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In Santa Cruz try the Cartagena. Girls are from the 5 – 8 scale. The place is very safe. It costs $20US. Things start happening around 9pm. Fridays and Saturdays have more variety. I went to La Paz, Bolivia and asked a cab driver for the best women. He took me to some joint on Calle Mexico. This club on Saturday night-1am contained a grand total of 3 very mature women and no clients wonder why. One of the women said that the biggest club was Encantada. So I hopped in a different cab and he dropped me outside what looked like 3 ´swing´ clubs all next to each other of which Encantada was one. I went into the one next door because they had a better neon sign.

The name and address is: Maipo, Loayza 802 Encantado must be 804 or 800. A cab from downtown 16 de Julio is 5 bs or 10 if you forget to ask how much before. Anyway, cheap, and well worth it especially considering the club is uptown next to a dodgy area. There were roughly 15 girls there 3-6, and a couple of 8´s. When I was sat down 3 girls came over and asked me if I liked any one of them. I asked if I could see all the girls. They said yes and the next girl who came over was way above the average of any of the girls I’d seen in Bolivian swing/strip clubs so chose her. 30bs for her drink same price as yours.

For sex: A room is 100bs and when it came to her price she said what do you want to pay. I said 400bs which she accepted. The whole night cost me 900bs and maybe the better dealers among you can get the same for half but I enjoyed myself which was the main thing.

Bars and Discos Thursday, Friday and Saturday the area known as Equipetrol will be full of people. The main strip is Avenida San Martin with many clubs and bars. The action starts around 8PM with people having drinks or coffee at one of the cafes. By 11PM the action has moved to one of the open air clubs/bars where you can sit and admire the girls as they walk by and take note as to which disco they entered. By 1AM the discos are in full swing. Most of the girls are 5-8 but a few 9s can also be found.

Here is my break down of things:
Thursday Start at Durangos move to Veraduras.
Friday Start with Miro and move to the disco above Mareas.
Saturday Drinks at Mareas and then go to Auto Mania Disco.

Please note most of these girls are not hookers. Make eye contact, be friendly, ask them to dance. The drill seems to be: dance, have fun, get her number usually she will slip it to you without you asking, maybe give her a ride home and say good night and head to another spot. Then the next day call and ask her out for dinner or drinks (coffee at the Irish Pub (3rd Anillo or on Plaze 24 de Septembre) will do just fine) and that should do it. A cell phone is a really big plus here or voice mail, but be careful, the girls can be very persistent. One night while out on business I received calls from 4 different girls looking to hook up that night. This is a easy way to score with non pros and have lots of fun. Remember you are seen as a way out for these girls, American streets are made of Gold right? All visitors are rich right? Well in a country that most people earn less than a month’s rent for us that maybe this is true.

A German Busch has a strip with several bars and discos, not as nice as the clubs in San Martin but well worth a trip to check it out.

There is an abundance of nightclubs sometimes call Whiskerias that will have a floor show and girls available. Again there is a wide range so if you don’t like what you see at one, move one. Most charge a fee bar fine to take a girl out of the club. Some of these women can be very money hungry and want to just go short return to the club. Prices depend on location. Curries is the most well known and the most expensive. Girls are 5-7 with the occasional 8-9. Girls will look for 75-100 for full service and half goes to the house. Found a really nice 9-10 here once that was worth the wait.

Flavias is a little out of the way (Av Virgen de Catoco) but I the best selection of girls. Most are students and a few who are starting to turn pro 6-8s. 100B (14$)For a table dance of two songs. 200B (28$) for a short time in the back of the club. Short time in this club is 5 songs. If you want to take the girl out of the club she will ask for $100 but take a lot less and 20 goes to the club.

Cartagena is another well known spot, with a large crowd of pros, but 4-6 in quality with a few 7-8s. The exit fee (bar fine is 50B about $7.00 dollars and the girl will look for $40 to $80 for all night.

Club International, International Gentlemens Club, Platinum Club, Club Kali, Whiskeria Cuervas, Platinum are all other clubs you can try.

You will find many others are around, look for the young kids passing out flyers that advertise the clubs as you drive by on San Martin or Av. Mons Riviera (another early night spot for coffee and girl watching). Also look for a fold out publication in the hotels called Hanging Out that will have listings.

Street Action Near the Plaza de Estudiantes along the Primera Anillo there will be a crowd of girls waiting for a date. Usually a range of 4-7s but there are some cute ones hanging around. 100B $14 for 1 hour. Other arrangements can be made. You can find two girls that are willing to go together if you want a threesome. If you are into street girls you could pick up one for the week for about $150 dollars. But be careful some of these girls are underage.

I have not used the massage services that are in the daily paper, El Deber, in the classified section. You will find 20 to 30 massage listings for in call or out call.

A number of girls are in the center of town, about 9PM these girls(18 to 25) all line up on the streets, to talk,wait for buses, cabs, walk to the coffee shops, etc. If you have a car drive by and get them to notice you and then if your Spanish is up to it, ask them if they would like a ride. Invite them for coffee, get an number….. and you may get a call within a day or two.

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