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  • Montreal is an interesting, cosmopolitan city, with many things for tourists to do
  • Prostitution is not illegal, as long as it is kept out of sight
  • Women tend to be friendlier and more open than their US counterparts
  • Many escorts provide a GFE
  • Activities can be less expensive than comparable activities in the US


  • Language barrier: some escorts speak only French, or very little English
  • Finding a good escort can be difficult, especially for first-timers
  • Weather can be treacherous, especially during the winter
  • Activities can be just as or even more expensive than comparable activities in the US (see Strip Club section, below)

The Montreal area is home to many beautiful international women. They come from Canada, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Central and South America. Most speak English, so language was never a problem during my visit. I noticed that the women are much friendlier then their US counterparts are.

Cost: Sex vs. Service
All prices quoted in this article are in Canadian dollars, unless stated otherwise. One Canadian dollar is equal to $0.75 US.

Your possibilities for fun are listed below:

  • Streetwalkers
  • Massage Parlors
  • Strip Clubs
  • Escorts

This may be your least expensive option, but also your most risky. Prostitution itself is not illegal in Quebec, or in Canada itself, but Montreal police officers routinely conduct sweeps to drive prostitution off the streets in response to complaints from residents.

Still, you can find streetwalkers along Rue St. Catherine (the main drag), particularly at the intersection of Rue St. Catherine and Rue St. Laurent. During the winter, women often take shelter in fast-food restaurants (like Subway) located at that intersection. You can see them looking out at you from the windows. During the summer, they’re easier to spot by their conspicuous clothing (or lack of it) and the way they present themselves.

Prices range from $$ to $$$, depending on where you go and whom you speak to. Remember that everything is negotiable and to clear things up front before you get to your hotel or room.

Massage Parlors
These operate similar to what you’d find in the US. Look for the word “Acupressure” as this usually means sex. Some places will allow you to shower before and after your session and choose the women from a lineup.

Prices are a combination of an hourly entry fee plus a tip, depending on the service you want. Once the lady feels comfortable with you, you can negotiate just about anything.

Hourly entry fees
Usually between $30 and $60, and the percentage taken by the house are set. Tips for services are not set. They typically range from $60 (HJ), to $80 (BJ) and $100 (FS). Use these prices as a starting point, as they will vary depending on the lady and your negotiation skills.

Massage Parlor Tip
Go slowly. Start out with the lower-priced BJ and see how things progress. This allows you to gauge a lady’s skills before you spend more for FS. Also, the lady may offer FS at a reduced rate during your session.

Strip Clubs – Montreal City. Most strip clubs are located along Ste. Catherine St., between Atwater and St. Laurent. Sex shops (lingerie, videos, and publications) are also common along this stretch.

City clubs fall into two categories: Contact and Non-Contact. At Non-Contact clubs, the rules forbid touching between dancers and customers. It is mainly a visual experience (the dancers tend to be more attractive and the clubs tend to be fancier). Notable examples are Chez Paree, near Drummond/Ste. Catherine and Super Sexe on Ste. Catherine.

Contact clubs offer dances in semi-private booths at one song for $10. Rates are also available for 30- and 60-minute sessions. Dancers do not grind on your lap, but may sit on your leg. They keep their g-strings on during the dance and usually allow you to touch everything not covered by the g-string. However, they don’t allow kissing and allow only gentle touching. Extras are not provided, but the rich or charming might be able to entice a dancer to join him at his hotel for some after-hours fun. Notable contact clubs include Gentlemen’s Club, on Ste. Catherine, and Super Contact (next to Super Sexe).

Cover charges are reasonable, usually $5. It is customary to tip the doorman $1-2 per person, or $5 for a group. I’ve read that there was some benefit to tipping more money to the doorman, but I never saw the reason why during my visit. The doorman has nothing to do with what goes on in the stalls with the women.

The atmosphere is more laid back than in US strip clubs. Patrons sitting at the stage are not required to tip, but the dancers do appreciate any tips. A dancer will usually wait several minutes after her first song to complete her set, usually allowing for a costume change and another dancer to alternate with her.

Dancers do not hustle for drinks or tips, and many will sit and talk for a while. They tend to be younger (18-23). Most are French-Canadian. Many come from the Eastern Bloc countries. Others come from areas as diverse as Asia and the Caribbean.

Waitresses are friendly and helpful, and usually do not push drinks on customers. You must buy at least one round of drinks, but waitresses will not pressure you to buy more. You can also buy alcoholic beverages. NOTE: The beer is stronger than what you’re used to in the States. Be careful.

Strip Clubs
Outlying Areas. Action wise, the best clubs are located outside the Montreal city limits in the smaller surrounding towns, as they tend to be far more liberal.

dancers get totally nude in the private booths, do full grind lap dances, and are more open with touching (breasts, even genitals). Even though the private booth areas have signs prominently displayed in French with strict rules for conduct (no touching, no full nudity, and no sexual contact of any kind), both dancers and customers obviously ignore them. These signs are displayed only for the benefit of the local authorities.

A typical private booth is 4 feet by 6 feet in dimension and is dimly lit by black lighting. This can be unsettling, as black lighting causes skin, eyes, and teeth to take on odd colors and an eerie glow.

Each booth contains a chair or bench and a shelf for the dancer to place her belongings. Dancers may drape some of their clothing over the closed door to show that the booth is occupied. The booths are not terribly comfortable. The VIP rooms tend to be somewhat more comfortable, as they usually have better lighting and more space.

Most, if not all, dancers provide extras (BJ, FS) in addition to lap dances in these private booths. They may hint at these extras while they’re giving their spiel, but it is best not to discuss details until you’re in the booth. Pay the lady directly after your session.

NOTE: All sexual activity is done with condom. Bring your own if it makes you feel safer.

Dancers are independents and are not direct employees of the clubs. They can set their own schedules but must pay a fee to the club for each shift that they work. There is usually a day shift from noon to 7 pm and an evening shift from 7 pm to 3 am. Many dancers work the circuit. You may see the same dancer at different clubs on consecutive nights.

Here are some notable clubs in the outlying areas of Montreal (30 minutes or more by car.)
Eclypse II
454 grande Ligne, Rigaud
Exit 12 off the 40 Fwy (direction: Ottawa/Hull)
J0P 1P0
(450) 451-5924
Weekdays, noon – 3a
Saturday, 3p – 3a
Sunday, 7p – 3a

1 song dance – $20
BJ – $80 (This lasts normally 2 songs. Some ladies will charge more if you go overtime, others will not. YMMV.)
FS – $140 (Standard price, but more attractive ladies may ask for as much as $200.)
Drinks $6.50, cover charge $2
Eight private booths

Hill Top
1150 Rte Harwood
Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada
(450) 455-6426

The women here are mostly stunning in appearance, but tend to be more aggressive and want higher prices. Quite a few ladies also had enhanced breasts, many of which were rock hard.

1 song – $20
BJ – $100-$140
FS – $150-$200

Here are some notable clubs located south of Montreal, towards the Vermont/New York border. They are also located 30 minutes by car from Montreal.

Bar Diane
79 Principale
Hwy 202 E of 15 S – near US border
(450) 294-2406

6 dancers available during the afternoon, 20+ available during the evening. Dancers tend to be aggressive. Private booths, no VIP rooms. No cover until 7 pm, after 7 pm = $3. This includes a small scratch-off card that gives the customer a chance to win a free drink. This club is more popular with Americans coming across from New York and Vermont.

Dances – 1 song, $20
BJ $80, FS $120, both $160 (standard price, some may want more. Usually lasts 2 songs, you may be able to negotiate for three songs. You may be able to negotiate the time or money.)

Bar Rendez-Vous Erotica
2126 Route 133
(route 10 S then route 35)
St Athanase, near Iberville
(450) 346-1733

This club is preferred by locals. 8-10 dancers available, most very attractive — they are usually not aggressive; you must get their attention. 13 private booths plus 2 VIP rooms. The VIP rooms are larger, better lit, and more comfortable for both dancer and customer.

Cover – $5
Drinks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic – $3 to $7.50
VIP room – $20, paid up-front to the manager. This is in addition to the activities listed below. You must pay the dancer for those.
Dances – 1 song, $20
BJ $80, FS $120 (usually lasts two songs, you may be able to negotiate for three songs)

WARNING: Hwy 133, leading south to the Vermont border, is remote and can be dangerous during the winter.

Strip Club Tips
Firstly, be aware of your time. The key is not the act itself, but rather how many songs play during your time in the booth. Note that songs usually last about three minutes, and everything is typically based on a 2-song set (six minutes).

But, this is also negotiable, particularly when times are slow. For example, once you decide on the act, ask if the lady will give you a third song.

Note that once that third song is over, you will be charged an additional $20 for every song that plays while you’re in the booth. Be careful here, as it’s difficult to say “Stop!” while you’re in the process.

Secondly, be sure to ask the lady to begin your session when the first song starts, and not while the song is playing. If not, then she may start the activities during the middle of the song, thus shorting you on time and putting you in a race to finish. Many women did this, so it’s a common practice.

Thirdly, be sure to have the proper amount of money available in a pocket before your session starts, as it’s often dark and cramped in the booths, and therefore difficult to get to your wallet and find your cash.

Another Tip
If you don’t like the atmosphere in the clubs, consider asking one of the ladies to visit you at your hotel. Some will do so for $100 per hour, while others will want far too much money.

Now you need to ask yourself, is this a good deal? Basically, the strip club experience amounts to a 6- to 9-minute BJ for $80 to $140. The point is to enjoy yourself at a reasonable cost. Even factoring the exchange rate, it’s still not reasonable.

Escorts offer your best options for comfortable, varied full service. Costs for a 1-hour session range from $100 to $300+, depending on location, service, and attractiveness.

Here, you have two options: Out call, where the woman goes to you; and In call, where you go to her.

In call
Most in call agencies operate out of apartments located in the downtown or South Shore areas. First, you call the agency. The person on the line will answer in French, but will switch to English once you ask. Ask him/her to give the names and descriptions of the women on staff. If you like what you hear, make an appointment. You will be provided with address in the vicinity with a phone booth nearby. Call the number again from the phone booth to learn exact building and apartment.

Out call
You make an appointment with the lady or the agency, and your date comes to visit you at the hotel. When you call the agency, be sure to find out how long it will take before the lady arrives.

Add the cost of your hotel room to the cost of your party, and one hour of fun can cost you upwards of $300.

Escort Tips
Your main challenge, whether you want in call or out call, is to find a good escort who will suit your needs.

Firstly, think about the details of your session. For example, some will include DFK, BBBJ, BBBJTC, and DATY in the cost of your session, others will do them for an additional fee, and others won’t do some or any of them at all. (Anal is rarely offered and when it is, is almost always extra.) Be sure to get the specifics from the agency before you agree to see a certain woman.

Secondly, think about how much time you want. This will also affect your costs, especially since some women will want to shower before and after your session on your dime.

Thirdly, think about the language barrier. Some escorts speak only French while others may speak a few words of English. If this is an issue for you, make sure you select a lady with whom you can communicate.

Try to do some homework before you go. Look at the Montreal Spreadsheet and other reports on the Internet. Note that some providers publish fake reports as a way to get business.

When you get to Montreal, get copies of the weekly newspapers and comb through the classified ads. When you call the agencies, be sure you understand what the lady will and will not do before you commit.

Also, keep an open mind about any physical descriptions you read. It’s not above the agencies to exaggerate looks and skills, and underplay age.

Finally, don’t set your sights on one particular woman, only to be disappointed when you can’t locate her. In this business, the women and names are always changing. Keep an open mind, and try to make a list of several possibilities.

Where to Stay
If you decide to go the out call route, note that the lady may only visit the higher-end hotels near the downtown or South Shore area. This can factor heavily into your costs, as hotel rooms in Montreal can be surprisingly expensive. Most hotels in the downtown area near Rue Ste. Catherine are in the $100-and-up range. Even an Econolodge in Laval, a suburb of Montreal, charges $90 per night, taxes included.

If in call is your thing, it doesn’t matter where you stay, but remember that most in call places are also located in the downtown/South Shore area. If you don’t feel like renting a car, then it’s best to base yourself there.

What to Look Out For
Montreal is a relatively safe city, but keep your wits about you, especially after dark. Here are other things to beware of:

Rue. Ste. Catherine. The further east you go, the seedier it gets. Be careful.

Bad Weather
Especially problematic during the winter, the extreme cold and heavy snow/ice will make driving very treacherous. Avoid it if you’re not comfortable driving in bad weather.

Strip Club Booths
When you drop your pants and sit down on that chair in the stall, your behind may stick to the seat, and who knows who or what has been on that chair before you.

I was surprised to see that some ladies (even the youngest and most attractive) had pimps. They would sit at the bar at the strip clubs keeping an eye on their investments.

What one guy on the Internet raves about may not be anything special for you. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and service is not graded by any universal standard. Escorts offer the best possibilities for good service, but finding a good one takes time and research. Just one bad party can set you back upwards of $140.

CONCLUSION: Do we recommend it?
The Montreal scene is better on balance than the US, with more options for fun, more liberal escorts, and prices that can sometimes be lower. Ranked from best to worst: Escorts, Strip Clubs, Massage Parlors, Streetwalkers.

However, there are some issues to deal with, as I’ve described above. Overall, I prefer to travel to Germany for better service and quality, and to Asia for lower prices.

I was in this small town of Maniwicki (population 8000) in Western Quebec for 1 night. Anyway the motel was next to this bar called Club Nuit. It has a picture of a woman’s bust outline on the sign. It is the main drag in town. Anyway I went in around 6pm before our group had dinner just to get a drink and check out the action. There were 2 dancers there hanging out and talking to the locals ??? Who were sitting at the bar, not much dancing going on. I came back there with some of my group around 8pm and the place was hopping.

No cover charge and they don’t push drinks, but you can sit back and watch the talent. I see girls going in the back with customers so I inquired and got a lap dance for $10 Canadian. I asked the first girl for extras but she said no. back out in the booth I went. I see this white guy who seems to be the manager for a black dancer. (pimp). i talk to him and he arranges $50 USD for a BJ. I go in the back to the last semi private booth/room I get a lap dance and a BJ. It was not exactly the best BJ I’ve ever had but what the heck in the middle of no where you got slim pickings

Just past Rigaud off the 20. Very nice club similar to Grand Prix and L’Eclypse for the FS. Sound system is like that of a club making it hard to communicate with others in your party and there is a sort of DJ guy who tries to get the customers involved and walks around with a mike…. aside from him the women are good. There’s a extremely bubbly mixed Thai/Spanish chick there with a tight body.. 160 for BJ and FS.

Hilltop VS L’Eclypse
Service (bar,food,bouncer): L’Eclypse
Actually have eaten there. When drunk enough. Chips, Subs, and mini pizza’s are on the menu. Bouncer named Jack is great. Slip him extra at the door and you’ll notice the difference.

Girls: L’Eclypse

Have been going steadily for 8months or so on trips between Montreal/Ottawa. Girls here are more friendly than Hilltop they will sit with you or come up to you to talk no real pressure unlike hilltop where they run back to their corner and you just catch them either en route or approach the horde.

Pricing: Hilltop

From past experience with women at both clubs from those in my party and myself. Hilltop is the cheaper of the two. Possibly because its a little off the beaten track and L’eclypse is right off the highway. Difference in price ranges between 20-60 depending on service

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