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I just came back from a beach town of Santa Maria right next to Guanabo. Like I heard from my friends who have been to Cuba many times, Cuba street scene was pretty dead. But if you are capable of smelling chicas, you will easily find them. Let me give you guys a little tip.

You will find no girls on the beach with bunch of cops patrolling all day long. Best place to go to is this night club right on the street all the beach hotels are on. It is called Havana Club. I believe it is a part of the hotel next door. Anyway, girls usually hang out (more like hide from policia) at the cafe hut cross the street. As soon as they see some tourist men going in, they run cross the street and get in. It’s $2 to go in. All the drinks are $1 each. You will see about 50 girls ( they all seem very young) and about 15 tourists. They really start showing up later than 11:00 and party goes on till late. They will play some slow songs once in a while. Then just go up to any girl in there for a dance. I mean ANY GIRL. They will not refuse to dance with you. They love to dance. Well, and the rest of the story is very simple. You take them back to your hotel and fuck their brains out all night. I was with two guys I met at the hotel. We took 3 chicas home. The one I ended up was very wild pale white girl with brown hair. She was shaking her ass like I have never seen in my life all night. And I must add that she gave me the best blow job I have ever had. She went all the way and kept licking it at least for an hour. Absolutely amazing. We never talked about money. Since she fell asleep after a long night, it was already morning, I quietly put $20 in her back and said bye.

Guys I recently visited Guanabo in late august and I’m telling ya you can fuck as many chicas as you want despite the fact that police is all over the streets. you can go to the main hwy that leads to lahabana between the hrs of 5-7:0 pm when people are leaving beaches especially if you can keep near Santa Maria Playa exit .it is like a fucking kid in the fucking candy store. I stayed there for a wk and I had 6 chickas . if police stop you all you have to tell them is she is my fiancee and they will let you go with no problem it is not that bad believe me.or you can go to the Santa Maria Playa itself during the day and just talk to some one you like and her the address of the casa particular na d tell her to get a taxi and I will pay for the txi and just meet me there. make sure you take lots of condoms. have fun

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