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Louisville Street Action
is spotty during the winter months (warm weather is best), but are out most every night. Several locations show action.

Area: 18th between Broadway and Hill street still has action, best on Friday and Saturday nights after midnight till daylight. Use Caution in this area
Area: 18th to 22nd / Chestnut to Market streets. midnight to daylight.
Area: Hill St between 18th and Brook shows action at times.
Area: 12th and 13th streets / Hill to Algonquin. (Public Housing) use Caution.
Area: Burnett to College / Jackson to 2nd. Preston, Oak, Ormsby, Floyd, College usually have action dark to daylight, Some action during the day. Usually will be walking alone. Look for eye contact and smile.
Area: 4th street Kentucky to Hill (mostly Gay)
Area: Jackson to Shelby / Market to Chestnut, Public Housing (Late at night).
Area: Broadway to Kentucky / Clay to Jackson, Public Housing (Late at night).

Look for female (some male) most time alone, get eye contact and watch for smile, wave or nod. Drive by and check the area for occupied cars, undercover vice, go back and stop let them come to you. Ask if they want a ride. If they try to talk business before they get in car, LEAVE. Undercover will not get in car. After they are in car, start conversation usually they will get around to asking to see if you are police. Then if you want date. Head usually 15 to 20, half and half 20 to 30. Drive around a little and you pick a spot.

Stopped off 1 24 at the Fort Campbell Hopkinsville exit. Drove 2 miles south for gas. On the way passed an adult book store call the Adult Toy Box. Next door was a lingerie club. Filled up with gas, hit the cash machine and went back. When I walked in I was greeted by about 6 women. 5 of which were really rough looking. One girl about 22-26, a gen X look was Ok. I selected her and then paid for a 35 minute show. The girl asked me if I would do a 25 minute show because she was getting ready to leave.

I agreed an paid the $30.00 for the 25 minutes. Also I had to pay a $20.00 tip up front. The girl began bitching because I put this on a credit card at the adult book store. She said that she would only get $9.00 of the $20.00 tip. We then went into a private room. She told me the better I tipped the better the show. Now I know that these shows tend to be more pay and less view. I tried to negotiate a total with her so I wouldn’t waste 25 minutes waiting for her to get to work. She got very upset and went across the room and sat down. I laid $50.00 on a table next to the chair I was setting in. She asked if it was for her. I told her that she would have to earn it. She told me that the “•••• doesn’t work that way.” After 10 minutes she was still setting on the other side of the room. She wouldn’t even get topless for the original $50.00 I paid at the door. I picked my money up off the table and walked out. If you want a good time make the hour drive to Nashville and hit 8th Ave. You’ll have a better time for less money than this place would cost

I went to Olympia Spa on Old Bards town rd. When I walked in, a bubbly Asian lady answered the door, and led me to the room. She asked me how long I wanted and I told her an hour, she asked if I wanted a shower, I said fine. Then she took the 60 dollars, shook my cock handshake style through my cutoff sweats, and said she’d be right back. I got undressed, and she came walking through the door, and asked me to follow her, halfway through the hallway she grabbed my cock again through the towel and lead me into the shower stall. Man she was working that dress, nice b cup fake tits. She washed my backside, played with my nut sack some, and then had me turn over. She stroked me a while, then stopped to wash my body, then she would stroke me a little more, then she rinsed me off. When I got up she handed me my towel, and lead me back to my room by my cock again, she gave me a massage for about ten minutes, then reached under my hips (of course I lifted my hips up so she could do it) grabbed my dick and asked if “he was going to take care of her”, as she stoked her pussy. So I asked what I could get for 50 bucks, she showed me her hand, and I told her I can jack myself off, so I got her to blow me for 50 bucks. She pulled her top down and started sucking my dick. When I looked down she had put a red condom on me, thank god! After a few minutes, I asked her if I could fuck her for another 40, she told me fifty more, and I said, I’ll give you forty, so she ran off with the money again, me with my vein inlaid dick boner standing there. She dropped to her knees again, and sucked me some more, I lifted her up and told her to go to the table, she bent over and I started fucking her from behind, then I told her to crawl up on the table on her back, and I started doing her missionary style. I reached back, pulled her legs up on to my shoulders and started banging her as hard as I could, I felt my dick bumping something so I looked at her, her damn eyes were bulging out, but that just made me hornier, so I tried to knock the bottom out of it. When I came, she just held on to me, I had to force her to let me go. I got up; she took my condom off, held it like a bass trophy to check the amount of cum, and went to get a washcloth to wash me off. When I got dressed, she kept pulling my dick out and told it to come back tomorrow, come back and see her again. Then I finally got to the door, she followed me out, asked me to kiss her on the cheek, and just about followed me to the car, acting as bubbly as your high school sweetheart did. I know a lot of it was made on her part, but she sure made me feel like #1 that day, even though it cost me 150.00 I asked what her name was; she said moo lah (money) I highly recommend that place, but just pay for the half hour, you’ll be out in 45 minutes no matter what ya pay. Later

Shelbyville road, East side of town in a shopping center.

Olympia Spa
Located on Old Bardstown rd. It’s located in the back of a strip mall so it’s difficult to find, but worth the effort.
$30/$50 for 1/2 hr. $60 hr. FS $100. Again they will take as much as you have so don’t bring more. The service is great and the girls are very attractive. Table shower, sauna.

Tokyo Spa
5906 Preston Hwy 964-1008. Entrance in the back (Lots of parking in the rear, a must for the married man). Last report there was a pleasant Korean woman named Kay, short, 95lbs, and DD tits. 1/2 hour session ($40). It includes the requisite table shower, sauna, etc. The room was nice enough, and the massage was good. “I love a little woman who knows how to walk up and down the back…..and she knew where to step!”

Valley Spa
Located on Dixie Hwy at the Gene Snyder in Louisville. Reports are that it is the best in town. Be sure to ask for Jade, one PRETTY lady. She can rub and rub and make you feel great. You have to get to know her to get her best, each visit gets better. Tina is short and is worth every penny and each minute. She gives the best massage, is one heck of a nice person and makes up for being short by being nice and damn good. Jennifer works part time. She is warm, loving, and nice and gives you her best each time.

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