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Discreet Accommodation – South Africa, Pretoria, Sunny Side I know where to find the most beautiful girls for you, to make your stay an unforgettable experience. I started this as a low-budget type of accommodation, ZAR100/night (US$17). I furnished a few apartments in my block of flats and rented it out to travelers. Because many of these guys don’t know this area, they always asked me to find girls for them.

Because I have been publishing the Directory of Sex & Escort Services of Pretoria for the last 4 years, I have many contacts with the local clubs & escort agents. Face it, most clubs got 1 good girl and the rest are ordinary. But because I know them all, I can say I know where to find the best girls.

Most clubs in South Africa charge the same rate for all their girls. In the cheaper clubs, you pay ZAR 250/hour (US$42), the mid-class clubs charge ZAR 300 (US$50), the smart clubs charge ZAR 350 (US$59). You get what you pay for, but will I get you the best available for your budget.

Even so, I aim for the top end of the market. At the very top end of the market, there are real stunning girls (ex-models, x-pornstars) who charge up to ZAR 1000/hour (US$167). You will never see them on the streets or even in the clubs. Many are work independently or on direct referrals only. My philosophy is :
“Sta y in a low-budget accommodation and save your money for a high-class girl.”

For Americans, these are ridiculously low rates. This is mainly due to the exchange rate between the ZAR and the US$ and not to the quality of the accommodation or the girls. The white South Africans girls are as beautiful as the Russian girls. But I think, with due respect, much better than the (also cheap) Thais, Filipinos and Latinas.

The apartments are not cramped little rooms like you get in most low-budget hotels. They are proper flats (37 square meters) with a separate bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and kitchen. Residential homes are spacious relative to European standards. This is especially nice if you stay for longer than 7 days
when you begin to miss the comfort of your own home.

R100 (US$17)/overnight, R625 (US$104)/week
1-bedroom flats (furnished, self-catering) + lock-up garages. Very private. Extras available on request!

HeinRich W. KocH +2712 341-2290

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