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FKK Club Saunaclub Sixsens
Rijksweg 1 6295 AK Lemiers-Vaals
(2 min from Aachen) Netherlands
Email: info@sixsens.nl
Telephone (de): +49 (0)15 775 870 916
Telephone (nl): +31 (0)43 306 11 95

Monday – Thursday 11am – 1am
Friday – Saturday 11am – 2am
Sundays and Holidays 1pm – 1am

40 Euros until 2pm
55 euros after 2pm

Robes and towels, restaurant
Beer and alcohol free drinks included

There is a nice brothel called Aspasia, in Vaals, just a couple km from Aachen, at the German/Dutch border. I have been there 4 times now.

The prices are 68 Euro for a half hour, and 90 Euro for an hour. They advertise that there are always 8 girls working there. The actual number of girls available when I have gone ranged from 5 to 8. They are, for the most part, fairly attractive. I would say a range of 4 to 9, with most being about 6 or 7.

The first time I was with Cindy (German). She is fairly attractive (about a 6 or 7), and incredible in bed. Full tongue kissing. She let me come in her mouth twice in the hour (no swallowing, though), and her overall technique was excellent.

The second time, I was with a girl named Angela. Very beautiful (8.5). She is Hungarian, and said it was her firs day working there. She seemed very nervous, but also very eager to please. Her blowjob was incredible (uncovered oral seems to be the standard there). She also did kissing, but not with tongue.

The third time, I was with Diana (Polish). Very attractive (about an 8), but she is the only one I have been with there who I wasn’t happy with. Her technique was very mechanical. No kissing. Her oral technique was very nice, but she would only do it a little, mostly using her hand. She also told me I was out of time when I still had almost 15 minutes of my hour left. She’s a hotty, and often the most attractive one there, but I do not recommend her.

The last time I was there, I went with Nikita, a gorgeous Dutch girl. I would give her a nine, but she has a few scars that might turn some people off (they don’t bother me at all). I only noticed them when we were up close, and then I didn’t care. She was very good, and had an excellent technique. Extremely affectionate, too. She didn’t do any kissing, though, and she only did oral with a condom.

All total, a very nice place. Especially since I live in Aachen. I highly recommend it.

By the way, if you can read Dutch, there is a message board with lots of information on Aspasia, and the girls there. Just do a google search for the keywords “vaals” and “aspasia”, and it should be the first entry on the list.

Unfortunately, I can’t read Dutch, and the online translaters end up producing something that makes Yoda-speak look good. Apperantly Dutch systax is completely different from that of English or German.


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