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I just went to Cameroon/West Africa. I heard about some street action but don’t know where exactly. The place is not very safe for foreigners. A good alternative is the disco in the Safari Club, a hotel and disco complex in the center of the town. Take a cab and ask to go to the safari. There are a lot of nice, young girls looking for a European or American “white” boyfriend.

Before the safari probably try the cybercafe located in the hotel Hilton complex called ICCnet. Special in the early evenings a lot of young girls and also a lot of professionals are coming to this place to look for a boyfriend/marriage from outside Africa. It can be fun to chat on the system with a girl in the same cybercafe. You surely find a girl that loves to stay the time together with you. If it’s a young student she don’t ask you really money before. But be nice and give her nice “cadeaux” (gift). And don’t forget the girls hope to find a foreigner for marriage.

In the late night it’s the night club in the Hilton Hotel which is full of lonely girls. Young students as well as professionals

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