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Groningen is a larger town in the north of the Netherlands. There are two Red Light Districts and one legalized strip for street action.

The first RDL is located at the “Nieuwstraat”, within the canal ring, in the direction of the railroad station. Many very nice girls (8-9, and even some gorgeous 10’s) are sitting there behind the windows, all colors, young, gorgeous bodies. Some black women, mostly white, from the former Eastblock and some Dutch girls. It’s great, you can walk up and down a couple of time’s, and pick the one that gets your heart (or other parts). There is a erotic shop as well, with video boots, where you can hang back until the mood is right.

This street works with a set minimum of 60 guilders (about 25 US$) for a •••• or a blowjob. Both will set you up for 100 guilders, extra position for +25 guilders. However, with less than class8 girls, you can successfully make a nice deal. Always make sure you make a deal and pay in advance.

I usually prefer a •••• with more positions, no blowjob for 75 guilders, ~30-35 US$ with the most stunning girl I can find (still a student, so I must look after my wallet), sometimes for more if she gets me crazy.

If you want you can get more action, but that will cost you in age, looks, and enthusiasm.

I have had some very good fucks here. One of the best was with a very nice and young girl from Czechia, who could barely speak English and wasn’t very “pro” like. For 60 guilders I got a very nice blowjob, and then I could massage her, lick her, finger her at the same time, and got her making a whole lot of noise (other girls where shouting remarks about this). Still convince myself she wasn’t playing, or she had the best act of the world, as after that she had problems getting my condom on. She ripped two of them with her nails before she got the third one right (luckily without hurting my tool). When we were ••••••• nice, after a while she sat on top and I thought I was getting absolutely crazy.

Until we realized the condom was ripped again. This explained the abnormal good feeling, but gave me a very uncomfortable idea about my future health situation. However, at that time hormones were ruling my control-center, and I thought putting on a new condom myself would be adequate enough action. Left there in a great bodilty arousal, but worried enough to have taken a HIV test a couple of months later.

The other street (the “Muurstraat”) compares to the first street as a used-car sale to a dealer. Older, more African, and more gravity-suffering women. However, you can get some really good bargaining here. Depends of your taste I guess. I go there occasionally, if I feel like doing something really sleazy. If you can think of it, someone there probably does it.

Netherlands – Groningen – Carla

Recently I saw an ad from Carla: and as I had some business in Groningen and I also found a positive comment on her at I gave it a try.
Carla received me in a private home in Groningen. She is around 40, measures a little less than 170 cm, and has short brown hair and grey-blue eyes. She has a pleasant face and firm body with b-cup breasts.
After she poured me a Cuba libre she took me to the bedroom, we undressed and she washed herself and me. Then we cuddled on the bed, I kissed her nice breasts and her nipples erected, I gave her cunnilingus, which she appreciated. She gave me uncovered fellatio, which was a special experience as she has two tongue piercings. She put a condom on me and rode me cowgirl style to a nice climax. We refreshed ourselves and chatted a bit until I started to play and stroke her genital area again. She gave me fellatio again until my penis was ready to have another go. We then did the 2nd covered coitus in doggy style (her hips on a firm cushion), which position she said she likes a lot. It was a pleasure to bang her firm buttocks while she cheered me saying ‘Ja.. lekker..doorgaan.. heerlijk’ (Yes.. lovely.. continue.. heavenly). I am not sure but I had the impression that she climaxed just after me. Anyway we had a very nice cosy and sexy hour together, for which she charged me 75 euros and I was very satisfied.

On my business trip to Groningen I also had a business meeting in Delfzijl. On the way back I made a detour to Klein Ulsda and visited the Jan Bik club, which is located near exit 48 of the A7.
Inside I found a nice bar and lounge filled with 9 ladies and 4 other customers. I was offered a drink and the managing lady explained the pleasures on offer. I had a chance to talk to most of the ladies in a relaxed atmosphere; it was more like a singles bar than a brothel. People were chatting and joking, so I took another Cuba libre and enjoyed talking and looking around, aroused by the knowledge that I could lay down with either lady. I was attracted to a beautiful big-breasted black haired Czech lady; Dascha is close to 40 years and a big slim woman with an erotic radiation. We got on well as she also has a good sense of humor, so we went to a nice roomy bedroom and undressed each other slowly. She washed herself and me with nice slow exciting moves. She has a well-proportioned body with stunning firm D-cup breasts. She massaged me lovely with her boobs until I got very excited, then slipped a condom on me and rode me cowgirl style to the climax.
We washed and then I gave her cunnilingus, which she appreciated. She played with my penis and balls, then slipped another condom on me and gave me fellatio not forgetting my balls and a bit of rimming. We then did coitus in the missionary style, which took some time, as I did not climax until after about 15 minutes, but she was very friendly and gave me the feeling I was pleasing her. Dascha is a nice person and a joy to make love to.
After that I did not feel like leaving and stayed around in the bar with another Cuba libre, chatting and joking with the other customers and the ladies. All in all I was well over two hours in this club of which a full erotic hour with Dascha and I was charged 100 euros for sex and 15 euros for the drinks. It was a pleasant and satisfying experience, also because the staff as well as the other customers were friendly and forthcoming.

Netherlands – Leeuwarden – Red Light districts – Walhalla – Room 5 – Nikki from Slovakia
On my way through the northern province Friesland I visited Leeuwarden the provincial capital and looked at the small redlicht district.. It is conveniently located in the centre of town at the side of the canal Weaze and consists of 4 buildings. You can walk through the buildings and look into the small windowed rooms with the girls. Not many rooms were occupied but I was amazed at the good looks of the working girls there, mainly Eastern Europeans in their twenties only clad in nice lingerie.

I visited Nlkki in room 5 in the Walhalla building. She is blond (dyed), slim, about 175 cm, with a pretty face, a smooth soft skin and soft cup C breasts.
We undressed and started a standing up caressing session, which she enjoyed, she even put one foot on the bed to allow easier access to her shaved genital area. We then proceeded to the bed, she slipped a condom on my penis and gave me a long slow fellatio with plenty of variation. We then cohabitated in missionary style and I climaxed beautifull.
It was a lovely session with a very friendly young lady who was eager to please me and charged me only 30 euros for her good work. Nikki is in her late twenties , she is a doll both physically and mentally.

There is a photo of the redliht area in Leeuwarden on this website: aze.htm

I`ve been to Groningen a month ago and i visited the Red District located in the center so i thought i will give u an update. As Langeman said in his post 10 years ago, the girls here are beautiful, ranging from 6 to 9. Nothing changed there, thanks God. The downside could be that there are no dutch girls there execept for a few veterans who are catering now for the sado-maso clientelle. Most of the gals are coming from east europe and ofcourse there are a few afros who offer anal if asked in a polite manner.
I would say about 50 windows to view, almost all with light on. The price is 50 euro for 30 min. for coverd BJ and normal sex. I found a very attractive bulgarian girl, almost a 10 and when i asked her if i can kiss her private parts she refused and slamed the door in my face. Went next door where her friend was working, also a very nice one and same thing happened….didnt really get it. I was quite frustrated and i showed her the thumb down and told her bulgarian girls suck, then left. Few beers later i came back to the place and found another nice bulgarian and while i was screwing her she asked me why did i say bulgarians suck? Its only then when i realised this was the same girl i talked to before… surprisingly she didnt treat me bad and i was able to switch positions and hit her hard without complains. As a bonus right before the end i pulled out, took the condom off and finish on her leg which she didnt appreciate and started complaining while i was getting dressed and slamed the door in her face…and that was that. She treated me like a non returning customer and i wanted her to experience the same feeling i usualy have from most of east europeans (thanks god, there are exceptions)
Anyway, in conclusion i would say Groningen offers plenty of fun. There are many pubs and clubs around the RD, the beer is excellent and the people is friendly, you might just get lucky without having to pay for it, as i almost did.


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