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The main red light district in this island in a street called Nelson’s Street in Bridgetown. The was one other red light area called Bay Street until recently. That is until the night club called Copa Cabana burned down a week before Christmas 1999. You see, most of the whores operate out of night clubs. Now back to Nelson’s Street. In Nelson’s Street there are four night clubs. 1) Brigette’s, 2) Club Zanzibar, 3) Castro’s Bar, and a fourth which doesn’t even have a name. These days Brigette’s Bar has the best looking girls at least compared to the other riff raft in the other bars. In this bar most of the girls are in their 20’s and come over from Guyana which of course means that they are black there are one or two from Latin American who are not attractive at all. The going rate for all whores in the island is $60.00 Barbados Currency that’s equivalent to US$30.00. If will get you 15 to 20 minutes tops in a small dingy room. Condoms are a standard, and that’s good. But no kinky sex such as anal and nothing else extra for the most part. One or two black girls will let you give it to them doggy style, but that’s about it. This obtains for all of the bars mentioned. This makes for very boring frustrating sex.

In Club Zanzibar there are one or two good looking black girls from Guyana, but for the most part this club has been taken over by rather fat and ugly Latin American women, who hardly speak a word of English which makes it difficult to communicate and tell them what you want if you can’t speak Spanish. In Castro’s Bar there have not been any whores stationed there for quite a few years now. I don’t know what happened, but it is devoid of people as a result most of the time. All in all if you are planning a trip to Barbados, don’t bother your self with the whores here because the majority of them are unattractive, give you a rush job which leaves you very unsatisfied and frustrated, and are quite boring. Better to try Trinidad next door, I hear the black whores there are quite attractive. Does any body have any information on the situation in Trinidad? I’m planning a visit there soon.

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