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Beside the 515, another and maybe better is club is El Techo Rojo The Red Roof. Any taxi driver will know, but it is far away from the hotel area. A wide choice of girls, some tall black women from Esmeralda’s give excellent service. The landlady is a very elegant mulatto, also from Esmeralda’s.Drinks are about 2 USD, rooms all with private bath an very clean. Many Korean and Japanese guests. The total cost(drink, room, and lady) can be settled by all major credit cards. Altogether (without strict time limits)it will cost you about 120 US A very good experience.

Looking for some action i found a place where most of the girls are from Colombia, which is reputed to have hot sexy girls, and the truth is they are. I had a phone number given by a bell boy in my hotel and i took the chance by calling. The information was almost the same that I have from my amigo so i decided to go.

Fernando Meneses
101 y la Gasca street
a residential area, near the down town, very discrete. You have to pay (us. 20)to see the girls and pic up your favorite. There is also Ecuadorian girls, so i decided to have a mix with a Colombian also. The time i spend was great, they were clean and gentle.

If you find a girl you like at a club you can take her to motel HAWAI open 24 hours, large bedrooms, bathroom with Jacuzzi and sauna. You can order food and drink from a hole in the wall next door. The staff is nice and understanding. Rate $12

Cat Club
across the street from Marriott Hotel
Selection plentiful, Quality mid range
Cover $10US
(includes three beers)
Room charge $10US
Sessions $15US – $30US
Spanish a plus
Grand total $35US to $50US

Club Extasis
Wonderful time, met beautiful 21 yr from Guayaquil. Joanna $120 for 2hrs she had a Sexy body, b-cup, trimmed, tight, wet. FS twice

I read somewhere that the indians from La Paz run the hottest body temperature in the world because of the altitude resulting in incredible sex. In Ecuador, the best girls are had in the small towns in the Amazon region. And they are amazingly inexpensive. A whole night can be had for as little as $20 USD. My favorite town is EL Puyo.

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