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FYI: The Utrecht House Boats area has been closed for some time now
Utrecht is famous for its houseboats, tiny apartments that float. The women are awesome and YES prices standard and the same as Amsterdam. The concept of repeat customers is even more important as these women serve the locals. You can walk or drive along the canal and view the babes who sit in the windows. This one was from Czech Republic, spoke good english and was an absolute doll. We had one of the best 30 minute sessions I’ve had, far superior to the US. Hey if you need more time, no problem just pay another $35 per 30 minutes. Lets see that’s $70 an hour.

If my memory serves me right you take the A2 exit 7 Vleutense Weg, go toward the center (which is over the bridge and canal). Kempisweg make a left till you see the Texaco on the right. Turn right before the Texaco and follow the road which makes a u turn back to the canal. You’ll see the house boats ahead of you.

House Boats
Remember to look for the Texaco station, Marnixlaan and Einsteindreef street are the same streets. The canal name is Vechtdijk and the street is call “Zandpad”

Utrecht is the 4th city in the Netherlands and it’s a place where you get some great action. There are two places where you can go to. There is a very small RLD in the center of the town. In fact it’s just one street. There are 10-15 girls. You get service for 50 guilders (25 USD). It includes a FS or a oral. Sometimes you get both for the same price. There is another place in the northern part of Utrecht. It’s one long street (called zandpad) where the girls sit in front of a window on a boat! There are a lot of girls who work here. Some of them are really pretty. Most girls come from south america and there are also quit a few dutch girls here. Prices start at 50 guilders for a oral or a fs. For both you pay 100 guilders. For half an hour it’s 150 guilders. I think I had about 10 girls in this area. The best service I have ever had here was from a girl from Colombia. For 100 guilders she got completely naked and got all over me. Then she put on a condom and gave me the best oral I have ever had. I asked if we could do position 69 (my favorite) and she agreed. While she was sucking me I could lick and finger her. We finished after 3 positions.

After doing my homework on the net I went to Voorstraat 17bis. Also called Mae’s House. I was greeted by an elderly woman who brought me to a very nicely appointed waiting room. She asked me what type of girl I liked. I said big breasts, either white or dark. 5 girls came by, one at a time to introduce themselves. After the intros the hostess came by to see which I liked. I chose Yoseh (short for Josephine). All the girls claim to be Dutch. Josephine was 5′ 6″ very nice skin, tits and ass and a great laugh with blond hair and a fair complexion. She looked Dutch. Yoseh took me to our room upstairs. We sat on the couch and she got me a Heineken and took my 100 guilders. After the beer we each got undress and washed up.

I told Yoseh that I liked lots of hand play and ass and tit rubbing. She was eager to comply. We had sex for 45 minutes. Very unrushed and enjoyable with lots of laughs. She sucked my cock very nicely with a condom. She did a great job sucking and playing with my nipples. After she blew me, she mounted me with her on top. I thought she was kind of dry so I offer to wet her pussy which she seemed to really enjoy. I gave her a good tongue job and she was writhing on the bed. For the finish I mounted her doggy style. She seemed very aroused and had the muscle spasms of a true orgasm. I asked if it was real and she said it was. Since I was her last customer at 10:45pm (they close at midnight), she said that she could let lose and have an orgasm. After I got dressed we split another beer and I was on my way. The “Hostess” set up at Voorstraat 17bis was great. Safe, Clean and very accommodating. I had a great time. BTW – Yoseh said she does not French kiss and no “kinky sex”.


Jan Bik
Jaffastraat 1

Het Zandpad as the red light district in Utrecht is called has been closed for many years now, however they are building a new facility around the corner. expect it to be ready by 2019


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