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Finding the Women
The best bars for entertainment and great looking woman are, Risky Business, DeBuss and Roots Bamboo. All are located on 7 mile beach, just ask a local which bar to go to on which night. The hot spot varies depending on the day. The women at the beach bars are the best looking and every girl you see can be had. Be picky, get what you want because after 10;30 pm there is no shortage of pountang on the beach. Most are a 7-10 and will be looking for $50.-100.00. For $100 you can usually have a girl friend for the week. If the girl seems pushy, skip her and find another. A good Jamaican woman will take very good care of you. I’ve had many and yet every time I go back, there are a couple of girls I like to go back to see.

Pee Wees bar
On the west end rd on the cliffs overlooking the Carribean.

Good food and live music or DJ’s keep the tourists and locals partying till early am here. Located on 7 mile beach, always plenty of girls.

Risky Business
Great beach bar on 7 mile beach. You’ll find lots of women and live Reggae shows. Its not uncommon to see acts like Ziggy Marley Here.

Roots Bamboo
Probobly the best beach bars in Negril. Roots attracts the best live reggae acts from around the world and Jamaica. A favorite hangout of Jamaican women. At roots one can also rent a modest cabin with only the basics (shared shower) or a cabin with a shower. Also camp sites.

The Jungle
The hottest night club or disco is called The Jungle. Opened in 2001, Modern, excellent sound system and air conditioned. Entry $5US. Girls can be found everywhere including the outside patio area or the secluded lounge inside Do some negotiating. Going rate is $75.00-100.00 this is usually all night long. Girls there are typically 10’s.

The Girls
There are three types of girls you’ll find in Negril. The beach girls, which hit the local beach bars on a nightly basis. These girls are generaly the best looking. They’ll aproach you on the beach but take your time and get what you want. They always start at $100 but with anything in Jamaica prices are negotiable.
The 2nd kind of girls hang around the go-go bar or dance there. They are generally pretty good looking, in there early 20’s and are less expensive than the beach. From my experiences these are great lays. I’ve picked up many a great lay out of the bar. Remember Negotiate!!
The 3rd kind of girl, is the country girl. These girls have not been tarnished by tourism. For these girls get the expertise of a cab driver he will hook you right up. He can take you around and show you many to choose from. This is not an uncommon request, so dont be afraid to ask. I actually boned a cabbies sister for a few days, gave her $50.00 and sent her home. We where both happy. I got layed and she made more money than she could make in a month. I can’t emphasize enough about getting a good cab driver. They are more like social whore tour directors than anything. They’ll show you the ropes, watch your back and make sure you have a blast!

Great beach bar with live music, very good food and pountang as far as the eye can see. DeBuss doesn’t really get going till after 10;30pm.

Jerk Hut
The best jerk pork and chicken in town. Located right down town below the go-go bar Close Encounters.

Juicy J’s
Located downtown behind the Scotia Bank, Juicy J’s serves both Jamaican and American dishes. Good food at a good price.

Owned by Jimmy Buffet, a mellow beach bar with a good atmosphere. Mostly tourists hang here for the famous margaritas and good american food (burgers etc.) live music at night or a dj for entertainment.

Pickled Parrot
Right on the cliffs on the west end rd. The Pickled Parrot is famous for its cliff jumping(40ft.) waterslide and rope swing. A great place to have a few drinks, swim, snorkle and jump from the cliffs into the Carribean.

Ricks cafe
People gather at Ricks to watch the famous Negril sunset. Located on the West end on the cliffs, you can have drinks watch the sunset and cliff divers who dive 50-70ft. you can dive from the cliffs also if you’ve got the balls! Its a must visit bar, but you wont find local girls here.

In the west end this inexpensive cliffside resort has comfortable lodging good food and also hosts many big name reggae shows and is girl friendly.

Sweet Spice
Great service, great food. The best food in town for the money. Serving mostly Jamaican dishes but burgers and such are also served.

Serves some really good American dishes. This is about as close as you can get to fine dining in Negril. Good food but a little pricey.

Jamaica is a beautiful place and a beautiful place for sex. You can get there for about 20 dollars by bus or 50 dollars by cab from Montego Bay. The cheapest way to get around in Negril is by renting a motor scooter for about 30 dollars a day. There are many hotels along the seven mile beach where non-registered guests are welcomed anytime of the day or night. I usually stay at Sheilds. Beautiful and willing women can be found at any big party at any hotel club on the beach. Women usually show up at ten or eleven.

They come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Prices range from 50 dollars to 100 dollars. It is up to you to pick the right girl or girls for a good time – I suggest you go for the beautiful ones with a kind and gentle personality who are interested in having pleasing sex with you, and not just in getting your dollars. Stay away from the drug addicts or women with harsh, pushy, or impatient personalities, You are sure to be very disappointed with them. If a woman is not willing to go down on you, as you can ascertain through casual conversation or proposition, leave her alone. It is a sure sign that she has sexual hang-ups and won’t give you a good time. If you are going to Jamaica by a tourist package, find out the hotel policy concerning guests before you pay and go. If you go without a tourist package, make a reservation and gather information via the phone before you go – and if you are not happy with the hotel once you get there you can easily move to another hotel. The women in Negril available for sex range in physical beauty from five to a perfect ten with 10s being somewhat common. Many are very young and beautiful, but a lot of them have attitudes or think they are working for a high class call girl service in New York – don’t be their fool. Shop around. Close Encounters, a nightclub with a strip show, is where the lower class working girls hang out. It is fun to go there, but hit the beach clubs at night for better satisfaction. The best time to go to Negril for women is during the tourist season during our U.S. winter season – after the tourist season is over many of the women disappear. Jamaican women can be the very best ride you have ever had or the worst. In general, they are beautiful and sexy. However, you must select the right ones who will gleefully ride your hedonistic stick and deliver you the maximum pleasure for a reasonable price. Be careful with your money and belongings. Use the safe-deposit box in your room or at the reception desk and protect your key. There is a crime problem in Jamaica, but in general tourists are safe in Negril, and Jamaicans will use you for an utter fool if you let them – forget about Montego Bay or Ocho Rios

Jamaica is a great and easy place to find woman or they actually will look for you. If your looking for sex, don’t waste your time going anywhere else but Negril. From everyday girls just walking down the street to beach just about any one of these girls are more than willing to show you a good time for a small fee. Just approach them and start making conversation. The women are very friendly here and most are very good looking. Expect to pay about $50.00 for a short time and usually for $100.00 you’ve got a girl for the week. If you’re a first timer, ask a cab driver(they are every where, just stand by the edge of the road and literally in seconds you’ll have 2 and 3 at a time trying to give you a ride) just tell the cab driver what you want and he will take you around to shop for girls. YOU just pick the one you want. Always set a price first for cab fare and the girl first. To give you an idea I pay $50.00 per day for my taxi driver. HE is at your beckon call 24hrs. Its been my experience its worth the money. He can get you whatever you want from women to ganga and if you treat him right, he’ll make sure your happy. Jamaica is very poor, if your gonna be his fare for a few days, he doesn’t want to lose your business. If the driver asked you for extra money or seems pushy, just get another cab. Talk to him first tell him what you’re looking for and what you want to do. A good cabby can be worth his weight in gold. The alternative to a cab is renting a motorcycle for about $25-35 a day (less if you rent by the week) or depending on where you’re staying and where your going you can walk. Overall Jamaica is a great place. Always keep your money locked in your room safe. I’ve never had a problem but its a poor country. Don’t be a fool and let yourself be hustled. I’ve found if your cool with them and show them respect, you’ll get the same in return.

Just returned from my 15th trip to Negril Jamaica. Once again, not a single disappointment. The women were more beautiful than ever, the beach bars were packed with beautiful women every night. It was a tough decision every night which one I would bang, but I worked it out! The club at big bridge wasn’t a disappointment either, there I picked up a 23yr old dancer. Her face was an 8 but a body like you dream about, 10+! So I kept her for 2 days at a bargain price of 1000ja p/day or just under $20us p/day. What a ride!Close encounters was hopping where I caught a great lezbo/dildo show, my Jamaican cab driver and friend who I have known for years even got into the action by working one of the girls over with the dildo. You’ve got to love audience participation! A trip to Jamaica is never complete without getting yourself a nice quiet country girl, They absolutely love American men! I actually had mothers trying to set me up with there daughters. For them to hook up w/an American, its like them hitting the lottery. They worship the ground you walk on and take very good care of you, in every way!
Jamaica is an absolute paradise. The women are gorgeous, they love American men and know how to treat you right. Why there aren’t more posts about Negril I will never know. It cant be that much of a well kept secret. Myself and a few friends are going once again. Anybody interested in a vacation filled with partying and screwing is more than welcome to coordinate a trip with us. You would not be disappointed.

Another review from Jamaica, which seems to be getting quite a bit of negative press these days. Of course, it’s quite true that you have to be very, very, careful, and many of the girls in the resort areas are just trying to rip you off, but if you know where to look, you can still have a good time at a reasonable enough price. I recently made another long trip to Kingston and had two worthwhile experiences. The first one was with a street hooker I picked up on Braemar Avenue just behind the main commercial district. You can find girls here most nights, mainly very fat and ugly. This one was skinny, not bad looking, plus I was desperate. She asked for US$20 for bj and sex, which was fine by me. In fact, I wasn’t at all interested in sex with a street whore and only wanted a bj. I drove her back to my apartment and she got right down to business, stripping off for me to reveal a skinny body with not bad tits. It was enough to get me hard and she proceeded to give me a pretty decent bbbj, kneeling in front of me as I sat on the sofa. Like I said, I was pretty desperate and it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum. She didn’t seem to mind at all and continued to suck me and jerk me until I blew my load all over her face and tits. I must say it looked quite nice and sexy against her black skin. She cleaned me up with her tongue (nice touch) and then washed herself off. All in all, for $20 not bad, and she would have fucked for that amount too if I had been interested.

My other experience was again with one of the new-style massage places that have sprung up in a place called Portmore, just out of Kingston. I drove out after dark one night to check out the action and found myself in a place called Aphrodite or something. A bit seedy, but not too scary. I asked for a full massage and was shown a selection of girls, much more attractive than the street whores. I chose a pretty medium-dark slim girl called Janine in her early 20s. I’d rate her about a 7 overall. She took me to a motel-type room, dingy but quite nice and clean and we got down to business with a so-called “full body massage” for US$25. This is where the girl takes off all her clothes and rubs her body against yours. We then proceeded to negotiate the extras, which we agreed at another $40 for full sex. Janine had a nice firm body, good tits and nice and clean, with a well-trimmed bush, which I appreciate. She was also an enthusiastic performer, starting with a nice bbbj and responding well to some dirty talk. I slipped on a condom and starting fucking her doggy-style, meanwhile fondling her firm round ass and slipping a finger into her hole. She seemed to enjoy that and also seemed not too tight, so I suggested anal. Although she wasn’t too keen at first, she changed her mind when I reached over and pulled out $20 from my pants. “Ok.” She said, “but go slow.” I got back into action and eased into her ass, fully protected of course. She was good, obviously experienced and I managed to get about half-way into her with no problem while she frigged herself with one hand. Although they are extremely homophobic, Jamaican men are really into ass fucking, so most of the girls will do it on request. Soon enough I came and, after cleaning my dick off, we cuddled for a while. For a total of $85, a good experience.

I was recently sent to Kingston for a three month assignment and decided to check out some of the action available. There are several areas where the street hookers hang out, including near the Embassy Apartments on Kingsway, but these are mainly fat and ugly whores whom I wouldn’t advise anyone to touch. Anyway, one weekend I decided to try one of the “massage services” that now advertise quite openly in the local press. There are many of these and almost all of them offer both in call and out call services.

I called a few to check the prices and found that they all offer pretty much the same thing, full body massage including hand relief, about US$30, wet set (shower and massage) about US$40 and full body to body massage (i.e. sex) about US$50 to $60. The only problem is that some of these places are not located in the best parts of town. However, they will nearly all do out calls for an extra 10 – 20 bucks. The price seemed pretty reasonable, so as I was feeling very horny, I asked the last place I called how much for two girls. The pleasant receptionist didn’t bat an eyelid and simply said it would be double. I asked what kind of girls they had and she said it would be best if I came down and chose from the selection, otherwise I could just specify over the phone. I explained that I wanted nice slim girls, not the fat assed types that you see on the street and I would prefer one dark-skinned girl and one light-skinned girl (real fantasy stuff). She said to hang on while she checked who was available. After a few minutes she came back and said she had two girls ready, both young and slim and small on top (as I prefer). The cost would be US$100 plus taxi fare. I said ok and sat back to wait. It took about 30 minutes for the girls to arrive and the security called to buzz them up to my apartment. It turned out I got pretty much what I had asked for. One girl, Marlene, I think, was very dark, African-looking, quite short but slim with short straight hair, cute little tits and a nice round ass. The other girl was a bit taller, and looked like a mixed-race of some kind, with really great legs.

I gave them the money ($50 each) and then got down to business. We started in the living room with me putting some music on and asking them to dance a little for me, which they did as a sort of striptease. This and a couple of drinks broke the ice and it wasn’t long before the two of them were undressing me and fooling around with my very hard cock. I suggested an oily body massage would be nice and fetched a sheet from the bedroom for the purpose, then turned down the lights a bit and invited them to get naked. They were both about 7-8, although Marlene in particular had the most amazing set of black 32Bs with incredibly long black nipples, very nice. I then proceeded to get the best sensuous massage ever from two very willing girls, which went on until we were all three covered in massage oil (provided by me) and one girl was rubbing up against my back while another was face to face with me and I was getting every part of my body stroked. The taller girl was in front of me at this time and I gave her the signal that I would appreciate some attention to my cock. She readily responded and started giving me a very nice blowjob while Marlene continued stroking my chest. It wasn’t long, though, before she too headed south and I ended up with two girls licking and sucking my cock and four hands caressing my balls. Believe me, everyone should try it! I wanted to cum like crazy but I was determined to get the maximum value so I pulled Marlene’s head away and suggested that we fuck. She found a condom in her bag and slipped it on, then started riding me with her very well lubricated pussy. I pulled the white girl over to me and got her to straddle my face so I could enjoy her pussy at the same time. In this position I couldn’t possibly last long and I soon came.

While I recovered, I suggested that the girls might like to play together. Marlene was a bit reluctant at first, but when I offered them an extra $50 they started to fondle one another quite convincingly. In fact, I’m pretty sure the white girl was really getting into it and at one point was really giving Marlene’s pussy a good licking. By this time I was hard again and slipped another condom on in order to give the white girl a fuck doggy-style and round off the evening with another great time

I think a lot has changed since then, hard to get women nowadays at those prices. I went to Negril, a month ago, had to book an escort from an agency called Elite Escorts Ja. Anyways they charged 80US an hr. Most of their girls are in Kingston, so I really think they should have negril ladies. Anyways had to pay taxi fare which was 200US, because it was a 5 hr drive. So this made me nervous, they only requested I deposit 30US, just to see if i was serious, I did. They took an escort by the name of Diamond to me, oh she was perfect for me. I’m a tall guy and she was tall, slim, nice boobs, flawless skin, very clean lady. So, it was worth it for me. She was classy, kept her the entire night and left 11AM next day at a deal at 400US.

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