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The girls in the cabarets are all Russian and eastern European. They are all very young–19 to 22–and charming and sexy. They are all very good liars though. They will say that they will go home with you, but if you don’t buy them champagne all night until the end of the night, they will not go home with you. You can make private arrangements though

The street scene is close to Gare Central, but it’s no longer where it used to be. There might still be some girls in the “old” zone, but it’s more out of luck than anything else. Now they’re located to the left of the Central Station. It’s one block only, and even a small one at that.

Mostly African and old ones. Price starts @ 50Eur. A strip club is always better!!

Near the Gare Central there are streets which radiate off the Ave de la Gare. They have “gentleman’s clubs” staffed by Russian women who come on tourist visa’s, work under the table (NPI) for two months, then go home. Twice I’ve visited one whose name I cannot recall. Two points are worth making: First, they are relatively expensive. About $50 for a piccolo of champagne and a half hour “get acquainted” session in a pseudo-private lounge room. Or, about $330 for an hour with the girl of your choice in a private upstairs make out room with a bottle of champagne included. Second point seems to be universal: YMMV, and here’s my experience. Once I selected a 23 year old 5’3″ Russian blonde named Nadya who wouldn’t take “maybe later” for an answer, but took me to the common room for a split of champagne. She was sweet and very sexy, and while we kissed and fondled, she did the soft sell for the hour upstairs, telling me what a sexy guy I was and how happy she could make me. Being a wise consumer, i.e a skeptic, I asked all the right questions about whether we were going to have sex, or just make out more. She gave me every assurance that it was full service. Well, of course I bought, and it remains the best hour I’ve ever paid a woman for….big smile; a cute, sexy little strip tease, which included her pouring a glass of champagne from between her breasts down her tummy into her panties. I sat her down and licked up every drop! Then she undressed me, sat me on the sofa, and poured cold champagne down MY front and over my hard dick, immediately followed by a warm, wet BBBJ (which really took me by surprise because my Amsterdam experience was always covered.) Then she wrapped me and rode me with nonstop french kissing and rubbing her champagne-sweet tits all over my face and chest. We finished doggy style with some cuddles on the sofa after the big finish. Believe me when I tell you that if you’ve never had a girl wrap her arms around your neck and whisper wetly into your ear in Russian while she screws the life out of you, you haven’t lived. Could have been baseball scores for all I know, but it was very sexy and very arousing. Naturally, she wanted me to buy another hour, but honestly, what was there left to do?! Another evening, I had exactly the opposite experience in the same club. I was looking for sweet young Nadya, but she wasn’t in, so I selected a late 20’s brunette with a lovely slender body. Now, pay attention, because here’s the catch: I DIDN’T DO THE LOUNGE PRELIMINARY. Thinking that I knew the drill and could save $50, we went right upstairs. Only then did I learn that my $330 wasn’t going to get me anything but conversation and a lap sitting session. Why I didn’t I complain to the management? I could have, but I didn’t. It’s a long sad story as told by a poor Russian girl who really needs the money and of course you’re a louse if you turn her in for non-performance. So, guys, the lesson is always the same: negotiate your deal up front! That was the day I learned it the hard way, but HEY! It’s only money, and truthfully, the time I spent with Nadya was priceless!

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