls no compassion or ethics is involved. For me, I come from an upper middle class family who actually knows what I do for a living. For me, the hour I am with a man…I treat him like a god. Not only because I am ‘getting paid’ but because I enjoy making them feel good, and if I can make someone happy in a fantasy world, then I’m doing my job right. A good indicator is the plenty of repeat business I get, and as I indicated on my other messages posted, the greatest compliment is not one of ‘oh you’re so pretty Mina” because you know every girl hears that and it may not even be true…men say these things to even ugly women…but when they say, ” Most girls who work aren’t as nice as you.” A man once ‘finished’ in a half hour and I offered him back a hundred and fifty dollars …and he said,” Oh, God, that’s nice of you, but you earned it. Thank you for being a fun companion.” Need I say more?

In my house, I have a lavish bedroom with beautiful linens, expensive antiques, and plenty of candles. Men are amazed at this. I like to have a nice nonbusinesslike atomosphere. To the guy who got ripped off by that cunt Catherine ( oooh I said the C word, but what other word would describe a woman like that? She earned the name by being a ripoff artist) if you spent an hour with me you would see that there are actually girls out there who are nice, decent, and not just there for the money. I don’t need the money that badly.


Does anyone know what this woman Catherine looks like? I ran the risk of sounding pretty vulgar by using the C word.

Guys, it’s like this. The point is, getting an expensive hooker and a cheap one might be like this: they’re like cars. If you’d rather ride in a plush Mercedes or if you’d rather ride in a broken down old volkswagon with beatup seats, a slow rusty engine, and one that breaks down, you can do that to. I had a pal who went to Amsterdam and got a gorgeous half-Indonesian, half-Dutch broad for 60 bucks. He got fifteen minutes, she didn’t kiss, she wouldn’t let him lie on top of her too closely, and she told him not to mess up her hair. That to me, if I was a guy, would be an erection buster.

So where can I find pictures of Catherine the C? I think you are all better off going to escorts who charge flat fees. There’s some differences in prices…most girls I know chrage 250-350, with 300 being the average in my area. I think this board should include photos of escorts from other areas who might move to Nevada and be interested in doing incall. It’s not that dangerous….I;ve had men over at my own house. I do have someone I call to watch out for me, but chances are, it works both ways. How does the guy know what I’m about? I’ve never had any negative experiences . I feel safer in my own home.
I despise women like Catherine, but I think its sad that men are gullible ….you know some women are con artists and hustlers, and hey, it’s going to come back to them. Whether your a hooker or a CEO you need to be ethical and compassionate. It feels so much better and that is what makes me love what I do…

Hello Mina.

So many things to say — but so little time to say it. Anyway, I don’t think you’re a ‘ total bitch ‘ as that ‘ Dickhead ‘ poster seems to think.

Anyway, I’m the gentleman that you referred to as having been ripped off by the likes of a Tamara and her then partner, Katherine Leigh.

Although it is true that I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Katherine & to a certain extent with the likes of a Tamara, unfortunately for me, I had been at the very beginning a bit on the naive smarmy side, much too trusting for my own good.

As a result of my ‘ass kissing idealism ‘ concerning everything Nevada, I unwittingly became a pawn to all of their scheming & mercenary business practices. So, as a consequence, I steadfastly refused to believe that these charming extravagant beauties would be incapable of not having my or anyone else’s best interests at heart, i.e., a FAIR & honest price as compensation for services rendered.

But I was wrong, DEAD wrong. Therefore, I began my rather sudden journey of unexpected disillusionment with Nevada altogether; not to make a broad generalization and say that ALL of the sexworkers there exercise similar cutthroat business techniques, they clearly don’t.

[ In fact, I just had a fabulous party at the Mustang I a couple of weeks ago ]

But now after all these many months of difficult soul searching, I now can understand why Nevada’s popularity is on the steady decline with former customers opting for other more worthwhile venues versus having to put up with the constant shell game, parsimonius mentality of the brothel owners association and how it’s pliant minion legalized owner pimps actively encourage that very same robber baron mentality, especially towards it’s top bookers.

Incidently Mina, I just LOVED those pics of yours before they were taken off the board 🙂 OOO LA LA
Looking forward in seeing you post more often here.

Some things never change and from reading the past posts my point is proven.
Prices have not gone up In Europe, in fact some have dropped and many new clubs have opened.
Competition is good and fair prices are just that….fair.
My hat is off to Uncle Bob for admitting he is wrong. Perhaps he should try paid sex in other countries rather then just the US?

Is Nevada Too Expensive?


Interesting concept, something I have been talking about here on the web for years. Often I hear the line (Why are you always so negative about Nevada?). Well you just stated what I’ve been saying for years. Believe it or not, I still like Nevada, I’ve had some great times there but when I add up the numbers it’s less appealing. For instance a 3 day weekend in Nevada I usually spend $600-$700 for 5 to 7 parties depending on who, how I bargain and what I get. This also does not include rental car, hotel and gas. Now that same $700 will get me better sex and airfare to Germany or Holland. usually gets me $300 round trip direct flights to Amsterdam or Frankfurt. You can usually find hotels for the same rates as the US, Sex is about $50-$75 per session in Germany and $25-$60 in Holland. The women are younger, more attractiive, more willing, not as fucked in the head, less to no drug users, no crime, NO HAIRY ARMPITS either… Actually I prefer the 18-25 year old average age to the 30+ average age of Nevada.

You might find some above average looking women to beauties at say the MLBR of the Chicken ranch but the rates they want are sky high. Be prepared to pay $400+ for starters for the better looking ones, attitude is often included at no extra charge. However the other 90% of the 28 or so ranches looks are hit and miss. I think this is why the board has done so well. Mexico is close and men just are not happy with the Nevada rates and service. Go and ask a few guys in TJ what they think of Nevada and they’ll all tell you the women are angry and the rates are out of this world. Im being nice, yet there are still a handful of guys that go to Nevada. Many are just unknowledgable and close minded.

Then again there are some people who don’t mind paying $6000 for a weekend of sex, without airfare, hotel or transportation. I can see why one would feel stupid when they find out they have been paying so much much but why woudl your defend the mistake?

Then again live and let live, Im all for the women of Nevada making money, (just not mine). Well at least not at those rates, IMHO I think since the rest of the world feels that about $70 is enough for GOOD sex then that’s what I will pay in Nevada.

I will also say that I’ve had BETTER sex in massage parlours for $100 Total. Price does NOT mean better quality. I think that is the key to what bothers me, if it were true I would pay more but when I have in the past in Nevada, I NEVER got better service.

My point? Ten years ago when Nevada was the only thing I knew about it was great. $40 got me a decent time and sometimes a great time. Five years later I was still happy paying as high as $100 for the same service. When I discovered the world sex I opened my mind and did the addition and Nevada came up short. It’s not a bad place, it’s just not a good choice for me.


As the end of the summer holiday season draws near, air fares are dropping once again. NW, KLM,
and even (god forbid) United have RT fares below $600 to AMS, some much lower if you shop around on line. The Dutch Guilder trades at about $0.42 US, meaning that a 100 NLG f/s (1/2 hour)with a 25 NLG tip will endear you to a lady of your choice for the US equivalent of $52.50! Their appearance and performance is at LEAST as good as the average US female (working girl or not) as well as their attitude. If you HAVE to spend money, NLG 250 gets you a nice Thai massage WITH sex – 1 hour. Throw in the 25 tip, and you’re talking 275 guilders – about $120. This from a girl brought up in a culture that doesn’t treat men like •••• to be taken advantage of.

If you prefer to stay closer to home, $200 will take care of a couple of rounds in the sack as well as in food and drink. Even the AMP’s in California and CT beat Nevada on the 3 P’s: Price, Performance, and Personality.

Guys, it’s a no-brainer: ANYWHERE but Nevada!!!

I have lived here for a long time, and partied with the best whores Nevada has to offer. If you paid more than $100 dollars (for a 1/2 and 1/2) you got taken. I know you hate to hear the term ripped off.

Please, let me thank you for helping to pay my State tax.

To the guys of California who pay more, keep on paying, and paying, and paying. Thank You!

You can find those prices just about anywhere in Nevada if you TRY HARD, except amybe the Chicken Ranch who has a $150 Min. I’ve also seen that waived so nothing is written in stone. Your chances of a low cost party are much higher if you stay clear of the Vegas and Reno area. The negative side is that there is more selection and usually better looking women. Pretend your buying a car and make believe you are willing to walk if the price quoted is too high. You can always return to accept an offer. If the girl knows your willing to ask around and shop she may lower the rate.

I have partied with a number of the girls of Nevada. I will start to keep a scorecard from now on.

KitKat, Kitty’s, Sagebrush, and Mustang. I shop till I drop em. If I don’t get a party I want, I WALK and you should too.

I have had the best luck at the KitKat. Cambria, Hope, Bianca, and Toby (retired). At Kitty’s I have had Mardie for $100, a number of times.

I will not go into details of the Mustang Ranch because it’s closed.

NVLocal’s advise is true, there are too many men that are either unaware or willing to pay far more then what many women in Nevada will accept. The board is a perfect example of a grpup of misinforming men that go along with the overcharing practices. In this free world I feel its ok to pay any amount one chooses but to tell others that they should pay the same is wrong. In all fairness one must also take into account that the men at the gppays site often cater to a few working (or none working) women. Many of whom are really not good examples for Nevada working ladies. For a board that claims to specialize in Nevada prostitution they don’t put much emphasis on price, negotiation tactics or women to avoid (pitfalls). Thus I feel that its more of a club that shares a common interest. A few men that like to please women, make themselves feel better by giving them money. I think it was best titled (the white night syndrome). My example of a real board which covers the subjects in a more realistic light is for example ( or the deja newsgroups.
Thanks NVLocal for giving us some usable info rather then this pandering type hype of a few girls who charge ridiculous fees.

This may be better suited under another topic like Nevada. I started my hobby in paid sex in Carson City many years ago. The number one reason most guys I know visit is due to it being legal. Safety is also a big concern when visiting places especially illegal ones. Some guys fear getting busted while visiting Massage Parlours or escorts.

Prices are normally higher in the ranches that are situated closer to the larger cities. For example Las Vegas and Reno ranches are usually much more expensive then the ones located near small towns. If you know how to shop or negoiate the bottom line is usually about $150-$300 at Reno or Vegas ranches and from $60-$200 at the more remote ranches.

Of course this does not cover the porn stars working out of the Moon Light Bunny Ranch near Carson where you can expect to pay a minimum of $500 and upwards into the thousands.

When I first started almost 10 years ago $40 at the Sagebrush ranch got you a good 30 minute half and half party. Prices slowly rose over the years, $60 then $100 and finally $150 for the same girl or session. I used to get $100 parties all the time without a problem. I even came to the point that paying as much as $200 really did not get you more sex or fun just more time.

What happened to me was the internet which exposed other options to me. Mexico,TJ, Canada and Europe.

Once you start comparing all the options of quality, selection and price you decide for yourself what works best. My favorite is Germany. It’s like Nevada in the US as it’s legal and you have a selection of women at each club. Nevada as close to 30 ranches while Germany has hundreds. More details on actual FKK sex clubs is here. What stands out in Germany as compared to the US are the ways things are run.

In Nevada the women work as independents and price depends on what you negoiate. I compare it more to a car dealership as they raise and lower prices depending how much money they think you have. In Germany the prices are set, money is really not an issue. You know prior to the session what it costs and no matter who you are the price is the same. The first thing you are told when you enter a German club are the rates.

In Nevada the women often are older, less attractive and not really into sex. Age and looks are often hidden in low red light conditions, tight clothing to hide bellies, push up bras, tons of makeup, boob jobs etc. In Germany the women are totally nude, natural lighting and even outdoor lighting is common. You actually get to see the whole package before you select it. Women have to be younger, prettier and in better shape as they don’t have clothes or low lights to hide behind. I found age averages in Nevada to be 27-37 while it’s 18-28 in Germany. 18 year old college women are common in Germany while older pros are common in Nevada.

In Germany you sit back have a coke or coffee on the house, watch the girls walk around or play with themselves on the couch just a few feet from you. The menu is simple, basic rates and times. You don’t buy hours in Germany. You buy a one cum session that lasts about 45 minutes. Sitting in the lounge chatting are not extra.

Just sitting in a Germany club for the $50 entry is worth it to watch the women. In Nevada you enter, the pressure is on for you to select a girl from the line up. The women quickly suck in that gut, smile and do their best to look good while in the lineup. Who cares what they look like once in the room. That’s not good business sense to me so why do they expect men to come back. Well if you don’t know better or a better place many guys might not feel they have a choice.

Even the least expensive rates in Nevada for example $150 comes to 300 in German dmarks. It’s usually 100dm to enter a German club.(this keeps out the guys who only want to look and not buy). Then 100-150dmarks for your session. You can stay all day and have several 100-150 sessions. Your total will always be less expensive.

Some other benefits are the specials that the clubs run. The Germans know that there are some morning hours and evening hours where business is slow so they run specials. For example all sessions are $30 from 10am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Many clubs offer 2 time and 3 time deals. For example one session is 130 dmarks, two sessions are 180dmarks for both or 210dmarks for all three sessions. You don’t have to party with the same girl either or do it all within a time frame. I’ve sat 6 hours dividing my time doing 3 girls to do a deal. The rest of the time you sit and chat with the girls or your friends. Anything to get you to spend more money or have sex with more women. It’s a win win deal for the women and men.

What I like about the mentality of the women in Germany is the concept that they’re there to fuck and make money. The more guys they do the more money they make. While in Nevada I got the impression that some girls are waiting for that one rich dude to offer them $500+ for a session. Rather then do lots of $100 men to make $500. So I saw lots of girls often who rarely or never worked and turned down $100 parties. (It’s just not worth it to them you say?) Money is money and business is business you don’t see this mentality in other countries. I think this also where guys feel US women are gold diggers. Well at least the Nevada hookers are more honest, they come right out and ask for money.

Some other interesting things were the difference between body usage between women in Nevada and Germany. In Nevada I heard the excuse that they only had so much time and doing it too many times too cheap was not good for them. While in Germany you get the idea that it’s ONLY sex and some of the women actually enjoy it.

Reading boards for so many years and talking to other men that you meet there are different types of mongers. Some men have a limited budget while others have unlimited budgets. Thus the rich guys don’t sweat a $300 party but this does not mean they like getting ripped off either. Rich guys sometimes value convience and time more then a few hundred dollars. So it makes sense to them to pay higher prices if they don’t have to travel or wait.

It also doesn’t make sense that a guy would have Diana fly to Reno to meet him. Ok you could go there to gamble but on the other hand you have 6 of the most popular ranches within a few miles. If you wanted ultra hot women you could have visited the Moon Light Bunny Ranch and paid the same $300 minus the room, airfare etc which Im sure Diane would charge.

I think it’s going to get harder and harder for women to make big money in this business as more women get into the internet. There’s already price cutting going on and guys just aren’t as desperate as they once were.

When you think about spending $5 in Thailand for sex the $600 airfare means nothing. Stay a week and divide that expense into each session and it still comes out cheaper then an hour for $300 if you go a few times. Hotels are $10-20 a night and $20 even gets you all night hookers. I’ve yet to hear of a case of HIV on the boards.

Hey big time movie companies are taking production companies out of the US. Why because it’s just too expensive to do business and cheaper to pay airfare.

Nevada is still worth a visit,I made two trips this year one this month and one a few months ago.
The question you need to ask yourself is what other options you have?

If you live in the USA you have several options for legal and non legal sex that compete with Nevada’s legal sex trade.

Mexico our friendly country to the south
Tijunana and Laredo are the two top destinations along the US border. El Paso (Juarez) also has a decent sex zona. In total there are about a dozen cities in Mexico along the border that offer sex. Cost is about $25-$80 per session which depends on time of day (day rates are usually less) and the club. Check out the Mexico section of this board for more info.

Canada our friendly neighbor to the north
also has some options and well known destinations in Vancouver (Victoria), Toronto and Montreal. These are the best known but im sure if you looked you could find similar places in Canada. There is more info here

Cuba where Castro still exists
is also an option but you’ll have to fly to Canada or Mexico first and then to Cuba as the US still has some restrictions for travel to Cuba. More info on this here.

If your totally set on staying in the US and don’t care to travel to find lower priced sex to offset the cost of travel then you always have:

Massage Parlours
Street Walkers

There is a ton of info on these on this board just go to the state and city nearest you on the board here

If you take the time to read some of the escort sites like bigdoggie, SF redbook etc. you fare a pretty good chance of finding a decent party for $200-$300. The old line “you get what you pay for” DOES NOT apply here, as usual every woman will tell you she is the best and ask for ridiculous amounts of money for the same thing…SEX. There is also where you can check out the personals and often find amatuer women that offer sex for as little as $150. Since this stuff is illegal in the eyes of our government I won’t post much details. You do get the idea and if you do the research im sure you’ll get some results.

There are good escorts and good quality sex can be had for an average of $200. Many women won’t hold you to the hour time nor will they not permit you to kiss or enjoy bbbj. However this is where your research pays off and not all women offer this. Always ASK first what your session includes and does not, what you ARE permitted to do and what you are NOT permitted to do.(Do this before you pay her)

OK so should you still want 100% legal sex in the year 2002 you can still visit Nevada. There are still about 30 ranches spread out over this mostly desert state. Visiting all the ranches will take a minimum of about 2.5 days and 1700 miles of driving. A full report with many details will be posted soon.

Cost will average about $100 and as high as $200 for a session. Kissing is rare to NEVER (count on it being never) as is bbbj and time will almost always be an issue. You will be having LEGAL sex in a safe and usually clean place. Expect to pay MORE in the Reno, Carson area as well as the Las Vegas area. The ranches try to cash in on conventions and big draw gambling places like Reno and Vegas. Im sure guys that don’t know any better or are desparate fall for the $1000-$2000 menu prices that many of these women offer. You don’t find this over priced practice at many of the other ranches located farther away. The ranches located farther away depend on locals and truckers who are usually wiser and less dollar foolish.

On a resent visit I was surprised that at Sheri’s a 6 scale 40 year old woman was asking a min $600 for a massage and half and half. She started at $800 and went down to $600, pushing the massage as why it was worth it. Excuse me but even a Pro massage does not entitle $600 or half that. I think this proves my theory that some American men are stupid enough to PAY just to sit in a room with a pretty naked woman. This aside if you asked a few of the women at Sheri’s and Chicken ranch you could find a taker for $200 for 30 minutes fairly easily as I found on another recent trip. Business is SLOW and customers are far in between, Nevada is not what it was 5 years ago and the internet and the info one finds easily on it has done it’s damage. A resent Nevada Brothel owners meeting reported that business WAS in fact down from what it was a year ago. More Porn stars, another titty bar, who knows what PR pranks the owners will pull trying to draw business. The fact is there is way too much competition in the US and near the US.

Lets say I paid the girl at Sheri’s her $800 asking price which im sure some guys do. That same $800 would be better spent on airfare round trip $500 to Germany, then you still have $300, $100 for two days hotel and the remainder $200 would get you (4) four sessions from women half the age of the usual Nevada women (all aboove 8 in looks too). Plus it WOULD include kissing (french) and bbbj. Ok so my figures are not exact but close enough to show you what I mean.

Do you want the BEST sex or convenience? Nevada does have it’s positives, it’s close, it’s legal, for some it may save precious time. Quality wise it’s at the bottom of the heap. Yes kissing and bbbj are important and NO it’s not as dangerous as some might want you to think. After 100’s of sessions WITH bbbj and french kissing I still have a perfect clean bill of health. Even Doctors who have gone to Germany with me from the US as part of the FKKTOUR trips engage in french kissing and bbbj will tell you there is LITTLE or no chance of anything. There are over 300 German clubs that do this and less then 30 Nevada brothels, legal sex has been going on in Germany for over 50 years.

Ok so do I sound negative about Nevada (yes) but after you’ve been to Mexico, Canada and Germany as I have you’ll understand WHY? (Read the reports on this discussion forum) Yet I still went twice this year and I’ll probably go again, I won’t get as much sex as when I leave the US (this is not due to cost either). The fact is that when I recently visited Nevada almost all the ranches on a weekend during an Ironman run it was hard to find a woman at the ranches that I wanted to fuck. The majority are below average in looks, many old, many worn out, many obese (huge) and a bunch with major attitude problems. It appears lots of guys walk on these women and the result is they get jadded. Some guys must be paying these below average looking women as many still remain. Im always amazed at what some men will PAY to have sex.

OK back to the positives, Nevada has lots of scenic roadways and is a great place to take a drive, get some fresh air, stay in cheap hotels and see plenty of LEGAL pussy in the process.

I found Angel’s Ladies near Beatty (just north of Las Vegas) to be one of the friendliest places in Nevada. No pressure and although you are hard pressed to find a young above average looking woman you will find a few that are “INTO” what they do and they provide some excellent service for fair prices. $100 goes a long way here guys and from what we saw at 75% of the other ranches looks wise you won’t be disappointed.

Please join in an post, I’ll be posting more on each of the brothels I visited shortly.

Nevad has brothels witch are OK. #1 Bunny ranch might be filming and your session but also will hagel you for 1000 bucks for a girl who is used up. X-pornstar for a reason she too lose for porn and getting ugly with all the milage. You are better off calling and asking if they have any fresh faces in. Most brothels wont tell you and some will lie and say they do. But hay you can always walk out. There is nothing they can do. If you find a girl bargin like hell and tell her that her pussy aint made of gold so fuck the thousand dollars. Tell her you have 500 and you want an hour period. She will always argue because she thinks she worth more than that. But some will take and you get a massage and half and half. Some are down right rude and have mental problems. So if you are rich go to the moonlight and get ripped off. If you are middle class and want some decent action check out the OLD bridge ranch they are still reasonable and girls go from 100 to 400 or more if ask for greek. The girls range from about 3 to 8 in looks.And weekends and big events going on in town they have better looking girls there. Plus the old bridge is usualy for rookies so most the girls are decent looking when they first start out. And always get what you pay for and if they cheat start yelling and saying they ripped you off and your gonna call the cops they brothels will avoid anything to get sued because they will lose in court. And stay away from the Wild Horse canyon resort. It is a rip off some of the girls even ask for 1200 to start with, and thats not even an hour. Thats a joke 1200 for 45 mins I said noway and asked to talk to another girl and I was in no way gonna barggin with her then I went to another room with a different girl she said 1000 I said fuck that and I left. And as I went out the door the leader of the rip you off for sex gang asked whats the problem I stoped and said you guys charge more for less and to me thats a rip off were in a recession and you want what most people make in in two weeks for 45 minutes of what you call sex FUCK YOU and then I left. Okay guys its time to stick together and refuse to pay these out rageous prices for used women with lose pussys and negative attitudes.Sonneror later because not every man is gonna pay 1000 for a 45 minute peaceof ass. Fuck them porno is cheaper and even more safer than there brothels could ever be. And by the way I have been in Reno are for a while now can anyone tell me were an AMP is in the Reno area???? I heard there was one by the nugget but could not find it all. PS DO NOT PAY MORE THAN 400 DOLLARS FOR SEX. Tell those bitches to get a real job if they don’t like your offer.Because we have to work for a living in a real job. Not lay around and wait for someone to come pay to fuck us we get that from or jobs as an added bounes already, all companys like to fuck there employees.

I worked in a Ranch and I am very attractive but I am 32. I hate the way these guys think. Some days there are no customers. You guys need to remember we pay $40-$50 a day for rent, cannot go anywhere for 1 week, pay $120 for Dr fees, Sheriffs card every 3 months $125 and Business liscence $200 a year, plus $170 in transportation. If I got even 1 guy a day you want to pay $100, really? That is why $500 is good deal because that is $250 a day. Go to another country and the cost of living is $300 a month and that is living rich. In NV or CA good luck living off of that. We have bills to pay and kids too. This is a job and yes there may be some that rip you off, but I have seen what most of them make and it is a barely getting by unless they do buissness outside and bring it in.

Theresa, as an actual customer of Nevada brothels I stopped going when the prices when up. Now you can call men cheap who don’t want to pay $500 however like any other business buyers will go where they get what they want at the price they want. This is also why Nevada has gone downhill for years now. Plus why women often sit and don’t see a customer for days. When the product is good and priced right people flock to the place. This is called good business.

Thanks for listing all your costs, as an X guest I totally understand where you’re coming from and why $100 is not worth your time. The problem in my opinion is with the house (brothel itself). They don’t provide you with enough guests and the costs are far too high.

Lets take example the FKK club scene in Germany, in Germany the cost of living is even higher than the US thus a good example. Clubs charge the women about $50-$75 per day to enter the club, men pay the same entry fee. Thus the house makes it profit. There are no other fees, taxes are also paid up front and included. Women can stay at the club for about $25 a day, includes food as well. However, all over Germany (about 350 clubs) the price for 30 minutes of service is $65 for 30 minutes. No extra charges. See for details on trips.

This has been going on in Germany for 30 years, its legal (yes even women from other countries like the US go work there). Guests come from all over the world and its common to see over 100 guests at the same time. It’s packed and women commonly do 10 or more guests a day. These women arrive in expensive cars and make a great living.

They have kids, bills, some are even older than 32 years old. Now, coming from someone who has been to Nevada and Germany, everyone I know stopped going to Nevada because of so many other better priced options.

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