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Canberra is a highly planned inland Territory half way between Sydney and Melbourne. Laws are quite progressive and Registered Prostitution is quite legal. I prefer a 28 to 33 yo with a nice (if not spectacular) body, a good attitude who enjoys having a good time in the room; I find this more satisfying than the younger girls who don’t really want to be there and just want to get the session over with.

Opportunities in Canberra – In Canberra there is no street prostitution. There are registered brothels located in the Commercial-Light Industrial suburbs of Fyshwick (11 brothels) and Mitchell (5 brothels)- women over 35 are not common in the brothels they can’t stand sitting around with immature girls in the waiting rooms for hours on end night after night. There are also private ladies operating with a range of either out call (to your hotel or home) or in call service from their homes or specially rented flats these ladies are typically in the 25-40yo range and fairly open about their ages – more on these services later. There are also escort services staffed from the brothels and private ladies.

Many of the brothels advertise in the Yellow Pages under several names. If not a local with a car then using a taxi is your best transport – all taxis are metered and you should not get ripped off – from the main Canberra hotels to Fyshwick is about 10mins; Mitchell about the same in the opposite direction. Travel between the brothels (particularly Fyshwick at night) is probably best by taxi, some are quite close to one another but a stranger walking the quite commercial industrial streets with very few people about could get lost or lonely – quite safe though.

Home Workers The daily “Canberra Times” classified advertisements “Adult Services” see Classifieds – Business Services usually carries 6-12 contacts for private workers either working from their home or visiting you, or available for either. The workers tend to be more mature 25-45 usually with past experience in brothel work. Some only work during School hours (while the kids are away mum will), others operate longer, evening hours. The risk is you book sight unseen and so run a risk, I prefer older (30-36), articulate, sensuous ladies and I do reasonably well from their services.

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