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In Managua the classiest and most well-known place is Lips. This combination club and casino used to be part of the Josephine’s chain (also found in Panama and Costa Rica). It’s directly across the street from the Intercontinental Hotel. There is no cover charge, but there is a minimum drink purchase of $18.00. This equals 3 of the better local beers, maybe 4 of the cheap ones or a few mixed drinks. These high prices are for the upscale clientele who are usually tourists, foreign businessmen staying across the street at the Intercontinental Hotel or the occasional foreign military man. Few locals frequent this very classy club.

The show is a combination of strip-show and Vegas-style cabaret. There are usually a dozen or so dancers and the girls are almost all 10s. The girls are attentive, relatively low-key and well mannered. Only the rookies will bother you uninvited, but normally they sit in small groups by themselves until you see one you’re interested in, then ask your waiter to send her over to your table. The staff is very attentive, and if you interact with them they will remember you by name after a couple of visits.

Lap dances are $10.00 semi-nude on the floor, and $20.00 nude and in private. There are private rooms (a $100.00 bottle of wine gets you in there), where there is kissing and petting. However, there is no sex on-site at this club. In this club, as in most others in the country, the girls can be taken back to your hotel for a price. The price at Lips is currently $600.00 US (US currency is accepted throughout Managua, but not necessarily away from the capitol). Whether or not the girl goes home with you is entirely her choice, so if your offer is refused try another girl.

The girl gets a 50% commission on anything you purchase, so if you think you can negotiate the price for her services you’ll have to do it away from the club. The girls are prohibited from giving you their phone numbers, so be discreet if they sneak it to you and don’t be seen with a pen and paper (the girl will be fined, or more likely fired from her job). By the way, none of the girls speak any English, although the manager and some of the waiters do.

Another place called the Playboy Club (not affiliated with its US namesake) is a strip bar in a part of town somewhat off the beaten path. As in most places, there is an armed guard at the gate and a secure parking lot. The staff is concerned for your security at all times, and will hail a reputable cab for you when you are ready to leave.

When you enter this club, you’ll immediately be approached by one or more of the girls. If you’d like to check them all out before making a selection, this would be the time to say so. All the girls in the place were knockouts, and extremely attentive. In my case, I was hit on by a rocket named Fabiola, who was extremely friendly. Of course a drink for the girls costs more than it should, and while we were having drinks she became even more friendly, massaging my raging erection and allowing me to feel her up as well. That’s when she told me that an hour in the back room with her could be had for $50.

There are several rooms in the back of the club, reasonably clean and air-conditioned. We had some terrific sex, including a blowjob without condom. I didn’t get the impression that there was too much that would be out of the question here.

Now the fine print. When you go here, make sure that you understand what the charges are and ask before you say yes to anything. There was a hefty cover charge, plus drinks, so my $50 fuck ended up costing me $200. The sex was great, but it’s easy to get suckered here if you’re not careful. You might be better off getting a hotel hooker.

Not that hookers actually work inside the hotels, but the ones to get are the ones who work the street near the hotels. Here’s the deal. Prostitution is not legal, but it’s generally not enforced unless there’s a reason to attract attention. If you stay in a decent hotel, they already know the girls who work the area. And of course they’ll charge you extra to bring her in to your room and put that on your bill (in the case of the Best Western, it’s $12). Actually, you’d want that kind of hotel in Managua. $12 buys you complicity, and when they get her name and address off her cedula (ID / voter registration) they’ll know who she is if you have any problems with her.

Of course the price is what you negotiate, with $100 being what seems to be the universal asking price for a top notch piece of tail, but as low as $20 for the skankier versions. Personally, I’d stay away from those. Many of the street sluts are druggies, diseased or transvestites. You should be able to do well for about $50 or somewhat less. I had a hottie named Joanna all night for $150, and she gave me head without condom and fucked me well, then during the course of the night repeated that twice more. Really, she was pleasant, fun and money well-spent.

Generally speaking, hotel hookers or club hookers are the way to go in Managua. Anything else is a high risk and rarely worth your time, and as of late the police have been cracking down on massage parlors.

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