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Lane’s Spa
330 E. Roosevelt Rd
Lombard, IL
Korean style MP. Service includes body scrub/shower. Has dry sauna room.
Rate: $60/hr. 5 rooms, with high massage beds. Clean place.
Providers: Around 3-4 Korean women (25-35 y.o.) average looking, and an occasional cutie. Massage is average, sometimes pretty good, depending on the skill of the provider. Hand release is about all you can get (Tip $20-40), unless you develop a relationship w/ the provider over a long term.
Tammy & Crystal:
Looks: Average (5)
Massage: Good (6-7)
HJ: Yes
Diamond Spa
3737 W. Lawrence Ave.
Chicago, IL
This a typical American establishment (MP type) that has sprouted all over Chicagoland area. Rates are $50/half & $80/full-hr session. They have a self-help shower facility, but did not use it. The standard M.O. in American establishments are:
1. The girl will quote a price of $50 topless, $100 nude ($150 nude for the hour session).
2. Then you will get a light feathery type massage/rub(?) but they avoid your nether regions, while they try to raise your flag.
3. Unfortunately, you can not touch their breasts or groin, and they will not touch you there or provide hand release. You have to self-help.
4. And afterwards, she even expects a tip!!!!!
5. My single encounter for the 1-hour session lasted only 30 minutes, and the girl was rushing through.
Conclusion: These are basic rip-offs and a waste of your money. If you are going to blow almost $300, use an escort. At least, you get full service.
This is where I live. I have been in and out of the game, depending on my girlfriend status, for about 5 years.
There is no Asian Spa scene here (weep for me). The spa/lingerie scene is dismal and a ripoff. After trying a few I have not revisited in years.

Escort scene is great though and thoroughly international with an emphasis on the Latin American countries. I have had experiences with girls from Czech Republic, Romania, France, Portugal, China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, England, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Bahamas, Jamaica, many from Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, etc etc. It’s a great place for a pretty girl to jump ship and survive. There is a huge modeling scene here and some aspirants below that successful top 3 or 4 % often moonlight. I’ve been shown an Elite portfolio by one memorable girl. In general I find the foreign girls better experiences than the American girls although my most steady girl, who only worked a few months a few years ago when I met her, and whom I help with her college tuition, is American.
There are many agencies and I have never experienced the “companionship only” or dash & run ripoffs. The girls know what they are there for.
Prices range from 160/hr to 700. Most I have paid is $400(rarely!), $250 seems the current norm and I have found no correlation between price & quality. Some agencies are just great marketers of mystique.

Last week I tried someone popular for the first time, Lauren, and I was not disappointed. Expensive though. A new favorite on that board is a girl I first encountered before she went independent. Yoko is from Shanghai and is voluptuously petite. About 5’2 and around 100 lbs, she has large soft breasts and is in general a
white soft young lady. She is incredibly enthusiastic about what she does: she has you over to her pleasant townhouse, serves drinks, has a karaoke setup if you want. She studied massage and can give a good one, but she is a romantic: she wants to kiss and snuggle and rim and suck and then have vigorous intercourse. I owe the pleasure of being introduced to the pleasure of being rimmed to her. Now I understand she treats everyone extra-special. You can see her at this website: <>
Can you tell, I have an Asian preference?
She’s featured on Miami Companions, Lauren’s agency, <> Lauren said he’s a pushover type of guy, “too nice for this business”.
$750/hr. Almost the cost of a round trip to Asia. The owner of the agency posted to Miami 21 ( that he’d offer a serious discount to readers of 21. You may want to try that in LA. She’s there more than here.
I doubt I’ll indulge, I have a satisfying set of choices right now at an average cost of $500 overnight: my regular Irish white skinned redhead college student (who is striving to give the perfect BJ and has recently expressed an interest in trying out her 3rd entrance), Yoko the lady from Shanghai, an interesting new Japanese lady who is part timing to finance an interesting business venture, a blonde firecracker from Ecuador and a Trini of Indian origin. Every now and then I have a Latina or Brazilian surprise. Got most of my needs covered.
Tonight was the first time I read the board since I was in LA. Wish my timing had been better for my trip, but my other activities went very well. Man, would I like to attend one of your luncheons!
Most intriguing thing there for me was the hostess clubs. I went once for a couple of hours and the sense of possibility with the Filipina I was with was very high.
5 days was not enough time there.
Note From Professor Night: Re Kianna: See “Chona Jason” thread in Gen. Disc. She quoted me $300/hr. She’d make a great referral only gal here in LA.
Well, one of these days I’m going to have to try out Rio, and you have to stop somewhere coming from LA. MIA might as well be the most logical choice. Maybe between the holidays.
I think between LA and MIA we have pretty much all the nationalities covered! Maybe we should do lunch #5 there!
A special thanks to LAJAY who responded to my earlier query re Boston, although I was not able to follow-up with those recommendations.
I spent last week in Boston engaged in due diligence of a company my client wants to acquire. While there I decided to conduct some diligence of my own so that you gentlemen would know how the scene is there. Of course, my motives were wholly altruistic and academic and no personal or ulterior motives were involved other than gathering data for fellow travelers. (NOT!)
Ok, after scoping 21 and Erotic reviewer I reached two conclusions: 1) New England Exotics girls are for the most part rip-offs (one of them “visiting from Las Vegas” asked for between $500 and $1500); 2) there are only two reputable agencies worth dealing with: Quality Sweets at <> and Nina’s at <> There’s also an incall service called Roberta’s (781) 677-3654. Don’t do <> reported to be scary place.
My first evening, I tried to hook up with Ashley or Tianna from Nina’s but because she contacts you only by email it didn’t work out. The word on the street is that you should only go for the “world class” girls from Quality Sweets so I set up an appointment with Danielle (highly recommended by some guy on 21).
Mid 20-s, blonde, natural everything, c-cup, from Finland – nice, clean and attractive. Covered BJ, f/s, 69, etc. Good time.
Face: 8
Body: 8
Appearance: 9
Attitude: 8
Service: 8-9
Overall: 8
Fee: $225
This girl was good, I would see her again but for me it didn’t totally click. The sex was good, however and she is really sweet. Close to a GFE but maybe I was looking for something a little more vampish.
A couple of days later, after many aborted attempts to see ladies from Nina’s, I called QS again. They set me up with Nikki. She was not world class and when she got there, I could see why.
Nicki: Late 20-s, blonde, 5’2″, 120 lbs. (mostly fat roll around stomach, d-cup (floppy and unsightly), cost $175. I didn’t really want to touch her. She’s not a bad person. On the contrary, very nice, but no sexual attraction at all. I only went for a covered bj and was glad I had the porno movies on in the hotel so I could get it up at all. The bj was decent, however.
Face: 5
Body: 4
Appearance: 6
Attitude: 8
Performance (covered bj only): 8
Total: 5
I realized where I had gone wrong. The first evening, a nice professional women was handling the operation. She could sense what it was I was looking for and suggested appropriately. The next night, some dumb chick sent over whoever was available. Bad move.
Onward and upward.
My last night in beantown, I called QS again. The more seasoned woman was again answering the phones. When I told her that I was highly disappointed in Nicky, she apologized and suggested Sarah.
Now Sarah is World Class! This babe is a total fucking FOX! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. and for only $225 an hour. Half Filipino, half Irish. Dark complexioned skin, tall (5’8″ or so). Several tattoos, pierced pussy, beautiful smile, enhance c-cups, great ass. I arranged for Sarah to call at 10:30 for an 11:00 appointment. I returned to my room at exactly 10:30 from dinner with a friend and I called the service. About 5 minutes later, Sarah called and came up. I almost fainted and instantly feel in love. Cute, great attitude…..She had been down in the bar for an hour watching the Red Sox and listening to karaoke which she said was fun. I said, if she wanted I’d buy her a drink at the bar. She asked if I meant that I wanted a 2 hour session. I said, no that I’d buy her a drink at the bar and that we would come back to the room for an hour afterwards. Since she hadn’t checked in with the service, she went for it, told them that I wasn’t ready because I expected her at 11:00 and I had some work to finish up. Good lie. We went to the bar, had a couple of drinks and listened to a bunch of people doing goofy karaoke and laughing. After about 30 minutes, she leans over and says “how about we go upstairs and get naked?” Sarah! you don’t have to ask twice.
Sarah – the total fucking bomb!
Face: 9.5 (beautiful Eurasian mix)
Body: 9.5 (some hardness in the implants)
Appearance: 9.5 (deduct 0.5 for smoking)
Attitude: 10
Service: 9 (I only wished she’d let me kiss her)
Total: 10+++
The next morning, as I was checking my cell phone, there was a number I didn’t recognize. I called and left a page. At lunch, I received a call:
Me: Hello.
Woman: Hello.
Me: Hi.
Woman: Who’s this?
Me: It’s Juan, who’s this?
Woman: Juan, it’s Sarah!
I am thinking to myself that I am a total fucking lucky dog. The night before Sarah called to my cell from her cell as she was checking in. Now I have her private number. I figure if I get to go back to Boston to close the deal, I’ll make Sarah a private offer. Each agency call is $225, the agency gets $80. That means Sarah gets $145 a shot. If she works three hours, she totals $435. Plus, she loses time driving around from hotel to hotel, meeting strange guys. Maybe (just maybe) she’ll agree to see me the whole night for $500. She’s a Sox fan, so I’ll even take her to Fenway (what could be better!) Wish me luck guys!
Anyway, after lunch, I spoke with Nina and finally set up an incall appointment with Tianna. Tianna flies out to Boston about every two months for a week or so and does only incall. I get there and she is a fine woman! slightly older than me, definitely a seasoned veteran. She works just about every month at some brothel in Nevada. But get this, she’s from Huntington Beach and she gave me her local pager/number. Has anyone seen Tianna Rose at a brothel near Reno? That’s her.
Tianna: Puerto Rican mix brunette (check her pix on Nina’s website — note: none of the QS girls are pictured on the web), early 40’s, huge D-cup (nice enhancements), been around the block, knows how to please.
Face: 8
Body: 8
Appearance: 9
Service: 9
Attitude: 9
Total: 8.5
She whispers in middle of some dining at the Y, “I love sex”. Great bbbj-69. Afterwards, she looks at me and says that she wants to go another round. So in my altruistic nature, I satisfy her desires.
As I got on the plane to San Diego, I look down at little Hector, exhausted from my new love Sarah the night before, worked out twice by Tianna this afternoon, poor guy must be tired. But the more I thought about these ladies, the more Hector started to perk up. Quite embarrassing as your boarding a plane and uncomfortable to put on your seat belt. I decided the best thing to do was sleep.
Retreat Spa, 3155 Boardwalk Drive, Ann Arbor MI (734) 662-2722. Open 7 days, 9a-2a. I-94, exit State Street (exit #177). N on State, first light is Eisenhower, turn right. First street is Boardwalk, turn right. .1 mi on left hand side. 21 mi W of DTW, about 50 minutes from greater Detroit.
$40 for 45 min., includes table shower. Expect to tip about $160-$200 for FS. Girls split 50-50 with house (this is different from LA, where girls get almost all of the tip and only $10 for the massage).
Decent selection of Korean circuit girls in a first class atmosphere. Very similar to OA (Inglewood) in terms of management philosophy.
So in the middle of “Kentucky Fried Movie” (1977) there’s a mini-movie entitled “A Fistful Of Yen,” a killer parody of Bruce Lee flicks. A top nuclear scientist has been kidnapped by the evil martial arts master Dr. Klahn and taken to his mountain stronghold. “Bruce” sneaks in to rescue her. He arrives just in time to see how Klahn deals with spies.
“So,” Klahn sneers at the prisoner, “the CIA thinks it can infiltrate the mountain of Dr. Klahn?”
Though he’s already suffered severe beatings, the American is still full of contempt. “You can’t scare me, you [series of ethnic slurs]” he spits.
“Take him to…Detroit!” Klahn replies.
The spy screams pathetically and is dragged away, sobbing like a little girl.
As a Detroit native, I found the concept overstated. Actually, if you can get by the fact that professional wrestling and topless dancing are respected professions in Detroit, it’s really not a bad town. They used to have really great massage parlors, until about 1994 or so, when the local DAs went on a…crusade, yeah that’s the right word, against them. There were some unbelievable looking women in these places, both young and older.
Anyway, some of the Korean places have reopened around town, but there’s only a handful. However, if you drive out to Ann Arbor, home of the U of M, a place where if you get caught smoking grass in public you get a ticket and $5 fine, there is a little more tolerance for practitioners of the erotic arts.
This place was recommended to me by Lisa, the manager who has worked for Choon at Spa (Inglewood) and Hou (South Gate) the past several years. Yes, she used to be a manager there as well. I have to compliment her , I really enjoyed the place so much I went back the following day. The other great thing about this place is that there’s a Wendy’s across the street, there’s nothing like a Frosty to enhance that post-coital glow.
Here, sports fans, is the scorecard for last weekend:
Sasha (Korean-Japanese)
About 35yo, 5’5″ 34b/c-24-34 (enhanced)
$40+$160, 60 min full service
face: 8.5
body: 7 (a little soft in the middle but otherwise ok)
appearance: 10 (natural, but sparse kitty) total grooming freak-very, very well packaged, hair, nails, light tan, the works
attitude: 9 (10 after we got past negotiations)
performance: 9
Sasha is actually from LA, and calls Retreat her “hiding place”. Nice body, very pretty face, and good sense of humor. Unlike OA, you get the negotiations out of the way before the session begins. She kept insisting on $200, I kept insisting on $160. Finally I just gave it to her and that was that. Service was good, with one of the all time best BBBJs ever given to me, a perfect suck job while working on my balls and scrotum with her hands, lips and tongue. Actually I had to request that, she wanted to do it covered. “That’s a $200 course, you know.” Hmmm, I get Tokyo-speak-that’s the only place I know of where the term “course” is used. Girl knows how to fuck too, very tight hole, good in all positions. A true professional girl, knows all the right things to say and do, but she does it with style.
When we were done, we both complimented each other on our professionalism-she encouraged me to become a provider as well. She then posed nude for me, first I got the “Playboy” pose, then the “Penthouse” pose, then the “Hustler” pose. I gave her my cell phone number and told her to call me when she got back to LA. Hope she does…
Lisa (Korean)
About 32yo, 5’1″ 32a-24-33
$40+$160, 60 min full service
face: 8
body: 6.5
appearance: 6 (unshaven pits, not much hair though, natural kitty, everything else ok)
attitude: 10
performance: 9.5
While Lisa is not the true professional girl that Sasha is, the service was nonpareil. As great as Sasha’s BBBJ was, Lisa’s was even a touch better, she was able to take all of me into her glottis and probably could make me come whenever she felt like it. She’s also game for BBFS as well, only problem here is that you can’t shoot on her, you have to aim for the towel. As it is, I think that pussy and mouth could make a dead man come, you could wear a whole box of condoms it’s not going to make any difference. She lives in NYC when not working the circuit.
The body is a little soft, and I don’t care for the extra fur, but she’s still a great session, and I’d certainly see her again.

Garden Spa
Port Byron, IL
For a nominal fee the Asian attendant will help rid you of all your stress and stiffness. The massage isn’t bad either

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