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Rote Muhle Hannoversche Strasse 5 Beckendorf
Sauna Tenne Seelze-Guemmer Tel 05137 6193
Club Paradies Frankenstrasse 43
Coupe 17 Hannoversche Strasse 17
Kokett Nordstemmen (OT Mahlerten) Tel 05069 1809
Palm Beach Club Bad Muender OT Hasperde Strasse 9
Chateau am Schwanensee Neu Warmbuchen Ziegeleiweg 24
Sauna Club Venus Langenhagen Vahrenwalder Strasse corner Wagner Strasse
Roman Baths Hemmingen Goettinger Landstrasse 100
Riviera Roscherstrasse 4
Pasadena Hallerstrasse 33
Lagune Calenberger Strasse 24



Reitwall Strasse / Scholvin Strasse:

In Reitwall strasse, the first sex building on the right.

Go out the BACK of the railway station go through the bus station towards the flyover and turn left. It is a couple of hundred yards up the road on the left, but it is unmarked at the entrance, wander up it and you will find what various windows with some very bored women who looked more like they were offering specialist services. Wips, leather that sort of stuff.

The other end of the town centre opposite the large Green Dome which houses the Hannover Zeitung, is the main RLD.

Here there are around ten brothels, a couple of bars, and some Video booths. I had a good look round here and was impressed with the quality of women in the various houses. If there is a problem here, it is the sheer amount of women that are in the building which have four or five floors. If you spend to much time checking the tallent and walking up and down stairs, then you may not actually have the energy to do any humping.

There are several multi-story buildings full with some wonderfully good looking women and also some obvious house wives, but this is also a turn on I believe.

The problem with RLD is that the buildings are so tall, with so many steps and with so many women, you may find yourself to tired by the time you make your mind up.

Haus Rose
Hannoversche Str. 18
(at the railwaystation)
A brothel “Haus Rose” Enter (from the backside) has some fairly good-loocking girls.

Partytreff Dolce Vita


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