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Girls can be found around Dolores Park and the Hotel Las Americas. The Las Americas has a 24 hour outdoor cafe where I can usually find girls. Siboney beach has lots of 7’s a few 8-9’s and a 10. Most of these girls are not pros, when you give them $10 or $20US that equals more than what they make in a month. Money has lots of power even enough to make girls sleep with a loser like Eric S. Drexler (Owner of dexterhorn). Many girls don’t as for cash but say things like I wish I could buy a pair of jeans, shoes etc. Most don’t even ask about money before going with you and providing service. Others ask for small amounts. One girl who was a knock out asked me for $10 dollars and said she would do whatever I wanted to make me happy and for the next several hours she did, several times, I did give her an extra $10, which she wasn’t even looking for, but the service was great. I saw her again later in the week with a friend of hers. Both of them were sweethearts. I could and have paid much more around the world but these girls are still really innocent and if you give them too much it spoils them and hurts cuba for the next guy. If you’re looking for a pro try La Maison, several girls to pick from and great service. I recommend Los Americanos, drinks are cheap, many girls hang around outside because they can’t get in without a male escort.

A decent place to meet girls is the disco de las americas in the hotal americas. As far as places to stay they will run you no more than $20 dollars per night.

This is Part I of a Trilogy:
Santiago is a city steeped in history, The most exotic and ethnically diverse cities of all Cuba, second largest with a population of 400,000, Santiago does not exhibit the run-down nor decapitated appearance as Habana. Santiago is the city of hills, of colonial architecture, hanging balconies, gingerbread latticework and wrought iron gates. Santiago is where Cuba’s most important music comes from, and with the French influence, Santiago has the New Orleans French Quarter atmosphere, but much more intense.

At the airport of Santiago de Cuba, you will disembark your Cubana de Aviacion flight straight into baggage claim and out to the front of the airport. The airport is a modern facility, somewhat similiar to smaller American Airports in the US Mid- West. No customs/immigration routine if your flight is from Habana. Any taxi will transport you into Santiago for $5. USD. If you’re arriving at night, you won’t have an idea how many hills there are, but during the day, you can only enjoy the views of the countryside from the airport.

Upon your arrival in Santiago, you may wish to stay in a hotel the first night. If you’re flying into Santiago this may be advisable, remember, Santiago streets were all built during the early colonial era (16th/17th centuries). Many of the streets have multiple names, and can be confusing even for a native.
Personally, I stayed in the Casa Grande Hotel, in the middle of Santiago, $90. night. Casa Grande Hotel is immediately across Parque Cespedes, a tree lined colonial plaza named for Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the Cuban plantation owner who freed his slaves and fought for Cuba’s independence from Spain. Immediately across the Parque Cespedes is the Cathedral, a massive Catholic church dating from 1802.

The Casa Grande Hotel has a beautiful outdoor bar on the first floor which is the second floor of the building. During the late afternoons, the music wafts through the bar from a live banda onto the Parque, it is a scene not to be missed.
Wherever you stay, if you’re ready, the City is also ready.

As I checked in, a beautiful morena (brunette -9 on the scale !) was seated on a couch with an Italian gentleman in his 50’s, yes, I knew I had arrived. I quickly checked in, took a shower, and within the hour of my arrival at 11:00 PM, the phone rings.

My boys who were already in Eastern Cuba for 4 days had arrived at the hotel, and were parked downstairs. I try to get downstairs, my heart is pumping thinking about the events which lay ahead. Of course, I had just finished transiting by plane after 24 hours of travel with 4 connections between LA/Mexico City/Cancun/Habana, but what the hell.
As I get downstairs, my boys already have the catch of the night. Two lovely chicas, one a Rubia (blonde) and a mulatto. Well, I sit in the back between these lovelies, and off we go into the soul of Santiago. First stop, where else, La Iris.
We had all read the confidential travel reports, and knew this was ground zero. Yes, La Iris is hot, but only on those nights for Ladies Nights (Cubanas get in for free), the night (Wednesday) we arrived the pickings were a bit slim. With our two chicas, we quickly get acclimated with those that are available, very pretty, but too money oriented for my blood. Always remember, treat the women with respect, if they know you are real, word gets around very quickly, pretty soon, you become a kid in the candy store. Women you meet will find friends for your travel buddies, usually by the end of day, you can have 3-4 dates made for the next day.

One caveat, the Southern Europeans which were congregating around the La Iris were definitely on the outside of activities. For some reason, Southern Europeans have made a poor impression on the people of Santiago, wherever we were, Euros were always to themselves. The Casa Particular owners never wanted to say good things regarding their guests. Keep in mind, Santiago has a network of gossip, word does spread. Don’t think you aren’t being observed, be respectful, and make more moves inconspicious. Spanish language skills are necessary, women generally don’t speak much English, if your Espanol is not up to the task, it would be important to find a tout who can help negotiate.
Now, everyone wants to know about Policia, no problema. We drove all night with multiple sets of women, never a problem.

We finally end up at La Maison, Avenida Manduley No 52, a very ornate mansion with an outdoor restaurant and bar. La Maison has a fashion show earlier in the evening, but alas, we are arrival at midnight was a bit late. We entertain the chicas for a hour or two, and then we make the decision, continue with the chase. At this point, it is 2:00 AM, I’ve been hitting the Cuban Libres (rum) like soda pop, and my head is spinning.

We head to the next club, Artex Patio de la Trova, its a hot scene outside the club, women standing around trying to get in $5 cover). My boys talk to a salsa instructor name Agustin Suarezx Cuevas, we decide to keep moving. Eventually Agustin becomes our MAIN MAN in Santiago. Later that evening, 3:00 AM, we arrive in the Parque Delores, ground zero !!
At Parque Delores, we walk into a maze of wall to wall women and hustlers, a scene surreal straight out of Habana prior to the crackdown. My wildest imagination could not have prepared me for this in Cuba. There are at least 200- 300 people, talking, joking, and negotiating. Negotiating what you may ask, duh.

Hint: At 3:00 AM, all the clubs have closed, so the jinteras, the good girls looking for a little change, the night owls, hustlers, everyone has converged in Parque Delores. And the Policia you ask ??

The Policia just walk around, ensuring no violent crimes are being committed. My buddies keep a hand on my shoulders due to my intoxication, so many women, shit, I couldn’t figure out who I wanted. Within 3 minutes of our arrival, we grab another set of beauties, one a dancer with the Tropicana Revue in Santiago. I will not describe her any further to protect her identity), but merely say, she was a solid 8-9, with a dancers body to die for !! Now we move on from the Parque to another restaurant across from the Hotel Santiago. The women are not jinteras, just good girls looking for entertainment, a little cash. After a few drinks and meals, my head now swims from staying up for 48 hours and the combined effects of liquor. One of my buddies drives me back to Casa Grande, and will return for the finale with these honies. My buddies have gotten good at their antics now, they enjoy swapping after the first one to sample the other.

As I stumble out of the car, I wish him boa suerte (good luck em portugues) and stumble upstairs to the room at 5:30 AM. My head hits the pillow, only to dream what possibly can lay at wait tomorrow.

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