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The Montreal Spreadsheet shows info for Chanel & Florence.
Chanel: 21 yr, 5’8, 115 lb, 36dd-25-35 natural, blonde/blue, kiss, daty, cbj, positions, wine.
Florence: 23 yr, 5’8, 119 lb, 35c-24-35, black/green, 5-5-5, deep-kiss, daty, cbj, white wine.

Is prostitution legal in Montreal?

The law relative to prostitution that is applied in Montreal is the one located in the Canadian Criminal Code:

Prostitution in Canada is not a crime in itself. It is indirectly repressed by the criminalisation of procuring a prostitute (pimping), keeping a brothel and communicating with the intention of solicitation.

Recently the police in Montreal have been arresting people caught soliciting sexual services from street prostitutes. The goal was to discourage the behavior and to have prostitutes leave the square where they worked. This activity was welcomed by local residents who have been complaining about the presence of prostitutes in their neighborhood.

West of Montreal
Bar l’Eclypse II [454 Ch de la Grande Ligne, Rigaud, QC, J0P-1P0, (450) 451-5924]
Directions (from MTL): Take 40W (towards Ottawa), exit (#12?), left on Ch de la Grande Ligne.

HillTop [1150 Rte Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC, J7V-8P2, (450) 455-6426]
Directions (from MTL): Take 20W to 540N, take first exit (#2?), turn right through the gas station area (note: online maps give wrong target point, just use it to reference the written directions).

Club Frontiere [627 Principale, Rivière-Beaudette, QC, J0P-1R0, (450) 269-9999]
Directions (from MTL): Take 20W (it’s near ON/QC border), take Riviere Beaudette exit (#2?).

North of Montreal
Bar Sexy L Oasis [380 Lajeunesse Blvd W, St-Jérome, QC, J7Y-4E5, (450) 565-6221]
Direction (from Montreal): Take 15N, exit #43 (St. Jerome Centreville), left at the first light. Go N (pass over train tracks). At the intersection (4 stop signs), turn left on Lajeunesse, go through the underpass, drive further, bar at your right.

Bar La Source [5977 Labelle Boulevard, Val-David, QC J0T-2R0, (819) 322-5622]
Direction (from Montreal): Take 15N, exit #76? (Val David), 117N

South of Montreal
Bar Salon Grand Prix [401 Bd Richelieu, Richelieu, QC, J3L-3R6, (450) 658-8397] *CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS*
Directions (from Mtl): 10E, at exit #29 keep Right onto ramp. Turn Right onto HWY-133N (Ch des Patriotes). Turn Left onto HWY-112W (Boulevard Richelieu).

Bar Le Gentleman [217 Ch Chambly, Marieville, QC, J3M-1N9, (450) 460-0030]
Directions (from GP): Turn Right onto HWY-112E (Boulevard Richelieu). Take exit on your Right to Chemin de Chambly. Drive further and you’ll see “Auberge Marieville” to your right.

Bar Rendez-Vous Erotica [2126 Route 133rd, Saint Athanase, QC J2X-4C3, (450) 346-1733]
Directions (from MTl): 10E, take exit #22 to 35S. 35S becomes 133S. Club will be on your left.

Bar Chez Diane [79 Principale, Saint Georges de Clarenceville, QC, J0J-1B0, (450) 294-2406]
Directions (from Mtl): 15S towards US border. Take exit to 202E to St. Georges de Clarenceville.
Directions (from Bar Erotica): From 133S, take right to 225S. Follow signs to Clarenceville (takes you through farm area, over a small bridge). You’ll come to an intersection (you’ll see some small businesses). Turn right, it’s attached to a small restaurant.

Bar Bistro [??1120 Ch des Patriotes, Richelieu, QC, J3L-4A6, (450) 658-3211??]
Directions (from GP): Turn R onto HWY-112E (Boulevard Richelieu). Turn R onto HWY-133S (Ch des Patriotes). It’s 2nd or 3rd building on that road to the left after you turn the corner. About 45 seconds drive from the GP.

South-East of Montreal
Bar L’Amazone Inc [850 Des Cascades Ouest, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC J2S-3G2, (450) 778-2611]
Directions (from MTL): AUT-20E to HWY-137. L on 116, then R onto Des Cascades Ouest.

Bar L’Entre-Nous [950 Des Cascades St Ouest, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S-3G4, (450) 261-0838]
Directions (from MTL): Same as Bar L’Amazone

Les Courtisanes

2533 Ste-Catherine East
Interesting place, coffee shop with small restaurant, no cover charge. Waitresses are topless and wear little lace tube or small apron around waist. But everthing is out in open for you to see tits, ass, pussy. Went in around 4:00 pm (open 5:00 am til 7:30pm) very slow a couple of guys at bar, seems to be more local hang out. Menu in French, but waitress speaks english and more than willing to help. Waitress sat down and talked for a couple of minutes. Food was O.K., Coke, Club Sandwich fries $12.50 with tax.

Princesses D’Hochelaga
4970 Hochelaga rue
15 tables with five waitress working. Five young very attractive girls who were nude except for a small transparent apron that covered the pussy but you could see everything. One guy at the next table half kidding told his server that the apron blocked the best view, with that she flipped the apron up and proclaimed how’s the view now sir?

Ste Catherine W
2000+ Plus #1371
Peep Show #1196A &1200

Ste Catherine E
Erotique De Montreal
514-871-1770 #8
Video Erotica #222

Peep Show #1209
Cinema L’Amour #4015

The Strip, Stroll, or Red Light area is on the east side of the city, get a free street map at any hotel. The strip is Ste-Catherine E from about St-Laurent to Berri about six blocks. Young girls 20 to mid-late 20’s, average I saw was 6-7 but a few 9-10’s thrown in. Corner’s of St-Denis, Ste-Elizebeth, Sanginet good places to look. Blow Job $40.00 cnd, Sex $100.00 cad. and will add $20.00 cad. for room, offer less money most girls will take less. Most action night and early morning here. Ontario is a street to the north of Ste-Catherine(three blocks away) seemed to have action day and night. Prices also seemed to be lower $50.00 cad. full service. Standard rate on this street for a Blow Job is $20.00 cad. Young girls, older woman a real mixed bag. Also seemed to be a lot of drug addicts, not my type of party. Be careful on Ontario Transvestites hang. Saw most around area between Champlain and Panet. But also found really nice 19 years old hard body girl in this area. Almost wants to make you move to Montreal, Blow Jobs $13.00 U.S., Full Service $30-$40.00 U.S. plus room $13.00 U.S. Also try De’ Maisonneuve between these two other streets. If you want your American dollar to go a long way you should try Montreal.

The first night I picked up these 2 older French-speakers in the RLD mentioned on this site. It was quite a public area and they were off their faces as we negotiated. One was blonde (who spoke better English) and dominated the other who was dark-haired. Some heads turned when the dark-haired one suddenly fondled me and gave me a wet kiss! We were to go back to my hotel and give each other oral for about half an hour. Can’t remember how much it was. There then ensued a boring saga when they were not let into my hotel and wanted me to pay them so they could get some ganja first. Eventually I think the guy at reception let them in for half an hour. I went down on the blonde for no more than a couple of mins and the dark-haired one refused, saying that they had expected more money and they soon left. Good riddance.

On a sombre note, whilst looking around, I came across a younger short haired blonde in an alley way. She seemed to be fairly sober and then we talked. She was Quebecois too. We agreed on business at a place just there but the owner didn’t seem to be in so I started to walk away. Then suddenly she got really aggressive and asked for the money anyway. I backed away but she got really ferocious and had this knuckle-duster and started punching me. She got me in the face but luckily didn’t swell or anything. I managed to get onto the main road and a guy came to help and got her off me. She started making stories up that I attacked her etc. Needless to say I didn’t go there at night again. I also had another incident during the day when I saw this tall woman near a sex cinema place. We discussed prices but I could have sworn it was a tranny and I asked but she said she was a woman. We went into one of the booths, which I was not happy about. the worst part came when she got the money, she said she was a man and just walked out!!

One of the very first women I met was along the main RLD street but not really at the main area. She was small, thin and had a real witch’s face with shortish straight brown hair and teeth missing etc. She looked at least 40 but probably wasn’t. She offered herself but the price was ridiculous. As it happens, a couple of days later I saw her around during the day and I was so desperate I asked her about business. Anyway, we came to a ridiculous price for me just to give her oral and took quite a walk to some hostel place in the back streets and the place was a mess. We had quite a good session as she passionately kissed etc. However, right at the end, she just threw up all over the place for no reason and I just left.

All in all a beautiful city but not really the place to find good action really.

Some of the better girls in MTL are independent operators. They tend to be on the high end, but if you get to know them you will get excellent service. One of them is Toronto. She is difficult to get a hold of so you might have to make an effort. You also have to be very serious since she does not take flakes. She is about 5′ 9” with a figure to die for and very very sexy in the act. Her web site is and most of the pictures do not due her justice. Rates are 250CD/hour with a two hour min. for first dates. Rules out the cheap folks. Her specialty is fetishes. When we met in my hotel, she brought along a bad of toys which we had a lot of fun with. I made her come several times with a vibrator and she can be vocal. Oral was ok and the sex was passionate. Generally, a good choice for select gentlemen. If you are looking for a quick cheap lay, this one is not for you.

I was in Montreal during the Thanksgiving weekend and I only tried the outcall services this time. I tried about 2 a day except Friday which I sent the afternoon one back. I listed the ones I tried in the Escort Services post. I got the numbers from the Mirror that I picked up from a porno shop. Because of the heavy snowstorm, I decided to use just the outcall services. The sex strip clubs I already tried and are too far for me this time. I also haven’t tried any incall services this time around. Also, you will not find the street walkers that usually hang out near the Aria Club on St-Denis and Ste-Catherine if it is heavily snowing and cold.

I only did the outcall agencies and regular strip clubs because it was snowing heavily so I couldn’t go very far but I still had a great time even if I only stayed in the hotel room for sex and along Ste-Catherine’s strip clubs and dance clubs.

I was in Montreal for Thanksgiving weekend as well. I had made some posts on Strip clubs already and will write more as soon as I have time to do so. I went to about 6 strip clubs and had 5 escorts for the stay.

The last 3 days in Montreal have been wonderful. I can’t help but wonder what it will be like upon my return next month. It’s funny how the term YMMV is so accurate in this hobby. We all have experiences wither good or bad to draw from, and expectations for the future based upon current reviews and our desires of fulfillment at what ever level they may be. Well having been to most party cities in the world, I found Montreal to be very much the same.

Since no two people act the same together, I have always found the reviews to be a relative gauge of the ladies personality and the zone they were in with that person on that given day. The ladies people liked the most, I like the least, and vice versa. It’s probably mental on my part, because I have such high standards. I mean the ladies do everything the reviews say, but something is lacking.

Lately, I’ve been having thoughts about the whole “GFE ” thing that everyone man wants so badly (including myself) and wonder who are we fooling? One, it never really happens mentally, and two, we’re playing Russian roulette! If she’s doing this to me, she’s doing this to everyone else 3-5 times a day. Most of the time, I don’t fool myself into thinking I’m special or different, but sometimes it really is. I just click with someone, and we usually become great friends also.

I was talking to Stripper Lover on the phone in MTL and he said to me, do girl friends DFK? I said “yes”. Do they give you “BBBJTC”? And of course I said “yes”. Do they give you “DATY”? And of course I said “yes”. And he said well that’s what I want. I suppose most men are willing to roll the dice.

Anyway I digress…… I flew into MTL Friday morning and had a full reservation schedule of ladies lined up for the weekend.

First up was Jackie of Allissa’s Escorts. She was ½ hour and came in this lame excuse for being late. I almost told her to take a hike. She is very attractive, and this svelte exotic way. Tall for an Asian lady, but otherwise built the same. Asked about restrictions and was told everything was on the menu except Greek. Even though I wasn’t looking for Greek, this statement surprised me because I knew she provided this. The session was very loose and flowing. We did the usually, shared some wine, did the chit-chat thing, then went on to the fun and games. All GFE services were provided as specified, so most men will be very happy with her services.

Next I saw Sabrina from Asservisante because Annie, and Anabel were not working that night. But would be in tomorrow night. Martin the owner is just as cool and helpful as everyone say. His descriptions are accurate, and his ladies are young and nice. Sabrina was a young brunette with brown eyes, attractive, and very accommodating. Again everything was on the menu except Greek. So glad I’m not a hard core Greek fan. (*smile*) Her breast was a little saggy to be so young, and I could tell is was because she probably went around without wearing a bra. All GFE services were provided as specified, so most men will be very happy with her services.

I was on a roll so I called Millennia Escorts asked for Trina, a long blonde haired, blue eyed beauty from the EU. Even though Trina was very attractive when I opened the door, she did not look like her photo. Her hair was much short, and her measurements were larger than 34C-24-34. We shared some wine, talked about East Germany were she came from, then she went into the bathroom and came out in this sexy lingerie. I didn’t ask her about restrictions because of the vibes that were flowing. She was hot, very into the session, and a good time was had by all. All GFE services were provided, so most men will be very happy with her services.

Saturday morning 8:30am and I’m a hurt puppy. I shower and get ready for Lea, one of the girls of Chloe of Montreal. I opened the door to room and was not impressed. I thought to myself “this can’t be the girl on the website” She was tall, say 5’-9”, and built thin like model and her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Her face was cute, but the acne and braces were not doing it for me. Yes, I know she was 20, but she looked like she was a very tall 16, with a nice rack. Beside her English was very weak and I was tired with a slight hangover, so I gave a $100 CDN and told her I wanted to pass on the session. And then I went back to bed to get some rest for my next reservation with Kristine of Montreal Stars at 12pm noon.

Noon, Kristine of Montreal Stars shows up and she is just a beautiful as everyone says. In fact reviewers have told me that she is one of the most beautiful escorts in MTL but she is not a GFE at all. (YMMV) I have some music playing and we share a bottle of sparkling water. We hit it off from the start and I immediately know why she getting the bad rap. She’s model tall, strikingly beautiful, strong willed, highly intelligent, has confidence and I’m sure she intimidates a lot of men, but I like women like this. The whole session was amorous and sensual. Two great minds at work on each other, one trying to please the another. It takes a special person with a great mind to get into Kristine’s zone. But the experience is there waiting to be plucked like a flower. I ended the evening by seeing her again for an additional 2-hour, and our second encounter was even better than our first.

Next I see Tanya of Montreal Stars. I hear she is suppose to be super fine model material and totally GFE. Well she gets there, and all though she is very attractive, she is hardly model material. It’s the same person that’s in the pictures, but her pictures make her look better than she really is. We talk about MTL at night and the best night clubs to go to over a glass of red wine. The games begin, but I’m just not into this zone for some reason. She has a nice smooth rack and it would be perfect except for this scare that runs down the middle of her torso from a surgery. This doesn’t take away from anything, I was just making a comment. All the reviewers love this lady and she lives up to her review on performance. I have no complaints that I can put my finger on, but something was lacking for me. All GFE services were provided, so most men will be very happy with her services.

Next I was suppose to see Chanel of Montreal at 5:30pm. I made the appointment via e-mail. She confirmed, and gave me her cell phone number. I called a few times. But she was a no show. It was just as well because I was a little tired anyway.

Later I call Martin on Asservisante and ask if Annie came in he advises me no, but that he has some one name Marie a part-timer who is working and is extremely attractive. I tell him to set it up for 8pm. Marie walks in and is very beautiful, with a radiant smile. We share a glass of wine and talk and joke like old friends. Marie has a beautiful flawless body that begs to be caressed. Martin was sue correct about her. We had a wonderful session, but she was a little to quite for me. I knew was into everything from her body responses and what was happening, but I kept wanting to say let it go vocally. All GFE services were provided, so most men will be very happy with her services.

As I stated earlier I ended my evening with a 2-hour session with Kristine of Montreal Stars and had another wonderful time.


I tried to book Kristine of Montreal Stars again this morning at 11am but was advised she wasn’t working in the morning. So I hung out for the rest of the day before flying back to the USA. I started to try another VIP from a new agency called Peaches. They wanted $500 CDN for 2-hours for this super fine Russian mode. Well this was the highest agency I checked with so I passed. I also tried to hook up with Model Jessica but she had finals this week so she wasn’t available until Sunday evening after my flight out.

Here are my top to bottom choices for strip clubs. Go to Strip Club section for details.
1. Le Club Downtown
2. Super Contact
3. Gentlemen’s Choice
4. Chateau De Sexe
5. Teasers
6. Le Scandale

For Escort Services. Go to Outcall Services for details.
1. Emma’s Girl Friends (They are the best,no doubt)
2. First Time
3. Royal Entertainment
4. Chanel (Independent)

For my trip to Montreal, I took along notes of a few of the escort services described in posts on this site. Specifically, I took along info for Angel VIP, Asservisante, Fantasme, and Sweet Dreams. My plan was to compare the information with any of their ads in the local weekly entertainment rags. I searched far and wide for the Mirror, largest of the weekly papers I saw, until my waiter finally managed to find a copy for me. None of the services I had written down had an ad in the paper. Rather than calling from my notes, I selected some ads to call (in the name of new research!) I stayed away from the large quarter-page ads because I figured that’s just more cost that eventually gets passed along to the customer (some of their ads listed $300 rates – no need to pay this much). I also wanted to stay away from single, independent ads because I figured they’d have no selection. I called two ads somewhere in between, and will post the results above. However, after some good experiences with those, I decided to call an individual’s ad for incall. This experience was so bad that I hesitate to recount it again here. I’ll just give you a couple of low-lights: when she opened her apt door, I was shocked. Granted, I had imagined (hoped) her to be a Beyonce or Aaliyah lookalike and was bound to be disappointed, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I saw. I may not be extremely attractive, but then again, I don’t tell people that I am, as she had. Suffice it to say that there was a weight issue. Why didn’t I flee, you ask? I really don’t know. Why do we stop and stare at car accidents? She instructs me to undress, yet she makes no effort to, herself. This of itself didn’t bother me, but I began to be very concerned of whether this was a trap of some kind. When she was apparently satisfied that I wasn’t LE, she undressed. At this point, I knew that I wasn’t going to send Private Johnson into battle there, so I opted for only a HJ that I hoped would be over quickly. Oh, why didn’t I leave earlier? So the HJ is administered – in rubber gloves! Needless to say, I got out immediately afterward and was soured on the whole trip. I didn’t partake of any the next day. Buyer beware. However, overall I found Montreal to be a great place for outcall. It’s plentiful and reasonable, with bright, attractive young girls. For CAN$140-160 (a little over US$100), you can have a really nice girl come to your door and stay the whole hour with all services rendered. That’s a better deal than in the U.S. I like Montreal for this better than Windsor or Victoria, and I’d rate it nearly even or slightly ahead of Vancouver. Vancouver seems to have more ads but is slightly more expensive. Adult shops, bars, clubs appear more out in the open in Montreal, but if you’re not into that, then it doesn’t matter. Outcall’s the easiest route. For the overall travel experience, Vancouver may be more scenic, but Montreal has the French culture and is easier to get around in if you are without a car. Probably boils down to which one is easier to get to. Just be careful which ad you call

Visited Montreal for the first time in over 2 years and ate again at Les Courtisanes on. E. St. Catherines (at Frontenac). This cafe or more correctly, coffee shop, has nude waitresses. I was there for dinner on Sat. evening around 5pm and there was only 1 waitress working, but came back Sunday morning at 9:30am and it was busy with 3 nude waitresses. When I was at this restaurant 2 years ago, the waitresses wore a little apron covering their private area, but were otherwise nude. Now they only wear a sash around their waists which covers absolutely nothing so you can see them in all of their splendor! A couple of the ladies were very, very attractive, too so this place is well worth a visit. Wish they had these places in Toronto, but the public would probably be up in arms! The food is only average, but it’s edible and the price is very inexpensive. My breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, large orange juice and coffee, with tax, came to only $5.24! Of course, I tend to leave a larger than normal tip since the ladies are nude!

Here’s some more info on my trip. I stayed at the Comfort Inn on Lincoln, because that’s all I could get. I’d prefer the Whyndam based on location. Next time I’ll book early. All the escorts I got out of the mirror. I stayed with the large ads. The hottest and the cheapest escort I had was from VIP escorts. cute 19 year old for 150. I also tried oriental express. I got an OK girl, maybe a 6, 25 year old Chinese girl for 190. I really wanted Asian that night so I was happy. She was a little chubby but sucked great dick! One thing though, most advertise 24/7 service. I had to call about 10 numbers before I could score an afternoon escort. Again, about a 6 for 160. For clubs, teasers was good. Coming from Boston, I wasn’t as aggressive as you need to be in the clubs at first. The decent looking ones come to you, but the hottest ones you have to ask. it took two dances to figure that out then I got a hot young blonde. Me and my friend did 5 lap dances each in a row with her. By the time she was on her 2nd song with me (her 8th in a row) she was covered in sweat. Very sexy!! I went to super contact plus a place right besides super sex. I don’t remember the names of the clubs. Avoid a club named candies unless you like large black women. I also hit a message parlor called Octopussy on my first night. I was disappointed because the girl (Who was a 10) didn’t offer any type of release no matter what I offered her. I was pissed when she told me I could start whacking off anytime I wanted. she did stick a dildo up her butt for a while which was sexy. The girl my bud got would do extra but the price was high. I learned to just stick with the escorts. I did ask a few of the girls in the clubs about a private dance in my hotel room.

Just a few words on the current situation in the city. To put it bluntly, this place is pretty active in the sex trade. Clubs where you can touch the girls for $10 per dance are everywhere. In fact, this was ruled by the Supreme Court of Canada as an act of artistic freedom, though subject to sanitation laws and whatnot (Montreal apparently doesn’t really give it much of a damn since they even tried to create a prostitution-legal zone once). When considering that as of November 2001, the exchange was $1 US = $1.60 Canadian, it becomes a dirt-cheap deal for Americans. I have friends in the US who stopped going to the legendary O’Farrell’s in San Francisco and actually fly over here to go to the clubs, all because even with airfare, it’s CHEAPER and you can TOUCH all you want (within the individual club’s rules). Heck, Montreal even has it’s own official WWW sex guide at if you want a full listing of clubs, prostitution areas, escorts and even erotic hairdressers.

Sex central tends to be the corner of St-Laurent and Ste-Catherine with all sorts of clubs, stores and prostitutes congregating near there.

Sex toys and stuff: there a number of stores, and even a chain running here and there. In the downtown core, there is one at the corner of Bleury and St-Catherine O., another 2 just a block or two west of St-Laurent St on St-Catherine O. Even more are east of St-Laurent on Ste-Catherine. There are a number of sex peepshow theatres, where you can catch a quickie glimpse at a porn flick for 25 cents or find a few prostitutes hiding out from the police.

I’ve been to a few clubs, but here are the best ones under certain conditions: for lunch buffet, really beautiful women but classic no-touch club: Chez Paree It’s a businessman’s and classy strip club. No touch, but plenty of eye candy. Best of all, their lunch buffet is free (subject to the purchase of a drink for about $5), and it is regarded as one of the very best free buffets in town. There are reports of local business WOMEN going there despite the nude girls, simply because the buffet was worth it. At night, free snacks at happy hour (5-7pm), no buffet, and the typical environment of a classy strip club.

for stag parties: Solid Gold It’s by far the best place for stag parties, though sometimes the gals are a bit off. Still, this place was showcased in Stripsearch: Montreal on the Playboy Network. The girls there really know how to please the guys.

for pure and absolute evil where ANYTHING goes: Grand Prix it’s actually a bit out of the city, but this seedy rat trap is probably also the most legendary among most of the men in Montreal. Anything goes there, and it’s a miracle they’ve never been raided. The local legend is that the owners are former cops who have friends in high places, but other reports also say it’s Biker Gang owned, and no one messes with the Bikers in Montreal.

for sheer beauty, enthusiasm and style, downtown Montreal: Scandals (les scandales) Nice little club on St-Catherine E. near the Universite du Quebec a Montreal campus. The girls are hot, and they dance well. Very attractive, all of them, and well worth a visit if you’re stuck in the downtown core and want to go for the best.

best overall: Les Deesses Hands down bar none, this is probably the very best one in my opinion. The girls are all enthusiastic, wild and very eager to please. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 dance or 20, you will definitely get much more than your money’s worth. They won’t perform actual sex there, but you will be definitely needing a smoke just watching the floor show. In the Montreal sex guide, the reviewer warned that if the visitor didn’t have a car (it’s the only way to get there) before, you will DEFINATELY be at the car lot the next day later.

There are really only 2 streets where street prostitution is still quite apparent: Ste-Catherine E. (between St-Denis and St-Laurent) and Ontario E. (from St-Hubert to Papineau). On Ste-Catherine E., the girls there tend to go from the $80 (BJ plus groping) to $200 (half and half). They tend to be young, and dress in leather and stiletto heels and what-not. They are VERY obvious, but only show up between 10PM-3AM. For more money ($300-400), they will toss in massages, or all you can screw in an hour type of deals, up to $1000 for the entire night. Just be warned, St-Catherine E. is also near a university, and has a fair amount of clubs in the area.

There’s also a police station only a block or two away, who do routine passbys every 20 minutes or so. These girls tend to have some sort of deal with a few hotels on St-Hubert and St-Denis. As such, you might have to also toss along another $20 for the hotel room. Some girls, near the end of the night and if they trust you, will bring you to their own homes to finish the night. On Ontario E., the girls can go from young (teens) to very old (you don’t want to know). Usually they’re drug addicted, though there are some who actually have a regular clientele and only appear if things were slow that week.

Prices can get very low, as low as $5 for the most desperate druggie who’ll blow you quickly to get a quick fix, to $80 for the full treatment. Like the St-Catherine E. girls, they usually have a deal with a hotel (or a B&B on Ontario E.) whereas you have to pay $20 or so for a room. The girls might also give the option of doing it in the car, in some alley or in their apartments at the end of the night. If you look around, the girls are around pretty much around the clock, though in small numbers. Also, there is a gay, trans-op and transvestite corner or two, so make absolutely SURE that the girl is ACTUALLY a girl (unless you were looking for that sort of thing).

There are plenty of escort services that will deliver to your home or hotel room. Just grab a copy of the free weekly newspaper Hour or the Mirror, or the daily newspaper the Gazette and just pick any of them from the classified section.

Prostitution from escort services is quietly tolerated in the city, providing the girls are not underaged. Apparently, the most famous and popular for Escorts is Annick and Friends, run by a graduate student and her other university recruits who are putting themselves through school. She even has a nifty web site at and even promotes her other work from time to time. Since it’s run by students, they are not available during exams and school holidays like Xmas, but having a vodka drink with Annick was actually rated in the weekly Montreal Mirror as a secret pleasure.

I found this to be true also of a trip I took not so long ago to Vancouver and Victoria. The women were in fact young and friendly but they lacked in the actual sex department. Since I live in the US I gave Canada a try as it is closer then Germany. In Germany the majority of women I’ve sampled were very much more into the sex. In Canada they were more or less present and service was just passing. Passion was also lacking besides the skills. Untill you have had something really good like Germany it’s hard to understand this. Nevada is similar in my experience and it’s rare to have a REAL passionate experience. I think this is also due to the use of condoms in Nevada for everything and the lack of kissing. Women just don’t kiss in Nevada like they do in Germany. Kissing was more available in Canada but not as common as Germany.

Strange the farther away you get from the US the better the sex gets….

Mexico by the way is similiar in my experience of the US border towns, not many women will kiss and not all will perform oral without a condom.

I can’t state this enough but you don’t know what great sex is till you’ve had some. At one time I felt the sex I was getting from Nevada was great. I then gave Amsterdam a try and that blew away Nevada. Germany topped both those experiences and still ranks at the very top. Im open to finding something better but yet to find it. I also prefer a country where you’re not limited to one race, hair color and eyes etc. Germany has it all. Canada I was hoping would offer something similar to Germany however from Sex’s post I don’t think even Montreal can match up.

Hey, Canada has some of the world’s most beautiful women and YES it is better then the US and Mexico in my humble opinion and experience. I feel this way from selection being a big part as well as safety.

I guess for us all to agree on what is best we would all have to have the same taste and experiences. Im fairly sure Sexxapade has been to Germany to sample the talent. Thus I think his opinion of comparison between Germany and Canada would make sense to me.

I don’t think Sexxapade meant any harm in his post but as I posted above he experienced some differences that I also felt. I also have to state that I see it far too often that people rate a place by one visit or a limited experience. You really do have to know the best places, give them all numerous attempts to get a good idea of what goes on.

I’ve been to some of the best clubs in Germany and on ocassion had a terrible time, this does happen. This could cause some guys to not return and make the assumption that a place is not worth a second visit. Perhaps our limited experience in a country has something to do with our overall views?

Got back from a short visit to Montreal, I had no internet connection so wasn’t sure where to go. I ended going to a few Bars on St Catherine, the place was ok but no visible contact so I moved on. On my way out I noticed a few good looking SW, since I was in town only for one night and it was getting late I picked up a pretty blond from Ontario. She took me to hotel for $100 + 20 I asked if that was was for a full hour – she said “it will be long enough”. I could tell right away that I was going to be in trouble when she did not even undress to give me a CBJ. To make a long story short she was only planning to give a sloppy CBJ not FS at that price… needless to say I was majorly disappointed. Next time I’ll do some research before being there.

I’m here in Montreal and having a great time. It’s not to cold where you can’t walk the streets much, so the weather is still fine. So far I have partaken of two escort adjencies and an in-call massage parlor.

The first escort was from Montreal Princess, a rookie named Elsa. She looked a little gothic, overall a 5, but I have tuff standards. She really wasn’t a great whore, as much as a freaky lay, cause she was screaming and into probably more than me. I thought about charging her. $150ca and she wasn’t in a hurry. She gave a full body massage (1/2hour) and then a hj, cbj combo into sex. I would have to check out more from this adjency to give a strong opinion. This was an o.k (5 out of 10) experience.

Next I went to Glamour girls and took a chance with Sandy. Much better sex this time, but a tad more mechanic compared to Elsa. $150ca again and she wasn’t in a hurry either. Again cbj can be a little disappoiting, but I am still asking and searching.

The Massage Parlour is right behind the Quality Inn on Crescent. They didn’t play around much. The girl I got (brunette, 5 out of 10) couldn’t massage my crank hard, let alone my back. She seemed into it, and it was $50ca to get the “massage” (just an entry fee) and then anywhere from $50 to $100 for the full deal. I was able to get the full deal for $75, but no big deal in trying to negotiate.

The street scene on east St. Catherine was dead. Just a couple of Goths and Fatty’s. Was offered $200 including the room for two chicks to do a show and then have it with me. Declined.

I’ll be here till monday, so post away. Fish, where is the post you used to have with that adjency for $140 where you got the backdoor action. Might hit that up if you get it too me in time. Was it Angelic or something?

I had a great time in Montreal. I even partied with the non-pro local women and my fluency in French helps to impress them. I couldn’t bring any home though because of my accomodations in my parent’s house but in spite of that, I love Montreal and have a better time living with my parents there than living by myself here in New York where the women are total bitches. I visited Montreal and Ottawa for a 4 day weekend while visiting my parents. I was able to sneak out of the house while in Montreal but my parents stuck with me in Ottawa unfortunately so I couldn’t experience the adult scene of Ottawa. My father told me that hotel prices are jacked up during the Columbus day weekend because it is their Thanksgiving day and to top it all off, Queen Elizabeth II was in town so the prices of hotels are jacked up even more. He told me that prices at this time are $129CD for budget to $200 for 3 star and $500 for 5 star. Fortunately I stayed at my parent’s place but then again I couldn’t try the outcall services and the street scene. I was only able to try the incall, sex clubs. I went to a strip club called Hilltops in Vaudreuil-Dorien. I am not sure of the exact address because i took a cab there and had him wait for me for free. The number for Hilltops is (450)455-6526 (This was the number the bouncer gave me from Solid Gold before he placed me in a cab to this place). It is pretty far from the city and it took me $70CD to and $70CD back to the city. The girls are 9s and 10s and the prices are $120 for full service cbj/sex for 2 songs. I tried this girl called Bianca. She tried very hard to make me cum but I cannot cum in 10-15 minutes which is how long 2 songs are. This strip club is similar to Gran Prix which is cheaper to get to by cab $55CD each way.

The 1st 2 nites (friday, saturday), I stayed @ the Renansaise (sp?) on Ave du Parc (it’s
about 5 blocks from St Laurent and Sir Authur (??). It only took me 5 min to walk from my
hotel to Cafe Sofia (and Club Karma Sutra). The price: ONLY US$50, best yet, I found
parking on the side street that could have costed me additional CAN$14 (w/o in/out
priviledge, and CAN$18 with).
The subsequent 2 nites (sunday, monday), I stayed @ Holiday Inn Select on Viger for YES,
only US$50/nite. I paid CAN$14 for underground parking w/ in/out priviledge.
The last nite I was there, I stayed @ Wynham on St Catherine (in the mid of the action) for,
YES, only US$50. Although, I paid CAN$21 for valet parking (too lazy to find parking on the
These are all 3 stars hotel, and I believe I can get lower price if I was patient enough to
change my options on and booked earlier (I booked 1 day in advance).
At any rate, you should definitely check it out on priceline if you need decent hotel to
stay while in Montreal.
Of the 3, Holiday Inn Select was the best.

If you plan on traveling from the US to Canada (hopefully Montreal is your final destination), I just got a coupon from NorthWest airline for $198 (travel on tue & wed, w/ sat stay) from anywhere in US to anywhere in Canada. However, you have to book your tix by 11/30/02 and travel before 02/13/03.

It’s bargain for me since I live on the west coast (zone C). Here is the ref code if you are interested: PD658

And No, I haven’t used it. I don’t know if you can only use it once. I paid $368+tax on
air for my oct 2002 trip to montreal.

So here is another reason you should go to montreal and personally live out these amazing
experiences discussed on the board.

et me share my experience during my trip to Montreal in oct 2002. I got a list of Montreal top 10 from Mirror website and I went down the list to visit each 1 of them.

sunday nite, around 12am, I visited:
Super Sexe on St Catherine – general comments: girls are pretty, around 6-8.5 range, play great music, no pressure from girls for dance, but then there is NO contact dance available. I sat there til 12:30am and they put on a 2-girl show where an asian and brunette mechanically took turn licking each other’s knockers and daty, they had no expression at all, but quite a sight. I have only seen this in Amsterdam, so this is the 1st in N. America.

Club Wanda – the club is less sleazy, there is a wide range of girls in term of looks. The brunette with a semi-decent knockers strutted on stage topless, there was this 30+ blonde w/ crooked tooth in school girl outfit (somehow it was a turn-off for me since she is way too old for school girl outfit) asking for dance but was ignored by most customers. A really really good looking blonde (9.5 in my scale in term of look & bod) was giving an air dance to a guy on the 2nd level behind the stage. I didn’t get her name since she was booked for the hour when I was there. Definitely need to check her out next time.

monday nite, around 10pm, I wised up and actually went those w/ “dance contacte” clubs:

Super Contact (St Catherine) – the girl are not that good looking (5-7). My 1st contact dance ever was with this Rusian woman in late 20’s, 33b-28-34, 5’6″, she taught me what I could and could not do. Then I saw these 2 good looking blondes (8.5) working in pair to get these 2 guys to dance with them and they left for the backroom when I returned, then I waited for another 15mins, but they never returned so I left for Downtown. In my experience, I don’t think Super Contact is worth a visit due to the quality of the girls.

Downtown (St Catherine) – this is a nice club, lots of younger dancer. I danced with Angela, who was a straight long hair blonde w/ a pair succulent knockers. She is 22 yo, 5’6″, about 120lb, 34b-26-34, very nice body. She told me that she also works @ Teazer on Crescent, needless to say, I spent the next 5 songs giving her tits a good massage. 🙂 You gotta check her out @ Downtown or Teazer, I would definitely go back just for her alone. After she left, I had another dance with Amy (slim build with fake breasts). I have never touched a fake breast until now so it’s quite an experience. She has short blonde her and about 5’2″.

Karma Sutra (St dominique) – This club has very nice settings, the girls are pretty (in 7-9 range). I hooked up with Brandy (the only English speaking brunette from Vancouver – she used to work @ Cecile if you know Vancouver strip club scene) and I pretty much spent most of my nite with her talking and dancing. She is a brunette, with nice round breast – not too big, not too small, but a bit chubby below. Then I started talking to the Rusian blonde and she told me about Grande Prix (this club was not listed in the top 10) and that full service is provided if asked there. At any rate, this blonde has a decent bod (early 20’s, 5’3″, 32b-28-33), and she did grind my crotch which I thought was not allowed. There was this girl (long brunette) with an touch of asian. She has the best body and look (9 in my scale), but she spent most of her nite sitting next to her boyfriend (I saw them kissed) and only went up to the stage when it was her turn. I ran out of patience and left the club before she ditched her bf. In my experience, I would go back if I stay near St Laurent (like Renaissance @ Ave du Parc) because of closeness & quality of girl & settings.

I will report my experience with Grand Prix in my next post.

Here is my experience with Grand Prix in mid oct:

The drive from Montreal to Richelieu took about 25 mins, the direction from was wrong, so I had to wing it and took 35, luckily, I didn’t get lost.

Grand Prix is like a roadside bar in a brightly litted areas (unlike KamaSutra) and drinks are cheaper ($4 for water, $6 for beers & mixed drinks) than other bars. It was a tuesday nite and there were about 7 girls and most of them are in the 8+ range. However, there was practically no action whatsoever on the stage, the girls just sat around the bar and talked while the customers watched the world series on TV (I read about them playing porn on TV, but it wasn’t on that evening). At any rate, a really nice black girl (long hair) with the word “Princess” in chinese (ok, when I asked her what it said, she said “orgasm”, but then the chinese gentleman sat next to me said it meant “princess”) on her arm. She was tall and very good looking so I bot her a drink, but didn’t want to dance with her because my eye was on the blonde – Nichol (or something starts with a ‘n’ – sorry I am really bad with names & the music was too loud); she has perky breasts around 33b-25-33 with really good face. It was her 1st nite there and get this she was only 18 yrs old, in addition to being young, she was also the best looking girl (8.5 in my scale) in the bar who speaks French, English, and Spanish (her father was French, her mom was Mexican). I asked her for a full meal – $140 and because it took 4 songs, I had to pay an extra $40 ($20 per song). Btw, it’s ridiculous, I don’t see how you can get it done in 2 songs, but anyway, it was really 1 of the best experience I’ve ever had (I don’t want to get into the specifics, you’ve really got to try it to believe it). Since I still have some cash left, I thought I ask for a cbj ($80) from her after I recuperated, then thought I should try other girls. And man, did I not regret that decision. Again sorry, I am really bad @ name (maybe I was consumed by her beauty), anyway, I made a move on this brunette 5’7″ 34b-26-34 (ample breasts and very good looking), oh my gosh, she gave the best cbj (best in my book) and she didn’t rush into getting it done (maybe a tactic to charge more for additional songs I guess), but I couldn’t hold back after 2 songs. Needless to say, I was drained physically and monetary :-), but I gotta tell you that it was 1 of the absolute best time I have ever had. This made all the flying (I lived on the west coast) and driving and hotel worth it. I will definitely go back to this place the next time I am in town.

The hot strip is St Catherine and the red light area is east of St Laurent. But the strip clubs are all over the city. A hotel I really like is the Wyndham Montreal just about 2 blocks west of the red light zone. Rate through internet service like should be $80-$120 canadian per night or about $50 to $75 dollars US per night. But book early because it fills up. And no problem or questions about guest this is a 4 star hotel.

Strip clubs: check out the postings I have on this page will give you a good handle on what’s going on. I took a girl out of Chateau de Sexe over the winter cost was $250 cad. Another pick up strip club is Cabaret Sex Appeal both these are on St Catherine West.

Street Action: Lots of girls on St Catherine from St Laurent east. But street hooking is not legal so be careful of the police.

Out Call Escort service is legal in Montreal and that’s a great deal. Pick up a copy of the Mirror a weekly paper or use the yellow pages. Out call escorts are $100 to $300 per hour cad with all fees. In call runs about 1/3 less.

Lot’s of hotel rooms in the downtown area should be able to find some starting around $50 dollars per night Canadian money. Exchange is running about 1.6 Canadian Dollars to 1 US Dollar.

Clubs like L’ eclypse II on the way from Ottawa has extras $60 to $150 dollars. Or from Northeastern: NY & VT in Richelieu off Auto route 10 you have Grand Prix open Monday – Saturday with extras for $80 to $150 and the sister club Bistro Bar with full service for a little less cash.

But you get a small booth and a short amount of time for your dollars even with full service. Your time and money is better spent on a Escort in Montreal. Have her come to your hotel and you have more control or go to a incall service. The rate for full service should be from $65 dollars can incall 30 minutes & from about $100 dollars can outcall 60 minutes. I believe this is a better deal. Or if you want to do a little hunting you can pick-up some really nice looking girls off the street from about $30 dollars and up. Pick up a copy of The Mirror newspaper for the escort ads. Also check on this site I posted a lot of escort web sites already. Happy hunting and post any other.

You that you are better off renting a car or driving up there. I believe that should not waste your time at the city strip clubs but go outside the city. Inside the city is okay if your hotel is there and you want to hang around and relax a bit, but outside the city is better. Also, you should definitely try the escort services located within the city as the rates are about $100 American. The way I see it why waste a lot of money on lap dances you could be having the real thing in your hotel room.
Basically, at strip clubs inside the city you can touch but they cannot sit on you etc. and outside varies from the same to sitting on you to full service. I have travel to the sex capitals of the world and I still love the city of Montreal a little piece of heaven in North America with warm friendly girls ready to serve.

Montreal is about 375 miles from NYC so if you drove it’s about a 6 1/2-hour trip. You said that you don’t drive so your other options are to fly Air Canada has direct flights less than 1 1/2 hours should cost you about $200 dollars with Internet deal. Or you can take a bus Greyhound out of NYC is about $70 dollars and the trip is around 8 to 9 hours. Enclosed is Greyhounds wed site: But you also said you are Chinese I know that several companies offer cheap bus service from Chinatown NYC to Montreal. Look in the Chinese papers for ads and rates or ask someone in Chinatown. Sorry I don’t read Chinese so I couldn’t do a web search for you. If money is important and it sounds like it is take the bus. As to a hotel in downtown Montreal for under C$50 dollars that’s really hard to do in October. I have two for you to check out Hotel Park Avenue 4544 Avenue du Parc Montreal, QC H2V 4E3 is about two miles from the Crescent Street Clubs and with tax you should pay about $50 dollars U.S. per night. But I would take the money saved by taking the bus and go to the Quality Inn Downtown 1214 Crescent St Montreal. This place is right on Crescent Street I have stayed at it several times as a matter of fact. It is located just south of Rue Saint Catherine and the Crescent Street Clubs are just north of Rue Saint Catherine it’s a great location and within 400 yards of the clubs. You should pay about $75 dollars per night US with Internet booking. If this is still too much you may want to try a service like but you must take what they give you so I don’t like using them. A quick note about the Crescent Street Clubs lots of non pros in them very easy to pick up girls if you are a talker and for some reason maybe 9/11 they love New Yorkers. If you are at the Quality Inn it should make for a great time. Also several strip clubs within a block or two from here, the RLD is about 10 blocks away east on Rue Saint Catherine.

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