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Forget English, German, French. It’s Russian, sign language or nothing in these parts. I’m a 54 year old troll, and I’ve found the place to be very satisfactory. Never be surprised to hear the phone ring at 3AM anywhere – Aqtau, Atyrau, Pavlodar – and a voice ring out “Russian girl sex $50”. Assume condom and no anal in what follows.

The Hyatt and the Rahat Palace are beautiful upscale hotels with bars and discos. I’ve always paid $100 and shoo-ed the girls away after breakfast. The Dostyk is a crusty Russki place with a half dozen bar girls. $50 to $100 has done the job for me for the night. There are two “whorin'” clubs: Tequila Sunrise and Havana. I’ve had to pay $50 to $100 for an hour to all night at these places. Petroleum Club is a legitimate disco, but the pickings are great. Again $50 – $100 for the whole night. Street action is not worth the effort, with one exception: just south of the Astana Hotel, a Soviet-era slum with bar girls, you will find a clutch of about a dozen DEAF girls who work in a group with a madame.

The capital city. Ten years ago a shit-hole on the prairie, now? The Intercontinental Hotel has a disco throbbing with $100/night amateurs.

Kazakh Women
About half are simply Slavic – like you’d see in any of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Kakakh women are VERY oriental, ranging from Chinese (next door) to Mongol (also next door). Their ethics are generally Soviet: casual about sex, old-fashioned about kindness. Very appealing.

Due to unreasonable rates of Hiat, stayed at Dostyk – ex-KGB hotel. The girls are sitting in the bar, only 3 of them. I picked nice Kazakh girl (the other two were European, and I was seeking for some exotics )Lina. She asked 100$ for an hour, finally we compromised on 100$ for 3 hours. As I was told after the girls has to pay bar fee, so any rate under 100$ isn’t reasonable. She was nice, intelligent enough for light conversation, quite exotic face but the figure wasn’t something to tell back home (like most of the Kazakhian girls). We showered, one excellent BJ without, and two good fucks(with BJ W/O prelude). In fact she stayed almost 4 hours. We conversed in Russian, so I don’t know nothing regarding here(or here mates) English

Let me recommend the girls in the small beer bar at the Hotel Kazakhstan in Karganda. It helps to speak some Russian but it is not required. The cost last summer was about $50 US plus a bottle of wine and a box of candy. This is part of pretending it is a date. No one is fooled since a cop manages the bar. Tell the bar maid you are looking for a girl. I took a 22 year old, tall, thin, red haired ethnic Russian girl. In three hours I had 3 orgasms and she gave me a BJ. The girls will only work with condoms so do not expect a BJ without one. She was involved in the sex and worked hard to please me.

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