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Sold in America: The Workers

Capitol City
Carson City


Gambling, tourism, agriculture, mining and industry

A desert state, Nevada gets less annual precipitation than any other state in the US.
Winters range from moderate to mild in the South and West, with heavy snow in the north. Summers can be hot (90 F/32 C in the north, and above 100 F/37 C in the south), while nights can be cool (upper 40s to low 50s F/9 to 11 C).

McCarron International Airport, Las Vegas (LAS) WEBSITE
Reno-Tahoe Airport (RNO) WEBSITE
Elko Regional Airport WEBSITE

Telephone Information
Area Codes: 702 (Las vegas area), 775 (rest of state)

In Brief …
Nevada is the only state in the US with legalized prostitution. There are currently 30 brothels in operation. State law forbids brothels in counties with more than 400,000 residents. Therefore, prostitution is illegal in Clark County (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno). In addition, Lincoln and Douglas counties have opted to ban brothels, as has Carson City proper.

State law also has strict health requirements for all brothels. All activity must be done with a condom. Violation of this law is a felony. In addition, the ladies must visit the doctor once per week for to be examined for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). A lady returning from vacation is not allowed on the floor until she gets her medical clearance.

Brothel Types
There are two major distinctions between the brothels. The first distinction is one of type.

There are two types of brothels: “parlor houses” and “bar houses.” In a parlor house, the bar is kept separate from the parlor. If you want to party, you have to go into the main area, the parlor, and get a lineup. The ladies rarely enter the bar, and when they do, they may be available to party or they may direct you back into the parlor for a lineup.

Besides bar houses and parlor houses, there is another distinction to be aware of. This distinction is one of price. Again, there are two types of brothels: “resort” and “neighborhood”.

Resort brothels are typically the larger parlor houses located near the larger cities. Their clientele typically consists of tourists with more dollars at their disposal. Therefore, these brothels are usually newer and more ornate; have larger lineups featuring younger, more attractive ladies; and charge more.

Neighborhood brothels are the smaller bar houses located in out-of-the way areas, such as the smaller towns along I-80. Their clientele typically consists of people employed in the local economy: truck drivers, ranchers, and miners. Therefore, these brothels are usually smaller and older with fewer amenities, have smaller lineups featuring older or less attractive ladies, and charge less.

What you’ll pay in the Nevada brothels depends on your needs and your negotiating skills. Some brothels have set prices that are non-negotiable. You either pay them or you don’t. Most brothels allow the ladies to charge their own prices, provided they don’t go below what the brothel has set as the house minimum.

There are three main regions where the brothels are located, as follows:

I-80 Area
Northern Nevada: Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Carlin, Elko, Wells, Ely

Las Vegas Area
Southern Nevada: Pahrump, Crystal, Beatty, Mina

Reno/Carson City Area
Eastern Nevada: “Moundhouse”, Fallon, Sparks

Finally, this Nevada board also contains entertainment and lodging information and trip reports for all three regions.

The Dead Brothel King: Dennis Hof on Prostitution, Wild West Libertarianism, and “Pimpin’ for Paul”

Brothels Win Right to Advertise
Federal judge, Nevada ACLU lift ban

July 12 – In a First Amendment victory for the Nevada brothel industry, the Nevada ACLU and a Federal judge declared a long-standing state law banning brothel advertising to be unconstitutional.

Before the new ruling, brothels could not advertise in counties that did not allow prostitution. They could only appear in the Yellow Pages under Nightclubs, or promote the bar aspect of the business on taxi cabs. Violations would mean fines or jail time.

The Shady Lady even ran afoul of the interpretations of the anti-advertising law when they tried to advertise for support positions, such as Cook, in publications such as City Life, a publication out of Las Vegas.

Now, major players in the brothel industry can devote resources to advertising budgets. We may even see TV spots for the Moonlite Bunny Ranch appearing soon. In the meantime, the defendants in the case, Clark County and the State of Nevada, are allowed to appeal the decision.

The name of the case is Coyote Publishing et. al. v. Heller.

Helpful Hints for the First-Time Brother Goer

Here’s some more advice for all you newbies. This will help keep you out of trouble and ensure that your first visit will not be your last.

Visit a house that sells time, not activities

The problem with houses that sell activities is that the ladies may suggest a party with a fully loaded menu as a way to justify a higher price. The problem here is that once you lose your load, it’s all over, regardless if you had managed to make it all the way to dessert or couldn’t even get past the appetizer.

(But I’ve only been here for 15 minutes! But I was promised two more positions, a breast massage, and a lingerie show!) Too bad, so sad. Get dressed and get out.

As a newbie, you’re better off visiting houses that charge according to time, at least until you’re more confident with your negotiating skills. That way, you’ll have a better chance of getting what you paid for and your session will be much more relaxed. The Shady Lady near Beatty, and Donna’s Ranch in Wells are places where you can do this.

NEVER take the “complimentary limousine” or the taxi

Some brothel owners will graciously offer to drive you to their establishments in a “complimentary” limousine. Unfortunately, it’s never complimentary. Someone has to pay for it, and guess what! That someone is you!

Here’s how: If you take the limousine, the house in turn takes an additional 30% from the cost of your party to pay the driver (in addition to any tips you give the driver yourself). That means that the house now gets 80% of the fee you negotiate with the lady. Do you think the lady will be happy to receive only 20% of the cost of the party, from which she must then pay her expenses and taxes? No, she will not.

Therefore, she will inflate the cost of the party to make up for the loss of revenue. This will make negotiations even more difficult for both of you and can sour the overall mood.

The same goes for taxis. The driver gets a cut of the lady’s fee, which you’ll also have to make up for. So, if you need transportation to a brothel and can’t drive your own car, then rent one. This is probably the biggest money-saving tip we can offer.

Decide how much you want to spend, and then stick to it

Before you go in, decide what your price is and stick to it. Take exactly that amount with you and nothing more. Leaving your extra cash and credit cards in the car will make it easier for you to avoid temptation. Be prepared to settle for less time or fewer activities if the lady won’t meet your price. Don’t allow yourself to be talked into paying more if you’re not prepared to pay it.

Don’t fall for a sales pitch

Avoid the “saleslady” type at all costs. She’ll lay a platinum price on you and try to talk you into accepting it. She’ll try to justify it by claiming that she’s the best, she’s worth it, and she’ll do things the other ladies won’t. She’ll compliment you on your good looks, your bulging muscles, and your enormous manhood, even if you possess none of the above.

The truth is that she’s desperate, and the reason why is because she’s not good at what she does and is not bringing in the money. Or, she’s pegged you as a sucker and is trying to play you. In any case, take it as a sign and walk. Remember: the best ladies don’t need to brag – they let their service do the talking.

Don’t be afraid to walk if you can’t get your price

Have you ever shopped for a car? Then you have an idea of what brothel negotiations are often like. Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings if you have to walk. Business is business. These ladies are like most sales people. They’re prepared to walk a lot of guys before one finally agrees to their price.

Tell the lady up front what you expect, and get her to do so in return

Once in a while, you’ll find a lady who’ll go the extra mile for you, but don’t count on that. If you want something other than the standard in-and-out, you must ask for it before the money changes hands. Don’t assume anything. Reading the lady a laundry list of your wants will take away some of the spontaneity of sex, but it may save you grief later on. Also, this allows the lady to let you know in advance what her boundaries are.

Don’t book long parties

Stick to the shorter parties and save yourself a lot of money. If you can’t get off in 30 minutes, then you can negotiate for more time. But don’t buy it until you need it.

Not much has changed over the years but what stands out the most is that business is way down to what it once was. Sure some of the brothel owners will swear that this is not so but the truth shines thru most when you talk to a few of the working girls. The average house minimum is $150 and service for that price is available at almost all the brothels. The problem from my view is that there are far too many other alternatives to legal sex in Nevada. Since paid sex is legal in Nevada one would think that it would be a better deal then illegal options or traveling elsewhere (our of the US) for sex. Service workers (working women of Nevada) vary from very below average to average with a rare 10. When it comes to down to buying a basic “half and half or oral and sex combo” prices range from $100 to $2000. One would think that attractiveness of the worker is figured into the price however this is not always true. Lets just say that $200 is the average price that will pretty much get you 30-60 minutes half and half at all the brothels.

Porn stars have all but left the Nevada paid sex scene from my last visit a week ago. It’s difficult enough to find men to cough up $200 so who would pay the $1000+ prices they demand? From visiting over 28 brothels in a weeks time I could not find even one porn star.

Asians have now entered the competition and from what I can tell they understand the customer and business far better then the veteran brothels and ranches. Dollar for dollar I found better service, no games and better prices at the new Asian competition.

More and more brothels are closing or coming up for sale. Cottentail for example is up for sale again on Ebay for a mere 275k. It was taken over not too long ago and failed shortly there after again by someone who really should not be in the business. Playmates which is only a stones throw from Wildcats just south of Mina has been said open soon, well after hearing this for over a year, it’s stll not open. A second brothel close to the California border (just north east of Bishop) sounds like a good idea. They just need to make it worth the drive by offering decent looking women and fair prices. $200 is not fair nor are women over 30 years of age. I don’t care what anyone thinks, this is suppose to be legal paid sex, not a place for women that can’t get dates even from drunks at a bar. It is possible as there were two under 25 year old very attractive women at the Chicken Ranch who offered without haggling $200, 30 minute full service. Although I did say $200 was no great deal, it shows that you can find attractive women at low prices. Im sure once they catch on to the volume concept that perhaps $100 for 30 minutes might catch on again. Remember the women only take 50% at most brothels, so your $100 is really only $50 to them. Hey, that’s $50 for 1/2 an hour of unskilled work. No college degree, no special equipment needed. Is there something wrong with $50 for 30 minutes? I saw far too many women wishing or dreaming of $500 one hour parties. Many hope that one of these suckers will at least show up once a week. You know 10 customers making them $50 for 30 minutes is 5 hours of work at $100 per hour and $500 total. That can be made in one day. World wide this seems to be a reasonable rate to earn, im not talking third world countries either. Yet some Nevada women think that $500 an hour is fair.

I still think that part of the reason for high rates $500+ is due to some of the women living a fantasy and they are so dam good that men will flock to them for that rate. I spent hours at some houses and I sat there alone, what happened to the flocks. Well yes the women flocked to me to do the hard sales but as far as other customers they just did not exist. Perhaps they come in while im in bed dreaming of $50 sex in other countries?

Desperation is still a factor and often you find women working who are at then end of a rope. What this seemed to mean is they want you as a single trick to bail them out. $2000 for a 1 hour party, oh that’s to pay my house payment, I have 6 kids too. Are they nuts or something, no wonder the husband bailed. Then there’s the womem who hates men and is only doing this cause she likes the idea of making men pay them. I highly doubt Nevada is the place to find the working gal who really enjoys sex. Thus the whole concept of GFE in Nevada is just a marketing scam. So remember in Nevada “GFE” means Greedy Female Entity”. Kissing… well does that mean a peck or french? If a girl won’t kiss you like a girl friend then please don’t use the term. I always chuckle when I read some of the brothel web pages where girls say “GFE” and then email me about this. Close to GFE is NOT GFE, I guess there will always be those guys who have not had authentic GFE sex and are tricked into thinking they are getting something they aren’t.

The one thing that stands out about the women that do want to make money is that they are fair about prices and once you do agree on a rate and service they come thru with what they promise. This is another sore spot about Nevada car salesmen tactics, over charging and cheating customers out of services. Remember booking one hour with a girl does not always mean one hour of sex. It can and almost always means “till you cum” and if that happens in 10 minutes then you are out of luck as the best you can then hope for is to sit with her for the remainder of time with contact. This my friend is what you often find in Nevada. So make it clear how many times you can cum before you settle on time. Oh and “act” if you use that term to book a party it usually comes with a time limit and if you don’t clearly agree on a time it most often it 15-20 minutes. Thus if you agree on half and half, it might only be for 15 minutes, whether you finish or not. Remember this is not about making you a repeat customer or a satisfied one as with this sort of business practice who is coming back. Having over 25 years of Nevada experience this is still true today. So how can a brothel owner or brothel worker expect to build a customer base? How many customers out of the US population are willing to shell out $500+ for an hour? Nevada get a clue, doctors and lawyers your girls are not but $50 for 30 minutes is a f__cking lot.

Finally if you’re willing to spend the time and effort driving for hours on end there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Decent service can be found even at the higher priced brothels close to the larger cities. Just remember to clearly state, time and services before closing a deal and handing over your hard earned money. By all means always be prepared to walk a girl and don’t act like you ain’t had none for years. Remember that they need your money more then you do, otherwise you would not be there.

Another guy still hoping after all these years that Nevada will change it’s tune and bring customers back with fair pricing and services…

Heidi Fleiss Stud Farm
See the Website HERE

(Message approved by admin)


The location where THE STUD FARM will be constructed is an hour drive from Las Vegas in Nye County. The FBI had an ongoing investigation involving a local brothel owner named Joe Richards and politicians in the community.

Heidi Fleiss was not involved in or associated with the alleged illegal activities. Although, as a result THE STUD FARM is a few months behind. Heidi Fleiss is preparing to submit the application for a brothel license. There cannot be any formal opening date until the county commissioners and the sheriff make a ruling.

Heidi claims to meet all qualifications.

These are the two possibilities.

1. If approved we will start construction on a sophisticated contemporary design by Grupposenza. The design has been published in a European Architectural magazine called PLAN. Although construction would not be completed, they may open in four months.

2. If the application is denied, depending on what grounds, they’ll address the issue and satisfy all concerns so everyone is comfortable.

They’ll post when the application is turned in. If you support this project they need you to attend the proceedings. There will be many people against the project attending. It is imperative that those in support of the project attend. Those who oppose an issue tend to be more vocal and attend proceedings, but it is important that those who support this project attend and are vocal.

In the Carson City area, there are four brothels-you can reach them all by taking US 395 to US 50 East(aka “the loneliest road in America”). Moonlight is located about .4 mi from the other three houses, which are in a cul de sac. In order of importance:
1) Moonlight Bunnyranch (nee Moonlight Ranch, aka “The Bunnyranch”) MoonLight Bunnyranch 775-246-FUCK Home of the porn stars, need I say more? Featured in many magazine articiles, as well as the Hughes Brothers documentary “American Pimp”, currently in limited release here in L.A. Regular house girls are just fine too, sometimes the p/s’s are a little too expensive for my taste. Most girls have a $300 min, which will usually get you at least 30 min full service. Best looking women on average in this area.
2) Sagebrush Ranch 775-246-LOVE Best value of all the houses in tihs area. Got a 30 min f/s deal with Leilani (see review forthcoming) for $200. She is coming down to Newport for a couple of weeks and depending on how our ensuing conversation goes, I may recommend her. She also introduced me to her 19yo Columbian goddess friend Priscilla, which I thought was a classy move on her part.
3) Madam Kitty’s 775-246-XXXX Owned by Moonlight owners, kindof wherre the “B” team hangs out-but a couple of winners here too-definitely worth a look.
4) Kit Kat 775-246-XXXX Not worth a look unless you’re into average looking middle aged women.
Leilani (Sagebrush)
about 36yo, 5’5″ 34c (enhanced)-24-34. Near flawless from neck down. American Indian & French from HI (allegedly). Long jet black hair halfway down her back, tied into a braid. Now that I think about it, could pass for the Disney version of Pocohontas.
$100+$100, 30 min full service. Seen Jul 00.
Face: 6
Body: 9.5
Appearance: 10
Attitude: 9
Performance: 7.5
Here’s the deal-if you give her money for the house fee, she has to split 50-50 with the house, and then the government takes taxes on the remainder. So, what you do is offer her the house min + a nice tip, and that will get you what you want. House min at Sagebrush is $100.
I personally am not crazy about the NV brothel scene, but my experience has been if you are fair with the ladies (and I’m talking the regular girls here, not the porn princesses), they will be more than fair with you. Such is the case here: all the accoutrements, except oral is covered, are included in the price. She may also do anal with the right guy for an extra $100-$200.
She’s working in NB for the next couple of weeks, 1 hour for $300. The only problems I see with her is that a) she’s used to working short sessions, and that b) while her cervix is pretty deep (like OA’s Paula), she has a hard time on top or in doggie because I inadvertently nailed one of her ovaries and she was in a lot of pain (but she was still cool enough to insist on finishing me off). So no rec yet, but I will talk to her soon and get the 411, which I’ll pass on to y’all. She is very nice and otherwise is competent and has a good heart-she’s very popular among the other girls at Sagebrush, and she actually introduced me to a girlfriend, a 19yo Colombian bombshell, and told me to see her next time.
Sorry for the delay on my Vegas trip. I got in a week ago Sunday. Checked in and called Kit of <> . Check out some of her pics, wow. Any way. I went down to the coffee shop to have a bit to eat w/her. Came back up to the room and the fun began. She advertises as being in her 20’s but I’d guess her to be 35. Great body, awesome tits however they were enhanced but a very good job. BJ was covered and no kissing, feeding at the Y was allowed and a no-rush session for sure. I would see her again. Very long black hair and a nice tan, she brought candles and really knew what she was doing. Kit allowed several positions and when we were done we took a shower together and then she was on her way. She was just here in LA but mainly stays in LV. Her fee was $300.
Monday night was open and about 10PM I got bored and decided to go on a hunt for some fresh meat. Straightman had mentioned that the bar area’s of the Mandelay Bay was smoking so I tried there and the Luxor w/no luck. I headed back over to the NY NY. As I dropped down into the casino area I found a bar w/live music. I spotted what I thought were a few working girls. After about 20 minutes one headed my way so I stopped her and asked her how her night was going. She stopped dead in her tracks and started flirting w/me. After a few minutes she asked if I wanted to invite her up to my room! Cha Ching! to which I said yes but first negotiated $100, yes, $100. She took my hand and off to my room we went. Now I knew for that price I was not going to get F/S but really all I wanted was a little company and a HJ. Her name was Louise, she’s a lovely black lady, about 30 and used to work here in Anaheim. After a message and HJ we headed back to the NY NY to hook up w/her hooker friend. I stayed a little bit and then headed back to my room, by now it was 3:30AM and I had a class at 8:30. Slept a few hours, went to class and back in my room Tuesday afternoon at 5PM to confirm my 8PM appointment w/Logan of LV. <>
I spoke w/Logan and she was going to see me at 8PM, call and wake me at 7PM so I could get a little cat nap in prior to her arrival. But before we hung up she thought it might be better to see me at 12:30 that evening since she had a 10pm booked, she would call me at midnight and see me at 12:30, cool, I could get several hours sleep and be totally refreshed to see her. I woke at 10PM, showered, went down to have a bit to eat and back in the room before midnight to await her call. I waited from midnight till 12:45am w/no call. I tried her cell at 12:45 and again at 1:15am, no response. So, I did what any normal horndog would do and I went back on the hunt. I tried Luxor, the Paris, Mandalay Bay . . . and nothing. So, I figured I’d try my LUCK again at NY NY As I drop back into the casino I spot this attractive Hispanic girl, we make eye contact going down the escalator but no sparks on her part. Keep in mind its now 2:30am and she looks hot and is all alone. I head over to the bar and spot an attractive hooker but am not sure how to approach her. I grab a drink, sit behind her and wait for her to make a move. 5 minutes later the other escalator girl joins her at the bar, chi ching, now which one do I choose???? A few minutes later hotel security walks in and they scatter, I have to decide fast which one to follow, I choose the white girl but loose her in the casino, as I’m walking back I spot the Hispanic girl playing the slots but the security guy is right next to her. I wait and walk by her for about 20 minutes until I decide its late, I pissed and I’m going to bed. But alas, she walks right next to me as I’m leaving so I go for broke and start up a conversation w/her. We go sit down for a while, while she plays video poker, 20 minutes later I ask her if she wants to get a drink and she says sure, where’s your hotel, I say right across the street and we’re off. We play more video poker at the bar in my hotel and she is up $50, I let her keep the $50, she turns to me and says, “I have to use the restroom, can I use the one in your room”? Cha Ching!
Once up in the room we sit on the bed and she says what do you want to do, I say ravage your body! I see the look on her face as she’s not sure if I know she’s a hooker or if I’m really that dumb and I think I just scored this hot young chick into my room for some free sex. I stand up, grab my license and business card and say, “this should make you feel a little more comfortable”. Let the games begin, she asks how much and I say $$, she asks for $$$$, I tell her no and tell her I love to kiss, she politely declines and asks, “how much if we don’t kiss”? I say $250 plus the $50 I let her keep from the gambling winnings. She stands up, takes off her top and says, “OK”. Cha Ching! What a great body, her name is Dolly, she’s 25, a few small tattoos, pierced navel, long reddish brown hair, curled, down to her waist, she’s 5’6 and has the nicest legs and the BEST ASS I’ve ever seen. Cha Ching!!! Once naked and in bed she starts stroking little jim as we talk, my hands are everywhere and I decide I want to give her a message, she rolls to her stomach and behold the goddess of the desert. Wow, this was the find of the century. The only downside was no kissing and no feeding at the Y, her BJ techniques were awesome, she put a little pressure at the base of my dick w/her lips each time she went down and then sucked as she went up. We went cowgirl after a 20 BJ session, then missionary, sideways missionary and then some doggy, she finished me off w/a HJ. It was now 5AM and once again I had to be in class at 8:30.
I had not been in LV for some time and I had a blast. There is nice eye candy at the Paris. I ate at the Paris, and the Bellagio. I would see Kit and Dolly again. I have Dolly’s cell number if you decide to head that way.

Nevada was America’s only legal prostitution, sadly due to poor management and greedy people such as Denis Hof of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch customers used the internet to get more bang for their buck. Gone are the days when uninformed customers were duped into paying $1000 and up for 60 minutes of average sex.

Shows like HBO’s Cathouse did more damage than good by sending a message to American customers that sex would cost you an arm and a leg. Women looking to make big money found out soon enough that big dollar customers were far and between.

Recent News stories tell the truth instead of the exaggerated accounts by owners and media whores. in-nevada-shrivel-as-web-disrupts-oldest-trade.htm l

Its really a shame that legal sex in the USA was not sold to the average working man rather than high end customers or the uniformed. Trying to compete with Mexico, Canada, Europe or Asia even with airfare quickly became a losing battle. Women are younger, more attractive and work harder for their money in the competing countries.

Even illegal sex like escorts and massage parlors offer better prices and a step up in services the Nevada brothels can’t match. Gone are the days when a normal American could get 30 minutes of LEGAL sex in Nevada for about $100.

Part of the problem is the system as well, wormen commonly split what the customer pays by 50% and with that the working girl still must pay doctors costs, room and board plus taxes. Greedy owners and unethical practices have destroyed a business that used to prosper and draw a decent customer base. othels-hurting-web-article-1.1439612

Some interesting News stories of the Legal Sex Business in Nevada USA gender vada-brothels-sheris-ranch ca/2010/jan/20/male-prostitution-nevada-brothel ca/2009/apr/03/nevada-prostitution-tax tories3.usa /04/nevada-brothels-closing-down/28464301/ gender

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