Strip Clubs

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1 Hackney Rd, E2
1300-2400 Mon-Thu + Sat
1200-0000 Fri
1300-1900 Sun
Browns, is the best-run strip pub on the circuit, with an excellent dancers, staff and a well-maintained interior. It is a large pub, with the entrance on the left as you approach. A bouncer, who enforces a rough dress code, generally mans the door; dress for this club is neat. The bar is straight ahead as you walk in, and occupies about half of the left-hand wall. The stage occupies a large part of the front of the pub and has a three to four foot high platform. About fifteen feet wide, by ten feet deep, it is big enough for any act on it. There are mirrors along the back for a 360-degree view of the dancers. There is a large carpeted floor area in front of the stage. This is where people not directly lining the stage stand, sometimes leaning against two large pillars set some 10 feet back from the edge of the stage. To the right rear of this floor area is a group of tables and chairs generally occupied by dancers waiting their turn on stage or between private dances. The private dances themselves take place in a curtained off area at the rear of the pub. There are 6–8 girls a shift. The pace is slightly slower than most of the other strip pubs on the circuit, about 2 records between dances. Being the big screen TV keeps you entertained between acts. Private dances are available for Ł10 in the section at the rear of the pub. The standards are high here, so you will enjoy the view of a stunning girl naked just a few feet from you. Browns is a very well managed strip pub with a friendly atmosphere. Well worth a visit at any time.

The Flying Scotsman
4 Caledonian Rd, N1
Hours Mon-Sat: noon- 11:00pm
The Flying Scotsman is in a run down area of Kings Cross, close to the main line railway station. There are a couple of sex shops on the road from the station; streetwalkers and drug dealers work this area. The entrance door is on the left, with the bar in the form of a central island set slightly to your right as you walk in. Another cheerful innovation of late, which says volumes about the happy, relaxed atmosphere inside, the drinks are served in plastic glasses The stage is diagonally opposite the entrance door and can be reached by going round either side of the bar. It is about three feet high and roughly triangular in shape. The stage itself is best seen from the smallish floor in front of it. About twenty feet by fifteen feet, it can get crowded during the pub’s busy times. Normally the customers watch from the few seats along the part of the bar adjacent to the stage, or lean against the walls. In this case the view is not too bad. Additional services are not offered in the pub no extras or private dances but all sorts of services available in the area outside of the pub. This place is at the rough end of the strip clubs.

438 hackney road Bethnal green
London, E2
Web Site:
Hours M-F: 6:00pm-2:30am
As you come in, the bar occupies the left-hand wall, with the stage opposite it, an L-shape with two poles, one large, supporting stanchion and a smaller, tradition metal pole. Towards the door end of the bar are a number of chairs and tables scattered around. At the back is the door through to the toilets and the stairs down to the lower bar where the he VIP room is. This is where the table-dances take place, in little booths. These are U-shaped, with padded couches for the customers, and they are private. Each is on stage for about one every ten minutes and strips nude. There are about a dozen girls working so it can mean a lengthy wait before you get to see out your favorite dancer on stage. Table dances cost ten pounds each. Contact is still not permitted, but the distance between you and the dancers is very close so the view is great.Once you are known, there are two other private rooms that you can get into the cost is70 pounds for 15 minutes. But no extras were offered on my trip.

234 Cambridge Heath Rd
London E2
Tel:020 8980 2917
Cover Charge
free before 8pm
Ł5.00 between 8pm & 10pm
Ł10.00 after 10pm
Nude Table dances: Ł10.00
Hours Mon-Fri: 12.00pm-2.30am
Sat: 2:00pm-2.30am
Web Site:
Metropolis looks like the place was built to be a strip club, not a pub that added stripping Just inside the main entrance, where the bouncers sit, there’s a cloakroom on left the dress code seems relaxed, but most people are in suits here. Past the second set of doors, you enter the main arena. The bar curves round the left wall, with a circular stage in the middle. There are some tables and chair on the edges, but it’s mostly standing room. At the back is the private, curtained-off area for table somewhat, and together with the fondness for disco lighting and dry ice, viewing from range is not an option! So it’s important to select a position with care, especially if it’s busy. Just in front of these pillars is best, and on the far side, next to the table-dance area is also a decent spot. Each girl will start with a topless strip, then move onto a full nude strip. Quality is the best on the circuit, averaging 7’s, you’ll hardly see anything less than a 5, and a few head towards 9+. They really push table dances here at 10 pounds each. Upstairs is the members-only area – I think it costs about 150 quid per year, but you can get in cheaper for a single night. Metropolis represents the strip-pub in a high form, with more and prettier girls than anywhere else. The third floor is for men who enjoy spending time with a girl one on one. Most of the time it’s just to chat. If the girl were dancing she would make at least Ł50 in half-an-hour, so the price is set at that level.

Railway Hotel
Striptease on stage, and in the bar area
2 Connaught Road
London, E16
Thur-Fri: 4pm – 8pm
Somewhat run down of a pub with dancers a couple days each week.

The California
12 Albert Road
London, E16
Hours: Mon-Wed & Sat 1pm – 5pm;
Thur-Fri 1pm – 8pm
Entrance charges: Free
An undistinguished corner-site pub with striptease, one or two girls, these days apparently always on stage, though at one time the girls would come on the floor of the pub.

The Griffin
125 Clerkenwell Rd,
London EC1
The people who own Brown’s own this place. The layout is straightforward, bar on the left, stage at the far end with a big-screen TV. The girls here are about the same as at Browns many work at both places, but more A level girls can be found at the other larger club. This club has a central location but it lacks the atmosphere of Brown’s.

The Nag’s Head
17/19 Whitechapel Rd
London E1
The bar runs down the right, petering out just before the far end, where the stage about eight foot square and “changing room” lie opposite each other. There is a table right in front of the stage for those whose eyesight is failing though such people never seem to have a problem reading the newspapers they inevitably bring. Two girls per shift perform alternately, in the traditional “one off, all off” manner. The artistes vary wildly. Some are good, indeed, if you get a good double bill you can have one hell of lunchtime.

The Rainbow Sports Bar
72 Shoreditch High St
London E2
The ‘L’ shaped bar is entered from the street via two sets of chrome and glass doors. The bar is on your right as you enter, with the curved stage ahead and to your left. It is raised about three feet, and has two chrome poles. There are stools along the front of the stage, while other customers stand nearby. The center of the bar area contains a large pillar with shelving round it. This provides a convenient place for your drinks. There is a raised area with seats to one side of the floor area. The long leg of the ‘L’ leads past three tables used for private dances. Dancers waiting to go on stage hang at a fourth table that is closer to the bar. A large screen TV occupies part of a wall to one side of the stage. The dancers in the Sports Bar could be described as running the extreme are some young and very attractive girls and a few very old ones but at least eight girls working any shift. This club is slightly expensive in terms of ‘jug’ money. This is not because of the size of the donation, 50p is acceptable, Ł1 received gratefully, but because of the rapid it turnover of dancers. Every time a dancer goes on stage the tip jug is passed through the crowd. Private dances are available for Ł10. The area for these dances contains three tables, each with a central chrome pole. Each table is situated in the center of a semi-circular couch. You sit on the couch and the girl dances on the table. Expect a fairly explicit dance, for your head is about the level of the girl’s knees. You will generally find a couple of girls circulating and asking you for private dances. I recommend this club for those who want to see a lot of dancers in a short time.

The Spreadeagle
1-3 Kingsland Rd
London E2
The entrance door is at one end of the bar, opening directly onto the pool table. The bar occupies two thirds of the far wall. The bar itself is L-shaped, with the stage at the far end to the entrance door. Stools line the bar, while tables and chairs are situated opposite. The 2-foot high stage is small, 12 feet by 6, with a single chrome pole and all the action takes place there. Those liking things ‘up close and personal’ can stand within 2 – 3 feet of the stage. The girls sit in a small area to the right of the stage. The partitioned off area close to where the girls sit is used for private dances at Ł10 a time. You sit on a chair and the girl dances in front of you. The duration and degree of explicitness depend on the individual dancers. No touching is permitted. This is a small pub, located in the same area as Browns, The Axe, the White Horse and the Sports Bar makes it a useful when strip club hopping for the night.

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