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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Sofia (Sofiya)
Main Cities: Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas
Population: 8,903,000 Area [sq.km]: 110,910
Currency: 1 lev = 100 stótinki
Languages: Bulgarian
Religions: Orthodox, Muslim

Hard Erotic Club 79 Slivnitsa Blvd. Tel 0 887 799566
Interclub Fresh 123 Macedonia Str. Tel 0 52626373 or 899 756182
Interclub Lilly 145 Slivnitsa Blvd. Tel 616106 or 888 758279
Sex Club Maya 6 Stefan Stambolov Str. Tel 888 229354
Sex club Ely Tel 52 604969

Sunny Beach
Erotic bar “Place Pigalle” next to hotel KUBAN Tel 0899818216
Striptease Bar “Relax” Hotel ASTORIA Tel 055423052 or 888-519-856
Erotic Club “Golden Apple” next to Hotel EVRICA BEACH Tel 0888319539
Erotic Bar “Lido” Complex NEPTUN Tel 0888125762 or 0888001219

Erotic bar “Place Pigalle” 90,Pirin Str. Tel 0899818216 or 0899110079
Erotic Club “Black Rose” 4, Vazrazhdane Square, next to BUDDAH BAR Tel 359899807018

Erotic bar “Place Pigalle” main road, next to hotel Samokov Tel 0899110079 or 0899165062
Club Go-Go Girls near Rila and Alpin hotel

Seaman’s Club, accross from railway station’s garden, 15 girls. Strip-dance area and rooms on the 2nd floor.
Another club across from the dance club, 100m from the harbor entrance, more night club-like, dancing girls, separate tables etc. Lady’s cocktail 5 Euros, drinks at 3-5 Euros. Rooms located in an apartment about 10min drive from the club.

Buy the local newspaper “Alo Burgas”. Look for 5-6 “Massage Club” ads with photos and numbers. Be careful with numbers starting with 08881, 08871, etc. because numbers with last digit 1 in operator code have additional tax and you will be extra charged for the call.

Seaside Resorts Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Albena
Prostitutes can be found. You’ll recognize them as they look like prostitutes! At night they’ll chat with you and ask if you’re “looking for company for the night”.

Ski Resort Borovets
Erotic bar “Place Pigalle” Main road, next to hotel Samokov Tel 0899110079 Tel 0899165062
Club Go-Go Girls near Rila and Alpin hotel

3km south of Sozopol, close to portal of campsite Kavatzite, is the striptease bar Eldorado.

Stara Zagora
Night bar Eros #9 Armeyska str. Tel 42624477 22:00 – 04:00
Hotel Kalina, Bulgaria



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