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454 De la Grande Ligne
(450) 451-5924

Girls quote C$20 for a contact dance posted rate is only C $10 but the girls seem to charge more. Wanted C$80 for BJ, C $140 for FS these rates are in line with other clubs like Grand Prix that offer full service. The C$20 contact dances

There’s a small town off the highway between Ottawa, Ontario & Montreal, Quebec called Rigaud. It’s in Quebec and right from the highway… you can see a building with a bright orange roof and a neon sign that says something in French (I’m not too swift in the French language department) that says Dance Bar or something like that. Guys! Let me introduce you to the club L’Eclypse! I’m surprised it hasn’t made it on this wonderful site! I’ve heard about it for years but it wasn’t until recently that it was our first stop from Ottawa to Montreal for a bachelor party.

We got there really early on a Saturday evening, around 6:00pm (The girls are still fresh… important tip!) I think we were all rookies in a place like this… there were quite a few girls around… most of them pretty hot (sorry if I’m being vague, but it was all just a blur. Besides, you’ve seen one hot chick, you’ve seen them all) So there was this hottie, short shoulder length reddish brown hair, petite frame, and my cousin really was infatuated with her (forget her name… it doesn’t matter) so I say you like her? I’ll get her for you. So I walk up to her, ask how much. I got the usual $20 dollars for a dance. Nothing unusual there, then without missing a beat she says it’s $80 for blowjob (two or three songs I think… YMMV… try and haggle) and $120 for a fuck (again 2 or 3 songs… but who really needs more than that.)

So I spring for 3 songs and he goes in… he must have paid an extra $80 or $120 cause he was in there for more than three songs and he couldn’t speak after that. So I took my turn & walked up to her & took her into a what wasn’t really a champagne room, but rather a booth but it fit two chairs and a table. So I warm up with a few dances and there’s no way in hell any warm blooded human male would walk in without paying for a lay… so I shelled out 120. She sucked my knob for a song (quite expertly I might add) and proceeded to mount me for the next…. well, that’s not really a good position for me… I’m not gonna get my rocks off like this… as good as it might feel (all this is covered, BTW guys) so I lay her on her back on the table… no good… the table’s too short so I get her in the chair and put her ankles up around her ears and I hold onto the chair back and I pump for all I’m worth. It was as if I was doing a leg work out at the gym by doing squats! I cum and she has a wet nap and some tissue that she tidy’s up with and disposes of for me…. she was great!

Now to paraphrase Homer Simpson… a woman is like a beer…. they look good, they smell good, you’d run over your own mother just to have one! But you’re not satisfied with just one beer, then you want another one! I had my eye on this one Amazon of a woman. I like my women a bit big boned and voluptuous. She was as tall as me (5’11”) and pretty solidly built. She had huge fake knockers (but they were high quality… sure not like real knockers… but they were just as good!) Anyway… she had long curly blonde hair (not certain on the curly part… I think she had it up) and I was really attracted to this chick! So I went and introduced myself to Sarah (I remember that name!! I’ll never forget that name!) Warmed up with a few lap dances… oh my god! and of course I couldn’t stop there… went ahead with the head.

She expertly sucked me off with a rubber on my cock…. but I was running out of songs, I was hard as a rock but I wasn’t close to cumming cause of my previous encounter so I confessed I was with another dancer a few minutes earlier. As I had my eyes closed and head leaned back over the chair resting against the wall… I noticed a change in sensation! I opened my eyes and looked down and noticed I had no condom on…. she whipped off the condom without me noticing! WOW! She seemed clean enough so I figured I might as well enjoy it. She was all over my cock like it was a Popsicle she had to finish before it melted. But I was still no closer to cumming and I was running out of songs… she says why don’t you fuck me.. so she throws another dome on me (in the heat of passion, I think I would have done that anyway) and she gets on her hands and knees and I’m right behind her. And things are a little difficult too because it’s pretty cramped in there… but when you’re getting your knob sucked and fucked it doesn’t matter. I’m concentrating on getting my rocks off but then my friends decide it’s time to leave and start chanting my name really fucking loud (assholes!)…. so as pissed off as I am… I throw in the towel… fork over $200 (I think that was $20 extra… but I didn’t care… I brought money to spend and she deserved the tip, not exactly the tip I had in mind, however.)

So I pull up my pants and tuck in my shirt and ask her if I look like we had been fucking. She said I looked fine… see, everyone knows you’re in there getting some action…. but you’re not supposed to let on like you are. So we left around 9pm and continued our way to Montreal for dinner, dancing and drinking. (I think we all had enough girls for the night) And it was one of the greatest guys night out we ever had.

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