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If you’re looking for some fun in South Africa, take a look at – they have plenty of good pictures of the local clubs
together with the girls – prices range from GBP35.0 to GBP40.00

Some are great and some are OK – let us all know what you think

Massage City, on the Eastern side of the City. This is a clean, discreet place with very attractive girls, usually about 6 on duty, and virtually all white girls in their twenties.

They are friendly and will do all you want for about US$ 70 in a special theme room such as the back seat of a car, or all mirrors wall and ceiling.

You are led through a corridor and shown all the available ladies, for you to make your choice, then shown the various special theme rooms, or you can have a plain room with only a massage table for a lesser fee.

The girls will blow and fuck to your heart’s content for a full hour. There are clean showers and clean towels for you to clean up afterward, and you leave by a discreet passage, so you do not have to bump into other clients. I have visited many places in many countries, and this place is exceptional.

Hi there. If you were to land up in Joburg, go to the Ranch on Rivonia. This is a 90s whore house with perks that you have never seen before. There is a cover charge of a 250Rand, which is about $60 and the drinks are on the house. There are at least 30 women of all ages and races. From local South Africans to women from Bulgaria, Russia, Thailand, China, and almost every part of Europe. The setting is like a country western bar and the women approach you and ask you if you need company, and they inform you of the details. Basically, it’s 450 Rand for a sauna and a lay. The act is performed in a small room with a hospital type bed. The women will come to your hotel for the night for 1500 Rand. The women perform at their level best with a blow job without a condom and the final act with one on. Anyway, it’s a one-stop venue for a lay and a night out.

Johannesburg has changed a lot recently. After the court case which clamped on prostitution (it was never legal here, anyway), police had started to clamp down on brothels. It is very hard to find a decent one, recently, unless You are prepared to spend big bucks (that is for South Africans, of course). Recently, a couple of TV shows were competing in who is going to film more brothels being raided by the police, so the whole situation has become more and more complicated. Ranch has gone down the drains in a court case, and today, You better update daily to see who is doing what and for what kind of price.

The best way to inquire about the services offered is to try one of the websites : and On those 2 websites You will find about the 80% of the working girls with pictures and stats but not the prices. Prices range from R200 for a full house (usually cheaper areas, danger areas and black girls) to about average of R400 for an hour (One euro is R8 and one dollar R7). Blow jobs are usually not much cheaper than the full-house, and if You choose to go to a brothel, You will have to pay another R100 either as an entrance fee or addition to the rate. Some girls charge up to R800 for an hour, but they usually have their own web-sites, and they are more opened to international clientele. Their sites as well as club sites You will find as a link on one of two above-mentioned sites.

When in Johannesburg, some areas You must avoid, especially at night:
Hillbrow, City Center, Randburg, Kempton Park, Benoni, Germiston, Orange Grow, Bramley, whole Louis Botha avenue
Relatively safe places for sex are still:
Sandton, Rosebank, Morningside, Fourways, Sunninghill, Hyde Park, alongside William Nicol road, Parkmore
Another good place for sex contacts is the daily newspaper Star, with its classifieds section.

Large selection of “escorts” and “massages” in the classified section of the Star newspaper.

Gentleman’s club “The Lodge”
Kempton Park
10 minutes from the airport on Polana Road
cover charge 50 Rand $8US
includes two drinks
250 Rand for 30 minutes
350 Rand for an hour

Just a short note on my trip to Johannesburg. There are 2 great sources for information. First is the local newspaper. Select Gauteng from the first choice and click on Social/Adult. Another menu will come up. Under publication, select “The Star” and then click search. I found a few houses in the Sunnyside area, which charged between R250 and R350 for 45 mins. The $ is about 8/1 against the South African Rand. There is also which has pictures of girls. I tried one, and the advertising was accurate. The price was R350/hour in a private house, which is shared with other girls. The quality is good, and the ladies are very open to your requests. There are also streetwalkers whose prices range from R100 – R150. They are very prevalent by the Village Walk area after 8:00pm. This is a very busy area, and I was surprised by the action. They also offer to take you back to their apartment; however, they are always far away and not in a good area. All in all, this is excellent value for money.

Avoid the massage parlor at 102 12th Avenue, Highlands North. They advertise in the local newspaper as a new parlor in the suburb. The ad offers all services at good prices, but the prices double as soon as you get there. The selection of ladies is bad, with one old redhead running the place.
The big shock comes when you return from the shower to find your money and valuables gone, if you put up a fight, you are threatened and put out in the street by the bouncer. The local cops are on the take and if you try to report the theft they do not act.

The Thai Restaurant was part of the Ranch Entertainment Complex, which was shut down a year ago due to some legal problems. A real pity because it was really great at this place when compared to what else is offered in this city. Today, many of the former Ranch girls are working as freelancers that can be found at: Also, there are many cat houses in Johannesburg, check the “Star” newspaper. Generally speaking, the girls in Johannesburg are more professional than in Cape Town. You will get some Thai Pussy here, but it is usually the ones that couldn’t even make money at a place like the Nana Plaza Complex. If you really want Thai Pussy, just head to Thailand.

What can I say? The cheapest English-speaking sex capital in the world? Where else can you get great sex in your hotel for $60 for a couple of hours? The previous post is absolutely accurate in that those two websites offer a large range of girls to visit or be visited by. I have tried a few of the girls advertising on IOL and was in almost every single case extremely pleased with the result.

Now the sensible bit: AIDS is an enormous problem in Africa as we all know, however very little statistical data (that I know) exists concerning the proportion of white to black infection. Social segregation based on custom, income and relative wealth is still very prevalent if not the norm, but while it is less likely that South African black men can pay the 400R for an hour with a white South African girl (and that many of said girls would not accept because of discrimination that still exists), contagion can and is still spread between both, so be careful and protect yourself, no matter what the color of the person is.

Summary: call an ad if you like (stay off the street, since the violence is spreading out of Jo’burg central) get the girl to visit your hotel (now that the ranch is closed, apparently). Enjoy yourself, oral with or without (who am I to judge), practice safe penetrative sex, and do it again when you feel like it! You know you can afford it!

Called a number from the Star newspaper advertising Greek Queen. Greek = Anal even in South Africa, as does Both ways or BW or Byways. The guy who answered the phone told me it was 400R for an hour, but pretty generous with the timekeeping and a superb anal session. He did not lie on either point. Alana was a late 20s, chestnut haired (probably originally red given the pale skin and freckles, oh and non-matching cuffs) tall, white girl of English origin. Thank god for that — a forceful Afrikaner accent can be a real turn-off, a slight or posh one immensely arousing. Alana turned out to be very pleasant to talk with. A lovely woman. After a while, she went to the bathroom to do her ablutions and came out wrapped in a big towel, which she let fall as she knelt on the bed. Alana had a lovely slim body with small breasts, large nipples and a teeny bit of sag (evidence to her 4-year-old she had told me about). She crawled over to me, and we started kissing, real kissing, passion, fervor, tongues, everything.

Within minutes, my erection was starting to make itself noticed, and so she moved her hand down and caressed me encouragingly. Without prompting, she slid down and began to give me a glorious bareback blow job. Describe it how you will, but basically performed great oral sex on me. I busied myself with her hairy pussy, making her groan gently and suck me even harder. When she was truly wet, and I was truly hard, we rolled on the rubber and got into the traditional missionary position, kissing hungrily all the time. Alana moaned dirty words, which I love to hear as I stoke the fire. After a while, we moved into a doggie position with me fiercely ploughing her cunt and Alana encouraging me and thoroughly enjoying herself (who really knows, but I was convinced). The sex was so good that I felt embarrassed when I asked if anal was on the menu. Alana just spread her white cheeks and offered me her pink wrinkled asshole for me to stick it in.

I noticed that we were not as lubricated as we should be, even though Alana gave no indication that she minded. Luckily, I had some water-based lube concealed under the pillow! Planning, boys, it’s all in the planning! I generously applied the gel to her hole and my cock and sank balls deep into the most perfect ass it has ever been my pleasure, before or since, to plow! Alana’s ass was outstanding! Her ass muscles never let up for a second, and she continued to wring out as much pleasure as she could from my cock, wringing pleasure out but giving it back to me in spades! Bathed in sweat, I decided to retreat from her ass since I feared that it might be too sensitive to continue.

Alana asked me if I had come, when I panted no but would finish off manually, she crawled around, removed the condom (intact, no petroleum idiot am I) and stuffed my soaking cock into her mouth. She took it all, every spurt, dribble and drop and did not stop sucking and licking me until I was as clean as I was going to get without a shower and soap. We kissed again afterward as she got dressed and left. I tipped her an extra 200R and said I would call her again if she didn’t mind. I should have got her number, but I didn’t, and have cursed myself a thousand times since because she did not work the next day and after that, I left South Africa. Maybe she has stopped punting, might be she works for another agency that does not so readily advertise her charms, but she will remain for me the greatest ass fuck this earth has ever produced and a girl/woman you could devote a large part of your life/income to keeping around you!


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