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Hotel Royal is a nice hotel to stay and have fun. Hotel staff may arrange ladies. Most of them are Students of College and University. You can also find ladies from Mim Beautipurlar. Uttashov Guest House is another place who supply ladies too.

Most of the top ladies come from Khulan University, Boyral Girls Colleges. They charge from 200 to 1000 taka. You can have cheap ladies at Pictur Palace area. Hotel moon is a nice place to have sex. You will have to pay Tk.100. You will see streetwalkers at picture place area who usually charge Tk.30 to 50.

There are many places in Dhaka to enjoy great sex- hotels, private houses etc. But its better to choose an arrangement which ensures safety, real women and good time. I would recommend to find the Guesthouse in Gulshan named Lake View. This resthouse provides excellent gals, ladies. They are either students or housewives, or whatever category you like. Housewives are of special category because they usually come from rich family and they are really pretty. Prices ranges from TK 2,500-3000. You need to go there and ask for their service.

Other options are contacting a pimp. Some of them are to be found in Ramna park. but they may not understand English. They can take to some real pretty gals and ladies in their private houses. These places are very safe since they do the service from their own home. Sometimes you can get movie actresses as well. Prices range from 500-5000 depending on who you want to have. I have tried some best gals and ladies in this process. The pimp would be satisfied with Tk 100. You pay the transport cost to the place you go.

There are four avenues around Gulshan 2 circle. It’s a dead-end avenue unlike the rest three of them emanating from Gulshan 2 circle. If you’re a foreigner, then you shouldn’t be worried at all of the police. But if you’re local bangladeshi, then you need extreme caution in picking up a hooker and dropping off after your job is done. because at times police on patrol there think you’re from gulshan and hence from a well established family – they will then demand money from you to not tell your parents/family/etc!

Anyway, you will start seeing a few prostitutes from 8:00pm. but the real time for choosing from the “whole menu” is a little late in the night – say around 1000 pm. the location is the dead-end avenue coming out from gulshan 2 circle. the ones I’ve met don’t wanna give BJs. and they ask for about than Tk 2000 (US$40) for a single shot, at your own home. This seems to be a bit too high for a street prostitute in Bangladesh; i guess it’s because of the many foreigners who find it still quite cheap compared to other in-call rates in developed countries.

Nevertheless, the ladies in that area are quite well dressed, and understand some English. you’ll find ladies varying between early 20s and mid 30s. most of them have good taste of clothes (Bangladesh standard).
Failing to provide jobs for the people, those who run Bangladesh have made prostitution a legal profession. As long as a Prostitute carries a License she is allowed her “freedom” to sell her body. If you go to the Old Dhaka town and visit some of the Jatra theatres, there should be some “Hijras” something like a half man and half woman. You could also try Narayanganj Red light Area called Tanbaazar, if you pay the brokers well they may find something for you.

(Goalundo Ghat)
Daulatdia has a central part named Goalundo Ghat, famous for its numerous brothels and great number of prostitutes – the “brothel town” of Bangladesh. It is about 150 km (90 miles) north of Dhaka, situated by the Padma river. North of Goalundo Ghat, the Ganges is joined by the Brahmaputra. – You can reach this place from Dhaka by bus and by ferry.

Beware: Bangladesh faces an AIDS time bomb with a dangerously short fuse, according health workers.

Complacency, sexual taboo, widespread prostitution and a booming back street trade in human blood may together be brewing up a catastrophe for the new millennium.

Experts warn the number of cases could skyrocket in this Moslem country over the next few years. Just over 100 people have officially tested positive in Bangladesh for the HIV virus. But those working in the field say the true infection rate could be up to 1,000 times higher. Bangladesh is sitting on a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment,” says a doctor heading a network of organizations seeking to stem the tide of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

“If complacency cripples the force of action, an HIV/AIDS epidemic will ravage Bangladesh with a vengeance and land it in a national crisis at the dawn of a new millennium. The cumulative number of HIV/AIDS cases now stands at 105 and projections about undetected infection run from 20,000 to 100,000.”

But in Bangladesh, whose 120 million people regularly deal with natural catastrophes like floods and hurricanes, the silent spread of the virus has so far gone largely unnoticed. The vast majority of carriers go undetected, because the stigma of AIDS is acute in Bangladesh where sexual matters are seldom openly discussed.

“HIV has touched the core of the population of Bangladesh and the experience of neighbouring countries suggests that only one to two years are enough to send the prevalence up to an epidemic level,” said Nazrul Islam, secretary of the National AIDS Committee.

Poverty and a subculture of intravenous drug users also make Bangladesh fertile ground for HIV, experts say. Nazrul Islam believes sex is the main route of transmission as elsewhere. About 100,000 Bangladeshi women are estimated to work as prostitutes. A study this year showed they had an infection rate of around 0.5 percent this year, compared with zero last year, Dr. Islam said.

“Each girl takes four to five clients a day for unprotected sex in most cases, raising the spectre of a conflagration,” said an official with Islam’s committee. HIV infection is especially high among one of the main client groups of sex workers – the country’s roughly 265,000 truckers. But insisting on condom use is useless, says one prostitute. “If I insist on a no condom, no sex approach with my clients, I will have to starve.”

The price here is quite cheap, ranging from as low as 200 Taka for one shock to 1000 Taka for one night or higher (1 US$=50Taka), and that depends on quality. Most hotels provide sex guide for their guests secretly. You can ask the hotel boys to help you, but you gotta bargain the price for yourself. Generally speaking, you gotta spend 1000 Taka on one night and prepay some backsheesh (not more than 100 Taka), a word quite popular among Bangladeshi, which is demanded by most girls. After you have settled the price with the middleman, he will bring a woman to your room when it is very late and all the other guests of the hotel have rested. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT How much you will pay will decide how beautiful and attractive the woman is. Most Bangladesh girls are short and quite dark compared with the skin color of the people of some other Asian countries. It seems that they lack their job skills. So it’s your job to guide them. And another strange thing is that all the Bangladesh women don’t use condom. But for your safety, you have to use your own.

And there are also quite a lot of brothels in Dhaka. They are just one or two floors of a building. People here call them hotel, but actually which is not for accommodation but for sex business. The price here is the same as the real hotels. And you can select your favorite one from some women just waiting there. As I know, these brothels have got the protection from the police. But I still suggest you go there with the guide of the local friends.

Sex business is legal in some places in Bangladesh. One of the most famous place is Narayongongji, a city which is just 30 minutes’ ride from Dhaka on Dhaka-Chittagong highway. You will have more selections there.

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