Strip Clubs (Boites)

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Strip Clubs
Av. Prado Júnior 63

Praça Mauá, 9

Frank’s Bar
Av. Princesa Isabel

La Cicciolina
Av. Princesa Isabel 185D

Praça Mauá, 19A

New Scotch
Av. Princesa Isabel 7
If you go there at 10 pm, you’d think it’s a disco. Later strip shows start. Then disco again, with stripper dancing naked right next to you. A few years ago, they also had on-stage hetero sex late in the night. But in recent years I have not seen this any more. Maybe just missed the right time.

Entrance was something like $15, with two drinks included. (I recommend caipirinha-vodka)

Quite a few girls in there, almost all hookers. Will come on to you. Many of them really nice looking, with great bodies. When you speak English, they want $100 or so. You can negotiate. In particular, if you are tall, not overweight, and of the “Northern European” type.

Av. Atlântica, 1424
R200 for the hour to the hotel plus R20 both ways cab fare, includes a pack of condoms!
cbj but sucks balls well with tongue ring, DATY, french
I was hoping to get a bbbj with her tongue ring but she disagreed to do it. Her sex was a little mechanical but not as mechanical as Michelle from HELP. She at least stayed the full hour

I have been to this place a couple of times in different years. A good selection of girls. Nice strip shows. Sometimes lesbian shows. Strippers will dance with customers in various stages of undress.

It can get very expensive if you start buying drinks for a girl. Or if you want to take a girl back to your hotel. They will charge you an exit fee for her. My bill one night easily topped $200 in there, without having spent any money on the girl yet. But the one I took back to my hotel room was VERY HIGH class and worth every dime. Looked a lot like JLo, except with nice full black curly hair. She spoke English, too. Stayed for the night for multiple numbers. Showered together, with great oral action. (no condom for the BJ). More sex in the morning, after breakfast. She then wanted to spend the day with me at the beach. Real GFE. But, darn it, I had to catch a flight. (Another regret: I only had $40 leftover to give her. She took it and was very happy, though.)

Even though this was a great girl, I would still not recommend that you go to Holiday. Disco Help and some of the other Boites (I love Scotch Bar) are much cheaper and still have the same high level of talent.

Rua Ministro Viveiros de Castro 24

Barbarella’s has a plenty of great girls hooking around customers the most dance and you can check’em moving some just sit looking around if you’re looking for a cheap fuck, don’t go there you have to pay the drinks and the fee to go out with the girl and, if she’s cute, you don’t pay less than 100US$ a night.

Gabriel is correct. In my opinion Barbaarella’s is a rip off…. You pay 50 reais to enter and if you want to take a girl home with you you pay another 50 reais to get her out (bar fine). Now she will ask you for $200.US Dollars but you can get her down to about $100.US Dollars or less.. I think you might be better off going through one of the agencies here for about 200 reais for a few hours.

According to my opinion, Barbarella is the best club in town. I visited these clubs during 7 following nights. I was feeling “at home” after 2 nights. Received a warm welcome from everybody on each of my visits, from the security staff on the street to the waiters in the lounge.

The lounge is offering a lot of seating and a stage where girls are dancing. A show took place every night. The club was FULL every night of the week. No entrance fee but check your bill!!! Girls will charge you for cigarettes, expensive lady’s drinks… No pressure atmosphere, you can only seat, have a drink and watch the girls.

Something like 60 girls every night, not always the same!!! Again, all the girls are available and you can find all type of girls you can imagine…

First take your time to choose and negotiate with the girl before leaving the club for the price AS WELL as for the service. Some girls will try to leave you soon as possible to go back to the club and make again 1 or 2 clients same night!!!

Price are expensive ( compares to the level of live in Brazil of course ) : 250 USD an hour. But it’s negotiable at 03:00am as well as 11:00pm. I finally paid 150 USD. I chose 3 different girls during the first 3 nights. The first one stayed only an hour with me, the second one +/- 3 hours and the third one till 5 pm next day!!! Both of them gave me their telephone numbers and I saw each of her again two times. It was like girlfriend experiences… We were in restaurants, in discotheques ( not Help disco! ), back to hotel for the whole night and after in room breakfast, to the swimming pool or the beach…

For both of the girls, this is a second job on the side. They are working only 1 or 2 times a week in the club. Very wild and hot sex ( covered bj + straight sex ). And a lot of fun with these smiling and funny girls !

No problems to bring back the girls to your hotel room, but you have to sign a registration form at the reception ( it was totally free of charge, no security fee or extra bed fee… ).

I certainly recommend a visit to Brazil. I’m also curious about discovering other parts of Brazil like Recife…

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