Puerto Rico

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360 Andalucia Avenue
in Puerto Nuevo, near Roosevelt avenue
The women are good looking. Most are local girls.The Prices run bet. $60 to $200.Time 45 minutes. The Usage of condoms is the norm here.

Black Angus

I was in San Juan in August and had some trouble getting a taxi driver who would take me to the Black Angus. It does exist! It’s just that you need to tell the driver that you or a friend have been there before because the driver’s I asked all lied and said it was closed, doesn’t exist, what is that, etc… When I was there, there were several girls none of which approached me, until I got a drink then went to the bathroom. Then they started. I picked a native for PR very pretty face, knew a little English but I speak Spanish so it was okay, we went across the street to another building and paid the guy $40 for the room. Then I paid her $60 she got undressed and I did the same and she proceeded to put the condom on with her mouth, I played with her breast, then she laid back and I fingered her for a minute she was really wet, then we started, the walls aren’t to thick we could hear another couple in the next room having fun. There was a large mirror on the wall and she just couldn’t get enough of us or herself in it she was getting into watching us in the mirror, I had her get on top and then played with her breast some more she seemed to like it so I kept on and then sucked on them, then her internal clock told her it was time; she jumped off and proceeded to finish me with a hand job I allowed it for a few minutes then asked if she would let me doggie style she agreed and I loved it! she had a great ass, I came we cleaned up and left, I asked for a taxi and one of the guys standing around gave me a ride for the same amount as the cab did back to my condo $15. When I went back I wish I hadn’t of spent so much money shopping and jet skiing there were more girls available, I will be going back, this time for those of you who rent cars I will try to write down the directions and/or the address. Although the taxi driver told me that they move the club around a lot using different locations. My friend paid for a room for a massage in Isle Verde above a Dry Cleaner, beautiful girls I went in the morning the girls were actually waiting at the bar across the street. The girl was again native about a 7 on the popular scale and spoke just a few words in English she told me to get undressed while she went and got a towel, I got undressed and laid down on my stomach, she came in and put the towel under my head, she proceed to give me a massage from heaven starting at my feet and working her way up, we made small talk, she told me to turn around and started at my feet again skipped the middle and went to my chest then down the middle, pouring more oil on her hands and me she gave me a hand job while asking what it was that I was interested in, something oral, she started with no condom then she put it on and got undressed and climb on top of me in a 69 position and suck and used her strong hands while I fingered her and snuck in a lick here and there, and she came first, and I was right behind her, then she sucked me some more with condom still on I could only take a few minutes of that. I paid $40 for the room and $90 for the service. My friends told me I paid too much but it was worth every penny to me.

Well it’s true that the Angus and other brothels are closed but don’t despair there is a little known brothel open in SJ. It’s called the Lucky Seven. Its kind of a seedy joint and does not have a sign in the front of it but ask any cabbie and they can get you there. A friend of mine looking for it was approached by Local Police (probably because he was pretty drunk) when they asked him what he was doing he said looking for the Lucky Seven. Believe it or not, I witnessed it myself, they threw him in the back of the car and proceeded to drive him there with their lights on. They dropped him off in front of the joint and told him to have a nice time. Anyway, the girls range from but ugly to pretty darn hot. Most of the girls pretend not to speak a word of English other than “Fuckie, Suckie” but don’t let them fool you they pretty much all speak fluent English. Myself having some Spanish speaking ability( even though I am a white American) was able to negotiate women down from $75-$80 all the way down to $25 for oral and sex. I recommend you bring your own condoms or you will have to pay another $5 for one. Also you must pay to use a nasty cubicle of a room that is located a half block down the street. There is often a short wait to get your women in the room, but you can expect a lot of touching and fondling to keep you interested while waiting. The lucky Seven is not the fanciest or nicest place I’ve ever seen but seemed to be safe but I do recommend going with at least one other person because there are some seedy looking characters hanging around.

The last thing I know about the sex scene in Puerto Rico is the Following. For those who had visited the Island and were frequent visitors to the Black Angus, in Santurce near the Marina, well it doesn’t exist anymore. The government shut the place down and tore down the establishment. Same happened to the Hawaiian Hut. It happened about two years ago. They had move to a new location and I’m trying to find out the where. I’m making a trip this coming week to visit old friends and they’ll know that info.
Avoid going to the town of mayaguez. To many Transvestites rooming around at night and not enough “real women”. The town bars are the best pick up places. In the Town of Fajardo there is a place call Maternillo. Women from the Dominican Republic reside there and they are for the most part the ones involve in the sex scene. It looks in a way that they have taken over the sex business.
La parguera is always a great place to go on the weekends. Most sex found in such places is by meeting the women, by striking up a conversation, and if you are lucky and she likes you don’t worry about paying for sex. Avoid most of the street walkers; most are drug addicts. The last time I was in Puerto Rico was last year and too many changes have taken place since then. I will try to provide better info after I come back from my vacation.

The Parguera is on the southern part of the island. The have a bioluminescence bay. A place for people to get 2gether on the weekends. Party all day and all night. The have bars and for those who love Jazz there is a club that plays jazz on Fridays and Saturday. Lots of women frequent the area. Ages range from the 18 to the 40’s. Like I said, once you strike a conversation with a woman and if she likes u, is a sure bet that you will get laid. Parghuera is found in the town of Lajas, Highway 52 will take you close to it. The 65% of the woman that frequent La Prguera are college students. Best time to go is during the College Juntas (track and field meets) in the month of April. Girls run around wild and have sex with them anywhere. My last experience there was with a college girl and her friends, since my brother and some friends were tagging alone, they were more wild than I expect it and believe me anything goes. My rented van was a pussy wagon and motel. Go during the meets if you want to have lots of fun in finding good and free willing pussy. From Ponce to Crash Boat beach in Aguada is a heaven for women looking to have fun and sex during the meets.
Maternillo is on the east coast of the Island in the town of fajardo; near the port area where you take the boats to Vieques and Culebra. El Conquistador Hotel is about 5 miles from there. Here most sex encounters are found in the bars. Be careful at night. Don’t want to be alone in the area. Is like a shack town type of area. But most women in the trade are from the Dominican Republic. In Palomino Island there is a nudist beach is worth the visit. I used to go there a lot with my boat. The Conquistador Hotel owns the other half of the Island. The best pick up places for young women and I mean the 18yr. old ones is around the schools. Avoid the street walkers, most are drug addicts. The discos in the hotels in San Juan are good places to look for flesh and I mean good flesh. You have to be patient but it will pay off.

Ever since the closing of the Black Angus a proliferation of newer clubs that attend to the man sex needs are in the rising. The Lucky Seven Club is actually located in Old San Juan. You have to pay a $3.00 cover charge to get in. Once you are inside you will notice 5 to 6 woman dancing topless on stage. Touching is definitely allowed, in most places they would not let you touch the girls. The place comes to life right after 10pm. That’s when you notice about a dozen women looking to entertain you in private. Take your time, and feel free to grab a fine piece of ass in G-stings. Most are 7’s and 9’s. If you like what you see approach the lady before somebody hornier than you get her first. Most of the fine women who work here are from Latin America, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. the Price is $50.00 for a 30 minutes fuck and suck. I talked a women down to $35 dollars. Her name is Barbara and a fine piece of ass. She is from Chile. A $20.00 fee for the room located within the establishment.

Lucky Seven and Cheetahs are back open. Danny is supposed to open soon. Still prefer taking a trip to the DR for the money spent in Puerto Rico. Going price in $50-80 in house $200 at the hotel for one hour. Pretty steep compared to their next door neighbor, Dominican Republic.

Went on a quickie overnight trip to San Juan PR Stayed at the EL San Juan Hotel Great Hotel 5 min taxi from the airport. Bought the San Juan Star Newspaper at the airport newsstand upon arrival. On the 2nd-3rd page of the classified section is the massage/escort section. I called the ad that read: “Linda Prompt and discreet 36CC 24-36 Hotel escort serv. Isla Verde, Condado areas By appt. She is very friendly she wouldn’t give any info out without calling my hotel room back as verification. She called right back. 150 per hour total. Set up an appt. for that evening. She was right on time. Dressed very discreet, she didn’t draw any attention, something I was worried about with the high security in big hotels. She had short dark hair, implant chest hard tits OK looking 5’7” approx 140 pounds solid girl somewhat of a Spanish Monica Lewinski look. 24 years old She went to my bathroom and came out nude. Paid the fee. We had a drink, we hugged, she liked my tits and ear felt great…. got a OK safe BJ for about 10 minutes. Drank a little more, then did the real thing, also did a little role play at my request she was open to it, was just some safe/sane fun fantasy I wanted to try. She was a good sport. Only complaint was the silicone chest. Nice time, not really my type but made the best of it. She is a student [she says] very pleasant only meets at big hotels for her safety. All the out calls are pretty much standard price. 150 There are some massage places around too. Most get $60 massage plus extras, might as well get everything in your own room, as the price works out the same.

Just got back. The place i found is called Lucky 7. The girls are decent (6-8). You go across street to a little hotel, but I had no problems. For $50, you can get sucked and fucked. The lady I had was about a 7 and very energetic. It is not the cleanest place in the world, but I had a very nice time. Only go in a taxi. We had a prearranged time to for our driver to return. He was prompt.

As chest said, La Parguera is a generally quiet fishing village located on the south shore of the island about 40 miles west of Ponce. The bay he talks about is called Phosphorescent Bay. There is a type of photo plankton in the water that glows when disturbed. Some of the best scuba diving in the world is off this coast.

La Parguera is where I hang out in Puerto Rico, and it is where Puerto Ricans go to party on weekends. La Parguera is a constant party on weekends, but they roll up the sidewalks on weeknights. There is a carnival atmosphere on weekend nights, and there are girls available, both free and for a price. However, be careful that the girl you aproach is NOT accompanied by her Puerto Rican boyfriend, It could get you hurt very badly. About 95% of Puerto Ricans can speak English, if they want to; but that is a big IF. Generally, I have found Puerto Ricans to be very friendly, but don’t go stepping on any toes.

There are two paradors (state approved hotels) in La Parguera. The Posada Porlamar has a newer section that has pretty nice rooms ($75 a night as I remember). There is a complimentary al fresco breakfast, but no other dining facilities. One of the diving operations is docked at the pier. The Parador Parguera is more like a motel that you might be used to in the states, including a restaurant and a nice pool out back. It is also about $20 more a night than the Posada Porlamar. There are also some guest houses in town, but I haven’t tried them out. On picking up young girls, I assume you mean students at the universities, of which there are several around the island. I haven’t ever tried that.


Yes, the black angus is closed, but you can still find plenty action in san juan. Old san juan tourist district still has a non-advertised brothel, and if your in the condado (san juan) area, check out a club called dannys. It looks like a bar, but regularly has pros in it 24/7. Older gals, but experience has its benefits. $40 Will get you blown, $100 for full service message, suck, fuck fest. More for pictures, showers, kinky, etc. In isla verde try the el san juan hotel & its clubs, lobby, & bars. Pros will approach you if you make eye contact with them. Stay away from street crack whores in all areas, they will come back and make trouble, stay with a discreet professional. They are usually also much cleaner

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