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Conventional Long Form: Kingdom of Thailand
Local Long Form: Thailand

Capitol City


Location and Climate
Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Burma. Tropical; rainy, warm, cloudy southwest monsoon (mid-May to September); dry, cool northeast monsoon (November to mid-March); southern isthmus always hot and humid.


Buddhism 95%, Muslim 3.8%, Christianity 0.5%, Hinduism 0.1%, other 0.6%

Thai, English (secondary language of the elite), ethnic and regional dialects

Thailand Baht (THB)
1 USD = 40.8629 THB (May 2004)

Internet Country code

Bangkok International Airport and other major airports

Without a tourist visa, your stay is limited to 30 days. You can buy a 10-day extension for 500 THB. With a tourist visa, you get 59 days, which you can extend to 89 days for 500 THB, and to 104 days for 500 THB more. After that, you must leave the country.

There are other options, including business visas and retirement visas if you are over 55 and have over 800,000 THB in a Thai bank. See your nearest Thai Consulate for details.

Take precautions against diarrhea. Don’t eat uncooked food. Drink only bottled or carbonated water. It’s risky to eat food from street vendors. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with clean water. Eat salads only at clean restaurants. If you do get diarrhea, drink electrolyte solution (example, Gatorade) to get back the lost minerals and fluids. If you don’t improve within one day, see a doctor.

Dengue fever is transmitted by mosquito bites. Use mosquito repellent at all times while traveling in the rural areas, especially during the rainy season (May-September). Symptoms include fever, rash, severe headache, and muscle pain. If you have these symptoms, get treatment.

Thailand has well-earned the reputation of being the sex capital of the world. It is here you will find the most bustling and steamy nightlife imaginable, from girls sticking beer bottles and dildo’s up every orifice to exotic dancers performing topless and bottomless on stage. Thailand has something sexually for everyone, whether it be a quick night of passion with an extremely sensuous Thai woman, a stroll down the “Boys Boys Boys” town searching for the perfect gay boy or, if neither man nor woman suits your fancy, then a dive into the bizarre world of the lady-boys (i.e., transsexuals). Thailand is one of the safest countries to visit and tourists, called “falongs” in Thai, are welcomed with open arms. Thailand indeed is one of the few countries that has its own police force, the “tourist police” dedicated to protecting and watching out for the tourist. When you visit Thailand, you will be treated like a king, by both the public at large and especially by the women. It is indeed the land of smiles and when you see how easy it is to get the women into bed, you will be walking away with a big smile on your face.

Thai women are generally very petite, weighing between 85 and 105 pounds. Except for the new fad to dye the hair blonde or add a reddish tint, Thai women have extremely beautiful black, silk-like hair. Most of the bar girls simply love sex and will surprise you with a few positions and techniques of their own. Few of them speak English, but most of them have mastered the line, “[Lets] Go [to your] hotel [to have sex]…How much you pay me?” The average Thai bar girl is motivated primarily by money, few by love and romance. It is estimated that 10% of the population of women (about 30 million) in their mid to late teens and twenties work either part-time or full time in the sex industry. The most beautiful and exotic women will be found in Bangkok, many originally from the northern parts of Thailand. Most women who work in the sex industry do so to gain wealth and to help support their families, many of whom are in utter poverty.

While the mainstream media has portrayed most Thai bar girls as prostituted children who are helpless victims of poverty, this in nothing less than a myth; the reality is the vast majority are mature adults who have willingly continued to work in the sex industry not out of need, but out of greed. The average cute bar girl probably earns a better salary, relatively speaking, than most college graduates in the USA. Thai bar girls are extremely sensual, they praise beauty and wealth, follow closely the virtues of Buddhism, understand and service well the sexual needs of the foreigner, seeing him as their ticket to a life of fame and fortune.

What to Expect
You can expect to easily get laid in Thailand seven nights a week, 365 days a year, with a bar girl in her early to mid-twenties. The problem you will have is not finding girls to sleep with, but avoiding the thousands of willing women who will be begging you to take them home for an evening of pleasure, I kid you not. There are so many available women, it’s staggering. Pattaya alone has over 250 active bars and a good 4,000 (four thousand) women to choose from. Most Thai girls are very passionate, extremely sensual and love to have sex. All bar girls screw, about 50% will give head, and the occasional bar girl will spread open all three holes. Expect to have more sex with more women in a two-week vacation than you’ve ever had in your entire life. If you ever dreamed of having two girls at the same time, getting a blow-job in “stereo”, having one sit on your face and another on your lap, this is the place to come. Expect nothing less than pure sexual paradise; Thailand is the land of pussy.

The price for sex varies from city to city. In Bangkok, an hour of sex will run you between $20 and $80, depending on where you go to (massage parlor, Go-Go-bar, coffee house, brothel, disco, outdoor beer bar, street, etc.) and how beautiful the girl is (or at least thinks she is). In Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket, the price varies between $5 and $60, again depending on where you go and how professional the girl is. An expected price in general for all night long is $20 to $40.

Although prostitution is technically illegal, the local police are corrupt and the bars and brothel owners pay them off to turn the other way. Prostitution is a protected industry, and tourists are expected and praised for taking bar girls back to their hotel for sex. As long as one stays away from underage girls (under 18), does not force himself upon any girl, and of course, compensates the girl for her service, one will never have any problems with the police concerning sex in Thailand.

There are some laws to know when visiting Thailand is that the Thai Government prohibits the import of illegal narcotics (including hemp, opium, cocaine, morphine and heroin) and obscene literature, pictures or articles. Smuggling of hard drugs such as heroin may be punishable by death. Import of firearms and ammunition must be registered in advance with the Police Department or local Registration Office.

Importation of certain species of fruits, vegetables and plants is prohibited.

Bangkok Sky Train/Shuttle Bus Service
Bangkok Subway
More information here

You will see Internet Cafés all along Bangkok, particularly around the Sukhumit area between Nana and Soi 17. The most expensive place is the Internet Cafe right next door to the Nana Hotel. 50 baht per 15 minutes.

The Hyperlink2 Internet café charges under 1 Baht/minute, with no minimum and no membership fee. It’s located on Sukhumvit Rd., between Soi 8 and 10. Open 8 a.m. till midnight.

The Internet café right across the street from the Ambassador Hotel (Soi 11) on Sukhumvit has some of the cheapest prices in town, under 1 Baht/minute.

To call Thailand: 001 + 66 + city code + the number

City Codes:
Bangkok 2
Chaing Rai 54
Chaing Mai 3
Pattaya Beach 38
Phuket 76

Electricity – Bangkok
200-220 volts, 50 cycles. Plug outlets take either square or round pin plugs.

Is Thai food spicy? That’s one of the most common questions. Actually, some dishes are very hot and spicy, while others are quite tame. Thais don’t eat at fancy restaurants. They eat right off the streets, buying their food from food carts. They’ll either take the food home with them or, if the vendor has set up tables and chairs on the sidewalk, eat right there. Of course, unless you have a strong stomach, it’s recommended you avoid eating on the streets whenever possible.

Legal Status

As prostitution is technically illegal, there is no legal age of consent. However, penalties for foreigners engaging in sex with underage prostitutes (under 18) are severe, and are handed down by both the Thai government and that of the home country. In 2003, the US government ruled that authorities no longer have to prove intent to arrest those who travel to foreign countries to have sex with minors.

Tourist Police
A special police force assigned to help tourists. In case of emergency, dial 1699. Most Tourist Police officers speak English.

Bangkok Hotel and Thailand Travel Guide
Stickman’s Guide to Bangkok
Thailand Search Engine
Thai Pro

United States Embassy for Thailand

120-122 Wireless Rd., Bangkok
Tel 66-2-205-4000

As you may already know if you’ve come to Thailand without a tourist visa, your stay is limited to 30 days, plus a 10-day extension for 500 baht if you wish. If you’ve come to Thailand on a tourist visa, you have 59 days, plus you can extend that for another 30 days at 500 baht, and then again (rules sometimes changing) for another 15 days for 500 baht more. After that, you must leave the country. (There are other options including business visas and retirement visas if you are over 55 years of age and have 800,000 baht or more in a Thai bank. Consult your nearest Thai Consulate for details).

Now, here’s the beauty of living in Chiang Rai or within vicinity. You can do a visa run at the border of Mae Sai (Burma) and get 30 days on your passport. You need only visit the Thai immigration office in Mae Sai, then walk across the Burmese border for a quick afternoon of shopping in their very limited market. Within as short as 30 minutes, you can then re-enter Thailand and presto, you have 30 days. You can do this ad infinitum. Thus, tourists who live up here can virtually stay in Thailand for the rest of their lives without having to leave the country but for a very short afternoon.

Note: you can take the public bus up to Mae Sai from CR for 50 baht. It’s about a 50-minute ride, fairly scenic and enjoyable.

You have two choices when entering Burma from Mae Sai (Mae Sai is the last town in Thailand, “The most northern part of Thailand” as the sign reads right at the border).

First, you can simply pay the $5 or 250 baht immigration fee into Burma and that will give you a one-day pass only (you must return by 5 p.m. that same day). This will not affect your stay in Thailand whatsoever and will not interrupt your Thai visa. In other words, it will be as though you never really left the country of Thailand.

Second, you can get a stamp at the Thai immigration “passport control” main office in Mae Sai (about a mile before the border). This will allow you a 30-day tourist visa back into Thailand as you enter Burma and then return that same day. This is what you must do if your visa is about to expire and you therefore must leave the country of Thailand.

I just did my Visa run today. It took only a few minutes at the Thai immigration office in Mae Sai. Following, I entered Burma for a quick shopping spree, then re-entered Thailand whereby they stamped my passport and gave me another 30 days stay, NO FEE.

The total process, starting from the bus station in Chiang Mai (25 baht for the fan bus), to my arrival at the bus station in Mae Sai (about a 75 min. ride), to the Thai immigration office in Mae Sai (via a “baht bus” from the Mae Sai bus terminal; 5 min. ride; 5 baht per person), on into Burma (10 min. stop at Burmese immigration border where you present your passport and pay the $5 or 250 baht one day only pass), back to Thailand the same day, stopping at Thai immigration (where they stamp your passport for another 30 days), back to the Mae Sai bus station, onto Chiang Rai, ALTOGETHER cost me 320 baht and took about 3 hours. It was actually a fun trip.

By the way, they are doing some major construction at the border presently, so we’ll see if things pick up for tourism in Burma in the upcoming years. Maybe they’re starting to realize there’s big money in attracting tourists to their country.

Some things to think about when visiting Thailand.

1. Public displays of affection between men and women are frowned upon. You may see Westernized young Thai’s holding hands in public, but that is as far as it goes, in polite society.

2. Topless bathing may be considered acceptable in your own country, but is inappropriate in Thailand.

3. Thai’s consider the head as the highest part of the body, both literally and figuratively. As a result, they don’t approve of touching anyone on the head, even as a friendly gesture.

4. It is considered rude to point the sole of your foot at another person, so try to avoid doing so when sitting opposite someone, and following the concept that the foot is the lowest limb, don’t point your foot to show anything to anyone.

5. Buddhist monks are forbidden to touch or be touched by a woman, or to accept anything from the hand of one. If a woman wants to give anything to a monk or novice, she first hands it to a man, who then presents it. In case the woman wants to present it with her hand, the monk or novice will spread out a piece of saffron robe, and the woman will lay down the gift on the material.

6. It is alright to wear shoes whilst walking around the grounds of a Buddhist temple, but not inside the chapel where the Buddha image is kept. Women should ensure that their legs and shoulders are covered before entering a Buddhist temple. Please do not wear shorts.

7. The Thai people have a deep traditional reverence for the Royal Family, and the visitor should also show respect for the King and the Queen, and the Royal Children. When attending a public event where a member of the Royal Family is present, the best guide on how to behave is to watch the crowd and do as it does.

Fire-arms, pornography and narcotics are strictly prohibited, and the penalties for drug trafficking are severe.

Interesting that you can buy XXX DVDs and movies on the streets and in the Pantip Plaza. Wonder what happens if you bring a Hustler magazine from the US?

Take Care when visiting a 3rd World Country

Thai anti-government protesters have agreed to end their occupation of Bangkok’s airports, allowing thousands of stranded tourists to leave.

Passenger flights from the main international airport could resume as soon as 4 December, say correspondents.

Protests had shut down Thailand’s two main airports for more than a week.

The deal follows a court ruling that forced Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat to step down over election fraud and disbanded his governing party.

September 2006: Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra ousted in a military coup

February 2008: Samak Sundaravej sworn in as prime minister

August 2008: PAD protesters occupy government buildings, demanding the government step down

September 2008: Mr Samak dismissed for violating conflict of interest law. Somchai Wongsawat, Thaksin’s brother-in-law, becomes prime minister

October 2008: Thanksgiving, a two-year jail sentence for corruption in his absence
26 November 2008: Anti-government protesters take control of Bangkok’s main airport
2 December 2008: Thai court rules that PM Somchai should be banned from politics, and his party should be dissolved

Tough times for the Thai economy
Thai crisis exposes class struggle
Q&A: Bangkok protests
Extra planes for stranded Britons

The occupation had closed Suvarnabhumi international airport and the smaller domestic Don Mueang airport, stranding tens of thousands of foreign tourists and forcing them to scramble for alternative ways home.

Thailand’s important tourism industry was crippled, and exports of everything from electronics to fresh food were either stopped or had to be switched to ships or transported to Malaysia to be flown out.

The leaders of the anti-government People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) said all their protests would end from 1000 (0300 GMT) on 3 December.

There are conflicting reports as to when passenger flights from the two airports will resume, but they may begin as soon as 4 December, says the BBC’s Quentin Sommerville at Suvarnabhumi airport.

The date signifies the importance in the crisis of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, whose birthday is celebrated on 5 December, our correspondent says.

Although now elderly and frail, the king is greatly revered by Thais and continues to be a powerful figurehead.

New coalition
The PAD declared victory after the constitutional court’s ruling forced the prime minister to step down.

Anti-government PAD protesters at the main international airport on hearing that the prime minister would step down

“The People’s Alliance for Democracy has agreed to cease protesting after a long-running 192-day campaign,” said Sondhi Limthongkul, one of the group’s leaders.

The nine-judge constitutional court found the People Power Party (PPP), the Machima Thipatai party and the Chart Thai party guilty of vote-buying in the last general election, in 2007.

The parties have been ordered to disband, and their leaders have been barred from politics for five years.

Most of the PPP’s MPs will retain their seats, however, and they have said they will regroup and form a new coalition.

They said they would seek a parliamentary vote for a new prime minister on 8 December.

The court’s ruling came after months of PAD-led protests that have crippled the political process in Thailand.

They had vowed to continue their protests until the entire government stepped down.

They accused Mr Somchai’s administration of being corrupt and hostile to the much-revered monarchy, and too close to ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

The protests had forced a political crisis, revealing deep splits between the PAD – a loose alliance of royalists, businessmen and the urban middle class – and government supporters, who draw their strength from the rural north and north-east of Thailand.

599 Rama IX Road, Bangkok. Located near RCA (Royal City Avenue) Area. +662 641-5757. Large selection, prices range from B1700-B2000, farang will pay 2x. (Keep in mind that for local farang who speak ok thai, this will probably be waived). Open 5p-12a. Huge entertainment center with nightclub, disco and restaurant/bar (food simple, but good). One of the Davis Mansions.

XXXX Rachadaprisek Road, Bangkok. +662 275-7474. One of the more celebrated “water trade” establishments in Bangkok, and the flagship parlor of the famous Davis Mansions. Many model types in here. Prices range from B1500-2000, and farang (non-Asians, but generally speaking, Caucasians) can expect to pay double. Nightclub, bar, restaurant, disco also located inside, considerable complex.
Located in Asoke/Din Daeng area, near RCA. Another of the Davis Mansions.

XXXX Rachadaprisek Road, Bangkok. +662 275-7474. Open 5p-1a. Located behind Emmanuelle. Supposedly the Davis Mansion for those on a budget, but most farang will not appreciate or notice the difference. Girls generally darker complected than at the other DEG Mansions, but many natural centerfold bodies inside. B1500-2000 for 1.5 hours. Farang may be charged 2x, but not likely here. Mostly frequented by lower class Chinese tourists. Selection of about 20-25 girls.

First off, a special welcome to the LA/SF-based “Village People” from the BGV board. I welcome your presence and greatly look forward to your, input on After School.

You will note that some of the MP info is incomplete. I hope to make a thorough list before long. If you have specific addresses or phone numbers, please e-mail them to me, I’d really appreciate it. When doing reviews of individual girls, please stick to the format discussed in the “Start Here-General Disc.” thread. If you’re doing a review of a girl from a place not yet, listed in this section, please do a quick write-up of the establishment first to start that thread, then the second message should be the review itself. If you’re unsure, look at other reviews for guidance.

FYI, the (DEG) notation stands for Davis Entertainment Group, which owns the famous “Davis Mansions” located in the Rachada/RCA/Rama IX Area of BKK.

BHC, 1091/336 New Petchburi Road, Bangkok (Makkasan). +662 253-0512, x2345 or 2336. Located in the basement of Mercure Hotel. Open 7p-3a (last booking 1:45). B1700 for 1.5 hours. For those more familiar with BKK, it’s at the terminus of Sukhumvit Soi 3, or about halfway between Nana and Pratunam. Choice of about 15 young ladies, most of whom work in other parlors. The Staff generally attractive, experienced, cheerful. A good alternative to other MPs that usually close by midnight. House rule is covered oral, but I’m informed that’s waived for regulars.

Sukhumvit Soi 12, Bangkok +662 XXX XXXX Open 4-11p. B2500 for 1.5-2 hours. World-famous establishment, was sort of an unofficial foreign correspondents club during VN War. Definite must see/starting point for Bangkok first timers. Pricey for BKK, but the service uniformly excellent. The parking lot usually chock-full of German imports, and the occasional Italian one, and we’re not talking Fiat.

Frequented by many wealthy expat locals of all nationalities (Arab, European, Korean, Japanese, etc.). Selection of about 30 girls on average. Management usually friendly and helpful, if not a bit sardonic at times-most of the managers have been there over 20 years (“Ah yes, #41, she retired a long time ago, but all-time #1 smoke.”).

77.1  Nataree is on Rachadaprisek Road in front of the Emmanuelle complex. Taxi instructions to the Emerald Hotel get you nicely into an area of many massage complexes.

In the middle of the afternoon, I selected An from the fishbowl. As perfect a teenage (19yr) hard body as I could imagine. Our 2 hours included the soapy slip & slide, a nice soak in a big tub and some very satisfying bedtime. The fee was 1700 baht. She was eager to give me her phone number for a rendezvous after midnight.

My friend who lives in Bangkok went there on my recommendation and found himself a steady girlfriend from among the girls in the traditional massage fishbowl (400 baht). He negotiated himself into a full relationship.

Nataree was my favorite because of the polite treatment I got as a farang, the wide choices and reasonable rates. Complex also includes karaoke and “no bra lounge” which I did not check out.

Note: When Native6 means “polite treatment”, he is probably referring to the fact that they didn’t charge him double, which is standard in many of the Rachada Road MPs. For the uninitiated, Rachada is a relatively newer area of BKK, and the MPs there cater predominately to local or ethnic Chinese. It’s also quite a hike from the traditional farang tourist areas of Patpong and Nana, but definitely worth the extra $2-$3 in cab fare to hike out there.

The Quick BKK guide (THB 38=$1):
Bars: In Nana, G-Spot and Hollywood 1 generally have the best selection. Titty Twister, which recently opened, has become popular quickly and girls get bought out of there very early on. Expect B500 for the bar, and B1000 for the girl (some superstars will ask B1500, but B1000 is the norm)”short time” (usually one shot or up to two hours). If you like, you can tip them B100 for the taxi afterward, they will appreciate it.
In Patpong, Camelot Castle and the KG bar immediately north of (I think King’s II, but not 100% sure) CC have the nicest girls and best selection (and no remakes, either). B400 for the bar, and depending, B1200-2000 for the girl. For most tourists, you should do PP once, but Nana should be your preference overall.

I should point out here how much the girl quotes you is a function more of how attractive she finds you (and not necessarily in the cosmetic sense). Quoting you anything over B2500 is really a polite way of saying fuck off. Also, it isn’t that unusual for a girl to toss a freebie if she really likes you, and you really are strapped for cash.

MPs: For beginners, head straight to Darling or Honolulu. Both are listed in this section of the Forum. I would recommend Darling because all the managers speak English well, have been there since Christ (and can probably tell you who He saw there), and the quality is uniformly superb. Honolulu has an excellent selection, but most of the managers will attempt to institute the “farang pay double” charge, and it is a relative hike from central BKK.

On Condoms:
use them. Your local average K-girl, when offering bareback FS, does so as a calculated risk, for extra money. Your average Thai girl does it to get pregnant or because she just doesn’t know better.

Although the HIV/AIDS threat is overstated, the HPV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and general NSU threats aren’t. While improving, delivery of medical care is still substandard compared to a developed nation, or in other words, the health cards are more or less worthless.

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Barbar Fetish Club



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