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A well appointed but until recently overpriced establishment $180/hr with usually 4-6 girls in busier times – 4 rooms 2 are expensively furnished with spas. It has recently changed ownership and seems to have improved considerably; previously due to overpricing and maybe location didn’t do big trade t – I consider that to pay an extra $30 to get a classy lady in nice surroundings a reasonable trade on some nights. The current charge is $150/hr although fantasy charges can apply and I am not sure if an extra charge apply for a spa room. They have the well appointed lounge area to run a cluby meeting lounge in busier periods – a pity they don’t use it. Timings are accurate.

Club 77
A reasonably classy establishment, large rooms at least one has a large spa, converted to an Asian girl operation with a good range of ages, staffed by non-locals. Usually some very nice, young girls available who seem to understand the sensuous needs of their work particularly young Chinese girls and many appear to be students from Melbourne working there for short periods. $150/hr.

Exotic Studio Cleopatra’s
A moderately appointed studio with 4 rooms all with a small bath sized spa $140/hr usually 6-8 girls in busy periods – girls are of variable presentation and desirability. You have to watch the management’s timing in this brothel but I keep going back due to there often being pleasant ladies that really appeal to me. Seem to be able to keep their better ladies for longer, seems the management treat the working girls fairly well.

Golden Apple
A well appointed studio with 5 rooms (communal spa) and always well presented girls of variable desirability, generally younger than I desire. A previous management had a poor reputation and drug addicts were attracted to work there, the better local girls were giving the place a wide berth. I avoid it but there are often fine looking girls on offer. Now much improved. $140/hr.

Mimi Club
New about 2 years ago; a reasonably appointed studio exclusively Asian girls with poor English skills. I had a very bad experience here with a dishonest girl; the manager’s conduct was no better. I won’t go back there again. $150/hr.

Monicas/ Secret Desires
A reasonably appointed studio of 5 rooms with a spa in most rooms $140/hr; refurbished a few years ago to moderate standard – the rooms are quite large. Used to be owned by Exotic Studio with similar girls – changed hands with non-resident Asian workers of a fairly poor standard – quite mixture of Indonesian, Thai, Philippine and Singapore girls but poorly presented, little or no English and poor to moderate bodies. $150/hr

Northside Studio
The biggest and well appointed One big advantage is that they use an introduction lounge rather than meeting rooms; all the available girls will reenter the lounge each time a new customer enters giving you an opportunity to consider the selection, but they will drift away in between times – you will occasionally be asked who you would like to see but won’t be hassled – the brothel does a fair trade in hotel escorts so if you see a lady that interests you don’t dally she could go out on escort before you realize. Decor  premises new about 10 years ago; recently well refurbished. Plush to opulent with about 5 rooms with spas and about 7 without. Largest selection of ladies in Canberra at any point in time Thurs; Fri; Sat nights typically 10-12 minimum although quite a few can be out on escort at any time. Lower priced at $130hr +$20 for spa- accurate with time keeping and workers are expected to ensure no overstays of more than a few minutes.

Stork Club
A moderately presented establishment of 5 rooms – has had times of poor management seems to have settled down over more recent times, mostly girls visiting from out of town,- there is a selection of 4-8 girls at busier times some well worth meeting.

Studio 108
New premises cheaply setup; Until recently was mainly imported Asian girls with often little or no English- not for me. New owners have made a big difference, the décor and premises have been significantly improved and while only a few ladies on at any point of time, they are usually very desirable ladies.

Touch of Class
15 years ago used to be the best studio in town (pre-legalisation) well appointed with good ladies. It recently had a period of very poor management and has just changed management a few times recently still a moderate class establishment with usually 3-4 moderate class workers in busier times. Owned by Exotic Studios management, they tend to deploy their slightly older working girls 30~36 at Touch of Class. Well worth a look.

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