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A was for some days in Limbe, a beach resort and village near Douala. I stayed in the beautiful Seme New beach Hotel, which is located a little bit outside of the town. The weekends a lot of girls coming to this beach also (called mile 11 beach) for fun and to find men. Just enjoy the sun. I was for swimming in the sea and a girl was “attacking” me. There are a lot of students which are looking for foreigners the weekends. So go here on Saturdays/Sundays.

Don’t wait ’til the night. October was a little bit off-season. After 19h all the people left and just some tourist stays in the hotel. The City is too far away and hard to reach in the night. So choose your part during daytime and enjoy the night.

Somebody told me that is one of the hot spots of Cameroun with a high HIV contamination. So be careful and protect yourself and the girl(s).

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