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Although there is more personal freedom here than in other ME countries, nightlife here is difficult to find. “Special Police” still regulate personal sexual conduct. Hidden from the Special Police, are Thais and Filipinas who do some extra work for cash. They cannot be contacted directly. They can be only contacted through an “agent.”

TIP: Often Go to the bars in hotels, to let others become aware of you. Then speak with the waiters (who are usually Filipinos) and gradually let them know what you are looking for. They may eventually give you the agent’s phone number. Patience is the keyword here.

If you get the number, you will be granted an overnight stay with a Thai (most probably) at about BD100, or about $300 US, usually in one of their secret houses (hotels are not safe). At least BD20 for a short time (1 hour). They will satisfy most of your requests.


Strip Clubs
Much like those in the US, except women are available for outside action. Many come from Eastern Europe. They’re allowed work visas of only 6 months, so turnover is frequent.

Don’t proposition the women directly. Make a deal with the bartender. He’ll arrange for them to meet you outside the club after closing (usually 2 AM). Costs range from $20 US for a quickie to $225 for an all-nighter. Ask a taxi driver to find the clubs for you.

TIP: Negotiate activities in advance, as many won’t do certain things (example: BJ).

Night Clubs
Women are available from certain nightclubs (ask the taxi drivers to find the clubs for you), but you’ll have to work to get them to your hotel. Once you’ve spotted someone you like, she’ll tell you to arrange things with the manager. You’ll usually have to buy champagne (80 CYP) and pay a fine to the club (200 CYP), of which the lady gets a cut. She’ll show up later at your hotel. You might try and negotiate things directly with the lady outside the club to save money.

TIP: When you try to strike a deal with the nightclubs, try not to pay money in advance or do so while drunk. Sometimes, the women don’t show up as promised.

The conservative Islamic government has nearly wiped out anything having to do with sex, but there are estimated to be 300,000 women working as prostitutes. Most may be working in state-run homes for destitute women called “chastity houses,” where customers could marry them under Islamic law for only a few hours, and thereby have socially acceptable sex.


Tel Aviv

Escort Agencies
Most women are from Eastern Europe. They range in age from 18 to early 30s. Management dictates that all ladies are to provide FS. Some may do extras — ask. Rates range from 250-300 $55-NIS($70) for one hour and 450-550 Nis ($110-140) for 2 hours. Some agencies also provide a 3-star hotel room for the same price, so you don’t have to get your own hotel.


Prices range from $10-100 US plus $10-20 US to rent a chalet. Any taxi driver will be able to help you.


For sex purposes, rent a villa for single persons. Ask any cab drivers where to find them. Tell the manager/owner of the villa what you want, and he’ll arrange it for you.

Go to Martyr’s Square downtown. The south side of the square is a maze of small streets. There are several brothels above the streets, most advertised as hotels. There are no girls on the streets, instead young men try and drag you in.

I asked to just look and a guy agreed. I was taken up flights of stairs to a waiting room, with about five reasonably attractive girls, mostly Asian, some eastern European. He offered me one for 2,000 pounds ($40). Clearly he saw me as a rich foreigner, and I am sure the price could go lower. But there were too many heavies around, and I feared being beaten up and robbed, so I left.


Dubai is heaven if you’re into Asians and Russians. But, if you’re looking for an Arab girl, you’d better watch out. The Emirates turns a blind eye to your being with foreigners, but Arabian girls are another story.

Hyatt Hotel
The best place in Dubai is the Premier at the Hyatt Hotel. If you stay at the hotel, you get in free and can easily sneak a lady up to your room. The women range from 4-9 and the really nice ones go quick. However, if you are, there are at closing there are some nice deals to be had. You do need to be cautious, the girls will raid your liquor cabinet in your room, and I had one girl call her home country from the bathroom. The next day I had a $400 phone bill. So have a great time, but lock the liquor cabinet and disconnect the international calling.

Jules Bar, within the complex of Meridien Dubai Hotel (Airport)
After 10 PM, plenty of girls from Ukraine and Russia. If you go to the counter, some will approach you. Quality ranges from 5 to 7. Most ask for $100 US for 1–2 hours, and double for all night.

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