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Casablanca Bar & Restaurant in the city is a good place to find beautiful girls. It’s open 24 hours a day and the best time to be there, is at night, when there is a disco. To see all these sexy African asses move to the music is great. I never paid more than Ksh 1000(10-12 Usd) for a full night with great sex.

Just spent a week in Mombasa en route to Tanzania and found the New Florida Nightclub a very rewarding place. The disco is open towards the ocean, food and bars with different kinds of music available, entrance fee about 3 dollars, small shows around 1 am. There is also an air-conditioned casino. Action starts around 11 pm and there is a nice mixture of Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Ethiopian girls, 6 – 10s, aged between 20 and 50. The first step to getting acquainted is a beer or juice, girls who realize that you are not really interested in them just order a can for 2 dollars without opening it and make a profit by giving it back to the barmaid as soon as you are gone. Girls speak quite good English and there are astonishing communicators among them. If you live at one of the beach hotels north of Mombasa and want to play it safe, it’s advisable to hire a hotel taxi driver for the whole night. He will wait outside the club for as long as you like, take you to a cheap hostel ($15 dollars) with your girl, wait outside for a couple of hours and take you back to your hotel for about $40 dollars – plus another $40 dollars for the girl. Beware: once you have taken a girl with you, you may get into real trouble if you choose someone else the next night!

Mombassa I stayed at the Nyala Beach Hotel. I suggest going to the bar downstairs at about 9:00PM. If there is not a good selection there, go to the discotheque one floor below the bar. The girls enjoy French kissing and straight sex. They do not like to give blow jobs either. Beautiful Nubian Females. Be careful to make the right choice since the same girl will want to team up with you again if she sees you. 50 USD will give you all you want. During the day there are guys that will sell you pot but be careful since an African jail is not a place anyone wants to be.

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