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Trip to Taipei I returned to the Caesar’s World sauna on the 13th floor of the AsiaWorld Mall and I’m pleased to confirm that the place is alive and well (last time I was there was in 1996). The place is a sauna/fitness/massage club very clean and cozy; you enter and leave your shoes to a shoeshiner, then proceed to your closet and disrobe. Once naked – don’t worry here is normal – you can then enter a very large room with different pools (cold, warm and hot water)where you can relax – NOT SWIM – note that you are requested to have a shower before entering the pools. When you are relaxed you can fetch a bathrobe then move to another large lounge where complimentary drinks are available – here is the interesting bit. In the lounge there are usually some girls that after a short time, will come to you and propose for a massage; of course you answer “yes, special”. You will be guided to a hidden door and you enter the “massage” area. You will be guided to a room and a masseuse will come to “service” you – the masseuse is NOT the girl you meet in the lounge so don’t worry if the mamasan is in her 40’s; the girl won’t be.

“Full service” is from 4500NT$ to 5000NT$; “half-service” (she jerk you off) is about 2500/3000NT$. The girls are all in the late 20’s and very enthusiastic. Highly commended place

Taipei is not the best place to go for FS massage. I tried the Caesar World sauna that was mentioned before. First of all, it is not easy to find. It turns out that it is near the Hard Rock cafe so you will have to walk about1-15 minutes from the nearest MRT station (Nanking East Road – I think was the closest). It’s also next to the Aisaworld Hotel. There is no sign in English, except one that says Sauna 15F. Everything is in CHinese, which makes it a real challenge. You will have to look hard for the sign. It is on the main road crossing Nanking Road. The Sauna is O-K, although I think the saunas are nicer in Malaysia. Again, almost everything is in Chinese.

As previously described, after you do the sauna/spa thing, you go to a lounge where (surprise) everything is in Chinese. The lady (mamasan) will come and ask you “Massagee?”. You go up through the secret door and wait for the masseuse. The lights are dim in the room so it’s hard to say how pretty she (masseuse) is. She will ask if you want a “Special Lady Massage”. I paid a total of $NT4900. The current rate of exchange is $NT30 = $US1. Having spent quite a bit of time in Asia, that’s a helluva lot of money for such service in Asia. I was not impressed by the massage or the overall sauna, no real attempt to accommodate foreigners. I doubt I will go back there. My Taiwanese friends are looking for better alternatives for when I go back

Try the bar called Charlie Browns

In taipei we went to a place where the men pay for women to sit with them in a private room. buisness men often take advantage of this luxury and the cost is 1500 NTD per hour per woman.

the mama-san rotates through the club into the different rooms and swaps girls. if you particularily like one then you can ask the mama-san to keep that girl in the room.

these places are fun to visit and the selection of women is very large. the women pour drinks for you and you can ask them to drink with you. they keep you company and later if you want the full service then you can likely pay them for that.

the room is very nicely furnished with leather couches shaped circular and a glass table in the middle. there is karaoake and a big tv.

Checked out their outcall massage service. They have ads in the tourist magazine that you can find in your hotel room. I’ve also seen some ads in the classified section of the ‘South China Post’ newspaper. Think it’s under ‘Services’.

Anyway, rang up a few numbers to enquire about the rates. Most offer NT4000 for full service, some NT5000. This is for an hour. So far, all speak some English but a little Mandarin on your part can go a long way too. I settled for this agency that charges NT5000 cos’ they were willing to bring it down to NT4000 after I told them how much other places were charging. After giving them the details of where I am and a quick call back to confirm the details, the girl arrives about 30min later.

She’s young (abt 24), very sweet looking and has yummy tits. Also very friendly and obliging. We showered together. She allows frenching and I even went down on her. she was about to give me a BBBJ but I insisted on covered. We did it in various positions. She was really responsive and at no time did she rush me. She was really wet too cos’ she left a big wet stain on the bed! Anyway, it was an excellent encounter and she didn’t even expect any tips. I’ll ask for her again.

Taipei there are 2 nice saunas where all the brothers will be always welcome.
1/ the caesar sauna in the 15 floor of the asia world shopping mall behind the asia world plaza hotel. price: 4800 NT$ for the hour.
2/ Jin hua sauna, it’s 50-100 m after the crown plaza hotel if you come from theasia world plaza.

No. 4 lane Shuang Cheng St.
Hot and cold towel treatment
tel 596-7272
Massage, Full service and very attractive women at a decent price.

Near 15 Nung An Street
Great massage and full service
Talented hands “without a care”
Tel 594-2539

Being Taiwanese, I would like to contribute some info regarding some interesting activity in Taichung, the center of Taiwan.
1. Little Stickers: What is that? you may ask. well, in the center of this city, if you park your car on the road side for one hour or two at night, when you return to your car, you will find those little stickers (flyers) with a telephone number, and you dial up, someone will access the phone and direct you to the location service including Nude Bathe, finger and tongue massage, BJ (with rubber) and straight, 50 minutes, and the girl is young, (have not found any older than 25), price: about NT 3,000 ( a bit less than 100 US)
2. Sauna Club: You will enter to a massive spa area, enjoy the spa and jaccuzi, sauna…(by yourself), then when you enter the second floor, some guy will approach you to ask if you would like to have a “oily massage”, (of course they speak Mandarin only) and say yes, you will enter a discreet room with a massage bed, a girl will come for service. Service is the same, be noted Chinese girl does not do anal, price is 4200 NT (140 US) (one hour special service and you can stay in the sauna for as long as 8 hours, even free supper at night), girls there a bit older but skillful, but no one older than 30.
3. Call girl: Don’t try it, my advice
4. Club girl: These girls are the best, mostly beautiful and sexy, and willing, but expect to spend up to USD 400 for a whole night.
5.Massage parlour: Well, unless you are in desperate and trying to save money, price: NT 2500~3000, (80~100 USD)

This place is located in the northern part of the harbor city, Kaohsiung. Let the cab driver know you want to be at Chung Hua Road. The street is in the north-south direction. Very wide with two lanes on each side and a center dividing island.

Walking north and the place is on your right hand side. A guy approached me while I was passing the store front. “”Like girls? Very young and you can touch them anywhere.”” “”How much?”” “”US $30 for one hour.”” I followed him in.

It has dining tables on the right hand side and the cashier (a female) sitting on the left behind the counter. The real boss (another male) took a look at me and led me to the back. There were 6 girls sitting there watching TV. “”Ying-Ying, go upstairs with the customer.”” was his order. Ying-Ying, a very young looking girl, stood up, took a look at me and started walking up the stairs.

I followed her and looked up at her legs and behind. Young girl’s leg and very firm ass, swaying in a way only a teen girl can. She had a white skirt on and a beige blouse, and a pair of high heels. Her skirt was very short showing most of her thighs. Very smooth and firm thigh muscle.

Got to the room. A bed, a wall fan, a small table and a small chair. She closed the door and I noticed she did not lock it. I set myself on the bed and motioned her to sit next to me. She must be a junior high school girl ! “”How old ARE you?”” “”18″” was her official answer. By looking at her face that close, she looked whole younger than 18. My guess she could be just 16. Very soft skin and not a single wrinkle on her face or forehead. Her hair was black, straight and long. Very nice lips.

I started pulling her blouse open. “”Are you a cop?”” she asked. “”Me? No way.”” “”Cops come here very often>”” was her scare strategy. That did not stop me. I want to see those young tits. By the way I was 54 at that time.

My hand got down to her breast. Creamy and soft. She did not resist because she was paid to be here. Did not want to kiss her on the lips to avoid problems. Nibbled her on her neck. Pale white neck and soft skin.

Put my hand on her short skirt and started pushing into her private part. “”Cops come here often………”” I hooked my finger into her legs. “”They come here often….”” I started rubbing her private part through her skirt. Her legs dropped open and she pulled right back. A young and inexperienced girl! “”How much?”” I asked. “”What do you mean?”” she responded. “”How much to go all the way?”” “”US$100 dollars.”” she said it with her eyes closed. “”OK, let us do it.”” After I said that and confirmed that she would provide the condom, she stood up and started removing her clothes.

What a young body ! Small but perky tits, thin waist, round and firm ass and slender legs. Her belly button so small and cute, formed a perfect round hole in her flat belly. She barely had some fussy hair. “”Stand there.”” She obliged. “”Turn around for me.”” She did. “”Turn again and face the wall.”” Her back was toward me. Wow, what a sight. A 16 year old girl with her arched back, narrow waist, perfectly round and smooth ass, and white shinny legs, right in front of me. It reminded me all those high school girls in their tight jeans or short cheerleader skirts, except this was totally exposed.

I got behind her and started massaging her shoulder. She made a surprise move. Her ass started moving toward me ! Being invited got me excited real quick. At 54 you don’t get an erection that quick, but I did when I saw her hips moving toward me. I put one hand in front of her between her legs and found my own penis. Slowly I pressed my penis tip into her pussy. She was just a little wet. But I could not wait. Once I had my tip hooked into her, I lowered myself a little and pushed my legs against her rear and slid in her. Slowly we worked against each other. I was amazed by her understanding even at her tender age.

I did not want to come then, even I almost did. Watching her baby back, waist, and expanded ass got me almost over the edge. But she was too exotic and young to let go so early.

I turned her around and lowered my lips to her nipples. She started rubbing my semi bald head and moaned a little. Her nipples were small and pink. Even after they were totally aroused, they were still no bigger than a pencil eraser. Such a young girl !

My semi-soft penis regained its strength after I worked on a 16 year old girl breast for a while. I put my both hands behind her and grabbed her small ass, so small my hand could cover the whole thing and knead them easily in my palm. Lowered myself and eased into her again. She was breathing hard now. All the time, she did not say anything but her reaction told me I had her going now. I could not help putting my lips over hers. Another surprise ! She stuck her tongue out into my mouth !

I have not sucked on a 16 year old girl tongue for a long time. It is so small and quick. She wiggled her tongue in my mouth like a little snake. Short dashes instead of long and lingering. Must have learned from her young boyfriend. I played with her tongue and started doing the same thing, wiggling my tongue against her tongue while I slowly rocked my penis in and out of her. She was in a semi-squatting position over my legs and only her toes were on the floor. But she still managed to use her thigh to raise and lower her butt against me.

My old legs got tired and I wanted to really entered her now. Lowered her to the bed and she immediately opened her legs wide. I knelt in front of her. Staring at her whole body. 16 year old ! Shy smiles. The breast just started showing. Thin arms over her head. Thin waist augured the expanded leg/ass beautifully. Not much hair yet. In the dimly lit room, her vagina lips were just a thin line. I looked at my fully attention tool and started lowering myself. With all those images, nice teen girl’s ass in tight blue jeans, the high kick of teen cheerleaders, the occasionally wind lifted skirt showing tight colored panties, I finally was going to savor the deep secret of a you’d girl’s spring time. She had her hands on my chest when I started pushing down on her. Once I entered her completely, she let her hands drop to the back of my ass. She started humping me ! I knew she wanted me to come because I had played with her almost an hour now. I deliberately held my penis at the entrance just want to feel the tight opening slid over my head over and over. Wow ! one time too many. I came. Immediately I pushed myself all the way in and started really ••••••• her. After 20 or 30 deep strokes I was totally spent. I kissed her again and she opened lips and stuck the tongue out again for me. Ever after I left her lips, her tongue was still out there wiggling. What a hot teen. Reluctantly I lifted myself out of her nice and warm sheath.

Handed her $100 (in five 20’s) and she said, “”You are very smart.”” Huh? What did that mean? Anyway I was totally spent and exhausted so I left that question unanswered. On the way out, I handed over $30 and the real boss asked me, “”Good? Come see us again.”” I did. Had another girl later on. Again a high school girl type.

It is good to be able to have access to a young, fresh, and gentle girl at my age. It removed all my tensions. Made me feel like a free man again. I still date older women but more or less like a friend instead of a sexual relationship. When I need to make love to a female, I go to Chung Hua Road and did it like a teenager again every time. The girls there never mind my age, maybe, because “”you are very smart.

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