South Korea

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Conventional long form: Republic of Korea, Han’guk
Local long form: Taehan-min’guk
Abbreviation: ROK

Capitol City
Seoul (population 10,600,000)

Location and Climate
Eastern Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. Temperate, with rainfall heavier in summer than winter. Mostly hills and mountains; wide coastal plains in west and south.

51,640,037 (July 2020 est.)

Christian 49%, Buddhist 47%, Confucianist 3%, Shamanist, Chondogyo (Religion of the Heavenly Way), and other 1%

Korean, English widely taught in junior high and high school.

South Korean won (KRW)
KRW per US dollar – 1,251.09 (2002)

Internet Country Code

Other Information for the Traveler

Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Visitos from most countries with return tickets can stay in-country for 30 days without a visa. (Exceptions are those from Cuba, Laos, Cambodia – countries not recognized by North Korea.) Visitors from Western Europe/Canada can stay up to 90 days visa-free.

Travelers to North Korea should consider vaccinations for hepatitis, typhoid, polio, tetanus, and diphtheria.

Transportation, Seoul
Driving is normally not recommended, as it is expensive and traffic jams are common. Fortunately, Seoul has an extensive public transportation system.

Telephone Information
Country code: 82
International dialling code: 001
Ambulance: 119
Fire: 119
Police: 112
English Operator: 080-211 0114

110/220V, 60 Hz

Staples are sticky rice (bap), rice noodles (chapche), bean curd (duboo), and pickled vegetables (kimchi). Korean cuisine is most similar to Japanses cuisine, but with less emphasis on fish and seafood and more emphasis on beef, pork, and chicken.

Alien Registration
Visitors planning to stay in Korea long-term (over 90 days) must have some sort of long-term visa (working, teaching, studying, etc.) before entering the country, then must also apply for alien registration within 90 days of arriving.

Necessary documents vary depending on visa type, but generally you will need the original and a copy of your invitation letter from the company or school a guarantee from your sponsor. You must also have your passport and several passport size pictures. First time applicants may also get fingerprinted. After turning in all the documents and pay the fee (around 20,00 won), you must return in 7-10 days to pick up your stamped passport and your registration “card” (actually a small booklet).

Immigration Offices
Cheju- (064) 22-3494
Incheon- (032) 882-0544
Gimhae Airport- (051) 972-1610~3
Gimpo Airport- (02) 664-7614
Seoul- (02) 650-6239
Pusan- (051) 463-7161~5

Departure Tax
All non-Koreans leaving by air must pay a W15,000 departure tax at the airport (Koreans must pay W25,000). Travelers going by sea must pay W3,000.

Another thing to note is that you just pay the tax at a machine right next to the check-in counters. Last time I was in Seoul a few months ago, a bud and I saw watched a local babe (no shit, she rated at 10.5) fleecing hordes of departing tourists by “helping” them with the ticket machine. She didn’t work for the airport (no nametag/id, just wearing streetclothes) and would take cash or credit cards from ppl and process them through the machine for the departing tourist. Then every 10 or 15 minutes she would walk over to the payphones and make a call or two. We presumed that she was calling in credit card numbers. Felt sorry for the poor tourists getting shilled, but there’s a sucker born every…

Oh ya, even tried to get a cop to go over and check her out but he wasn’t interested. Go figure.

Internet Access
The Internet popularity explosion extended to Korea a few years ago. At that time, only a few companies offered Internet connectivity for e-mail, mostly as an additional service through their online information services. Now, however, several new ISPs have cropped up, offering dial-up and leased line/ISDN connections for full Internet connectivity and even Web hosting. Fierce competition has driven prices down to as low as W10,000/month for unlimited usage. Expect a shake up over the next few years, with the less capable ISPs going bankrupt or being swallowed up by the bigger players. Several companies have struck deals with other ISPs to offer international roaming service (meaning you can get local dial-up access when traveling outside Korea).

However, dial-up modems may soon be a thing of the past. Korea is quickly becoming one of the most wired nations, with numerous companies offering cheap xDSL and cable modem access.

AT&T / Unitel (Samsung)
Phone 080-500-5588

Chollian (DACOM)
Phone 106 (free call)

Hanaro Telecom

Shinbiro (Hyundai)
Phone 080-725-4357

Nextel (available in Seoul only)
Phone (02) 536-9900

Guidelines For Marriage
These guidelines are based on a U.S. male marrying a Korean female.
U.S. citizens need the following documents:
proof of citizenship (U.S. passport or birth certificate)
proof of termination of any prior marriages (death or divorce certificate)
parental consent (if under 18)
Korean citizens need the following documents:
copy of family registry (hojok deungbon):
3 copies in Korean with 1 English translation

This must have been issued by the Mayor of the Ward Office where the Korean’s family records are filed and issued within 3 months of the proposed date of marriage. Extracts (hojok chobon) are not accepted; only the full registry will be accepted.
Korean ID card (jumin deungnok jeung) and name stamp (dojang)
proof of termination of any prior marriages (as for U.S. citizens)
parental consent (if under 20)

First, visit the embassy, fill out the appropriate forms, and pay the processing fee ($174 in cash or money order). Next, take the forms they give you to your local Goverment Office (guchong). There you will fill out several forms in Korean, including the names and addresses of two Koreans as “witnesses” to the marriage. They give you a form that you take back to the embassy, where you will get an official, certified copy of your marriage license. The entire process takes at least a couple of hours- more if many people are at the respective government agencies or if your paperwork is not in order.

US Embassy
82 Sejongno, Chongno-gu
Seoul South Korea
Tel: 397-4114
Web site
Hours: 08:30 to 16:00

Legal Status
Prostitution in South Korea is illegal and is punishable by law, yet the laws are rarely enforced. Part of the reason for this is the belief that prostitution helps prevent sexual violence. Whenever the laws are enforced, customers are usually issued warnings, while providers must often go through counseling.

Conservative South Korean society looks down upon providers and allows their work no legal recognition. These women are mostly employed by pimps and have little say over their working conditions or personal freedom. Prostitues must get an STD check every week; otherwise, they can’t work. However these checks are not to maintain health, but instead to prevent STDs.

Read the advice here and went to “Hooker’s Hill” in Itaewon district of Seoul. I walked up and down this street and surrounding streets visiting no less than 10 bars. First, the prices are higher than others have said. Expect to spend no less that 10,000 per drink for the attention of one of the women. Most charge 20,000. Second, in two different clubs I was offered a handjob for 100,000, a blow job for 150,000, and sex (in the bar in an alcove sheltered by a curtain) for 200,000.

When I asked about taking one of the more attractive women back to my hotel, I was given prices ranging from 200,000 (an older, nice but flat chested and not very sexy woman) to 400,000 (stunning young woman with excellent body). While these prices are comparable to other places in Asia, i.e., Hong Kong or Tokyo, they are steeper than reported here. One word of advice – the place is crowded with G.I.’s until 10:00 p.m., after which they had to be back on post (on Saturday night!). Wait until later and you’ll have more choices

Arriving in Korea
One thing that will have absolutely changed is that the Seoul subway will no longer have a station at the airport.

Customs was straightforward. I had a resident card, and was almost always waved through during my three years in country. The first time I arrived (with 16 pieces of luggage), I was asked if I was a teacher and waved on. This was in spite of the fact that I truthfully declared drugs and weapons and pornography, all of which are banned in Korea.

One other time, I declared Viagra. The female officer asked if it was for personal use, and I was on my way.

I only know one person who has ever had any trouble, and he is a complete and total •••••••. Not even being a resident saved him. He paid a 220% duty on an extra bottle of booze. I can’t imagine what gave him away.

Kimpo was the old airport just outside Seoul. Inchon is even farther away from everyplace else in the country except for MacArthur’s footprints. One joke was that with the new airport, you could spend only 1/7 vs. 1/5 of your trip to Tokyo in the air.

There are cheap but comfortable busses to various cities in the country. There were stops joutside the arrival hall marked by letters or numbers (depending on whether you were at terminal one or two or domestic). The signs flashed the city name in Korean and Roman alphabets (i.e., English, you illiterate morons!). An information desk could also steer you in the right direction.

For Seoul, you can get very cheap, if very basic digs. Check Lonely Planet Seoul or Korea or NW Asia for details. The cheapies are near the YMCA. (The check-in desk at the Y is on the 4th floor of some such thing, and I didn’t notice a sign to this effect.)

I’ve never flown there, but Pusan also has an international airport (as does Cheju Island), and there is a ferry to Japan with a rail connection to Tokyo. Korea ain’t cheap, Japan is worse. Buy your tickets in Korea, not Japan. (Or better still, from ETC Travel Agency in Bangkok. They’re not partial to sex tourists, so keep your mouth shut and enjoy the good service.)

Hostess Bars or Room Salons, are establishments that cater to groups of men who want to have female companionship while they drink. The young girls are very attentive to their clients and a small group can easily spend over a million won in one setting. In most establishmentson the girls do more than just talk, the price depends on the establishment and the girl. These establishment tend to be expensive.

Sex Customs
There are a crazy number of sex industry practices that I don’t see here. This may just an FYI since, unfortunately, most would difficult if not impossible for foreigners to “access”, but you never know….may be worthwhile to make a Korean friend who can help get a foot in the door, so to speak. You can ask any Korean (male) and they will at least confirm (if he’s drunk enought to admit it).

for example,

1. YA TA. Literally, “You! Ride!” For doods looking for a freebie of one night love with a willing partner and have cars. Simply, if see a girl standing around late at night, just drive up and say “Ya! Ta!”….if she gets in, you got yourself a freebie. Basically, they want it and so do you, so its a simple system to make you BOTH happy.

This is in basically any area, but of course, especially in red light districts or areas with lots of Room Salons/Dalon-Joo-Jums and/or barbers shops.

2. Bangs. Only at specific dance/room salon clubs. Korean Business meetings and/or Hweeh-shiks (company dinners). Perhaps, after a strip show, guys buy-by-the-bang. Say there are 5 people, and they buy 6 bangs each, for example. This means a girl/s goes down the line of guys and rides each of em for 6 “in-and-outs” (bangs). Of couse, some guys decide to keep going with it for a full fee fare.

3. not common anymore after few crackdowns: Business meeting with under table “service”. Basically, you get BJs under table while conducting meeting or having drinks etc.

4. Actually, along parts of NamSan Mountain (where namsan tower is) there are a few “street walkers” per se. They stay on the along the road, but they say the higher up the mountain you drive the better the girl. Cheap and ugly towards the bottom. Haven’t seen direct evidence of this, so maybe its gone now, but this was from very reliable, trusted source.

5. Booking. Not really about hookers, per se….just a fun as hell Korean extreme dating custom.

EG, most night clubs with “booking” (yes, pronounced “book-ing”) will lead to a good one night stand. Go with a group of about 4 guys, get a table next to the dance floor, you have to buy a minimum of drinks and or snacks ($80 maybe) plus tips for waiter (your discretion). While the music is pumping, dance and do your “hunting” (yes, its actually called “hunting”). Scope out the chicks you like. Wait till the music STOPS (or goes to slow music) and go sit at your table. Call a waiter over and tell him the girls you liked. He promptly goes and fetches them (usually they are willing as part of the practice, but sometimes he has to just about drag them). Waiter then plops the girl your table, at which point you share a drink and your on your own. If you don’t want to bother hunting…just tell your designated waiter you want to do “booking” and he will periodically bring a girl over. However, if you don’t like her or he doesn’t bring them fast enough…just send her off and yell at your waiter for not getting good enough girls and more of them. No really. Its almost expected. The more you are willing to tip of course…the harder he going to work. No guarantees here…but almost hotels with night clubs (“NIGH-TUU”) will have a booking system, and I myself have had about a 60% success ratio convertion to one night stands going for me. Some of which are were even virgins…just wanting to experience the “american dream”. hahahaha!

There are lots more crazy sex customs…post more later.


This is the largest of Korea’s red-light districts, virtually an entire town with shopping, restaurants, and even a police station. The setup is more cramped than in other places, so driving through is not an option. Alleys basically rule and is reminiscent of Amsterdam

The largest Korean Red Light Districts with drive through viewing.

Some hot Korean girls can be found on the main street. Hundreds of girls work in dozens of glass fronted shops on the main streets and side alleys. Most girls are young and beautiful. Breast enhancements are noticeable on about a third of the girls.

Women are dressed provocative with skin tight pants, bra tops and platform shoes. Girls on the main street are not as affordable and better prices can be found in the alleys, although quality may be compromised.

Not all women are open to foreign customers. Once you connect with a girl she’ll lead you to a back room, once you cum she’ll quickly dress and have you leave. Prices are 60-70,000 per.

Taxis take about 15-20 minutes from downtown or Itaewon, but will be significantly longer during rush hours. Tell the driver “Chongyangni” or “Oh-pawl-pawl”, the Korean nickname for the area.

Located in the southern area of Seoungnam near Chamshil similar to Shin Yong-san although this one has more girls. There is one long street with around 100 shops great for eye shopping. There are also numerous side and back alleys that are generally more accommodating to foreigners. Women are older 24-34. Women dress by theme and each store has different costumes. All shapes and sizes can be had, but the women are far less jovial than other areas. Foreigners solo or with other foreigners don’t fare so well, but those with at least one Korean man should have no trouble. Prices are in the typical 60-70.000 Won range.

From Itaewon or Seoul take the subway or taxi.

Both Korea and Singapore have “Barber Shops.” The Singapore version is easy to spot. “Barbers” can wear hot pants and derby hats. “Massage” is on the bill as an option right along with hair cut, manicure, etc. The Korean version is more clandestine. It might be below street level, or above it, but never seen one at street level.

There are usually a staff of men and women. The women are not typically young or attractive. Another tip off is a large back room with reclining chairs/tables. Service usually consists of a hair cut by a man then strecth out on a massage table. Shoes are removed and feet are washed. Hot towels are used on your face. Your eyes are covered while the attendant services you. Shave is with a razor and done with great detail. You may get a face pack of sorts. Massage follows which covers a little more than your head and shoulders. Working down your abdomen, she’ll check for an erection. Then you lie with your pants pulled down, erect. She may give a hand job, if so, stop her if you want full service or oral. By now she has removed her panties so you can grope. Just point to what you want. When you finish she cleans and finishes the massage with your legs. Then, back to the barber chair for a shampoo and blow dry.

Cost in Jonju was about 50,000 won and a tip (5,000 won, only 10%) Tip only needed if you plan on returning. Allow two or three hours for all of this. The woman might be decades older than you. Open day light hours. Some places are open evenings but expect only a oral and plan to pay 70,000 won or more.

Boston Club

Women are all working women. Ladies drinks cost 10,000 won. Short time costs from $80-$120 depending on how you haggle.

Many discos located in every major hotel. Grand Hyatt and Hilton hotels both have good ones(although expensive). Grand Hyatt has a great pick up bar called J.J. Mahoney’s, on the ground floor, girls are partial to white guys, but they’ll come back to your room once they’re liquored up. Itaewon has numerous clubs with the Hollywood Basement being the best bet for weekends. The Hong Dae area is by far the best Korean area for discos with most staying open till early am hours.

I always read posts on these boards about Miari
and 588, the two most well known Red Light Districts. But there are others. I am going to list the one’s I know about and hope that others
will add to the list if there are any that I don’t know about.
1. Miari – Gireum subway (line 4) station exit 6. Many shops with hundreds of girls. Most cater to foreigners.
2. 588 – Cheong Ryang Ri – facing front of Lotte Department store go down the alley to the right.
Most do not accept foreigners
3. Yongsan – Shiyongsan station – sorry I forget the nearest exit – is an alley behind main buildings on street. Most girls on main blocks will ignore foreigners but I found a few hotties in the back alleys who were happy to have me.
4. Songnam – Take the number 8 line to Sinheung station and then take exit 13 or 14 and once you exit the station, you go straight behind the buildings where there a narrow alley ways with pink fluorescent lights. I haven’t been here yet so I am not sure how many cater to foreigners.

I didn’t see anything for Pusan in your current guide. Pusan is South Korea’s second largest city and its main port. Being a port city in Asia, there is certainly action to be found. Many visitors have heard of “Texas Street” in Pusan. Texas Street is the only area in Pusan that mostly caters to non-Asians. There are other areas that cater more to Koreans and, to a lesser extent, Japanese. Texas Street is somewhat like Itaewon in Seoul, but with a Russian accent. Lots of Russian seamen and businessmen visit Texas Street. Look at a map. People often do not know or else forget how close the Russian Far East is to Korea. The official name of the Texas Street area is Choryang-dong. It is across the street from Pusan Station (the main railroad station). Most taxi drivers will understand what you mean if you just say “Texas.” Texas Street is mostly hostess bars (so-called cafes & clubs). Many of the hostesses are Russians including some who are ethnic Koreans (overseas Koreans) from Russia. Hostess drinks are usually ten thousand won (about US$9). In most places a hostess will expect about one drink per half hour of conversation or, in some places, dancing. If you are loaded with money, you can take a girl outside to eat food (not her) or to sing (karaoke), but that will usually cost fifty thousand won per hour just for the bar fine. Also, this is NOT Thailand. So, simply paying a bar fine doesn’t mean that you are likely to get laid. Be clear about what will and will not happen if you go outside the bar. Unfortunately, many of the hostesses will refuse to go outside to have sex. For those that do, then expect to pay at least one hundred thousand Korean won (almost US$100). The older Korean (South Korean) hostesses seem more likely to have sex with customers than the Russian hostesses especially the younger Russians. The quality of the women on Texas Street varies greatly. A few of the women are stunning, but many others are way over-the-hill. Some speak basic English, but others do not seem to know any English. Only a few of the Russians understand much Korean. Those are usually the ethnic Koreans from the Russian Far East. A cheaper option is an area that is called “Green Street.” I think the real name of the area is Chungmu-dong. It is not that easy to find, but there are some taxi drivers on Texas Street that should understand where you want to go. Green Street is a fairly short trip (less than ten minutes unless the traffic is really bad) from Pusan Station. Green Street is a classic South Korean red light district. The gals (all South Koreans) sit in windows. For some reason, most places have a sort of “uniform” dress that all the girls where. Some of the mamasans speak basic English. They will probably quote you a high rate of US$100 for a short time, but you should be able to get them to agree to something around US$60 for a short time. It is probably better to use only Korean money (won) and to speak some Korean if you can. Some establishments always refuse to serve Westerners. In other places, the mamasan might accept you, but the girl herself might not be too happy and she will try to finish as quickly as possible. Some Westerners prefer a smaller red light district that can be found a couple of blocks inland from the beach at Haeundae. This area is about one square block. It is close to the “Sydney Motel.” It’s on the same road as McDonald’s. Prices here tend, on average, to be slightly higher than Green Street. Nevertheless, you should not have to pay more than eighty thousand won (less than US$80) for a short time in Haeundae. Again, you will only find South Korean gals here. The service in Haeundae is often better than Green Street. Also, the girls are generally more likely to accept a Western customer. There are other options in Pusan such as barber shops (around US$50, but the women are older and rarely know any English) as well as “sports massage” parlors and “Turkish baths” (usually over US$100, but younger and better looking women). If you are having sex anywhere in Korea, be sure to wear a good condom. For example, there are reports of several AIDS cases on Green Street.

Read the advice here and went to “Hooker’s Hill” in Itaewon district of Seoul. I walked up and down this street and surrounding streets visiting no less than 10 bars. First, the prices are higher than others have said. Expect to spend no less that 10,000 per drink for the attention of one of the women. Most charge 20,000. Second, in two different clubs I was offered a handjob for 100,000, a blow job for 150,000, and sex (in the bar in an alcove sheltered by a curtain) for 200,000.

When I asked about taking one of the more attractive women back to my hotel, I was given prices ranging from 200,000 (an older, nice but flat chested and not very sexy woman) to 400,000 (stunning young woman with excellent body). While these prices are comparable to other places in Asia, i.e., Hong Kong or Tokyo, they are steeper than reported here. One word of advice – the place is crowded with G.I.’s until 10:00 p.m., after which they had to be back on post (on Saturday night!). Wait until later and you’ll have more choices

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