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Prostitution is LEGAL in Tunisia, it is catering for local men mainly but I wasn’t uncomfortable nor felt threatened. Sousse like many Tunisian towns has a Red Light Area inside the Madina walls. It is a few narrow streets with women standing in doorways, all ages sizes and looks are here. I visited four times and basic sex little foreplay and a quickie in the missionary position is about 20 or 30 Dinars, Oral is not very common, I found a beautiful black girl and I mean black that did, with condom of course, for 50 Dinar including sex. Some of the Arab girls are very charming and friendly. One insisted that I gave her oral and came in buckets!! Now that was a once in a life-time experience!! If you can speak French or even Arabic a little it helps. All girls very clean and will wash willy before and after. As I mentioned most towns have a small area like this, worth a try.

It’s pretty difficult to find the red light area in Sousse, but if you take a taxi to the medina, it can be found eventually. Stand at the taxi rank looking at the medina area, then go to your right and up the hill past the bus station. I think its the 3rd gate that you come to with a cafe straight inside the gate and a walled entrance to the action to your left. The experience is pretty weird there with kids running up and down the streets! There’s a good mix of girls there with anything from about 18 y/o to 85 available! 20 dinar (about 10 pounds/$15 US) for straight sex, uncovered blowjob for around 5 dinar more. The first girl I went with was a gorgeous, Egyptian looking 19 y/o with excellent blowjob technique. I had to wait until she finished with the last customer sitting in a corridor outside her room while she did the business; it was a freaky situation. The second visit the Egyptian cutie was still there but I fancied a plumper girl, about 40 y/o, but she hadn’t learned much technique in her lifetime. It was a so-so fuck with her on top, still, you pay your dinars and you takes your chances. The hotel medina is a fine place to stay, close to the action with aircon rooms at about 25 dinar a night in high season. Sadly the rest of Sousse is a bit of a disappointment: no satellite t.v., few bars and the beach area is pretty dirty. It’s better to stay in Monastir town (the beach hotel is good and cheap) and taxi over to Sousse when you feel the need.

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