Free Lancers

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A famous gathering of prostitutes in the afternoon is in front of the Othon Palace Hotel at Copacabana beach and at the tables at the Meia Pataca bar. They charge from $40 to $100 for a quickie, hotel being extra. First class hotels are known to play hard and not allow the entrance of prostitutes. But others like Debret and Caprice seem to derive most of their money from these sexual trysts.

Anon is referring to the Help! club area. There are always a wide variety of girls here but do not
attempt to take one into the Orthon Palace or any classy type hotel as you will be denied access to your room with the girl. Most of my pals prefer The Acapulco Hotel in the Copa but I prefer renting an apartment. Much cheaper, the girls love to cook for you and for $50.00 a day, often with two bedrooms.

There are lots street-walkers working night along Av. Atlantica in Copacabana. But also many transvestites, so be careful can be hard to tell apart in the dark shadows.
it is very easy to find very attractive, amateur-type girls in rio,mostly in the 18-24 age bracket. what is really special about them is their friendliness, good naturedness and their total lack of inhibitions. you can screw a dozen different girls if you choose or you can select one (or two) and have the finest 24 hour a day GFE possible for about $60-70. you don’t have to make any effort as most of the girls will approach you. stop in mabs and ask for graziele. 18 yrs old, absolutely lovely and full of fun. or check out barbarella after 11 pm. many really stunning women. ( I’ve been to Rio and Buzios 3 times in the last five months).

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