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I have been to Djibouti quite a few times. The main economy of the country runs on Shipping and the pick-up joints. There are majority Ethiopian and Somali girls. They are quite excellent and they would come out for as much as between 5000 to 20,000 Djibouti france (1 USD – 175 Djibouti francs)

You can go to a hotel or to their place (which is not recommended) And the Ethiopian girls are the best. They really get involved in the whole process. Some of the good bars are Scotch, Las Vegas, Club Hermes… All the best and happy hunting.

I have made several recent trips to Djibouti. All the girls at the bars are Ethiopian, and most are there illegally on an expired visa. It is 5000 francs ($30) for F/S. I would bring the girls back to my apartment for an all-nighter for 10000 francs ($60). BJ is rarely on the menu. They never complained about the amount, and would frequently call me back on later nights to see if I needed their attentions.

The clubs to pick them up: Scotch, Club Hermes, Menelik, Mickey, Oasis, Gilette, and most of the places that play dance music off of the Menelik Plaza. Even the Sheraton Hotel has a downstairs nightclub Gepard where you can get a girl.

The Menelik Hotel will let you take a girl to your room. The Bellevue Hotel charges you 2000 francs to take a girl to your room. The Sheraton also charges you, I believe.

I do not recommend going to her place. Most of the girls live in shoddy ghetto places. A few of them (the most successful) live in apartment suites with three other girls in good conditions. Spend the night and have breakfast with them. They are very very hospitable. Look for my girl Tina (real name Almaz) at the Club Hermes. She is a sweetheart.

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