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Leiden has several nice clubs, I had the time to try two of them. The EROS Centre is a combination video cabin establishment and brothel. You can either rent a video and use the cabin or pick a girl and go upstairs. The night I went (a Monday) there were three to choose from, I pick the only decent one, a young girl from Slovania. We had OK sex, not bad but the place isn’t air conditioned and this was the middle of June. Price was Nfl 100 as I recall.

The second place I tried was Tropical Heat, a bar that advertises cold beer and hot women. Well, hot woman anyway. First, if you don’t read Dutch, the sign on the front of the building says go around the right side and enter in the rear. When I got there, there were only two ladies working, one that was a 3 out of 10 (max!) and another that was maybe a 7 on a good day. I took the 7 and we got down to it. She looks like a 7 but fucks like a 10 (or maybe a 15!). I bought an hour for Nfl 200 and we did everything we could in that short time. While I was resting between sessions, she was masturbating the whole time, coming every few minutes. Yeah, she liked to get off. She told me that she worked in a sex club, then a regular job, but had to go back to sex work cause she missed it too much. Plus, she had one of the sweetest personalities I have ever experienced. Tropical Heat is worth a visit gentleman.

I found one other club on the Internet, Top Hat, that looked nice. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Leiden long enough to try that one too.

Netherlands – Haarlem – Sexclub Jan Bik

(Leiden is the nearest to Haarlem and as new threads are not allowed for the Netherlands I put this report here)

On a Friday night I enjoyed a sumptuous business dinner in a restaurant on Grote Markt in Haarlem. As I did have a bit more than 2 glasses of wine I decided that a walk and some erotic action would do me good and I took a stroll around the Begijnhof along the red light windows of this old city. There were few ladies to choose from and nothing to my taste so I crossed the bridge on the Spaarne and ended up at the Sexclub Jan Bik in the Spiegelstraat.

It is a simple brothel but there were 8 ladies and I was warmly received as an old friend. The manager offered me a drink so I sat around and chatted with the ladies, an Indonesian/Dutch lady Sandra impressed me, slim, elegant and quite intelligent. But I did choose Sara an Egyptian/Dutch lady of around 35 years with a voluptuous body and a very erotic radiation. After all I had been talking already all day and now I needed some relaxing exercise.

Sara took me to a nice room, not to big not very luxurious but adequate. We undressed ourselves and then she washed me with her hands in a slow caressing manner, which made my penis rise. On the bed I caressed and kissed her nice body with those big breasts and gave her cunnilingus which she appreciated. She then took my penis between her breasts and gave me a very erotic massage, which made me culminate beautiful.

She cleaned herself and my penis and continued with fellatio, finally slipped a condom on me and we did coitus with her kneeling on the bed and me standing behind her banging her big buttocks. Then I made her turn around and we climaxed in a variation on the missionary style, she laying on the bedside with her legs wide spread and me with my feet on the ground and hands on the bed, which allowed her to stimulate her clitoris with her fingers.

It was a very good session as she was very friendly and eager to please me. She gave me the impression that I was doing her great favours and she was happy to have sex with me. I think she is an experienced hooker in the best sense of the word and I will try and see her again when visiting Haarlem.
After this erotic hour at only 75 euros, I slowly walked back to my car feeling happy about this business day and the evening pleasures.


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