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Reflections Massage Parlour – Located in Queens Gardens, just across the road from Dunedin Casino, and 5 minutes walk from the Octagon, the centre area of town. If you’re in the southern part of New Zealand, Dunedin is a good place to head out and party if you are young, it’s a student town, with plenty of young honies to pick up at the clubs. No escorts on the streets, but a number of well established brothels close to the main street and city centre. All within a 10 minute walk from the centre of town. Reflections is a tall but narrow 3 story building. Run by an old couple who were reasonable to deal with. NZ$20 over the counter to get you an hour with a lady. Sat down in front of their big screen TV and had a coffee. 3 ladies to choose from when I went. Chose Tina (7 in face, 8 in body), slim brunette, about 5ft 5”, small but well shaped breasts, nice tight ass. Dressed in what looked like a professional mini skirt and dress jacket. She admitted that shes only been “on the job” for a few weeks. Took me up to a room, plenty of space, reasonable queen size bed. Good lighting. She asked me to strip, then started giving a back rub.

Rolled over, and she asked what I would like. Told her a good fuck and a blowjob. She said NZ$100 for everything during the hour. Paid her the money. Went over and took off her blouse, and pulled off her mini-skirt. Started kissing her on the neck, which she seemed to like. Unstrapped her bra and threw it to one side. She turned around and started rubbing my cock. Gave her nice tits a good sucking on, then knelt down and pulled off her panties. Nicely trimmed bush, smelt great! She gave me a blowjob while putting on a condom at the same time. Started with missionary for a few minutes, before changing to her on top. Nice and tight pussy. I’m no porno stud, but I filled her up nicely. She let me set the pace, and was happy to French kiss. Seemed to genuinely get off as well. Makes a change from hopelessly faked orgasms – cheap hooker style!. Then did some doggy, after which I started to get near boiling point.

She sensed this and said I could cum on her face or tits if I wanted. Quickly pulled out and she gave me a good handjob to finish when I came big time on her face. Great stuff. All this took around 30 mins.

Still had about half an hour left. She wiped her face off and we started talking for a few minutes. She then suggested a hand and blow job to finish off. I asked her if I could eat her out for a bit, as I didn’t get a chance first time. She was fine with this, and I spent 10 minutes tasting her superb juices. She gave me a wank, and finished with a good blowjob as promised. Went off to the shower, got cleaned up with her, after which she gave me a good bye kiss on the cheek.

Overall, good service, great sex, and the price was about average for an hour “all inclusive” service. $$$ is higher in Dunedin than in the 3 main cities in NZ, but always remember, you get what you pay for

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