Herne Horsthausen CLOSED

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FKK Herne
Werderstrasse 76
Herne 44628
10am – 12pm
Entry 25 Euro 10-12 and 21-24
Entry 35 Euro 12-21
Session 20 Euro FS, Oral
Session 30 Euro FS, Oral, Kissing, DATY
Session 50 Euro FS, Oral, Kissing, DATY, BBBJTC
12-20 Women

Once the most talked about German FKK Sauna Club Herne Horschthausen remains alive. As some would want you to believe it never closed nor did it move. This was a simple ploy by other internet folk who wanted to steer away some of it’s business and popularity.

Same layout as always, look for the large 76 address numbers which are set back in the trees and bush on the gated entry. Ring the bell and one or two lovely totally nude women will buzz you in. Customers consisted mainly of local Germans, in the past they’ve been very selective about WHO they allow entry to the club. If you’re not a German speaker or don’t look German there is a chance you won’t be permitted entry.

Once pass the first gate and up the stairs to the entry you’ll be given a set of towels. Your next step is to walk straight back thru the club to the bar where you’ll be asked your “first name” and expected to pay the entry fee of 25-35 Euro.

You’ll be issued a locker key which will also have a security locker key. This is something new, the addition of a separate security locker which is to the right as you approach the bar. You’ll also be issued a wristband with the old slip in cards.

Don’t expect the girls to mark the cards as I’m told they’re only issued for accounting purposes and since drinks are included and you pay the women directly the only value is to show you paid entry.

Put your wallet or valuables in the security locker and then make your way back towards the entry. As you walk back on your right look for the second doorway with a stairway leading downstairs. Take the stairway downstairs past the cigarette machine thru a doorway. Don’t make a sharp right as that leads to a laundry room and party room with bed. Straight thru the doorway is the shower room, to the right is the locker room, look for the bright red lockers. To the left is the indoor pool and sauna. At one time there was a toilet room in the pool room at the far right and this is now the sauna. You may see some guests or women lounging on the couches across the pool. There’s a sign on the wall at the doorway which translates to “piss in the pool and we’ll throw you out”. This same rule goes for the shower.

Once changed make your way back up the stairs. The restroom is to the left of the entry door where you came in (to your right if your coming from downstairs). It’s used by both the women and the guests. There’s a biday and toilet in the first stall on the left. It’s also marked “for guests only”. There were several girls looming around in the restroom each time I used it. Not the place where you might feel comfortable taking a noisy dump.

The club consists basically of two rooms, a smaller one to the left of the bar with wall to wall couches and TV’s running porno’s. The larger one to the right of the bar extends farther back to a fireplace. There’s a small cubby hole or narrow room with couch where I used to enjoy lots of good couch action next to the fireplace. Women are seated on just about every couch so finding a seat was not so easy.

Drinks are now included in the cost of entry. Drinks are self serve and no longer behind the bar but to the left of the bar directly in front of it. The typical cola, cola light, Fanta, mineral water etc.They also have a self serve coffee machine which makes all sorts of coffees and even hot tee water. Hot soup is served after 7pm with bread. The standard cookies are still available all day for those needing more then drink to re-charge.

There was a good selection of nationalities from an Indonesian and Thai gal. Plus a black, a Latin looking gal, several EE and your German women. I knew one German gal from Oase and she quickly approached me and started a friendly conversation.

Couch action no longer seems to be done in the lounge as much as it once was but prices are also far more competitive. The other change is you pay the girl directly from your security locker after your session. During my session the girl explained the different sessions and what they included. Probably the best place to take advantage of French Total or better known as BBBJTC.

There was never any rushing or odd behavior by the girl I took to the room. I got the feeling they preferred to do the w/ kissing and DATY option as it was more money. She even gave me the option mid way to move up to the 50 Euro option and finish with a mouth shot.

All in all I would come back to this club for future visits. Service was above average and very GFE. With the new rates one could have a hell of a time.

If you arrive during the so called Happy Hour and take advantage of the 25 Euro entry and don’t do any kissing the cost is only 20 Euro for a total of 45 Euro. 10 Extra Euro for kissing and DATY is not that much to pay. Gone is the 1/2/3 pricing structure and the all inclusive sessions which almost always included couch action.

Take the Herne-Horschthausen exit on the 42 (Exit 23)from the 43 it’s a left turn to the signal, then right to the Ford Dealer, then right all the way back to the dead end.

I have visited this place over 40 times over the years. It has had it’s ups and downs. I will add though that management has always been top notch as far as treatment of the clients. You never get that Apfel-Pecker feeling here. They have even admitted Auslander from places that they probably would not….on my request as I am a good customer who never causes any problems for them.

My last visit was only three months ago and I spent two visits here. I must disagree with some other posts that I have seen in regards to prices getting expensive. They were always expensive at places like Babylon because of advertising and I must admit the high quality girls. But the strict FKK clubs have gotten much cheaper over the years. Don’t forget that this three times pricing plan is only a recent event within the last two years and is most certainly the result of competition. Also if you are coming from the States, you are probably getting the most bang for the buck (including quality issues) that can be had in the Industrial World (as opposed the Third World). The dollar is extremely strong now and it is a great time to get your dick in gear and spend some spunk. (Note: some Germans are a little upset about the value of the dollar vs. mark as they are spending a greater part of their salary then you might be. I get paid in US dollars as part of my agreement, so I see a little of this even from my local friends when I go for a three banger and they only want one based on relative cost and they seem not to see the value in the second and third spurt at these great prices). Oh well, maybe they are spending too much time in the WC monkey wacking and they don’t have enough flow for the second and third times (just a joke).

In any case, I have never had a bad time here. None of my friends have ever had a bad time here. In fact, a short story; on one recent visit I was a little crazy and went to Herne after spending spunk 5 times previous, at two other locations. I don’t know why we went to Herne other than “let’s take a look”. I picked a girl that I have seen there often, she is quite attractive. I went to the room with her and she did an excellent (bj) and then went to insertion. We continued in all possible positions for about 20 minutes. I am a wild man and when I say she was up for anything, she was….she is a fun loving spirit and has a great sense of humor. After this 20 minutes, she began to suck me again, really going crazy with this for about 10 more minutes. It was apparent to me that my testicles had been drained of fluid and although my penis was 3/4 to fully erect the whole time…..the spunk was not there to shoot. She began sucking me while I masturbated in her mouth, licking and sucking me while I wanked the head. About 45 mins. had now been spent. My penis was starting to look like a raw piece of meat. I was concerned of this as I did not want to cause an abrasion (end of Holiday). She would not let me go. She started to put a condom on me for more insertion…….this was going too far and I must admit that I started to bring this party to a halt. I am not embarrassed of this, this is just the truth. She would not stop. My penis was half limp (or was it half hard for you optimists), and she was trying to suck me back to place the condom. This was really getting out of hand, so I told her I had had enough.

WELL HERE IS THE PUNCHLINE…..SHE GOT PISSED OFF AT ME. I explained what the problem was and I think she did not believe me. She had a look on her face like she was going to cry or something.

Now this is integrity at it’s apex!! She told my friend that I didn’t find her sexy anymore and she was upset with me. We had been making out in the room, but when I went to leave she would not accept a tip, nor would she give me a quick kiss.

Now, all this occurred at a place where people are saying quality and attitude are down. They have a nice swimming bath and sauna and the place is fairly clean (AAA approval…just kidding). You see, I think the prices are great and there are gems to be had all over the place. You just have to be a miner.

I have had the same luck over the years with this place. Sometimes they have more women and sometimes less but I’ve always gotten 5 star service.

The bad rap may also have something to do with a falling out with some of the girls. First a rumor spread that they were closed. This was untrue, then a rumor that they moved which was also untrue. The fact was that some of the girls had left to work at the clubs in Bochum.

I talked with Monica a pretty blond who has worked there for years. She confirmed some of the stories and the fact that they never closed or moved. Remember this is the internet and it’s too easy to post a lie.

Monica by the way has a great attitude but I don’t think she speaks any english. She is married and has a family and this is accepted work for her. This is just a job as she puts it, the bonus is she loves her work and is a multi orgasmic type of gal. She really gets into the sex and you get a total GFE session.

I’ve never been to Herne and seen a 3 deal but they do offer a reduced rate for certain hours of the day.

Herne is sort of the original legend that first got me into the FKK scene. The place is clean, the people are nice and the girls give legendary service.

I remember talking about why they might not permit someone entry to Herne. They have this thing against Turks, which they say they don’t permit at times. I’ve never seen a turk inside myself but I have been inside with friends who are asian or latino. Go figure, if your nice, clean and respectful you won’t have a problem.

I regret to say that I visited Herne a week back and was refused entrance. I don’t speak German and am of brown complexion, Italian American. I’m not sure if these factors had anything to do with it, but I was terribly dissapointeded, not for the fact that I could not enter the FKK(there are tons of other that allowed me entrance), but for the way I appeared.

Your not the first person to encounter this treatment. I’m Caucasian and have never had a problem even when I had some Asian friends along. I’ve asked some of the girls about this policy and have been told they don’t care to cater to Turks. Not speaking the language and having a girl answer the door who also does not speak German does not help.

The club in Dortmund on Apfelbecker Str. is even worse as they don’t allow anyone unless they are a member. Yet they don’t really have a membership plan per say. They also don’t cater to non German speakers.

I once walked into Sabines in Bochum with 5 friends (3) who were Asian and when the Madam saw us she started yelling “No foreigners”. This was in German and we were all escorted back to the entrance. The girls at Sabines and the Apfelbecker clubs appear to want the traffic it’s the manager or madam who usually says something.

Herne has a policy between the girls and manager which they seem to enforce more then less.

I would let my feet vote as places like Babylon and Parksauna are not too far away and have a better selection anyway.

Posted on Monday, March 15, 2004 – 5:03 am:
The club is closed now!
According to their website www.spassbad-herne.de all girls have moved to a similar club in gelsenkirchen.
I did a visit yesterday and can confirm that some girls from Herne were present there.
Anyway, I can truly recommend the club at Gelsenkirchen: Entrance is 25-35 Euro, depending on the time of the day. Each session is 20 Euros for the girl. Add 10 for oral on her. BJ is without even for 20. Add another 10 to 20 for cuming into her mouth. Saw lots of good locks. I had one session with Michaele, one with Helena and one with both,

From what I can tell it’s a very small operation.
More towards the swingers concept with women they claim are single, housewives, students, naturally horny women who don’t care to sit in a club 12-14 hours. Thus the hours are set the way they are. They claim 5 women are present but I’ve read that sometimes there are only 3. The women are there to fullfill your dreams and wishes however they have many of their own such as face shots, cum swallowing, anal etc. There is also a chance that other single women may be attending as well as couples.

Personally at 150 Euros which is entry and 2 sessions at most other clubs I find these places a gamble. Does anyone know if you can look at the women before investing your hard earned cash?

Hobbyhuren of Herne
Hours of operations and entry fees
Su,Mo,Th,Fr opened from 15-20 Hours
Tuesday: NIGHTSESSION 19-24 Hours
Saturday and Wednesday Closed
Couples and single women: 25Euro
Single Men: 150 Euro
Tele 02325 – 58 61 81
They have their own forum
The price includes a climax guarantee, drinks and snacks.
Herner Straße 41
44651 Herne (Wanne)

I can give a recomandation foor the Hooby-Huren-Party. Always there are 5 girls and maximum 10 men.
The quality is very good, the girls have a lot of time for you. And the Euro 150,– is not to much.


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