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There is some street action in Denver, but you have to be patient and look hard…best place I’ve found is between Colorado and Monaco on Colfax, after 10pm…usually look for a lady walking alone on the darker areas of the street, pull into a side street a block in front of her and wait for her to approach the car…do the usual are you a cop, and feel up, then it is time to negotiate…bj’s run around 20 dollars, fs for 60 in car…that isn’t too fun, I think next time I’ll try a room….

Any farther east on Colfax, you get into Aurora and there are too many cops…Friday’s and weekends there is too much competition for ladies, best look on weekday nights.

Finally tried Jade Spa. It’s a spectacular achievement in Denver’s otherwise lacking massage/escort community. $80 gets you an hour with hot tub and sauna. $ w/o negotiating buys the rest. Easily the cheapest show in Colorado. The ladies are all young and striking. One is the best looking Korean that I’ve ever seen (21yo). Facility is perfect. Clean. Safe. Remote enough not to be awkward, but only 10 mins from downtown and easy to find. You can get a map from their website. (Look up “Jade Spa” on Google.) I’ve been to over 10 AMPs. This is the only one with what I would call *professional* management.

While killing some time before a flight recently, I decided to do a little research. I called three ads under Adult Entertainment in the weekly rag, WestWord. Two of the ads looked like independents, while the third advertised a new MP. I called one of the independent ads, but in reality it was an agency or MP, and the girl I asked for was not working that day. Calling the ad for the MP, I was quoted a price of $130 for the hour, no hidden charges, no tips required. Based on prices I’ve observed in other cities, this would appear to be for f/s, as it seems high for anything less, at least in Denver. The other ad was indeed an independent, and I was quoted $160 for the hour. I didn’t have enough time to sample any of these, but I will the next time in town.

Stopped by the Spring Spa on Sunday to check it out. The old location is closed. However, they have reopened in a new location under a new name. Look for the New Spring Spa at 3124 S. Parker Rd. Same little strip mall look and the same extra services available.

Massage is 30 minutes = $50, 45 minutes = $60, and 60 minutes = $80. Interesting how the last 15 minutes cost an extra $20 when the 15 minutes prior only cost $10. Not sure how they do their math. Anyway, it didn’t matter. Take the 30 minutes. You won’t be rushed. I was there for over an hour total. As with most AMP’s I’ve been in, the time is just for the massage. Three girls were available in the front room, and I took the youngest. The girl I had was pretty and maybe 24-25 (hard to tell age sometimes) and only a month away from Yongjookol, Korea.

They are a little pricey on what they ask for extras, but they will bargain. The girl wanted $100 for bj or $200 for f/s. I got her down to $110 for f/s when I told her that was all the money I had, as she would not do it for $100. Kept insisting $100 was bj only. Good massage and very enthusiastic service. She really liked it that I knew her country. She also really liked it that I took time to take care of her first. Very tight body and nookie (unshaved, but very clean). She gave me table showers before the massage and after service.

As I was leaving, the mamasan wanted to make sure I was happy with the service, and asked me some questions (rather than when I entered, when I wasn’t asked any questions). Interestingly, she asked if I had been there before, and was quite surprised when I told her I hadn’t; but quickly told me to come back soon and often. She told me that the girl said she really enjoyed herself, and wanted to see me again. She also said that next time I come, she will make it very special for me. Since I was just in Denver on business, I’m not sure when I’ll be back; but you can bet that I will return.

I checkout out Spring Spa today. No choice of girls. Just whoever shows up in your room. “Kim” showed up in mine, and she was HOT (looking). Definitely business-like, with little enthusiasm. I felt like she shorted me on my time. Also, prices all around seemed unreasonably high. ($50 for 30 mins massage, “extras” at about twice what I would expect–even after negotiating.) Worth paying a premium for a hot, but passionless lady 500 feet from a strip club? Not for me.

I frequent this massage parlor called the Spring Spa off of Havana/Hampden. There are several Asian girls who will accommodate what you are looking for. I have gotten three different girls on three different occasions and the best was Michelle. She did everything before we even talked about the money. Needless to say I gave her a great tip. Check it out. Women are attractive: A+, Service is appropriate: A+, Location from Boulder

Fuji Health Spa
4244 Highway 34 Fort Morgan, CO 970/542-0094 Rates: $60/an hr. Sauna, whirlpool, shower and massage. 7 days, 24 hrs. Usually two girls on duty. Girls are generally young and attractive and this place is OK if you’re not looking for anything special.


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