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Massage Salon 93
‘s-Gravendijkwal 93

Tida Thai Massage
Dordtselaan 81C

Roeng Siam Thaise Massage
Van Brakelstraat 145

Thai Golden Spa
Gerrit van de Lindestraat 28

Golden Sun Prive
Gerrit van de Lindestraat 28

Nan Prive
Katendrechtse Lagedijk 380-B

Royal Rooms
Bergweg 219

Unlimited Prive
Prins Hendrikkade 112A

Jan Bik
Crooswijksesingel 33

Whites Club
Westzeedijk 94

Karin’s Home
Rochussenstraat 99a

Erotic Cafe Bubbles
Henegouwerlaan 48a

Body Touch
Mijnsherenlaan 113a

Before discussing the SEX-scene in ROTTERDAM, I would first like to tell something about prostitution in The Netherlands in general. Here in The Netherlands (Holland) there are basically three types of prostitution: a) street/window action, b) “private houses”, and c) clubs. Good newspapers to find addresses are “Algemeen Dagblad” (for Rotterdam) and “De Telegraaf” (for AMsterdam).

a) street/window action: found mostly in Amsterdam and The Hague. A quick •••• & suck will cost you about 100 guilders for 15 minutes. Girls show little interest…

b) “private houses” are just what it says; ordinary looking apartments, but inside you will find 3 to 5 girls you can ••••. Mainly found in Rotterdam, but also in various other cities. Best value for money!!! Nicer girls, prices mostly 125 guilders for half an hour, 175 for 45 minutes and 225 for one hour. Everything included, suck, ••••, massage, kissing,… Anal sex will cost about 50 guilders extra.

c) clubs: far more expensive than the other two… Little extra value…

Now I would like to share some of the addresses and phone numbers of “PRIVATE HOUSES” I have visited in ROTTERDAM:

1) ‘s Gravendijkwal 158 E, tel. 010-2251308
‘s Gravendijkwal 156 A, tel. 010-4369037
‘s Gravendijkwal 152 B, tel. 010-4369614
‘s Gravendijkwal 150 D, tel. 010-2250456
Very nice young girls of different nationalities; Dutch, Polish, Chinese,… Just choose the one you like. Very good value for money! Located near the center of the city, just across the road from Dijkzigt Hospital. Opening hours from 10am till 10pm, also open in weekends. Just give a call to be sure… Anonymous looking building, very discrete!

2) Rochussenstraat 99A, tel. 010-4362152
All Dutch girls, aged 18 to 28. Nice rooms. Near Dijkzigt Hospital. Opening hours from 10am till 10pm, also open in weekends. Also very discrete.

3) Bergweg 219 B, tel. 010-4670612
Classy ambiance. Luxurious rooms. Different girls to choose from. Located in the North of the city.

4) Bas Jungeriusstraat 76 B Located in the South of the city, near “Zuidplein” shopping center. One girl here, Silvia. She’s not a real beauty, but looks ok. Very large DD-cup tits! She has one specialty: sucking cock without a condom!!! And, you can spread your cum in her mouth… She sucks very, very good. Open from 10am to 10pm. Very discrete.

Some clubs located in Rotterdam for you horndogs

Rotterdam – Rochussenstraat 99 A – 010-4362152 – Karin’s Home. Een privéhuis met klasse voor de man met smaak. vrijblijvende kennismaking.
Rotterdam – Pleinweg 62 B – Klasse en discreet. Open 11-22
Rotterdam – Bas Jungeriusstraat 76 B – Huisvrouw
Rotterdam – Bas Jungeriusstraat 44 B – 010-4853450 – Paulien, echt vrijen met slanke brunette. Katja langh. exot. Trio/mass.
Rotterdam – Wolphaertsbocht 345 A – Aziatisch meisje di-vr 10-21 zo 13-21
Rotterdam – Mijnsherenlaan 47 B – 010-4855353 – Privé, lieve dames voor relax, mass. trio, room, nur. trav. worstl.
Rotterdam – Dordtselaan 183A – 010-4845057 – Prive Supertrio’s. Frans intiem massages soft SM.
Rotterdam – Dordtselaan 147 A – 010-4233384 – Christa. 33 jaar slank, donderdag en vrijdag vanaf 17.00 tot 22.00 uur.
Rotterdam – Strevelsweg 28 A – 06-22141998 – Hollandse blonde Daniëlle v.a. Fl. 50,- fr.z.c. Grieks, Ma/za 9-23u.
Rotterdam – Jagerslaan 4 A – Thay Privé, ma-za 11-24
Rotterdam – Lange Hilleweg 23 A – 010-4856522 – May-Lay, 10-22
Rotterdam – Pretorialaan 17 – 010-4840200 – Climax – Videotheek en privé
Rotterdam – Dinkel 10 – 010-2867227 – Inge’s Privé. Spontane Hollandse kanjers ontvangen. u van 11-22 u in een rustige intieme privé sfeer 3 min. v/a afrit 16 A20.
Rotterdam – Rochussenstraat 343 A – 06-26266297 – Meesters Jose voor soft erotisch tot extreem harde SM in volledig ingerichte SM kelder. Geen nursing en copra mogelijk. Open Ma t/m za 12-20 uur. Iedere 4e woensdag van de maand slavenmiddag vanaf 13 uur; 150 entree voor de hele middag.
Rotterdam – Statenweg 66B – 010-4676221 – 2 Superslanke meisjes wachten om met jou te vrijen.
Rotterdam – Gordelweg 143 C – 010-4660815 – Sandra, net even iets anders van 10.00 tot 17.00. Fl. 100,- all in.
Rotterdam – Bergselaan 299 E – Dorien
Rotterdam – Bergweg 219 B – 010-4670612 – Laat u keus maken uit heerlijke jonge dames. Ook voor SM kunt u terecht.
Rotterdam – Schiedamseweg Ben 555 – Changmay, 11-23 (hoek Hogebanweg)

Some of the info is in Dutch but the addresses are correct.

Prostitutes and politicians toasted the lifting of an 88-year-old ban on brothels, a move intended to better regulate the world’s oldest profession and turn its practitioners into legitimate taxpayers. Legislation enacted last year and signed by Queen Beatrix went into effect Sunday, ending the anomalous status of bordellos as illegal but tolerated. Amsterdam’s red light district draws millions of visitors every year to its cinemas, live sex shows, and sex stores. It’s not uncommon to see middle-aged tourist couples walking hand-in-hand past storefront windows where barely clothed prostitutes flaunt their wares.

Prostitution itself was already legal in the Netherlands, but the new law transforms the sex establishments into legal businesses with working guidelines and employment benefits. Prostitutes and brothel owners alike will be obliged to pay taxes.

“Prostitution has become an official occupation,” said the author and columnist who uses the pen name Carrie, at a celebration inaugurating the law. At the event, organized by a long-established trade union for prostitutes called “The Red Thread,” activists praised the change as a long overdue recognition of a service “as old as time.” Former prostitute Mariska Majoor, 31, called it “the beginning of emancipation in prostitution,” giving men and women the right to health benefits and a pension.

It will also set legal guidelines for the sex business which will make it safer to be a prostitute, such as the right to refuse a customer. Bob Schijndel, a parliament member who voted in favor of the bill, said it will become tougher for criminals to use bordellos as fronts for drug and weapons trade. He expects about 6,000 registered prostitutes to take advantage of the financial benefits enjoyed by every Dutch employee.

The Dutch government also will gain an important source of income. The Dutch sex industry, along with the coffee shops that sell small quantities of marijuana, generate billions of dollars each year, amounting to an estimated half percent to the nation’s gross domestic product.

Rotterdam’s Privee Huizen very interesting. So I dared to give them a try. I accurately visited The Rochussenstraat and the Gravendijkswaal places. They offer nice to average young ladies, but the best, by far is gravendijkswaal 52B. In the same building (last floor) there is another house (specializing in Asian girls, they claim); but nothing special. Also avoid another house in Rotterdam a bit farther than the above mentioned area. They claim to have 7 girls for 100 NLG you get what you want. The problem is that the girls are worth 20 NLG max! Back to 52B. There are always nice girls. I went with a small Swedish girl once. Good sex, nothing special. The great one is Natasha (but she is French). Great athletic body, firm ass, big tits and hoOoOoOrny! 125 NLG for 30 mins is good value. If you do not ‘reload’ fast, do not buy longer periods. Buy 30 mins, have a walk and come back for other 30 mins: it’s better value. Basically, you first have a nice intercourse (including French kissing, tongue wrapping). Wild licking is included and, since I am into carpet munching, I often eat her bad! Caressing, sucking, every position (no anal), but you can come as many times as you want in the allotted time. This is great value, men! Do not be blinded by window-shopping in Amsterdam or Den Haag. Would you prefer to spend 100-150 NLG for some anonymous pumping, or have some wild hot sex like in an XXX movie for 125? The problem is that not very many people know about this option and simple fucking for 50 often excites American tourists. But if you are into real action and are looking for something to tell your best friends, try the private houses. Smashing Pumpkin And apart from Natasha I have seen another gorgeous girl there on a Thursday.

76B Bas Jungeriusstraat, I decided to check the address out during a visit to Rotterdam in July 2000 for the annual Caribbean samba festival. I had a lovely time and would like to pass on my recommendations. Particularly for mature men who prefer 40+ women and who are somewhat voyeuristic.

The small, congested apartment is on the second floor (walk-up) of a terraced street in a fairly rough working-class district in the West End of the city, 5 minutes’ walking distance from the Zuidplein transit terminal, which you can easily reach from anywhere in the city by metro or bus. It is not recommended to stroll around this district at night: walk briskly, like you’re not a tourist, or use a taxi. There are some odd characters around the Zuidplein terminal, and it is rumored to be dangerous at night. Youth gangs, etc.

I walked into the rather dingy, but tidy place and was greeted in a very friendly, flirtatious way by a voluptuous, sultry, raven-haired Brazilian beauty, who answered the doorbell wearing only panties, a garterbelt, and nylons, with her huge bust bulging out of an undersized bra. She said there was no one else there until later.

She really was exotically beautiful, if perhaps slightly overweight, with big brown go-to-bed eyes, a sensual mouth, lovely big natural tits, huge aureolas, and smooth coffee skin. The fee was NLG200/hr for full service. This being perfectly reasonable, I accepted, but said I wasn’t interested in oral or penetrative sex (I’m a masturbation voyeur and enjoy finishing with mutual masturbation to completion during 69). She said fine, and that she’d do me without a condom and with no time pressure and with as many cums as we could manage.

As it turned out she was naturally sexual, exhibitionist, masturbatory, and enthusiastic about the whole thing. She masturbated for me with her fingers in many different positions, she had two genuine, very wet orgasms before we even started touching each other, and she obviously loved watching my cock while she caressed her body, sucked her own tits, and wanked her own soaking wet clit constantly throughout our play, which consisted mostly of mutual masturbation, titty fucking, and even some mutual anal fingering.

About an hour later we closed with a hot 69, her ass high in the air, and her pussy in my face. She jerked me off beautifully, slowly building me to a huge climax, at which point I changed positions and shot a hot sticky load in her bumcrack and all over her ass, while she diddled her own wetness to a third cum and massaged her ass cheeks with my spunk. It was HOT!

Later, after we washed off, we had a nice, intelligent chat, and she told me she was a former schoolteacher in her home country, but had been doing guys ever since she arrived in the Netherlands many years ago, not just for the money!

The place is clean, she was clean, shaven, and fragrant, and I felt welcome and comfortable throughout. Highly recommended, although the girls work rotating shifts part-time, so you have to take your chances. My partner said I was her last guy that day: she was going home at around 19:00 hrs. No appointments necessary; just ring the bell.

CLUB OQ (Rotterdam):

I’ve been to this club severly times. The location is decribed about in the 2nd post by annonymous (he posted about Lido club) being accross the street…it seems similar. It’s on a canel across from a coffeeshop (perfect for pre & post smoking). I’ve gone by tram from the train station and by car so its easy to get to…I just have my notes as for directions.
Inside it’s like a regualr bar (with a stage for stripshows, etc. & upstairs the have rooms to go with the girl you choose. When I was there (before the Euro you paid 50/gilders to get in(includes 5 drinks) & then 170/gilders for 1/2 with a girl. The room are all nice (bright, shower, tv, large bed,etc).

The first time I went in 1998 all the girls (at least 50) were dressed in sexy lingerie and ALL topless). They also had a girl doing a dildo masturbation show & the girls took turns stripping…helps pass the time. The lsat time I was there everything was the same except none of the girls were topless but all dressed in sexy dresses or lingerie, etc. (I guess they weren’t comfortable with their tits out all the time). Anyway, it’s like a regular bar, you apporach a girl (they may try and ask you to buy them drinks to sit with them (a waste of money just tell them that you’ll take them to a room soon if you like them). I’ve had girls from Russia (she had a bush which was nice…and layed around totally nude smoking cig. after we finished)…also had a girl from Romania who rode me on top then slowed down and i said “I hadn’t cum yet” and she said she did. Then she get a little more energy and finished me off. I think the girls get horny in the bar because of all the sexual energy and probably only get to have sex a few times during the night, so some get into it (she lived in Amsterdam but commuted to Rotterdam to work at this club OQ.)
On other visits I had grils from Greece, Hungary, and other countries I dodn’t remember.

WARNING: I don’t really like to drink alcohol (especially when have sex) but they do offer you 5 FREE drinks, included in the enter fee. Last time I was there, by car, I had to pass through a Breath checkpoint set up by the police. So if you’re driving beware.
All the action here was with condom but if you like a scene that’s more like a regular bar (would be perfect if you’re with a friend or group of friends) & the grils are into the sex more then in the RLD’s where they’re just doing there jobs and son’t seem that into getting off sexually, then I can recommentd this club…a good choice (combined with the coffeeshop directly across the street make this a good choice in Holland where getting good sex is not that predictable

Yab Yum
Same owner as the Amsterdam location
Crooswijksesingel 33
(+31)10 4334342
Opening hours:
6 days a week
20.00 till….
closed on Sunday Web site located here

Rotterdam – Club Jan Bik – Thai lady – Wynet

After a business visit in Rotterdam I went to the ‘Club Jan Bik’ in that town. I was nicely received by the managing lady who explained to me that I could either have ‘private service’ meaning that the working girls would present themselves to me in the hall and I then would have to choose, or clubservice which would cost 35 euros extra for which I could hang around in the bar and have 4 drinks, speak to the ladies and then make my choice. As I was in no hurry I opted for clubservice.
I entered into a large room with an elegant bar and nice white leather sofa’s. The interior was luxuriously decorated, quite different from the other Jan Bik Clubs, which are rather simple. The managing lady explained to me that this is the former Yab Yum Rotterdam establishment, which was taken over by Jan Bik. Luckily he did not adopt the Yab Yum pricing scheme.

There were 8 ladies to choose from, generally in their late twenties up tilll late thirties and I sat around and talked and joked with them. They were all friendly and forthcoming, but Wynet a small Thai lady was the nicest so I went for an erotic hour with her.

She took me to an elegant large room, we undressed and she turned out to be wellshaped with cup B breasts. We cuddled on the big bed and I caressed and kissed her all over her slim smooth body Then she gave me an erotic body-to-body massage and made me lovely climax between her soft breasts, wonderful.

After that she massaged me in another relaxing manner until I started to finger her and gave her cunnilingus which mede her groan, it made us both horny. She slipped a condom on me and gave me fellatio, but I soon turned her around and penetrated her doggy style, we copulated rather wildly and climaxed in an explosion. It left me breathless with this unbelievable erotic Thai lady.

We caressed each other for a while and then went down to the bar. I offered her a drink, she warned me about the steep price but I did not care and we sat caressing each other on the comfortable couch talking and joking, … lovely!

All in all I spent well over 2 hours at the club and was charged 35 euros entryfee including 4 drinks, 30 euros for the room and 15 euros for the ladydrink. Wynet charged me 45 euros for that very friendly erotic hour which I consider a very good deal. So I had 2 lovely entertaining erotic hours in a fine brothel with a warm pleasant lady and I felt the 125 euros well spend.

In retrospect I think the pricing of the club is out of balance as the price of the barservice + 1 ladydrink totals 50 euros, whereas the roomrent was only 30 euros. So next time I will choose private service and only pay 75 euros as I do know already that I will ask Wynet again. Actually I look forward to making love with her again, she is so sweet and sexy.


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